[The Club of Rome, CVCC, CRAB and consulting] "Records from 1980-1983"

Title: [The Club of Rome, CVCC, CRAB and consulting] "Records from 1980-1983"
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Series consist of records from the period of 1980 to 1983 and cover Ran Ide's growing involvement with the Club of Rome (he became the Chairman of the Canadian Association of the Club of Rome (CaCor) in 1982). The records cover several Club of Rome conferences, events and publications. Records also reflect his professional activities as a consultant and advisor, including assignments at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the Department of Communications as well as his continued work with the Canadian Videotex Consultative Committee (CVCC) as Vice-Chairman and the Canadian Research Advisory Board (CRAB), where he took over as Chairman in 1980.

Records include reports, memos, correspondence, copies of addresses, speeches and papers written by Ran Ide, research material, photographs and family scrapbook pages. 

Source of supplied title

The donor provided the title of "Records from 1980-1983." The archivist has added further information to the title in order to capture the content of the records.

Box 8
The Club of Rome
815"Microelectronics and Society : For Better or for Worse, A Report to the Club of Rome" (English, German and Spanish versions).1982

*Chapter 2, "The Technology" was written by Ran Ide.

Friedrichs, Gunter, and Adam Schaff, eds. Microelectronics and Society : For Better or for Worse, A Report to the Club of Rome. Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1982.

Friedrichs, Gunter, and Adam Schaff, eds. Auf Gedeih und Verderb : Mikroeletronik und Gesellschaft, Bericht an den Club of Rome. Wien: Europaverlag, 1982

Friedrichs, Gunter, and Adam Schaff, eds. Informe al Club de Roma, Microelectronica y Sociedad para bien o para mal. trans. M.A. Fernandez Alvarez.  Madrid: Alhambra, 1982.

Box 9
Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
99Address, "Canada in the Age of Microelectronics," by. T.R. Ide1980

 Presented at the The Walter L. Gordon Lecture Series, Carleton University, March 20, 1980. Includes typescript as well as published volume of all lectures.

910Address, "New Technologies and Their Implications," T.R. Ide1979-1980

Copy of speech delivered at the AMTEC conference in 1979 with correspondence from David MacDougall regarding editing.   

911Article, "Communications revolution: Are we equipped to meet it?' by T.R. Ide1980

Newspaper clipping from the Toronto Star, Friday, March 21, 1980.  

917Address, "Telecommunications in Education," by T.R. Ide1980

Presented at Video Expo, Toronto, Ontario on September 4, 1980.   

The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA)
97Ran Ide at OECA's 10th Anniversary Party with R. Baetz, Elwy Yost and Jim Paar. 1980


(Photos P1)
Communications Research Advisory Board (CRAB)
94Report of the Communications Research Advisory Board 19801980

Includes correspondence about the report.   

98[Correspondence regarding Ran Ide's appointment as Chairman of CRAB]1980


914CRAB correspondence, memos, reports and meeting minutes. 1980

Ran Ide became the Chairman of CRAB in 1980.   

Correspondence regarding Telidon Industrial Strategy is represented in this file.

919CRAB reports from working groups1981


91TVOntario - The Annual Report 1980/19811980

Ran Ide retired from the OECA in 1979.   Reports prior to 1979 are under OECA sub-heading in Series 2, File 3.

96Brochure, "Fast Forward: A Chronicle of the Immediate Future"1980


918"The Apprenticeship of TVO" 1980

Clipping from Starweek, November 8-15, 1980.  Also includes original photograph used in article   

(Photos P1)
The Club of Rome
92Scientific workshop "Micro-electronics and Society" - Report, "The Computer and the Communications Revolution," by T.R. Ide. 1980

Includes correspondence.   

920Correspondence regarding invitation to Ran Ide to become a member of the Club of Rome 1981


921Paper, "The World Problematique - Raison d'Etre for the Existence of The Club of Rome," by T.R. Ide[198?]


Professional activities
93Canadian Videotex Consultative Committee (CVCC), Department of Communications1980

Ran Ide was the Vice-Chairman of this committee beginning in 1979. Records include correspondence,  memos, reports, etc.

95[Correspondence and other records regarding conferences and programs]1980

Includes correspondence with Magda Cordell McHale.  Also includes correspondence about the TVOntario program Fast Forward (see Box 9, File 6 for more information about this program).  Much of the correspondence is about the conference on Approaches to the Study of the Future: United States, Canada and Mexico - See Box 9, File 13 for conference material.

912Science Council of Canada Task Force on Communications 1980-1982

Includes memos and correspondence. Related records are filed in Series 3 - under OECA sub-heading. Ran Ide continued his involvement with the Science Council of Canada after his retirement from the OECA.  Includes a letter from September 5, 1980 in which Ran Ide resigns his role as Vice-Chairman.

Includes the report "Planning Now for an Information Society - Tomorrow is Too Late" from 1982.

913The Conference on Approaches to the Study of the Future: United States, Canada and Mexico [conference material]1980

See Box 9, File 5 for related correspondence.  The conference was held in New York, May 20, 1980.  

915Conference Material - First Global Conference on the Future Through The 80s - Thinking Globally, Acting Locally, July 20-24, 1980, Toronto, Ontario.1980


916Correspondence with the OECA1980

For records of the OECA while Ran Ide was Chairman and CEO, see Series 2 and 3.   

Box 10
Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
101Address, "The Information Society," by T. Ranald Ide 1981

Part of A Public Lecture Series on 'Science and Your Future' at the Regina Public Library Theatre, February 16, 1981.  

1010Paper, "Technology, Education and the Future - Paper for the Project 'Creating Better Futures for Education," by T.R. Ide 1981


1011Address [to] Committee of Parliamentarians, Scientists and Engineers, "Microelectronics," T. R. Ide1981

Presented on May 27, 1981 Parliament Hill.   

Communications Research Advisory Board (CRAB)
105CRAB correspondence, memos, reports, teleconferencing reports, and meeting minutes. 1981-1982


107Report of the Communications Research Advisory Board 1981-19821981-1982

Includes published copy of report and typescript as well as memos and correspondence regarding the report.

1016Report, "Planning in the Department of Communications - A Report to the Deputy Minister" by Ran Ide and Don MacLean. 1981

Draft report.   

1017CRAB - Briefing on Space Sector Programs 1981

See Box 10 File 15 for space related reports.

1018[Telecommunications and the arts and culture sector in Canada planning]1981

Includes research, copy of Bill C-16, program objectives and correspondence.   

1019Report submitted to the Deputy Minister, Department of Communications : "Microelectronics in the Canadian Context"1981


The Club of Rome
102Club of Rome : Microelectronics and Society Project Hamburg Meetings, 20 February - 6 March, 19811981


104The Club of Rome - List of Publications1981


1012Article, "Traditional Growth and Beyond: Limits, Constraints and the Search for The Wealth of Nations" by Orio Giarini1981

From the World Future Society Bulletin, May/June 1981.  Article is about the report to the Club of Rome.   

1013Correspondence regarding Aurelio Peccei's nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize1981


1014Club of Rome meeting - Joey en Josas1981

Includes correspondence, proposals, reports, meeting minutes, etc.  

1020Chapter 2 of "Microelectronics and Society" - "The Technology of Microelectronics", T.R. Ide1982

Typescript. See Box 8,  File15 for published book of the report in full.   

1021"The Information Society," T.R. Ide1982

For Microelectronics and Society report. Includes transparencies and illustrations of charts and historic microelectronic equipment. See Box 8 File 15 for published report.

Also includes a 35mm slide showing image of a MITEL Digital Crosspoint (DX) Chip. 

1022Meeting of the Club of Rome, Salzburg, 3-5 February, 19821982

Includes meeting programme, correspondence, reports, etc.   

Professional activities
103Canadian Videotex Consultative Committee (CVCC), Department of Communications1981-1982

Ran Ide was the Vic-Chairman of this committee beginning in 1979. Records include correspondence,  memos, reports, etc. Includes one photograph of Pierre Juneau and Ran Ide.

(Photos P12)
106Seminar, "New electronic technologies and the culture of Canada"1981

Includes correspondence and list of participants (including Ran Ide).   

108"Implications of Videotex for Education" by John H Syrett, Project manager, Telidon and Education Project, TVOntario1981

See Box 9-, File 4 for correspondence regarding Teledon under CRAB sub-heading.  

Also see Box 10, File 9 for a paper on Videotex development in Canada.  

109Paper, "Videotex '81 - Overview of the Canadian Scene" by T.R. Ide. 1981

Paper about the Videotex development in Canada.   

1015[Reports and papers related to satellite communications]1981

Reports from the Government of Canada.  

Box 11
1122"Canadian Who's Who 1983" - Ide, (Thomas) Ranald1983

Computer print out.  

Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
119Paper, "Technology, Education and the Future - Paper for the Project Creating Better Futures for Education," by T.R. Ide1983


1111Paper, "Microelectronics - The Technological Thrust" T.R. Ide1983


1112Paper, "Canada and the Micro/Com Revolution," by T. Ranald Ide1982

Presented at St. Andrew's College, Aurora, Ontario, July 16, 1982.  

1113Paper, "Microcomputers - Has Canada Missed the Boat?," by T. Ranald Ide1982

Presented at 'A Conference on Microcomputers,' Atkinson College, York University, September 25, 1982.   

Communications Research Advisory Board (CRAB)
114Agreement between Minister of Communications and Mr. Ran Ide [for Chairman position September 1, 1982-June 30, 1983]1982


1118Report of the Communications Research Advisory Board, 1982-1983 1983


The Club of Rome
117Club of Rome Conference '82 Tokyo 1982

Includes correspondence, articles, reports, presentations, follow up, etc.   

Also includes the address "Implications for Individuals in an Information Society," by T. Ranald Ide.

1114"Report to the Club of Rome on Microelectronics"1983

Includes correspondence, lists, copy of an article by Dr. Bruno Lamborghini.   

1115Club of Rome Conference on "Food for Six Billion," 26-30 September, Budapest1983

Includes correspondence, information note, press release, program, photographs, copies of papers, including "Informatics and Agriculture" by T. Ranald Ide.

(Photos P1-2)
1116Membership as of 1 April 19831983


1119Address, "Biotechnology and the Implications for Feeding the World" T.R. Ide - Chairman - CaCor, The Canadian Association of the Club of Rome Luncheon Address, November 25-26, 1983 Winnipeg, Manitoba. 1983


1121Report, "A New Strategy for the Information Technologies," [author unknown], Ministry of Education, Ministry of Colleges and Universities, December 20, 19831983


Professional activities
111"An open letter regarding the mandate review of CBC, NFB and Telefilm Canada," by Ran Ide1982


112[Articles and information about computers / use of computer programs]1982

Includes a Government of Canada publication "The Electronic Office in Canada," as well as an article "Software-the new wealth of nations" from Executive May 1982  and a programme from a conference "Graphics Interface '82."

113Memo and 'Proposal for the Reorganization of the Canadian Videotex Consultative Committee'1982

See Box 9, File 3 and  Box 10, File 3 for other records related to the CVCC.  

115Report, "Crisis in Canadian Telecommunications Policy and Regulation," CNCP Telecommunications[198-]


118Canadian Videotex Consultative Committee (CVCC), Department of Communications 1983


1117Science Council of Canada Task Force on Communications "Report 33" correspondence1982-1983

No copy of report available.   

1120Memo to Ran Ide with copy of Report of the Dean's Task Force to Review the Implications of New Information Technology in the Faculty of Education, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. 1983

Marked as confidential.   

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
116[CBC assignment - Special Advisor (planning) to the President]1982-1983

Correspondence and memo.  

1110Paper, "Planning for the Advancing Information Age in Public and Private Sectors" for the Symposium "Multidimensional World Impact of Advancing Technologies" May 29, 1983 Detroit. 1983

This paper was written by T.R.Ide as a representative of the CBC. See Box 11 File 6 for correspondence related to Ran Ide's position at the CBC.   

Box 19
Family Scrapbook
19 /OS19Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings, cards and certificate. 1979-1980

Includes Christmas card, postcards, Ran Ide's acceptance speech for Colone Watson Award, Honorary membership certificate from the Ontario Municipal and Provincial Education Officers' Association, etc.  

19 /OS20Handmade card Polka Dot Door with poem, from Jim Parr at the OECA to Ran Ide.1979


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