[The CBC and the Club of Rome] "Records from 1984-1989"

Title: [The CBC and the Club of Rome] "Records from 1984-1989"
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Series consist of records from the period of 1984 to 1989 and primarily focus on Ran Ide's  involvement with the Club of Rome and his continued work as a consultant and advisor at TVOntario and at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), particularly with a project called Northstar and a 24-hour CBC news channel. Also includes records from conferences and events he attended.

Records include reports, memos, correspondence, copies of addresses, speeches and papers written by Ran Ide, research material and photographs. Video on VHS tape related to the Pickering College reunion.


Source of supplied title

The donor provided the title of "Records from 1984-1989." The archivist has added further information to the title in order to capture the content of the records.   

Box 11
The Club of Rome
1123Canadian Association for the Club of Rome1984

Includes memos, membership lists, reports, correspondence.  Ran Ide was the Chairman of CaCor in 1982-1984.   

1124[Records related to the death of Aurelio Peccei]1984

Includes copy of a paper about Aurelio Peccei, correspondence, memo, etc.   

1125Club of Rome Executive Committee Meetings1984-1985

Includes summaries, correspondence, agendas, memos, etc.  

Box 12
1216Newsletter, The Org - TVOntario August 30,1985, "Ontario Teacher's Federation Honours Ran Ide"1985


1218Programme, Reception and Banquet State of Qatar 1985

Held in honour of His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al-Thani - Amir of the State of Qatar.  The Chairman of the Reception Committee was William Rufus Ide.   

1223Article, "Mr. Fix It" by Sheila Ward, Business Journal, January/February 1986 [Article about Donald Mills]1986

Donald Mills and Ran Ide worked at TVOntario together.  Ran Ide is mentioned and quoted in the article.   

Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
1219Paper, "Optical Fibre Technology - International and Regional Implications," by Dr. T. Ranald Ide 1985


124[Correspondence with TVOntario staff]1984-1985


The Club of Rome
121The Club of Rome - Renewal of a Mission 1984

Includes reports on the role of the Club, a copy of the charter, statutes, statement by the Club of Rome on Human Responsibility, a statement by Dr. Kurt Furgler, and description of the organization.  

122Club of Rome Conference 1984, Helsinki, Finland1984

Includes programme, brochures, handbook, correspondence, photographs, and a session paper "The Enterprise in Flux," by T. Ranald Ide.   

(Photos P1-2)
125[Ran Ide's notes on a manuscript by Adam Scharff]1984


128Speech by A. Roy Megarry, "Communications in the Global Society" 1984

Includes correspondence with Ran Ide.   

1210Membership Lists1984-1985


1211[Club of Rome correspondence]1984-1985

Various topics covered.   

1213The Club of Rome 1985 Conference, Santander, Spain, June 26-28, 19851985

Includes conference material, papers, reports, correspondence, etc.   

1214Reflections on the Future of the Club of Rome1985

Includes a report and correspondence.

1217[Letter and comments to Alexander King, President, regarding the Club]1985


1220Report, "The Youth of the World and the New Technological Challenges."1985


1221Manuscript, "Aurelio Peccei," by Gunter A. Pauli1986

Typescript. Also includes a history of the Club of Rome.   

1222"The Club of Rome : The New Approach to the Achievement of its Mission (Note by the President)." 1986


1225The Global Poverty Project1985-1986

Consists of reports and correspondence.   

Professional activities
123The University of Alberta 2nd Annual Conference on Canada, the World and the Future, February 20-24, 19841984

Includes agenda, programme, and comments from T.R. Ide "Effects of Technological Changes on Man and Society"   

126World Futures Studies Federation 1981-1985

Includes correspondence, newsletters.   

129International Congress on the Future of European Television, Brussels, November 20-21, 1984. 1984

Includes comments by Ran Ide and an Address by Ran Ide "The Canadian Experiment"   

1212[Ran Ide's nomination of Ian James Fife as a 'Fellow of OISE']1985

Includes correspondence, Ian Fife's CV, list of past winners of the Fellows of OISE.   

1215Science Council of Canada Background Study 53, "The Uneasy Eighties" by Arthur J. Cordell1985

Signed to Ran Ide from the author.   Also includes a report by T.R. Ide "Report on Manuscript - 'The Uneasy 80s: Emerging Issues in the Transition to an Information Society'"

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
127[Correspondence regarding CBC / Pierre Juneau]1984-1985


1224Press clippings CBC superstation1986

Bound folder of photocopied articles.   

Box 13
138Ran and Arlene at Bolton Abbey, England1986


(Photos P1)
1311Pickering College Reunion, McCulley Dinner1986

Includes programmes, letters, photograph and a 47:30 minute video "Pickering College: The McCulley Years" (VHS)  

(Photos P1)
1319The Globe and Mail Dinner in Honour of His Highness, The Aga Khan1987

Includes invitation, photograph and a copy of the speech of the Aga Khan for the event.  

(Photos P1)
1320Pickering College - Class of 1842 Award, Ran Ide 1987 recipient1987

Includes correspondence, award, speech, and copy of article (same as on scrapbook page)  

Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
133Report, "Notes on Planning and Communications" by T.R. Ide1986


137[Correspondence regarding TVOntario]1986


1322Agreement between TVOntario and its Regional Councils and Francophone Advisory Council1987


The Club of Rome
131CaCor Report, "The Club of Rome: What is Happening?"1986


132Activity Reports from Alexander King [President]1986-1987


134Ethical Values and their Role in Education 1986

Includes correspondence and a report "Education, Ethical Values and Modern Humanism" for a colloquim organized by the Club of Rome at the request of UNESCO.    

139International Development Research Centre (IDRC) collaboration1986


1310Meetings in the Soviet Union, October 12-20, 19861986

Report by unknown author.

1318Letter to Bertrand Schneider, Secretariat General re "Limits to Growth Revisited."1987


Professional activities
1317Report, "Aspects in the Development of an Information Economy: The Canadian Experience." by Arthur J. Cordell, Science Council of Canada1987

Includes the report and correspondence between Ran Ide and the author.    

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
135[Correspondence and reports regarding the CBC]1986-1987

Includes reports and correspondence regarding International Service.

136"CBC Proposal for a Cable Television Network in the United States - Preliminary Business Plan" 1986

Bound report.   See Box 13 File 12 and  Box 13 File 23 for records related to Northstar.

1312The Northstar Project [Canadian television]1987

Includes report, notes, correspondence, etc.  See also Box 13 File 23.

1313Paper, "CBC Engineering - Evolution During Revolution" by Guy Gougeon1987


1314Notes regarding Pierre Juneau's (CBC) speech to the Canadian Club.1987

Ran Ide's comments and a copy of the speech.   

1315Report, "A New Broadcasting Policy for Canada: The response of the CBC to the recommendations contained in the Task Force on Broadcasting Policy, 1986." 1987


1316Report, "A proposal for an all-Canadian News Channel by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation."1987

See Box14 File 2 for related records.

1321CBC Northstar - 10 Year Financial Projections and Cash Flow Statements for 6 Financing Scenarios, June 16, 19871987


1323Records regarding Northstar project1987-1989

Northstar was a project to have a Canadian content channel broadcast in the US on cable. 

Records include memos, correspondence, reports, planning documents, "aide mémoires," Northstar Steering Committee meeting minutes and agendas, and research into the US market. See also Box 13 File 12, Box 14 File 20.

Box 14
1432Arlene and Ran at Little Acres, Quebec1989

1 photograph  

(Photos P1)
Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
1411Enquiry into the Multimedia Society1988

Notes for paper.    

1421"Preface - The Power of Broadcasting" Ran Ide1989

No indication for what the preface was written. 


1422Paper, "The Need for a National Broadcasting System" T.R. Ide1989


1434"Comments by Ran Ide at International Institute of Communications, November 22, 1989"1989

For session 1 - Canada's Communications Sector and Europe 1992  

1433"The Changing Environment for Public Broadcasting. Remarks by Ran Ide prepared for a discussion at TV Ontario"1989


The Club of Rome
147The Club of Rome 20th Anniversary Conference, October 25-28, 1988, Paris, France 1988

Includes correspondence, copies of papers, including Ran Ide's paper "Disparity" and a photograph.

(Photos P1)
1413Brief Minutes of March 16th Meeting - Ran Ide, Mike Mesarovic, John Shewbridge and Herman Stein1989


1414The Club of Rome Membership List as of April 19891989


1415"Center for the Study on National Governance" proposed by Bohdan Hawrylyshyn1988


1416Letter with comments regarding paper "The Predicament of Man" by Kenneth W. Hammond1989

Ran Ide requested to use the paper in a Club of Rome publication. Copy of paper is included.   

1417Pamphlet, "National Associations for The Club of Rome, " Warsaw, February 1989 1989


1418Correspondence regarding University of Guelph's "5000 days" course. 1989

Letter asking for advice from Ran Ide about multi-media presentation. Includes a paper on Energy and Environment by Jan Van Ettinger and a proposal for an institute for environmental stewardship at the University of Guelph. 

1427Notes on address by Ola Ullsten, "Politics, the Environment and the Future"1989

Attached is a pamphlet called "A Citizen's Guide - The Greenhouse Crisis: 101 Ways to Save the Earth"  

1429Activities Reports [President]1989


1430The Club of Rome Conference, 11-14 June, 1989, Hannover, Germany1989

Includes copies of papers presented at the conference, a description of the structure of the Club, brochure, etc.  

Professional activities
148[Articles on Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS), broadcasting in Europe, Japan, etc.]1988-1989

Photocopies of articles.   

149Letter to Dr. Blossom Weddon regarding Music Therapy1988

Handwritten letter from Ran Ide, along with articles and pamphlets about music therapy.   

1410Notes on paper by Donald N. Michael, "Forecasting and Planning in an Incoherent Context."1988

Includes copy of paper.   

1412Letter to William G. Davis with attached address by John Eger1989

Attached address is "Prometheus Unbound" by John M. Eger, given at the Tokyo Broadcasting System Lecture, 1985.

1426[Letter to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney re global industrialization]1989


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
141Articles and research about US programming / TV markets / cable TV / Satellite TV1987-1989

Related to the Northstar project.  

142[Records related to CBC proposal for 24-hour news channel]1988


143"Notes re CBC Policy" 1988

Typed notes by Ran Ide.   

144[Notes on speeches for Pierre Juneau] 1988


145CBC memo regarding money borrowing1989


146Agreement between CBC and Group W Satellite Communications1988-1989

Includes an agenda for a meeting between the two companies.   

1419Article, "In a crunch, he's a man of 'pure steel'" by John Haslett Cuff [article about Pierre Juneau]1989

From The Globe and Mail, February 11, 1989.  Also includes a copy of Pierre Juneau's obituary from 2012 (printed by donor).   

1420Records regarding Northstar project 1989

See Box 13 File 12 and Box 13 File 23.  

1423Paper, "A Canadian TV Channel in the U.S. - A Possibility or a Dream?" T.R. Ide1989


1424Introductory Remarks by Pierre Juneau, President of the CBC - House of Commons Standing Committee on Communications, Culture, Citizenship and Multiculturalism.1989

May 24, 1989  

1425Correspondence with Pierre Juneau1989

Also includes a letter from CARAS to Ran Ide regarding a tribute dinner for Pierre Juneau.   

1428Letter to Ran Ide from Pierre Juneau asking Ide to act as executive secretary to the Steering Committee for the Northstar project1989


1431[Letters of congratulations to new CBC president, chairmen]1989

Patrick Watson as Chairman, Gerard Veilleux as CEO and Michael McEwen as Executive Vice-President.   

Box 19
Family Scrapbook
19 /OS21Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings, cards and photographs.1980-1988

Scrapbook pages include an article about Aurelio Peccei, co-founder of the Club of Rome, copies of photographs including an image of Pickering College from 1929, Ran Ide at the Forum for Young Canadians, Betty and Harry Beer, a notice of a show at the ROM for John Ide, an article entitled "MISD report gets 'well done' from Ontario educator." and two articles about the Class of 1842 Award, "Channel 19 Founder Ran Ide '42 Inducted into the Class of 1842."

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