Ran Ide Papers [Catalogue and Recollections]

Title: Ran Ide Papers [Catalogue and Recollections]
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Series consists of the catalogue (finding aid) produced by John Ide and gives a detailed description of all of the records, including anecdotes and pictures.  Also consists of 'memories' written by Ran Ide for periods in his life - these he wrote before his passing in 1996 and were intended for his family. These were typed by John Ide. There are also several writings of memories by John Ide. 

Series also contains biographical data for Ran Ide and copies of CVs.

Source of supplied title

Title is based on the title of the catalogue written by John Ide.   

Box 18
181Ran Ide Papers 1919 to 1996 with Additional Papers to 2015.2015

USB key that accompanied the catalogue is held in the Office of the Chief Librarian.   

182Biographical Data - T.R. Ide[197?]


183Curriculum Vitae1962-1996


184"Early Years"1996

From Before and After, Recollections by Ran Ide, 1995-1996  

185Ran Ide: The Pickering Years, 1940/41, 1941/42 (During which time he meets and marries Eleanor Aylesworth), and RCAF, 1942-19451996

Note from John Ide: "From Before and After, Recollections written for the family in 1996. Dad was preparing for a career in the diplomatic corps; The Pickering Years explains why he went into teaching."    

186"PACI days, 1950s"1996

From Before and After, Recollections. 

187"1954: Television enters our lives" by John Ide. [1996?]



Includes recollections written by Ran Ide about his first wife Eleanor and recollections written by John Ide about his mother. Also includes letters addressed to John Ide from people who knew Eleanor and a poem entitled "Eleanor" (author unknown).   

189"Ran Ide Papers: Club of Rome (COR) 1977-1996" compiled by John Ide. 2015


1810Research material compiled by John Ide2015

Includes research on the Club of Rome, the Applebaum-Hébert Report, the Science Council of Canada and Magda Cordell McHale.   

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