Fall 2021 Victoria College Book Sale

The annual Victoria College Book Sale will not be taking place in 2021, in compliance with UT/ Victoria University Covid guidelines. 

We are hopeful, should in person learning commence in the fall, that a Friends of the Library secondhand bookshop might be an option.

When we have a more settled idea of what the 2021/2022 academic year will look like, we will keep everyone updated about this possibility.

In the meantime, book pick ups and deliveries are not possible, but we send thanks to the many generous donors who have contacted us this past year.

Our Fall 2020 Book Sale

Dear Friends,

It is with regret that we announce that the autumn 2020 Victoria College Book Sale will not be taking place.

This is in compliance with UT and Victoria College guidelines which discourage the assembly of large groups on campus during this Covid 19 pandemic.

As a successful sale such as ours is predicated on crowds of book lovers in Old VIC shopping freely to their heart’s content, you can see the problem.

Volunteers have already gathered and prepared a wealth of materials which will keep, as we hope for better days ahead. We have set the dates for the 2021 September sale, and are looking into the possibility of some sort of late winter / early spring book event, about which more later.

In the meantime, while book pick ups and deliveries are not possible at the moment, due to the campus shutdown, volunteers do plan to resume activities such as this when the all clear is given.

We will update you as we gather further information.

Many thanks, as always, for your amazing support. It will certainly be wonderful to see all of you when it is possible.

I send along my best wishes for your continued good health and happy hearts.


Nancy Ruhnke
Chair of the Victoria College Book Sale