Only hours left to go…

Only mere hours left to wait until the 27th Annual Vic Book Sale begins at


Here are some pictures to show what we’ve got in store for you this year!

Check out all the categories ready to go in Alumni Hall on the main floor:

… and a close-up of titles in “Classics” and “Children’s Literature”…

… make sure you have enough time to go up the stairs…

… where you’ll find tables full of mystery and fiction.  But don’t forget to pop into the Chapel!  There are so many items to discover here.  From crafts and hobbies to reference materials and ephemera.  Literally, something for everyone!

Before you leave, make sure you stop by our Specials Room on the Main Floor.  Not only do we have many old and rare editions, this year we’ve even got a typewriter, gyroscope and movie posters up for grabs!  Check it out!

Looking forward to seeing you all in a few short hours!!!

Did you think we forgot???

It may not feel like September yet but like all die-hard book lovers, you’ve been counting down the days to the 27th Annual Vic Book Sale like the rest of us!  Less than two weeks to go until the sale begins!  Don’t despair — the time will fly by!

This year’s sale begins at 2:00PM sharp on Thursday September 20th.  Can’t make it that day?  No problem — check out our schedule below.  Or stop by the E.J. Pratt Library and pick up a snazzy book mark!

We’ll be posting more pics in the days to come showcasing some of the books and other items available this year and showing you how the set-up for the big day is progressing.  More updates to come!