[OECA, CRAB, Honorary Degrees and the Club of Rome] "Records from 1976-1979"

Title: [OECA, CRAB, Honorary Degrees and the Club of Rome] "Records from 1976-1979"
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Series consist of records from the period of 1976 to 1979 and continue to cover Ran Ide's career as the Chairman and CEO of The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA) and TVOntario, until he stepped down in June of 1979.  Records also cover his involvement with the Communications Research Advisory Board (CRAB), the Science Council of Canada Task Force on Communications and his participation at conferences and events.

Records include addresses, articles and papers written by Ran Ide, newspaper clippings related to the the OECA and TVOntario, correspondence, agendas, memos, reports and photographs. 

Series also consists of records relating to the honorary degrees Ran Ide received from Queen's University and Waterloo University in 1978 and to the beginning of his involvement with the Club of Rome.


Source of supplied title

The donor provided the title of "Records from 1976-1979." The archivist has added further information to the title in order to capture the content of the records.

Box 6
65Data form for "The Canadian WHO's WHO" T.R. Ide's listing with related correspondence. 1976


66Article, "OISE 1975 Awards for Excellence in the Ontario Education Field" 1976

Copy of Ontario Education, vol 8, no. 1 - Front cover shows T.R. Ide, Dr. Harry Pullen and Dr. Lloyd Dennis.   

Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
64Article, "Where have the TV viewers disappeared to?" by Ran Ide. 1976

Published in The Globe and Mail, February 13, 1976.  

612Paper, "Microelectronics - The Technological Thrust," T.R. Ide 1978


The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA)
61Meeting of the Board of Directors of the OECA - meeting minutes and agendas1976-1978


62Annual Reports - The Ontario Educational Communications Authority 1976, 1976-1977, 1977-1978, 1978-19791976-1979

Includes Chairman's statements.    

63Correspondence and memos - Ran Ide, Chairman OECA 1976-1978

Many of the letters are to and written by J.W. Halina, Department of Communications.  There is also a report from the DOC and minutes from one of their meetings.

67Science Council of Canada Task Force on Communications1976-1978

Ran Ide sat on this Task Force in his role as Chairman of the OECA.

Includes correspondence, minutes, reports, terms of reference for committees, etc.   

68Transcript, Conversation between T.R. Ide and I. Waniewicz on Wednesday, April 13, 1977 re: The Scientific Engineering and Technical Community of Canada (SCITEC) speech1977

The Association of Scientific, Engineering and Technical Community of Canada.

69"The Critical Points and the Decision-Making Process - The Role of the Media," Ran Ide's speech at SCITEC Conference, May 11, 19771977


614Address, "Remarks on the Conserver Society to a Seminar Sponsored by the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, Wednesday, April 5, 1978, T.R.Ide, Chaiman, OECA"1978


Communications Research Advisory Board (CRAB)
610Communications Research Advisory Board - Report to the Deputy Minister Department of Communications1977

CRAB was created in 1974 to advise on the research program of the federal Department of Communications (DOC). Its members, experts in the field of communications, are appointed by the Department for terms not normally exceeding three years [Description provided by donor]. Ran Ide took over as Chairman in 1979.

For related records, see Box 6 File 1 for correspondence between Ran Ide and the DOC.   

6111978 Report of the Communications Research Advisory Board1978

Includes a letter/report to Chairman Alphonse Ouimet from Bernard Ostry regarding the 1978 CRAB report.  

613CRAB Agendas1978
  • CRAB 1978, Theme: Technology Transfer to Industry - Meeting was held in Ottawa on April 5-6, 1978.  
  • Second meeting - May 10-11, 1978
Honorary Degrees
615Clipping, "Queen's - 6 distinguished Canadians to get honorary degrees."1978

From The Kingston Whig-Standard, Tuesday, May 2, 1978.  Includes a picture of Ran Ide.   

616Correspondence from Queen's and Waterloo re Honorary Degrees1978


617Convocation Address by T.R. Ide. Queen's University, Kingston, Friday, May 26, 19781978

Includes 2 photographs.   

(Photos P1-2)
618"The Inside Track"1978

Newsletter The Org, Friday May 12, 1978, Vol.2, No. 46. The article is about T. Ranald Ide's Honorary Degrees from Queen's University and Waterloo University.

619Letters of congratulations to Ran Ide on his honorary degrees. 1978

Includes copies of responses from Ran Ide.   

620Clipping, "In communications - the future is NOW." 1978

From The Kingston Whig Standard, May 27, 1978. Article is about Ran Ide's convocation address at Queen's University.

621Queen's University Convocation programme with photographs. 1978

Includes 2 photographs.   

(Photos P1-2)
622Graduating Address, University of Waterloo, "The Future of Communications, Educational and Otherwise," T.R. Ide, May 27, 1978.1978


623University of Waterloo convocation programme with photographs1978

Includes 3 photographs.   

(Photos P1-3)
Box 7
73The March of Ides at the Glassmakers' Guild Ball, London, England 1978

1 photograph and a brochure for Glass Decoration, T.W. Ide Ltd.   

(Photos P1)
Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
79Article, "The future of communications," by T.R. Ide 1979

Published in Engineering Journal, Volume 62, Number 2, April 1979.   

710Paper, "Social Consequences of New Technologies" by T.R. Ide1979

Presented at the World Futures Studies Conference (WFSC) "Science and Technology and the Future" May 4-10, 1979.  

The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA)
75Correspondence and memos - Ran Ide, Chairman OECA 1979

Includes correspondence about the series Fast Forward,  and correspondence with Magda Cordell McHale of the Center for Integrative Studies and about the conference held in Houston : "Trends and Needs in Future Studies: United States, Canada and Mexico".

76Meeting of the Board of Directors of the OECA - meeting minutes and agendas1979


78Report, "The Communications Planning Process in the Ontario Educational Communications Authority."1979


72The Jesus Trial: Who Killed Jesus1978

Newspaper clippings about TVO's program and controversy around this.   

74TVO plus, Volume 1, 1978-19791978-1979

Bound volume of TVO Plus (TV Ontario listings).   

77The Annual Report - TVOntario 1979/19801979

Prior annual reports are under The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA).  TVOntario is an entity of the OECA.    

Professional activities
711Correspondence regarding the Canadian Videotex Commitee1979

Ran Ide served as Vice-Chairman from 1979.  

Box 8
86Ran Ide with Maggie Stratton1979


(Photos P1)
Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
87Paper, "The Information Revolution," T.R. Ide1979

Paper presented at the Conference on Socio-Economic Problems and Potentialities of the Application of Micro-Electronics at Work, European Coordination Centre for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences, Vienna, Austria.   Includes conference paper, newspaper clipping about Ran Ide and paper abstract.

The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA)
81Science Council of Canada Task Force on Communications 1979

Ran Ide sat on this Task Force in his role as Chairman of the OECA.

Includes guidelines, correspondence and workshop planning.

82Address, "New Technologies and Implications for Society," T.R. Ide, OECA1979

Address presented at AMTEC Conference, Carleton University, Ottawa, June 18, 1979.     

Includes correspondence.

83[Newspaper clippings about resignation of T.R. Ide as Chairman and CEO of OECA / TVOntario.]1979

Articles: "TVO boss quits the prime time." Ottawa Journal, Tuesday June 26, 1979 and "The Godfather who made a network tick." The Globe and Mail, Thursday, June 21, 1979.

84The OECA Policy History 1965-19791979


88"No Limits to Learning - Proposal to the Club of Rome, September, 1979."1979


Communications Research Advisory Board (CRAB)
810Letter from Bernard Ostry, Deputy Minister of Communications, to Ran Ide welcoming him as the Secretary of CRAB. 1979


8111979 Report of the Communications Research Advisory Board 1979


812CRAB agendas1979
  • Agenda for CRAB meeting October 30-November 1, 1979
  • Agenda for November 21, 1979
  • Agenda for December 3-4, 1979
814Correspondence 1979


The Club of Rome
85The Club of Rome Meeting on Human Learning, Salzburg 6-8 June, 19791979

Includes correspondence between founder Dr. Aurelio Peccei and Ran Ide regarding attending meeting, meeting programme, address by Aurelio Peccei and newspaper clipping.   

89Club of Rome Conference, 3-6 October 1979, "The Coming Decade of Danger and Opportunity."1979

Includes correspondence, reports, papers, memos.  

813Correspondence and memos1979


Box 19
Family Scrapbook
1918Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings, ticket stubs, cards and letters. 1976-1979

Includes post cards, newspaper clippings about Ran Ide, event ticket stubs, wine labels, etc.  

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