Cheers to our Volunteers

This week the University springs into action as the first week of September begins, and new students accustom themselves to the Victoria University campus. This week’s blog post will be looking at another flurry of activity on Vic campus: the group of people who work behind the scenes tirelessly to make sure the Booksale is a big success!

The Victoria College Booksale volunteers are a knowledgeable, upbeat and diligent group of people, many of them alumni of Victoria University, and all of them friends and supporters of the Victoria University Library. They work all year round to organize for this September event, and the process is an involved one that relies upon the support and commitment of all those involved.
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Less Than a Month Away!

With September fast approaching, we are getting excited for this year’s Booksale which is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever! The first day of the sale is Thursday September 18th, and to keep everyone in eager anticipation, we will be adding a new blog post every week! So keep checking back for updates and highlights on one of Victoria University’s most popular and dearly loved events.

This week we will be looking at the direct impact of funds raised from the Booksale. As many know, the Victoria College Booksale is organized by the Friends of Victoria University Library, and all proceeds of the sale directly benefit  the Victoria University Library. The money raised has many important uses in the library and has helped to fund several different projects, including the beautiful reading garden outside of the main entrance to the library. Most recently, the Friends have purchased  a painted wooden door plaque circa 1924 from The Hogarth Press, which is the publishing house established by Virginia and Leonard Woolf. The piece is an important and rare addition to the Library’s Bloomsbury Group special collections.

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