['The Transparent Blackboard', The Club of Rome and Final Years] "Records from 1990-1996, 1997-2014"

Title: ['The Transparent Blackboard', The Club of Rome and Final Years] "Records from 1990-1996, 1997-2014"
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Records consist of Ran Ide's records from 1990 until 1996, when he passed away in October and then posthumous records dating to 2014, predominantly related to a book published in 1997 and to Arlene Ide, Ran's wife. 

Records cover his continued involvement with the Club of Rome, particularly with a paper presented at the Annual Conference in Buenos Aires in 1994 entitled "The New Wealth of Nations - Distributing Prosperity" by Arthur J. Cordell and Thomas Ran Ide.  This paper led to several others on the topic of the 'bit tax,' which Ran Ide wrote along with Arthur Cordell and eventually led to the book "The New Wealth of Nations: Taxing Cyberspace." 

The series also includes many records related to "The Transparent Blackboard. TVOntario: A Memoir by Ran Ide" which was published in 1994 and to Ran Ide's appointment to the Order of Canada in 1996. 

Records also cover the death of Ran Ide and include articles, obituaries and letters of condolence to the family after his passing.  There are also records related to the death of his wife Arlene in 2014. 

Records include correspondence, copies of addresses, speeches and papers written by Ran Ide, copies of published books, programmes and memorabilia from events, photographs and copies of articles.

Source of supplied title

The donor provided the title of "Records from 1990-2014." The archivist has added further information to the title in order to capture the content of the records   

Box 15
The Transparent Blackboard. TVOntario: A Memoir by Ran Ide
151Manuscript and notes, "TVOntario - A Memoir"1990


152Typescript, "The Transparent Blackboard TVOntario - A Memoir by Ran Ide" 1990


153TVO memoir file - notes, letters, articles, and other material.1990-1991


154The Transparent Blackboard. TVOntario: A Memoir by Ran Ide1994

Published by Lugus Publications Ltd. Toronto  

155Publication celebration event1995

Invitation and photographs taken at the event.  

(Photos P1-2)
156Letters of congratulations to Ran Ide regarding 'The Transparent Blackboard."1995


157Book review, "TVO founder pens timely defence of educational television," Reviewed by Liam Lacey1995

From The Globe and Mail, June 20, 1995.   

Box 16
166Mount Allison Clan 19401990

Photograph of alumni group.   

(Photos P1)
Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
1618"Shifting Time: Social Policy and the Future of Work" by Armine Yalnizyan, T.R. Ide and Arthur J. Cordell1992-1994

Published by Between the Lines, Toronto. Includes publisher's order form and reviews.

165"Stay Tuned for the Future - TVOntario 20 Years 1970-1990"1990

Published booklet.   

1617TVO Retreat, November 1, 1992, Comments by Ran Ide. 1992


The Club of Rome
161Communiqué [re meeting in Moscow]1990


162Activities Reports [President]1990-1992


163Correspondence regarding new President, Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner1990


164The Club of Rome International Conference on the Contribution of Science and Technology to Global Environmental Policy, Summary Report1990


167The Club of Rome - Note to the Council1990


168Letter from the President to all members of the Club of Rome1991


1610Paper, "The Club of Rome: The First 25 Years" 1992


1611Correspondence regarding Club of Rome Conference, Punta del Este, Uruguay, 18-20 November, 19911991

Ran Ide was unable to attend this meeting.   

1612"Remarks on the Energy-Environment-Development Nexus in the Light of the Gulf War - Possible Contributions from the Club of Rome" by Umberto Colombo1991


1613Club of Rome Council Meeting - Press Release1992


1615Letter and notes to Professor Y. Dror regarding requested help with preparation of the Club of Rome report on "Governance for the 21st Century"1991


1616The Club of Rome in collaboration with UNESCO and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation and the International Development Research Centre - International Conference on 'Evolving Concepts of International Collaboration for Development' Summary Report. 1992

Includes two papers, "Solution Mechanisms for Social Traps" and "The Nation States' Dilemma: A Social Trap"  by Gerhart Bruckmann.  See Box 16 File 12 for correspondence with the IDRC. 

1619Towards a More Equitable World Order - Kuala Lumpur Conference of the Club of Rome, Draft Programme1992


1620"The Future of Work" project correspondence1993

Related to work done by Ran Ide, Adam Schaff and Alex King for the meeting organized by the journal El Socialismo del Futuro on "The Future of Labour."   See Box 16 File 9.

1621Activities Reports [President] 1993-1994


1624"Concepts for a New Generation of Global Modelling Tools: Expanding our Capacity for Perception" prepared by CACOR Global Modelling Project team, September 19931993

Includes a letter from CACOR to the President of the Club of Rome regarding the project.   

162525th Jubilee Congress of the Club of Rome 'The new responsibility of Europe,' 1-3 December, 1993, Hanover, Germany1993

Includes conference programme, invitation, copies of papers including "Beyond the New Tools" by T. Ran Ide.   

Professional activities
169Meeting organized by the journal El Socialismo del Futuro on "The Future of Labour"1991-1992

Includes correspondence with organizers, a copy of a paper by Ran Ide called "The Left After the Crisis of Communism" for the meeting, the meeting programme and other meeting materials, a photograph of speakers, a published book of the papers, and a copy of the paper presented to T.R. Ide and Arthur J. Cordell "The New Tools: Implications for the Future of Work."

(Photos P1)
1614Correspondence with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC)1992

Regarding a potential collaboration with Ran Ide on a project.   

1622Letters from the International Biographical Centre - Men of Achievement title T.R. Ide. 1993


1623Meeting of the Advisory Board, Canadian Radio-Television Institute (Concordia University, Centre for Broadcast Studies)1993

Agenda, correspondence, minutes, etc.   

Box 17
178Personal correspondence with family and friends1994-1996

Includes a photograph from 1995.   

(Photos P1)
1713Records related to Ran Ide's appointment as Officer of the Order of Canada.1995-1996

Includes correspondence with the Governor General's Office, a copy of the Constitution of the Order of Canada, letters of personal recommendations, a photograph of the medal, letters of congratulations including letters from Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and Senator Landon Pearson, correspondence regarding travel arrangements to ceremony, aide-mémoire for participants,  a programme from the Investiture of the Order of Canada, February 15, 1996, a copy of the speech by Governor General, Roméo LeBlanc, and photographs of Ran Ide at the event.

(Photos P1-3)
1729Newspaper clippings sent to Arlene about educational television 1998-1999

Sent to Arlene by Maggie Stratton. Articles are from The Globe and Mail.

1735Obituary and eulogy Arlene Marguerite Ide (nee Miles)2014

Eulogy was written by John Ide and is entitled "Because she did it her way...."  

Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
177Article, "Automating Work" by Thomas R. Ide and Arthur J. Cordell1994

Published in Social Science and Modern Society, vol. 31, No. 6, September/October 1994  

1715Paper, "Bit Taxes and the Electronic Highway" by Arthur Cordell and Ran Ide1996

Typescript. Includes a letter from Ran Ide to A. Cordell. Also includes a paper by Arthur J. Cordell called 'Deregulation, Universality and the Middle Class", another follow up paper by Cordell entitled "The Information Society and the Bit Tax" and a paper "The 'Bit Tax': the case for further research" by Luc Soete and Karin Kamp..

This topic was first introduced by Ran Ide and A. Cordell in the Club of Rome report from 1994. See Box 17, File 3

1716Paper, "One Road to Catastrophe" by Ran Ide1996

First page of paper only.   

1718Paper, "Additional Comments on The Future of Work in an Automated Society" by Ran Ide1996


1720Paper, "Equity - One Road to Avoid Catastrophe" by Ran Ide1996


1721Paper, "The New Tools - Implications for the Future of Work" by Thomas Ran Ide and Arthur J. Cordell1996


1727Letters sent to newspapers regarding publishing an article written by Ran Ide1997

Letters sent by Arlene Ide to The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star regarding an article written by Ran Ide before he died.   

1728The New Wealth of Nations: Taxing Cyberspace by Arthur J. Cordell and T. Ran Ide1997

Published by Between the Lines, Toronto. Published posthumously.  Also includes the authors' contract with the publisher (Arlene representing Ran Ide).   

1712[Letter to Don Mills regarding TVO privatization]1995


1733Distinguished Educators Awards Ceremony - Speaking notes Peter A. Herrndorf [former CEO of TVOntario] and article by Peter A. Herrndorf2000-2003

Article is from The Globe and Mail about Peter A. Herrndorf's work at the National Arts Centre.   

1734Correspondence between TVO and Arlene Ide2010

Letter is about Arlene's visit to TVO.  Includes a photo of Arlene with the CEO Lisa de Wilde and Chair of the Board of Directors Peter O'Brian.   

(Photos P1)
The Club of Rome
171Canadian Association for the Club of Rome Proceedings, Series 1, Number 9, March 19941994

CaCor's newsletter.  

172The British Association for the Club of Rome - BriCor Discussion Paper No 0017 "Evolution by Development - Technology, Please, Diversity and Governance" by Brian Locke1994


173Annual Conference of the Club of Rome, 30 November - 2 December, 1994, Buenos Aires, Argentina1994

Includes programme, mission document, copies of papers including "The New Wealth of Nations - Distributing Prosperity" by Arthur J. Cordell and Thomas Ran Ide.  This paper was later published by Between the Lines Publications, Toronto in 1997.  Other papers following up on the ideas presented in this paper can be found in Box 17 File 15.

175Activities Report [President]1995


176"Note for the Club of Rome Newsletter - Ukraine: Helping Transform the Country - Using Club of Rome Experience: by Bohdan Hawrylyshyn1995


1710Canadian Association for the Club of Rome Membership Lists, September 1995 and July 19961995-1996


1711Correspondence - The Club of Rome1995

Includes a letter to the Sailmans noting retirement from the Club of Rome [December 1]

1714"A New Tax for the New Wealth of Nations" by A.J. Cordell and T.R. Ide1996

A summary of the major paper presented at the annual meeting of the Club of Rome in 1994.  Copy of article from the World Academy of Art and Science News.   See also Box 17  File 3, 15 and 22.

1717"Notes on Key Issues for the Report on The Employment Dilemma - The Future of Work, Discussed at the Bilbao Meeting in June 17, 1996" By Orio Giarini and Patrick Liedtke1996

Bound notes.   

1719Personal letter to Ran Ide from Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner1996


1722The Club of Rome Membership as of September 19961996


Professional activities
174World Futures Studies Federation1994

Information brochure and WFSF Directory (T.R. Ide included).   

179Victoria University Panel - talk by Ran Ide "Scenario for the Future of Work: Work and Education" 1995

Includes copy of talk and correspondence with President Roseann Runte.  

Death of Ran Ide, October 23, 1996
1724Letters of condolence to Arlene and sons 1996


1725Obituaries and articles about the life of Ran Ide1996-1997

Includes articles from The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, The Chronicle-Journal.  Includes an article written by the former Ontario Premier William G. Davis in The Toronto Star, November 20, 1996.  There is also an article by Arthur J. Cordell in the World Academy of Art and Science News from March 1997.

1726Memorial Service, Christ Church Deer Park, Toronto, November 7, 1996. 1996

Includes programme, copies of eulogies and memorial speeches by Rev. Mona Rush, Peter A. Hernndorf, Peter Hennessey and John Ide. Also includes a portrait of Ran Ide taken shortly before his death. 

(Photos P1)
1723Memo to TVOntario Employees regarding the passing of Ran Ide1996

Attached to the memo was a note from Ran Ide to Peter Bowers, the Chief Operating Officer of TVOntario "Directions for Building an Absolutely Perfect Martini - Très Sec"

The Ran Ide Memorial Lectures, Victoria University
1730The Inaugural Ran Ide Memorial Lectures featuring Dr. Roberta Bondar2000

Includes programme, an article about the lecture from the Vic Report, Spring 2000 and correspondence between Arlene Ide and Roseann Runte, President of Victoria University.   

1731The Second Annual Ran Ide Memorial Lectures featuring Dr. Robert Birgeneau2000

Includes programme, introduction, copy of article about the lecture from The Varsity, and flyer for event.   

1732The Third Annual Ran Ide Memorial Lecture featuring Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon2001

Includes programme, flyer for event and copies of articles written by Thomas Homer-Dixon from The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star.

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