[Educational Television, the OECA and the Establishment of TVOntario] "Records from 1970-1975"

Title: [Educational Television, the OECA and the Establishment of TVOntario] "Records from 1970-1975"
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Series consist of records from the period of 1970 to 1975 and cover Ran Ide's involvement with Educational Television (ETV) and as the Chairman and CEO of The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA), along with the creation of TVOntario with William G. (Bill) Davis.    

Records include some family photographs and photographs of Ran Ide at work and at events, newspaper clippings related to the the OECA and TVOntario, correspondence, memos and reports from the OECA, and scrapbook pages with clippings, invitations and cards.

Source of supplied title

The donor provided the title of "Records from 1970-1975." The archivist has added further information to the title in order to capture the contents.    

Box 4
47Brother Maurice Lapointe, William G. Davis and Ran Ide celebrating Day 1, July 2, 19701970

1 photograph : b&w  

(Photos P7)
48Jack McCarthy, Ran Ide and William G. Davis at TVO's first press conference gala 1970 1970

1 photograph : b&w  

(Photos P8)
417Ran Ide being interviewed by the press in London, Ontario.1971

2 photographs : b&w ;  25.5 x 20.5 cm

418Ran Ide speaking to the South West Regional Council of the OECA1971

1 photograph : b&w ; 20.5 x 25.5 cm

Photograph by Ron Nelson, London, Ont. 

(Photos P18)
419Ran Ide speaking with John Rhodes, Mayor of Sault Ste. Marie at the Northeast Council of the OECA1971

1 photograph : b&w ; 20.5 x 25.5 cm   

(Photos P19)
420Ran Ide speaking [standing at lectern] 1971

1 photograph : b&w : 25.5 x 20.5 cm

423Script and notes for "Heartbeat" produced by the Television Bureau of Advertising1972


Teaching and Education Material
44[Articles regarding educational technology, media and research]1970-1973


Educational Television
41Brochure. "ETV - Ontario First Years"1970


412"Channel 19 turns on."1970

Copy of TV weekly The Telegram, August 14-21

416Newspaper clipping, "$10 million worth of educational TV but who watches it?" Toronto Daily Star, August 28, 19711971


Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
45Paper, "Where Educational Television Stands now with Reference to Channel 19" by Ran Ide at the Ontario Public School Trustees Convention 1970

Typescript. Possibly unfinished.   

46Paper, "Educational Television in Ontario and the Ontario Educational Communications Authority" by T.R.Ide, Chairman and CEO, Ontario Educational Communications Authority. July 1970

Typescript.   Also contains another paper, "Ontario Educational Television", Educational Television Branch, Ontario Department of Education [author unknown]

412Paper, "Multi-media Interdisciplinary Project Relating to the Age of the Great Depression", by T.R. Ide. 1970


413Article, "Educational Communications - The Images that Teach" by T.R. Ide1971

For publication in the News Bulletin, The Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations. 


414Address, "Educational Communications and the Federal Presence," an address by T.R. Ide1971

Presented at the Canadian Educational Communications Conference, June-July 1971  

421Paper, "The Potentials and Limitations of Television as an Educational Medium : Communications, Media and Education"1972

Delivered at the Guild Inn, March 31, 1972  

422Paper, "The Canadian Way of Life - Prospects and Possibilities, " by T.R. Ide1972

Delivered at the Champlain Lectures, Trent University.  November 17-18, 1972.   

424Article, "The CTS Project and Some Educational Implications," T.R. Ide 1973

Published in CARET- Lakehead University Science Review Volume 1, Number 2  

425Remarks to The Ontario School Trustees Council, Friday, January 26, 1973, T.R. Ide.1973


426Paper, "Communications and Culture," T.R. Ide1973

Presented at the Royal Ontario Museum's lecture series.  

Includes typescript of paper, correspondence and memos. 

427Paper, "Television, Education and Social Development", T.R Ide1973

Presented at the Pacific Nations Broadcasting Symposium, California State University, San Francisco, California. April 10, 1973.   

The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA)
42OECA Policy History, Bibliography and Appendices1970


43Chairman's Statement [T.R. Ide, Chairman] 1970-1971, 1971-1972, 1972-1973, 1973-19741970-1974

Includes 1 photograph : b&w ; 8 x 12 cm   of Ran Ide at a podium.

49Correspondence and memos - Ran Ide, Chairman OECA1970-1973

Memos and correspondence relate to Ran Ide's appointment as CEO/Chairman, to the opening of Channel 19 and CRTC application, etc,.   

410The Ontario Educational Communications Authority By-Law No. 70-31970


411Meeting of the Board of Directors of the OECA - meeting minutes and agendas1970-1973

Includes a photograph of a meeting in 1971 - 1 photograph : b&w ;   

415Annual Reports - The Ontario Educational Communications Authority 1971-1972, 1972-1973, 1973-19741972-1974

Forward by T.R. Ide, Chairman  

Box 5
54New Year's - Ran and Arlene at the Little Acre, Quebec1973

1 photograph : col. ; 7 x 6 cm   

55Christmas '73 - Richard and his daughter Laura, Gram (Lola Ide), Ran, Douglas and John1973

1 photograph : col. ; 7.5 x 10.5 cm   

512Ran Ide speaking at the Art Gallery of Ontario/The Grange with W. Withrow, Director of the AGO, and D. McCullough, Assistant Deputy Minister of Colleges and Universities, at the presentation of the OECA program :The Restoration of the Grange.1974


(Photos P12)
524Programme, Fellow of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Awards Ceremony1975

Ran Ide was the recipient of the 1975 Fellow award in 1975.  Attached is a photocopied photograph of Ran Ide with fellow recipients Lloyd A Dennis and Harry Pullen.   

Educational Television
51Copy of Secretary of State release No 2-670E "Ottawa and Toronto Agree on Financing of New ETV Station" 1973


52Newspaper clipping, "Educational TV body's finances 'shocking, disgraceful, disastrous.'" 1973

Toronto Sun, June 13, 1973   

Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
510Paper, "Presentation of T. Ranald Ide as a Fellow of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Toronto, Ontario, November 25, 19751975

Includes 2 typescripts of presentation, correspondence and a copy of News and Notes with an article about Ran Ide "Pullen among three educators to be named Fellows of OISE"  

511Article, "The lending library, fibre optics and your living room," by Thomas R. Ide1975

Published in Canadian Library Journal, August 1975.  

Includes copy of article, correspondence, typescript.  

The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA)
53Copy of a "Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Ontario Educational Communications Authority passed unanimously at a regular meeting held the 18th day of June 1973"1973


56Chairman's Statement [T.R. Ide, Chairman] 1974-19751975


57Annual Report - The Ontario Educational Communications Authority 1974-19751975


58Correspondence and memos - Ran Ide, Chairman OECA1974-1975

Includes several letters related to Dr. Klaus Spindler  

59Meeting of the Board of Directors of the OECA - meeting minutes and agendas 1974-1975


513"Sir John Franklin", a report prepared for the OECA by Clive Holland1974


514Paper, "The Ontario Educational Communications Authority 1970-1974," author unknown1974

Outlines the history of the OECA and ETV in Ontario.   

515Report, "Internal Communications at OECA During a Period of Transition: Report Submitted to the Chairman and the CEO of the OECA," By James R. Taylor1974


516Report, "Visit to London, England - September 17-20, 1974"1974

T.R. Ide, OECA Chairman and CEO, re: educational television broadcasters in various parts of Britain.

517[Press clippings regarding TVOntario, CBC, television shows]1974

Clippings from The Globe and Mail, Time Magazine, etc.  

518News releases and press clippings1975

News release of photocopied articles sent out to staff of the OECA - put together from the Information Officer at the OECA.  Articles and memos are related to TVOntario, programming, etc.

519Report, T.R. Ide - Trip to Germany - January 18-31, 19751975

Summary of Ran Ide's business trip to Germany as well as a paper written by Dr. K. Spindler, of the Commission for the Development of the Telecommunications System, whom Ran Ide met with while there.   See Box 5 File 8 for further communications with Dr. Spindler. 

520Report, "Canadian Public Telecommunications Perspective 1985"1975

Produced by the Department of Communications (DOC) Ottawa  

521Legislature of Ontario Debates - Estimates, Ministry of Culture and Recreation. 1975

Attached - Department of Communications Technical Notes re Radio Act DOS-P 74-7  

522Reports, "Notes on Planning at the CBC" and "The Impact of Emerging Technologies on the Broadcasting Industry," by Elmer H. Hara [197-]


523Report, "A Response of the Board of Directors of The OECA to the Report of the Special Program Review as Presented to the Honourable Robert Welch Minister of Culture and Recreation"1975


Box 19
Family Scrapbook
19 /OS15Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings 1969-1970

Clippings are from newspapers including the Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, and The Hamilton Spectator.  The topic of most is regarding education television in Ontario and Channel 19, and include headings such as:  "Educational TV: the birth of a new channel is only the iceberg's tip" ; "David introduces bill to create Ontario educational TV agency" ; "Education TV outlet for area" ; "The rocky road to an ETV dream" and "Gamble puts our first educational TV channel on the air."

Also includes invitation cards, banquet programmes, and conference programmes.

19 /OS16Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings, cards and letters.1970-1972

Newspaper clippings are from The Toronto Star, The Hamilton Spectator, The Globe Magazine, New Dimensions Magazine and include titles such as:  "Teachers with a touch of ham proving that you can mix education and showbiz" [shows photo of Ran Ide and others] ;"The ETV controversy: Ran Ide, man in the middle" ; "NBC subsidiary buys Channel 19 tapes, lauds 'best ETV library in the world'" ; "Channel 19: where show business goes with know business," etc.

Also includes an itinerary for a trip to Europe with two postcards from 1971,  letters to Ran Ide from Bill Davis as well as other letters and cards. 

19 /OS17Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings, photograph and invitation1973

Photograph shows OECA producer Paul Marquardt talking to Hugh Blackwell Evans, sole survivor of the 1898 Southern Cross expedition to the Antarctic.  Newspaper clippings are from The Globe and Mail : "OECA chairman answers to critics" written by T.R.Ide and "Channel 19 probe is planned."  Invitation is for the welcoming of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh to Queen's Park.

19 /OS12Portrait of Ran Ide in the control room[197-]

1 photograph : col. ; 35.5 x 28 cm  

19 /OS13Portrait of Ran Ide, 1970s [197-]

1 photograph : b&w ; 35 x 28 cm  

Box 20
The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA)
20 /OS14Brochure : "OECA: Another way to learn..."1970

The Ontario Educational Communications Authority.  Includes a forward by Ran Ide "Meeting the Challenge."  

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