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Ran Ide

Box 1
Series: 1: "The Early Years, the Pickering Years and PACI Days [and the beginnings of ETV] Records from 1919-1969"
Family Books
11The Book of Common Prayer - The Hymn Book 1915

This book belonged to Lola Scharfe, Ran Ide's mother, who became an Anglican when she married Richard Ide.

12The Scientific Library; or, Repository of Useful and Polite Literature, Vol. vi.1806

By the Rev. Thomas Smith. Printed in London for J. Wallis.  

13The Tutor's Assistant : Being a Compendium of Arithmetic, and a Complete Question-Book.1843

By Francis Walkingame and Edwin Barker. London: printed for Thomas Tegg by J. Hadden.   

Signatures on front page are Miss Kirkpatrick and Willie Kirkpatrick.

14Seventy Lessons in Spelling.1895

Rochester, NY: Williams and Rogers, 1895.   

15The Ontario Readers Second Reader, Authorized by the Minister of Education.1884

Toronto : The Canada Publishing Company Limited, 1884.  

16The Comprehensive Teacher's Bible.1898

New York : James Pott & Co., 1898. 

This bible belonged to Ran Ide's maternal grandfather, Alonzo Scharfe, who was a successful farmer in Templeton, Quebec as well as a devout Presbyterian who taught Sunday school, and for many years, was chairman of the local school board.  

17The Foundations of Modern Education1938

By Ember Harrison Wilds.   New York : Farrar & Rinehart Incorporated.

Box 2
Series: 1: "The Early Years, the Pickering Years and PACI Days [and the beginnings of ETV] Records from 1919-1969"
Degrees and Certificates
213Ottawa Public Schools Certificate of Honor awarded to Ranald Ide1931


224Junior first aid certificate to Ranald T. Ide1931


225Certificate of Confirmation - Ranald Ide and order of service programme 1931


230Certificate of Matriculation - Thomas Ranald Ide1936


21Alonzo Scharfe[192?]

Alonzo Scharfe was Ran Ide's maternal grandfather.

1 photograph : sepia toned ; 5.5cm x 8cm  

(Photos P1)
22Lola Scharfe1914

Lola Scharfe was Ran Ide's mother.  Photograph was taken by Pittaway.

1 photograph : sepia toned ; 25.5cm x 10cm 

23Lola and Richard Ide 1916

Ran Ide's parents. 

2 photographs : b&w ; 6cm x 4cm  

24Mum and Dad (Lola and Dick Ide), Halifax 19171917

1 photograph : b&w ; 6cm x 4cm  

25George Ide, Walking Champion of the World[ca.1850]

Ran Ide's grandfather, George Ide was a publican and bare-knuckle boxer who'd won the World's Walking Championship in Brussels one year [description provided by donor].  

Photographer was F.H. Robinson, 5 St. Pancras, Chichester.

1 carte de visite photograph : b&w ; 16.5cm x 10.5cm

26Mary Chandler[ca.1860]

Mary Chandler (nee Ide) was George Ide's sister [Ran Ide's great-aunt]. She married Thomas Chandler and moved from England to Canada.    

1 carte de visite photograph : sepia toned ; 10.5cm x 6cm

27Thomas Chandler [190?]

Ran Ide's great-uncle. 

1 photograph : b&w ; 15cm x 10cm  

28Mary "Grandma" Chandler at 13 Howick Place, Ottawa[193?]

Ran Ide's great aunt whom he called Grandma.  There is a newspaper clipping (obituary) attached to the back on the photograph.

1 photograph : sepia toned ; 18.5cm x 13.5cm    

214Lola "Mum" Ide 1919

1 photograph : b&w ; 10.5 X 6.5 cm  

215Thomas Ranald Ide [Portrait of baby in winter coat and hat]1920

1 photograph : b&w ; 16.5 x 11 cm  

216Ran Ide on his tricycle, Ottawa1922

   1 photograph : b&w ; 16 x 21.5 cm

217Ran Ide, aspiring hockey star, Ottawa

1 photograph : b&w ;16 x 21 cm

Title was given by donor.

218Uncle Wallace [Elmsley], Ran and Dad [Richard Mold Ide]1929

1 photograph : b&w ; 7 x 11.5 cm   

219Clara, Michael, Mum and Ran, 13 Howich Ottawa1929

1 photograph : b & w ; 14 x 10 cm

Clara Portlance was Lola Ide's sister with her son Michael.   

220Dad [Richard Ide] at his office in Ottawa1929

1 photograph : b&w ; 11 x 7.5 cm

221Ran Ide's high school portraits1935

4 photographs : sepia toned ; 15 x 10 cm   

3 of the photos are stamped with 'proof'

222Graduation portrait of Ran Ide [Mount Allison University]1939

1 photograph : sepia toned ; 10 x 14.5 cm ; in cardboard frame 28 x 19 cm   


(Photos P22)
223Ran Ide at the breakfast table 'before his hair fell out,' St. John[194-]

1 photograph : b&w ; 10.5 x 15.5cm   

238Mum and Dad [Lola and Richard Ide] at Lily Lake, St. John NB1942

1 photograph : b&w ; 17.5 x 12.5 cm  

239Signed portrait of Joseph McCulley1942

1 photograph : sepia toned ; 23 x 18 cm
Photographer : F. Roy Kemp, Toronto 

240Portrait of Ranald Ide1942

1 photograph : sepia toned ; 17 x12 cm ; in 30.5 x 21 cm cardboard frame   

(Photos P40)
241Wedding day1942

1 photograph : b&w ; 11.5 x 16.5 cm
Individuals identified left to right : Frederick A. Aylesworth, Marie (Masie) Aylesworth, Eleanor Ide (nee Aylesworth), Ran Ide, Lola Ide, Richard Ide.  

242Ran and Eleanor cutting the cake on their wedding day. 1942

1 photograph : b&w ; 11.5 x 16.5 cm   

243Ran Ide in RCAF uniform, Saint John, before going overseas1943

1 photograph : colour tinted ; 25.5 x 20.5  

(Photos P43)
244RCAF officers, including Ran Ide, and the ship they sailed on leaving Halifax Harbour. 1943

3 photographs :  2 b &w ; 11.5 x 16. 5 cm ; 1 sepia toned ; 4.5 x 6.5 cm

245Eleanor and Ran with Ran's parents and baby Richard Ranald Ide1945

1 photograph : b&w ; 9 x 9.5 cm   

246Grand March Port Arthur Collegiate Institute 1948

1 photograph : b&w ; 12.5 x 18 cm
Eleanor and Ran Ide at centre 

247Eleanor Ide 19491949

1 photograph : b&w ; 11.5 x 9 cm 
Photograph by Gilbert Parker 

250Ran and Eleanor on the tarmac at airport in Minneapolis 1951

1 photograph : b&w ; 9 x 6.5 cm  

251The Ides in front of 98 Peter Street1951

3 photographs : col. ; 9 x 9 cm   

252"The Gang" Eleanor and Ran Ide with friends, Port Arthur1952

  1 photograph : b&w ; 12.5 x 17.5 cm

253Mum and Dad [Lola and Richard Ide]1952

1 photograph : b&w ; 9 x 6.5 cm  

254Eleanor and Douglas in front of 98 Peter Street, Port Arthur1953

1 photograph : b&w ; 9 x 13 cm   

255Ran Ide with the PACI Football Team 1953

2 photographs : b&w ; 20.5 x 25 cm  

256Portrait of John, Douglas and Richard Ide [Ran's sons]1954

1 photograph : b&w ;19 x 23.5 cm 
Photo by Morton Studios 

257Peter and Marion Hennessy's wedding, Fort William [Ran Ide, Best Man]1956

1 photograph : b&w ;  21.5 x 25.5 cm  

258Portrait of Ran Ide1956

1 photograph : sepia toned ; 18 x 12.5 cm  

(Photos P58)
259Douglas Ide [Ran's son]1956

1 photograph : b&w ; 12 x 8.5 cm  

260Ran Ide on Principals' course, Toronto1956

1 photograph : b&w ; 9 x 9 cm  

261Ran in class [Ran Ide teaching math at PACI]1956

1 photograph : b&w ; 9 x 13 cm   

262Aspiring hockey star Richard Ide with his brother John, 98 Peter Street, Port Arthur1956

1 photograph : b&w 11.5 x 10 cm  
Photo taken by Gilbert Parker. Title provided by donor.

263Dad and Els Birthday [Eleanor (in iron lung), Douglas, John, Richard and Grandpa Ide]1957

1 photograph : col. ; 9 x 9 cm   

264Mrs Richardson [housekeeper] and El [Eleanor in iron lung]1957

1 photograph : col. ; 9 x 9 cm   

265Nurses A. Mulholland and S. Risk at St. Joseph's General Hospital [treating Eleanor Ide] 1958

1 photograph : b&w ; 9 x 9 cm   

266Summer 1959 - Ran, Richard, Doug and John1959

2 photographs : b&w ; 12.5 x 9 cm   

267Ran Lecturing at Ryerson1962

3 photographs : b&w ; 20.5 x 25cm

Family Documents
29Confirmation certificate of Richard Ide, St. Matthew's Church, Ottawa. 1907

Richard Ide was Ran Ide's father.   

210Marriage certificate and register of marriages (United Church) for Richard Ide and Lola Scharfe1916

Ran Ide's parents. 

211Baby book for Thomas Ranald Ide1919


212[Certification that] Thomas Ranald Ide is a member of the Babies' Branch of the Women's Auxiliary, Diocese of Ottawa ; and card from St. Matthew's Rectory1919


226Handwritten note from Ranald Ide to Grandma Chandler[193-]


228"They Still Throw Stones"[193?]

Handwritten script of a speech by Lola Ide to the Women's Auxiliary addressing anti-semitism.   

227"The Master's Reward, a Mystery," by Ranald Ide and Thomas Sailman1934

Typed manuscript of a story written by Ran Ide and a friend.   

229Saint John High School Graduating Class, 1935-361936

Ranald Ide graduated this year.   

231Newspaper clipping : "Saint John Students Lead in Mount Allison Play, T Ranald Ide and Berl Harding" 1938

From January 13, Saint John Globe  

232Mount Allison Junior Class Prom booklet (1939) and Mount Allison Senior Class Prom booklet (1945)1939, 1945


233Letter from Ran to his parents about his birthday gifts1940


234Newspaper clippings : "Mount Allison University Prize Winners" and "Ran Ide Appointed Chairman of the Committee Responsible for Erecting a New Rink"1940

Articles from the Saint John Globe and The Argosy Weekly   

235Mount Allison University Convocation programme1940


236Pickering College Yearbook "The Voyageur XIV"1941

Welcome to Ran Ide as new teacher on page 34.    

237Letter from Ran to his parents regarding a sermon he was writing1941


248Newspaper Clippings : "Wedding of Interest" and "June Weddings : Eleanor Aylesworth Bride of Thomas Ranald Ide"1942

From the Toronto Telegram.  

249RCAF Service and Paybook with letters to Lola and Richard Ide, on active service, and Graduation Banquet and Dance Programme for Course 79A Navigators1943-1945


271Kin [story featuring Eleanor Ide]1958

Kin is a publication produced by The Kinsmen Clubs.  Article contains picture of Mrs. Ide in the iron lung.   

272[Newspaper clippings regarding Ran Ide, teaching, teaching federation, John Aylesworth]1958-1959


273RCAF - Observer's and Air Gunner's Flying Log Book1943

Also included is a copy of Avigation by Dead Reckoning by Capt. Ienar E. Elm. 

Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
268Article: "Is Teaching a Profession?" by T.R. Ide1958

Published in the Bulletin (Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation).

One typescript and one copy of the publication.  

269Article: "A Professional Library" by T.R. Ide1959

From The Bulletin (Ontario Secondary School Teacher's Federation)  

270Article: "Another approach to the problem of Individual Differences" by T.R. Ide1959

Published in The Bulletin (Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation)  

Box 3
Series: 1: "The Early Years, the Pickering Years and PACI Days [and the beginnings of ETV] Records from 1919-1969"
32Japanese Lilac at 98 Peter Street [John and Douglas Ide on front steps]1960

1 photograph : col. ; 8.5 x 12.5cm   

33Portrait of Ran Ide1960

1 photograph : b&w ; 24 x 19 cm   

(Photos P3)
310Ran Ide, high school principal1962

1 photograph : b&w ; 20.5 x 25.5 cm   

311Ran Ide with class outside of school[196-]

1 photograph : b&w ; 20 x 25 cm  

312Dinnertime [Ran, Eleanor and boys at home] 1962

2 photographs : b&w ; 9 x 9cm  

313Ran Ide at home with his son Douglas1962

1 photograph : b&w ; 12.5 x 9 cm  

314Eleanor Ide in the iron lung1962

4 photographs : 1 col. 9 x 9 cm, 3 b&w ; 9 x 12.5 cm   

315Ran at Nym Lake1963

1 photograph : b&w ; 12.5 x 8.5 cm  

316Ran Ide with 3 members of the PACI football team 1963

1 photograph : b &w ; 9 x 20 cm   

317Family portrait on the occasion of Eleanor's 44th birthday1963

1 photograph : b&w ; 20.5 x 25 cm   

(Photos P17)
318Portrait of Ran Ide1960-1969

1 photograph : b&w ; 17 x 13 cm  

(Photos P18)
320Ran Ide and Peter Hennessy at High School District Track Meet1965

1 photograph : b&w ; 10 x 12.5cm  

321Ran in NYC1965

1 photograph : b&w ; 9 x 9 cm  

322Lola Ide [Ran Ide's mother] at Grand Portage1965

1 photograph : col., 13 x 9 cm   

323Ran Ide and Tom Sailman at Grand Portage 1965

1 photograph : col.; 9 x 13 cm  

329Arlene [Birney] and Ran Ide on their Wedding Day1967

1 photograph : col. ; 18 x 12.5 cm  

330Arlene with her 3 step sons - John, Douglas and Richard1967

1 photograph : col. ; 25.5 x 20.5 cm  

331Ran Ide gets cracking on his way to Expo'671967

1 photograph : 17.5 x 12.5 cm
Photography by Clare Westcott

332Ran Ide addressing gathering at Ontario House, London, England at E.T.V. display1967-1969

1 photograph : b&w ; 25 x 20 cm  
Photograph by: Maillard Studio.

(Photos P32)
333Queen Elizabeth II speaks to an assembled group of school children on ETV1967

1 photograph : b&w ; 17 x 25 cm  

342Ran and Arlene at the Eiffel Tower, Paris1968

1 photograph : col. ; 12.5 x 9.5 cm  

343Ran Ide at an OECA reception for Hanna Gordon1968

1 photograph : b&w ; 8.5 x 11.5 cm  

344Ran Ide in conversation with other guests at the Tokyo Governor's Reception 1968

1 photograph : b&w ; 8 x 12 cm   

(Photos P44)
345Ran Ide with members of the Japanese Navy1968

1 photograph : b&w ; 8 x 12 cm   

(Photos P45)
346Ran Ide at the Imperial Palace Gardens, Japan1968

1 photograph : b&w ; 8 x 11 cm  

349Ran Ide in London with Barry Black, Larry Shwitter and Alf Hanwell. 1969

1 photograph : b&w ; 12.5 x 19 cm  

350William G. Davis and Ran Ide in St. John's Newfoundland 1969

1 photograph : 8.5 x 6 cm  

(Photos P50)
Family Documents
31Birth certificate of Richard Ide 1890


319Certificate of Perpetual Membership of Mr and the late Mrs T R Ide and family, The Jesus Seminary Association of the Society of Jesus1965


34Vote Ran Ide for Board of Governors [notice card]1958


35Port Arthur Collegiate Institute - Commencement Exercises brochures (1960, 1963) and letter for the yearbook written by T.R. Ide (Principal)1960-1963


37Press release and clipping: "T. R. Ide Appointed High School Inspector, Lakehead Board of Education" and "New Principal for PACI"1962

Article from the Port Arthur News Chronicle   

38Correspondence regarding appointments 1962

From the Ontario Department of Education and Board of Education for the City of Port Arthur. Also includes a poem "Ode to Ide" written by Rev. J. E. Jordan  

Teaching and Education Material
351Books and articles on teaching and education 1958-1968

Books belonged to Ran Ide.   

Educational Television
36Report of the Audio-Visual Education Committee to the Board of Governors, Ontario Teachers' Federation 1961

Ran Ide, Committee member  

39Educational Television Orientation Workshop, Ontario Teachers' Federation 1964

Ran Ide was a participant and presenter.   

325[Correspondence regarding Ran Ide directing provincial program in educational television]1966

Includes correspondence from the Minister of Education, the Ontario Department of Education, etc.   

326Press release : "T.R. Ide to direct educational television for the province."1966


327Submission to the Board of Governors and Department of Transport regarding application for broadcasting station 1966, 1967


328[Articles and studies about educational television (ETV), television (general)]1961-1967

Presumably used as research material.   

335Correspondence regarding ETV - William G. Davis, Minister of Education 1967-1968

Includes a letter from Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson to Minister Davis.

336Senior Position Review for Ran Ide, Director of ETV Branch, Department of Education 1967

Includes photograph of Ran Ide (1 photograph : b&w ; 18 x 13 cm)  

337Brochure, "Education Television" and Statement on Education Television, Ontario Department of Education 1968


338Newspaper clippings about ETV in Ontario. 1968


339Memo to T.R. Ide - "History of Negotiations with the Federal Government Concerning ETV"1968


340Minister's Report 1968 - The Educational Television Branch1968


347Minister's Annual Report - Educational Television Branch, Ontario Department of Education and Address to the CRTC by Minister of Education 1969


348Memos - ETV Branch, Ran Ide Director1969


Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
324"The Principal and his Responsibility to his Staff"1965

Written by Ran Ide.  Typescript.   

334Article: "Educational Television in Ontario - Present and Future" by Mr. T.R. Ide1967

Published in The Headmaster  

341Essay, "New Horizons" [media literacy and TVO] by Ran Ide1968


Box 4
Series: 2: [Educational Television, the OECA and the Establishment of TVOntario] "Records from 1970-1975"
47Brother Maurice Lapointe, William G. Davis and Ran Ide celebrating Day 1, July 2, 19701970

1 photograph : b&w  

(Photos P7)
48Jack McCarthy, Ran Ide and William G. Davis at TVO's first press conference gala 1970 1970

1 photograph : b&w  

(Photos P8)
417Ran Ide being interviewed by the press in London, Ontario.1971

2 photographs : b&w ;  25.5 x 20.5 cm

418Ran Ide speaking to the South West Regional Council of the OECA1971

1 photograph : b&w ; 20.5 x 25.5 cm

Photograph by Ron Nelson, London, Ont. 

(Photos P18)
419Ran Ide speaking with John Rhodes, Mayor of Sault Ste. Marie at the Northeast Council of the OECA1971

1 photograph : b&w ; 20.5 x 25.5 cm   

(Photos P19)
420Ran Ide speaking [standing at lectern] 1971

1 photograph : b&w : 25.5 x 20.5 cm

423Script and notes for "Heartbeat" produced by the Television Bureau of Advertising1972


Teaching and Education Material
44[Articles regarding educational technology, media and research]1970-1973


Educational Television
41Brochure. "ETV - Ontario First Years"1970


412"Channel 19 turns on."1970

Copy of TV weekly The Telegram, August 14-21

416Newspaper clipping, "$10 million worth of educational TV but who watches it?" Toronto Daily Star, August 28, 19711971


Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
45Paper, "Where Educational Television Stands now with Reference to Channel 19" by Ran Ide at the Ontario Public School Trustees Convention 1970

Typescript. Possibly unfinished.   

46Paper, "Educational Television in Ontario and the Ontario Educational Communications Authority" by T.R.Ide, Chairman and CEO, Ontario Educational Communications Authority. July 1970

Typescript.   Also contains another paper, "Ontario Educational Television", Educational Television Branch, Ontario Department of Education [author unknown]

412Paper, "Multi-media Interdisciplinary Project Relating to the Age of the Great Depression", by T.R. Ide. 1970


413Article, "Educational Communications - The Images that Teach" by T.R. Ide1971

For publication in the News Bulletin, The Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations. 


414Address, "Educational Communications and the Federal Presence," an address by T.R. Ide1971

Presented at the Canadian Educational Communications Conference, June-July 1971  

421Paper, "The Potentials and Limitations of Television as an Educational Medium : Communications, Media and Education"1972

Delivered at the Guild Inn, March 31, 1972  

422Paper, "The Canadian Way of Life - Prospects and Possibilities, " by T.R. Ide1972

Delivered at the Champlain Lectures, Trent University.  November 17-18, 1972.   

424Article, "The CTS Project and Some Educational Implications," T.R. Ide 1973

Published in CARET- Lakehead University Science Review Volume 1, Number 2  

425Remarks to The Ontario School Trustees Council, Friday, January 26, 1973, T.R. Ide.1973


426Paper, "Communications and Culture," T.R. Ide1973

Presented at the Royal Ontario Museum's lecture series.  

Includes typescript of paper, correspondence and memos. 

427Paper, "Television, Education and Social Development", T.R Ide1973

Presented at the Pacific Nations Broadcasting Symposium, California State University, San Francisco, California. April 10, 1973.   

The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA)
42OECA Policy History, Bibliography and Appendices1970


43Chairman's Statement [T.R. Ide, Chairman] 1970-1971, 1971-1972, 1972-1973, 1973-19741970-1974

Includes 1 photograph : b&w ; 8 x 12 cm   of Ran Ide at a podium.

49Correspondence and memos - Ran Ide, Chairman OECA1970-1973

Memos and correspondence relate to Ran Ide's appointment as CEO/Chairman, to the opening of Channel 19 and CRTC application, etc,.   

410The Ontario Educational Communications Authority By-Law No. 70-31970


411Meeting of the Board of Directors of the OECA - meeting minutes and agendas1970-1973

Includes a photograph of a meeting in 1971 - 1 photograph : b&w ;   

415Annual Reports - The Ontario Educational Communications Authority 1971-1972, 1972-1973, 1973-19741972-1974

Forward by T.R. Ide, Chairman  

Box 5
Series: 2: [Educational Television, the OECA and the Establishment of TVOntario] "Records from 1970-1975"
54New Year's - Ran and Arlene at the Little Acre, Quebec1973

1 photograph : col. ; 7 x 6 cm   

55Christmas '73 - Richard and his daughter Laura, Gram (Lola Ide), Ran, Douglas and John1973

1 photograph : col. ; 7.5 x 10.5 cm   

512Ran Ide speaking at the Art Gallery of Ontario/The Grange with W. Withrow, Director of the AGO, and D. McCullough, Assistant Deputy Minister of Colleges and Universities, at the presentation of the OECA program :The Restoration of the Grange.1974


(Photos P12)
524Programme, Fellow of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Awards Ceremony1975

Ran Ide was the recipient of the 1975 Fellow award in 1975.  Attached is a photocopied photograph of Ran Ide with fellow recipients Lloyd A Dennis and Harry Pullen.   

Educational Television
51Copy of Secretary of State release No 2-670E "Ottawa and Toronto Agree on Financing of New ETV Station" 1973


52Newspaper clipping, "Educational TV body's finances 'shocking, disgraceful, disastrous.'" 1973

Toronto Sun, June 13, 1973   

Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
510Paper, "Presentation of T. Ranald Ide as a Fellow of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Toronto, Ontario, November 25, 19751975

Includes 2 typescripts of presentation, correspondence and a copy of News and Notes with an article about Ran Ide "Pullen among three educators to be named Fellows of OISE"  

511Article, "The lending library, fibre optics and your living room," by Thomas R. Ide1975

Published in Canadian Library Journal, August 1975.  

Includes copy of article, correspondence, typescript.  

The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA)
53Copy of a "Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Ontario Educational Communications Authority passed unanimously at a regular meeting held the 18th day of June 1973"1973


56Chairman's Statement [T.R. Ide, Chairman] 1974-19751975


57Annual Report - The Ontario Educational Communications Authority 1974-19751975


58Correspondence and memos - Ran Ide, Chairman OECA1974-1975

Includes several letters related to Dr. Klaus Spindler  

59Meeting of the Board of Directors of the OECA - meeting minutes and agendas 1974-1975


513"Sir John Franklin", a report prepared for the OECA by Clive Holland1974


514Paper, "The Ontario Educational Communications Authority 1970-1974," author unknown1974

Outlines the history of the OECA and ETV in Ontario.   

515Report, "Internal Communications at OECA During a Period of Transition: Report Submitted to the Chairman and the CEO of the OECA," By James R. Taylor1974


516Report, "Visit to London, England - September 17-20, 1974"1974

T.R. Ide, OECA Chairman and CEO, re: educational television broadcasters in various parts of Britain.

517[Press clippings regarding TVOntario, CBC, television shows]1974

Clippings from The Globe and Mail, Time Magazine, etc.  

518News releases and press clippings1975

News release of photocopied articles sent out to staff of the OECA - put together from the Information Officer at the OECA.  Articles and memos are related to TVOntario, programming, etc.

519Report, T.R. Ide - Trip to Germany - January 18-31, 19751975

Summary of Ran Ide's business trip to Germany as well as a paper written by Dr. K. Spindler, of the Commission for the Development of the Telecommunications System, whom Ran Ide met with while there.   See Box 5 File 8 for further communications with Dr. Spindler. 

520Report, "Canadian Public Telecommunications Perspective 1985"1975

Produced by the Department of Communications (DOC) Ottawa  

521Legislature of Ontario Debates - Estimates, Ministry of Culture and Recreation. 1975

Attached - Department of Communications Technical Notes re Radio Act DOS-P 74-7  

522Reports, "Notes on Planning at the CBC" and "The Impact of Emerging Technologies on the Broadcasting Industry," by Elmer H. Hara [197-]


523Report, "A Response of the Board of Directors of The OECA to the Report of the Special Program Review as Presented to the Honourable Robert Welch Minister of Culture and Recreation"1975


Box 6
Series: 3: [OECA, CRAB, Honorary Degrees and the Club of Rome] "Records from 1976-1979"
65Data form for "The Canadian WHO's WHO" T.R. Ide's listing with related correspondence. 1976


66Article, "OISE 1975 Awards for Excellence in the Ontario Education Field" 1976

Copy of Ontario Education, vol 8, no. 1 - Front cover shows T.R. Ide, Dr. Harry Pullen and Dr. Lloyd Dennis.   

Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
64Article, "Where have the TV viewers disappeared to?" by Ran Ide. 1976

Published in The Globe and Mail, February 13, 1976.  

612Paper, "Microelectronics - The Technological Thrust," T.R. Ide 1978


The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA)
61Meeting of the Board of Directors of the OECA - meeting minutes and agendas1976-1978


62Annual Reports - The Ontario Educational Communications Authority 1976, 1976-1977, 1977-1978, 1978-19791976-1979

Includes Chairman's statements.    

63Correspondence and memos - Ran Ide, Chairman OECA 1976-1978

Many of the letters are to and written by J.W. Halina, Department of Communications.  There is also a report from the DOC and minutes from one of their meetings.

67Science Council of Canada Task Force on Communications1976-1978

Ran Ide sat on this Task Force in his role as Chairman of the OECA.

Includes correspondence, minutes, reports, terms of reference for committees, etc.   

68Transcript, Conversation between T.R. Ide and I. Waniewicz on Wednesday, April 13, 1977 re: The Scientific Engineering and Technical Community of Canada (SCITEC) speech1977

The Association of Scientific, Engineering and Technical Community of Canada.

69"The Critical Points and the Decision-Making Process - The Role of the Media," Ran Ide's speech at SCITEC Conference, May 11, 19771977


614Address, "Remarks on the Conserver Society to a Seminar Sponsored by the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, Wednesday, April 5, 1978, T.R.Ide, Chaiman, OECA"1978


Communications Research Advisory Board (CRAB)
610Communications Research Advisory Board - Report to the Deputy Minister Department of Communications1977

CRAB was created in 1974 to advise on the research program of the federal Department of Communications (DOC). Its members, experts in the field of communications, are appointed by the Department for terms not normally exceeding three years [Description provided by donor]. Ran Ide took over as Chairman in 1979.

For related records, see Box 6 File 1 for correspondence between Ran Ide and the DOC.   

6111978 Report of the Communications Research Advisory Board1978

Includes a letter/report to Chairman Alphonse Ouimet from Bernard Ostry regarding the 1978 CRAB report.  

613CRAB Agendas1978
  • CRAB 1978, Theme: Technology Transfer to Industry - Meeting was held in Ottawa on April 5-6, 1978.  
  • Second meeting - May 10-11, 1978
Honorary Degrees
615Clipping, "Queen's - 6 distinguished Canadians to get honorary degrees."1978

From The Kingston Whig-Standard, Tuesday, May 2, 1978.  Includes a picture of Ran Ide.   

616Correspondence from Queen's and Waterloo re Honorary Degrees1978


617Convocation Address by T.R. Ide. Queen's University, Kingston, Friday, May 26, 19781978

Includes 2 photographs.   

(Photos P1-2)
618"The Inside Track"1978

Newsletter The Org, Friday May 12, 1978, Vol.2, No. 46. The article is about T. Ranald Ide's Honorary Degrees from Queen's University and Waterloo University.

619Letters of congratulations to Ran Ide on his honorary degrees. 1978

Includes copies of responses from Ran Ide.   

620Clipping, "In communications - the future is NOW." 1978

From The Kingston Whig Standard, May 27, 1978. Article is about Ran Ide's convocation address at Queen's University.

621Queen's University Convocation programme with photographs. 1978

Includes 2 photographs.   

(Photos P1-2)
622Graduating Address, University of Waterloo, "The Future of Communications, Educational and Otherwise," T.R. Ide, May 27, 1978.1978


623University of Waterloo convocation programme with photographs1978

Includes 3 photographs.   

(Photos P1-3)
Box 7
Series: 3: [OECA, CRAB, Honorary Degrees and the Club of Rome] "Records from 1976-1979"
73The March of Ides at the Glassmakers' Guild Ball, London, England 1978

1 photograph and a brochure for Glass Decoration, T.W. Ide Ltd.   

(Photos P1)
Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
79Article, "The future of communications," by T.R. Ide 1979

Published in Engineering Journal, Volume 62, Number 2, April 1979.   

710Paper, "Social Consequences of New Technologies" by T.R. Ide1979

Presented at the World Futures Studies Conference (WFSC) "Science and Technology and the Future" May 4-10, 1979.  

The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA)
75Correspondence and memos - Ran Ide, Chairman OECA 1979

Includes correspondence about the series Fast Forward,  and correspondence with Magda Cordell McHale of the Center for Integrative Studies and about the conference held in Houston : "Trends and Needs in Future Studies: United States, Canada and Mexico".

76Meeting of the Board of Directors of the OECA - meeting minutes and agendas1979


78Report, "The Communications Planning Process in the Ontario Educational Communications Authority."1979


72The Jesus Trial: Who Killed Jesus1978

Newspaper clippings about TVO's program and controversy around this.   

74TVO plus, Volume 1, 1978-19791978-1979

Bound volume of TVO Plus (TV Ontario listings).   

77The Annual Report - TVOntario 1979/19801979

Prior annual reports are under The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA).  TVOntario is an entity of the OECA.    

Professional activities
711Correspondence regarding the Canadian Videotex Commitee1979

Ran Ide served as Vice-Chairman from 1979.  

Box 8
Series: 3: [OECA, CRAB, Honorary Degrees and the Club of Rome] "Records from 1976-1979"
86Ran Ide with Maggie Stratton1979


(Photos P1)
Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
87Paper, "The Information Revolution," T.R. Ide1979

Paper presented at the Conference on Socio-Economic Problems and Potentialities of the Application of Micro-Electronics at Work, European Coordination Centre for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences, Vienna, Austria.   Includes conference paper, newspaper clipping about Ran Ide and paper abstract.

The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA)
81Science Council of Canada Task Force on Communications 1979

Ran Ide sat on this Task Force in his role as Chairman of the OECA.

Includes guidelines, correspondence and workshop planning.

82Address, "New Technologies and Implications for Society," T.R. Ide, OECA1979

Address presented at AMTEC Conference, Carleton University, Ottawa, June 18, 1979.     

Includes correspondence.

83[Newspaper clippings about resignation of T.R. Ide as Chairman and CEO of OECA / TVOntario.]1979

Articles: "TVO boss quits the prime time." Ottawa Journal, Tuesday June 26, 1979 and "The Godfather who made a network tick." The Globe and Mail, Thursday, June 21, 1979.

84The OECA Policy History 1965-19791979


88"No Limits to Learning - Proposal to the Club of Rome, September, 1979."1979


Communications Research Advisory Board (CRAB)
810Letter from Bernard Ostry, Deputy Minister of Communications, to Ran Ide welcoming him as the Secretary of CRAB. 1979


8111979 Report of the Communications Research Advisory Board 1979


812CRAB agendas1979
  • Agenda for CRAB meeting October 30-November 1, 1979
  • Agenda for November 21, 1979
  • Agenda for December 3-4, 1979
814Correspondence 1979


The Club of Rome
85The Club of Rome Meeting on Human Learning, Salzburg 6-8 June, 19791979

Includes correspondence between founder Dr. Aurelio Peccei and Ran Ide regarding attending meeting, meeting programme, address by Aurelio Peccei and newspaper clipping.   

89Club of Rome Conference, 3-6 October 1979, "The Coming Decade of Danger and Opportunity."1979

Includes correspondence, reports, papers, memos.  

813Correspondence and memos1979


Series: 4: [The Club of Rome, CVCC, CRAB and consulting] "Records from 1980-1983"
815"Microelectronics and Society : For Better or for Worse, A Report to the Club of Rome" (English, German and Spanish versions).1982

*Chapter 2, "The Technology" was written by Ran Ide.

Friedrichs, Gunter, and Adam Schaff, eds. Microelectronics and Society : For Better or for Worse, A Report to the Club of Rome. Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1982.

Friedrichs, Gunter, and Adam Schaff, eds. Auf Gedeih und Verderb : Mikroeletronik und Gesellschaft, Bericht an den Club of Rome. Wien: Europaverlag, 1982

Friedrichs, Gunter, and Adam Schaff, eds. Informe al Club de Roma, Microelectronica y Sociedad para bien o para mal. trans. M.A. Fernandez Alvarez.  Madrid: Alhambra, 1982.

Box 9
Series: 4: [The Club of Rome, CVCC, CRAB and consulting] "Records from 1980-1983"
Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
99Address, "Canada in the Age of Microelectronics," by. T.R. Ide1980

 Presented at the The Walter L. Gordon Lecture Series, Carleton University, March 20, 1980. Includes typescript as well as published volume of all lectures.

910Address, "New Technologies and Their Implications," T.R. Ide1979-1980

Copy of speech delivered at the AMTEC conference in 1979 with correspondence from David MacDougall regarding editing.   

911Article, "Communications revolution: Are we equipped to meet it?' by T.R. Ide1980

Newspaper clipping from the Toronto Star, Friday, March 21, 1980.  

917Address, "Telecommunications in Education," by T.R. Ide1980

Presented at Video Expo, Toronto, Ontario on September 4, 1980.   

The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA)
97Ran Ide at OECA's 10th Anniversary Party with R. Baetz, Elwy Yost and Jim Paar. 1980


(Photos P1)
Communications Research Advisory Board (CRAB)
94Report of the Communications Research Advisory Board 19801980

Includes correspondence about the report.   

98[Correspondence regarding Ran Ide's appointment as Chairman of CRAB]1980


914CRAB correspondence, memos, reports and meeting minutes. 1980

Ran Ide became the Chairman of CRAB in 1980.   

Correspondence regarding Telidon Industrial Strategy is represented in this file.

919CRAB reports from working groups1981


91TVOntario - The Annual Report 1980/19811980

Ran Ide retired from the OECA in 1979.   Reports prior to 1979 are under OECA sub-heading in Series 2, File 3.

96Brochure, "Fast Forward: A Chronicle of the Immediate Future"1980


918"The Apprenticeship of TVO" 1980

Clipping from Starweek, November 8-15, 1980.  Also includes original photograph used in article   

(Photos P1)
The Club of Rome
92Scientific workshop "Micro-electronics and Society" - Report, "The Computer and the Communications Revolution," by T.R. Ide. 1980

Includes correspondence.   

920Correspondence regarding invitation to Ran Ide to become a member of the Club of Rome 1981


921Paper, "The World Problematique - Raison d'Etre for the Existence of The Club of Rome," by T.R. Ide[198?]


Professional activities
93Canadian Videotex Consultative Committee (CVCC), Department of Communications1980

Ran Ide was the Vice-Chairman of this committee beginning in 1979. Records include correspondence,  memos, reports, etc.

95[Correspondence and other records regarding conferences and programs]1980

Includes correspondence with Magda Cordell McHale.  Also includes correspondence about the TVOntario program Fast Forward (see Box 9, File 6 for more information about this program).  Much of the correspondence is about the conference on Approaches to the Study of the Future: United States, Canada and Mexico - See Box 9, File 13 for conference material.

912Science Council of Canada Task Force on Communications 1980-1982

Includes memos and correspondence. Related records are filed in Series 3 - under OECA sub-heading. Ran Ide continued his involvement with the Science Council of Canada after his retirement from the OECA.  Includes a letter from September 5, 1980 in which Ran Ide resigns his role as Vice-Chairman.

Includes the report "Planning Now for an Information Society - Tomorrow is Too Late" from 1982.

913The Conference on Approaches to the Study of the Future: United States, Canada and Mexico [conference material]1980

See Box 9, File 5 for related correspondence.  The conference was held in New York, May 20, 1980.  

915Conference Material - First Global Conference on the Future Through The 80s - Thinking Globally, Acting Locally, July 20-24, 1980, Toronto, Ontario.1980


916Correspondence with the OECA1980

For records of the OECA while Ran Ide was Chairman and CEO, see Series 2 and 3.   

Box 10
Series: 4: [The Club of Rome, CVCC, CRAB and consulting] "Records from 1980-1983"
Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
101Address, "The Information Society," by T. Ranald Ide 1981

Part of A Public Lecture Series on 'Science and Your Future' at the Regina Public Library Theatre, February 16, 1981.  

1010Paper, "Technology, Education and the Future - Paper for the Project 'Creating Better Futures for Education," by T.R. Ide 1981


1011Address [to] Committee of Parliamentarians, Scientists and Engineers, "Microelectronics," T. R. Ide1981

Presented on May 27, 1981 Parliament Hill.   

Communications Research Advisory Board (CRAB)
105CRAB correspondence, memos, reports, teleconferencing reports, and meeting minutes. 1981-1982


107Report of the Communications Research Advisory Board 1981-19821981-1982

Includes published copy of report and typescript as well as memos and correspondence regarding the report.

1016Report, "Planning in the Department of Communications - A Report to the Deputy Minister" by Ran Ide and Don MacLean. 1981

Draft report.   

1017CRAB - Briefing on Space Sector Programs 1981

See Box 10 File 15 for space related reports.

1018[Telecommunications and the arts and culture sector in Canada planning]1981

Includes research, copy of Bill C-16, program objectives and correspondence.   

1019Report submitted to the Deputy Minister, Department of Communications : "Microelectronics in the Canadian Context"1981


The Club of Rome
102Club of Rome : Microelectronics and Society Project Hamburg Meetings, 20 February - 6 March, 19811981


104The Club of Rome - List of Publications1981


1012Article, "Traditional Growth and Beyond: Limits, Constraints and the Search for The Wealth of Nations" by Orio Giarini1981

From the World Future Society Bulletin, May/June 1981.  Article is about the report to the Club of Rome.   

1013Correspondence regarding Aurelio Peccei's nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize1981


1014Club of Rome meeting - Joey en Josas1981

Includes correspondence, proposals, reports, meeting minutes, etc.  

1020Chapter 2 of "Microelectronics and Society" - "The Technology of Microelectronics", T.R. Ide1982

Typescript. See Box 8,  File15 for published book of the report in full.   

1021"The Information Society," T.R. Ide1982

For Microelectronics and Society report. Includes transparencies and illustrations of charts and historic microelectronic equipment. See Box 8 File 15 for published report.

Also includes a 35mm slide showing image of a MITEL Digital Crosspoint (DX) Chip. 

1022Meeting of the Club of Rome, Salzburg, 3-5 February, 19821982

Includes meeting programme, correspondence, reports, etc.   

Professional activities
103Canadian Videotex Consultative Committee (CVCC), Department of Communications1981-1982

Ran Ide was the Vic-Chairman of this committee beginning in 1979. Records include correspondence,  memos, reports, etc. Includes one photograph of Pierre Juneau and Ran Ide.

(Photos P12)
106Seminar, "New electronic technologies and the culture of Canada"1981

Includes correspondence and list of participants (including Ran Ide).   

108"Implications of Videotex for Education" by John H Syrett, Project manager, Telidon and Education Project, TVOntario1981

See Box 9-, File 4 for correspondence regarding Teledon under CRAB sub-heading.  

Also see Box 10, File 9 for a paper on Videotex development in Canada.  

109Paper, "Videotex '81 - Overview of the Canadian Scene" by T.R. Ide. 1981

Paper about the Videotex development in Canada.   

1015[Reports and papers related to satellite communications]1981

Reports from the Government of Canada.  

Box 11
Series: 4: [The Club of Rome, CVCC, CRAB and consulting] "Records from 1980-1983"
1122"Canadian Who's Who 1983" - Ide, (Thomas) Ranald1983

Computer print out.  

Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
119Paper, "Technology, Education and the Future - Paper for the Project Creating Better Futures for Education," by T.R. Ide1983


1111Paper, "Microelectronics - The Technological Thrust" T.R. Ide1983


1112Paper, "Canada and the Micro/Com Revolution," by T. Ranald Ide1982

Presented at St. Andrew's College, Aurora, Ontario, July 16, 1982.  

1113Paper, "Microcomputers - Has Canada Missed the Boat?," by T. Ranald Ide1982

Presented at 'A Conference on Microcomputers,' Atkinson College, York University, September 25, 1982.   

Communications Research Advisory Board (CRAB)
114Agreement between Minister of Communications and Mr. Ran Ide [for Chairman position September 1, 1982-June 30, 1983]1982


1118Report of the Communications Research Advisory Board, 1982-1983 1983


The Club of Rome
117Club of Rome Conference '82 Tokyo 1982

Includes correspondence, articles, reports, presentations, follow up, etc.   

Also includes the address "Implications for Individuals in an Information Society," by T. Ranald Ide.

1114"Report to the Club of Rome on Microelectronics"1983

Includes correspondence, lists, copy of an article by Dr. Bruno Lamborghini.   

1115Club of Rome Conference on "Food for Six Billion," 26-30 September, Budapest1983

Includes correspondence, information note, press release, program, photographs, copies of papers, including "Informatics and Agriculture" by T. Ranald Ide.

(Photos P1-2)
1116Membership as of 1 April 19831983


1119Address, "Biotechnology and the Implications for Feeding the World" T.R. Ide - Chairman - CaCor, The Canadian Association of the Club of Rome Luncheon Address, November 25-26, 1983 Winnipeg, Manitoba. 1983


1121Report, "A New Strategy for the Information Technologies," [author unknown], Ministry of Education, Ministry of Colleges and Universities, December 20, 19831983


Professional activities
111"An open letter regarding the mandate review of CBC, NFB and Telefilm Canada," by Ran Ide1982


112[Articles and information about computers / use of computer programs]1982

Includes a Government of Canada publication "The Electronic Office in Canada," as well as an article "Software-the new wealth of nations" from Executive May 1982  and a programme from a conference "Graphics Interface '82."

113Memo and 'Proposal for the Reorganization of the Canadian Videotex Consultative Committee'1982

See Box 9, File 3 and  Box 10, File 3 for other records related to the CVCC.  

115Report, "Crisis in Canadian Telecommunications Policy and Regulation," CNCP Telecommunications[198-]


118Canadian Videotex Consultative Committee (CVCC), Department of Communications 1983


1117Science Council of Canada Task Force on Communications "Report 33" correspondence1982-1983

No copy of report available.   

1120Memo to Ran Ide with copy of Report of the Dean's Task Force to Review the Implications of New Information Technology in the Faculty of Education, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. 1983

Marked as confidential.   

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
116[CBC assignment - Special Advisor (planning) to the President]1982-1983

Correspondence and memo.  

1110Paper, "Planning for the Advancing Information Age in Public and Private Sectors" for the Symposium "Multidimensional World Impact of Advancing Technologies" May 29, 1983 Detroit. 1983

This paper was written by T.R.Ide as a representative of the CBC. See Box 11 File 6 for correspondence related to Ran Ide's position at the CBC.   

Series: 5: [The CBC and the Club of Rome] "Records from 1984-1989"
The Club of Rome
1123Canadian Association for the Club of Rome1984

Includes memos, membership lists, reports, correspondence.  Ran Ide was the Chairman of CaCor in 1982-1984.   

1124[Records related to the death of Aurelio Peccei]1984

Includes copy of a paper about Aurelio Peccei, correspondence, memo, etc.   

1125Club of Rome Executive Committee Meetings1984-1985

Includes summaries, correspondence, agendas, memos, etc.  

Box 12
Series: 5: [The CBC and the Club of Rome] "Records from 1984-1989"
1216Newsletter, The Org - TVOntario August 30,1985, "Ontario Teacher's Federation Honours Ran Ide"1985


1218Programme, Reception and Banquet State of Qatar 1985

Held in honour of His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al-Thani - Amir of the State of Qatar.  The Chairman of the Reception Committee was William Rufus Ide.   

1223Article, "Mr. Fix It" by Sheila Ward, Business Journal, January/February 1986 [Article about Donald Mills]1986

Donald Mills and Ran Ide worked at TVOntario together.  Ran Ide is mentioned and quoted in the article.   

Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
1219Paper, "Optical Fibre Technology - International and Regional Implications," by Dr. T. Ranald Ide 1985


124[Correspondence with TVOntario staff]1984-1985


The Club of Rome
121The Club of Rome - Renewal of a Mission 1984

Includes reports on the role of the Club, a copy of the charter, statutes, statement by the Club of Rome on Human Responsibility, a statement by Dr. Kurt Furgler, and description of the organization.  

122Club of Rome Conference 1984, Helsinki, Finland1984

Includes programme, brochures, handbook, correspondence, photographs, and a session paper "The Enterprise in Flux," by T. Ranald Ide.   

(Photos P1-2)
125[Ran Ide's notes on a manuscript by Adam Scharff]1984


128Speech by A. Roy Megarry, "Communications in the Global Society" 1984

Includes correspondence with Ran Ide.   

1210Membership Lists1984-1985


1211[Club of Rome correspondence]1984-1985

Various topics covered.   

1213The Club of Rome 1985 Conference, Santander, Spain, June 26-28, 19851985

Includes conference material, papers, reports, correspondence, etc.   

1214Reflections on the Future of the Club of Rome1985

Includes a report and correspondence.

1217[Letter and comments to Alexander King, President, regarding the Club]1985


1220Report, "The Youth of the World and the New Technological Challenges."1985


1221Manuscript, "Aurelio Peccei," by Gunter A. Pauli1986

Typescript. Also includes a history of the Club of Rome.   

1222"The Club of Rome : The New Approach to the Achievement of its Mission (Note by the President)." 1986


1225The Global Poverty Project1985-1986

Consists of reports and correspondence.   

Professional activities
123The University of Alberta 2nd Annual Conference on Canada, the World and the Future, February 20-24, 19841984

Includes agenda, programme, and comments from T.R. Ide "Effects of Technological Changes on Man and Society"   

126World Futures Studies Federation 1981-1985

Includes correspondence, newsletters.   

129International Congress on the Future of European Television, Brussels, November 20-21, 1984. 1984

Includes comments by Ran Ide and an Address by Ran Ide "The Canadian Experiment"   

1212[Ran Ide's nomination of Ian James Fife as a 'Fellow of OISE']1985

Includes correspondence, Ian Fife's CV, list of past winners of the Fellows of OISE.   

1215Science Council of Canada Background Study 53, "The Uneasy Eighties" by Arthur J. Cordell1985

Signed to Ran Ide from the author.   Also includes a report by T.R. Ide "Report on Manuscript - 'The Uneasy 80s: Emerging Issues in the Transition to an Information Society'"

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
127[Correspondence regarding CBC / Pierre Juneau]1984-1985


1224Press clippings CBC superstation1986

Bound folder of photocopied articles.   

Box 13
Series: 5: [The CBC and the Club of Rome] "Records from 1984-1989"
138Ran and Arlene at Bolton Abbey, England1986


(Photos P1)
1311Pickering College Reunion, McCulley Dinner1986

Includes programmes, letters, photograph and a 47:30 minute video "Pickering College: The McCulley Years" (VHS)  

(Photos P1)
1319The Globe and Mail Dinner in Honour of His Highness, The Aga Khan1987

Includes invitation, photograph and a copy of the speech of the Aga Khan for the event.  

(Photos P1)
1320Pickering College - Class of 1842 Award, Ran Ide 1987 recipient1987

Includes correspondence, award, speech, and copy of article (same as on scrapbook page)  

Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
133Report, "Notes on Planning and Communications" by T.R. Ide1986


137[Correspondence regarding TVOntario]1986


1322Agreement between TVOntario and its Regional Councils and Francophone Advisory Council1987


The Club of Rome
131CaCor Report, "The Club of Rome: What is Happening?"1986


132Activity Reports from Alexander King [President]1986-1987


134Ethical Values and their Role in Education 1986

Includes correspondence and a report "Education, Ethical Values and Modern Humanism" for a colloquim organized by the Club of Rome at the request of UNESCO.    

139International Development Research Centre (IDRC) collaboration1986


1310Meetings in the Soviet Union, October 12-20, 19861986

Report by unknown author.

1318Letter to Bertrand Schneider, Secretariat General re "Limits to Growth Revisited."1987


Professional activities
1317Report, "Aspects in the Development of an Information Economy: The Canadian Experience." by Arthur J. Cordell, Science Council of Canada1987

Includes the report and correspondence between Ran Ide and the author.    

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
135[Correspondence and reports regarding the CBC]1986-1987

Includes reports and correspondence regarding International Service.

136"CBC Proposal for a Cable Television Network in the United States - Preliminary Business Plan" 1986

Bound report.   See Box 13 File 12 and  Box 13 File 23 for records related to Northstar.

1312The Northstar Project [Canadian television]1987

Includes report, notes, correspondence, etc.  See also Box 13 File 23.

1313Paper, "CBC Engineering - Evolution During Revolution" by Guy Gougeon1987


1314Notes regarding Pierre Juneau's (CBC) speech to the Canadian Club.1987

Ran Ide's comments and a copy of the speech.   

1315Report, "A New Broadcasting Policy for Canada: The response of the CBC to the recommendations contained in the Task Force on Broadcasting Policy, 1986." 1987


1316Report, "A proposal for an all-Canadian News Channel by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation."1987

See Box14 File 2 for related records.

1321CBC Northstar - 10 Year Financial Projections and Cash Flow Statements for 6 Financing Scenarios, June 16, 19871987


1323Records regarding Northstar project1987-1989

Northstar was a project to have a Canadian content channel broadcast in the US on cable. 

Records include memos, correspondence, reports, planning documents, "aide mémoires," Northstar Steering Committee meeting minutes and agendas, and research into the US market. See also Box 13 File 12, Box 14 File 20.

Box 14
Series: 5: [The CBC and the Club of Rome] "Records from 1984-1989"
1432Arlene and Ran at Little Acres, Quebec1989

1 photograph  

(Photos P1)
Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
1411Enquiry into the Multimedia Society1988

Notes for paper.    

1421"Preface - The Power of Broadcasting" Ran Ide1989

No indication for what the preface was written. 


1422Paper, "The Need for a National Broadcasting System" T.R. Ide1989


1434"Comments by Ran Ide at International Institute of Communications, November 22, 1989"1989

For session 1 - Canada's Communications Sector and Europe 1992  

1433"The Changing Environment for Public Broadcasting. Remarks by Ran Ide prepared for a discussion at TV Ontario"1989


The Club of Rome
147The Club of Rome 20th Anniversary Conference, October 25-28, 1988, Paris, France 1988

Includes correspondence, copies of papers, including Ran Ide's paper "Disparity" and a photograph.

(Photos P1)
1413Brief Minutes of March 16th Meeting - Ran Ide, Mike Mesarovic, John Shewbridge and Herman Stein1989


1414The Club of Rome Membership List as of April 19891989


1415"Center for the Study on National Governance" proposed by Bohdan Hawrylyshyn1988


1416Letter with comments regarding paper "The Predicament of Man" by Kenneth W. Hammond1989

Ran Ide requested to use the paper in a Club of Rome publication. Copy of paper is included.   

1417Pamphlet, "National Associations for The Club of Rome, " Warsaw, February 1989 1989


1418Correspondence regarding University of Guelph's "5000 days" course. 1989

Letter asking for advice from Ran Ide about multi-media presentation. Includes a paper on Energy and Environment by Jan Van Ettinger and a proposal for an institute for environmental stewardship at the University of Guelph. 

1427Notes on address by Ola Ullsten, "Politics, the Environment and the Future"1989

Attached is a pamphlet called "A Citizen's Guide - The Greenhouse Crisis: 101 Ways to Save the Earth"  

1429Activities Reports [President]1989


1430The Club of Rome Conference, 11-14 June, 1989, Hannover, Germany1989

Includes copies of papers presented at the conference, a description of the structure of the Club, brochure, etc.  

Professional activities
148[Articles on Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS), broadcasting in Europe, Japan, etc.]1988-1989

Photocopies of articles.   

149Letter to Dr. Blossom Weddon regarding Music Therapy1988

Handwritten letter from Ran Ide, along with articles and pamphlets about music therapy.   

1410Notes on paper by Donald N. Michael, "Forecasting and Planning in an Incoherent Context."1988

Includes copy of paper.   

1412Letter to William G. Davis with attached address by John Eger1989

Attached address is "Prometheus Unbound" by John M. Eger, given at the Tokyo Broadcasting System Lecture, 1985.

1426[Letter to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney re global industrialization]1989


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
141Articles and research about US programming / TV markets / cable TV / Satellite TV1987-1989

Related to the Northstar project.  

142[Records related to CBC proposal for 24-hour news channel]1988


143"Notes re CBC Policy" 1988

Typed notes by Ran Ide.   

144[Notes on speeches for Pierre Juneau] 1988


145CBC memo regarding money borrowing1989


146Agreement between CBC and Group W Satellite Communications1988-1989

Includes an agenda for a meeting between the two companies.   

1419Article, "In a crunch, he's a man of 'pure steel'" by John Haslett Cuff [article about Pierre Juneau]1989

From The Globe and Mail, February 11, 1989.  Also includes a copy of Pierre Juneau's obituary from 2012 (printed by donor).   

1420Records regarding Northstar project 1989

See Box 13 File 12 and Box 13 File 23.  

1423Paper, "A Canadian TV Channel in the U.S. - A Possibility or a Dream?" T.R. Ide1989


1424Introductory Remarks by Pierre Juneau, President of the CBC - House of Commons Standing Committee on Communications, Culture, Citizenship and Multiculturalism.1989

May 24, 1989  

1425Correspondence with Pierre Juneau1989

Also includes a letter from CARAS to Ran Ide regarding a tribute dinner for Pierre Juneau.   

1428Letter to Ran Ide from Pierre Juneau asking Ide to act as executive secretary to the Steering Committee for the Northstar project1989


1431[Letters of congratulations to new CBC president, chairmen]1989

Patrick Watson as Chairman, Gerard Veilleux as CEO and Michael McEwen as Executive Vice-President.   

Box 15
Series: 6: ['The Transparent Blackboard', The Club of Rome and Final Years] "Records from 1990-1996, 1997-2014"
The Transparent Blackboard. TVOntario: A Memoir by Ran Ide
151Manuscript and notes, "TVOntario - A Memoir"1990


152Typescript, "The Transparent Blackboard TVOntario - A Memoir by Ran Ide" 1990


153TVO memoir file - notes, letters, articles, and other material.1990-1991


154The Transparent Blackboard. TVOntario: A Memoir by Ran Ide1994

Published by Lugus Publications Ltd. Toronto  

155Publication celebration event1995

Invitation and photographs taken at the event.  

(Photos P1-2)
156Letters of congratulations to Ran Ide regarding 'The Transparent Blackboard."1995


157Book review, "TVO founder pens timely defence of educational television," Reviewed by Liam Lacey1995

From The Globe and Mail, June 20, 1995.   

Box 16
Series: 6: ['The Transparent Blackboard', The Club of Rome and Final Years] "Records from 1990-1996, 1997-2014"
166Mount Allison Clan 19401990

Photograph of alumni group.   

(Photos P1)
Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
1618"Shifting Time: Social Policy and the Future of Work" by Armine Yalnizyan, T.R. Ide and Arthur J. Cordell1992-1994

Published by Between the Lines, Toronto. Includes publisher's order form and reviews.

165"Stay Tuned for the Future - TVOntario 20 Years 1970-1990"1990

Published booklet.   

1617TVO Retreat, November 1, 1992, Comments by Ran Ide. 1992


The Club of Rome
161Communiqué [re meeting in Moscow]1990


162Activities Reports [President]1990-1992


163Correspondence regarding new President, Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner1990


164The Club of Rome International Conference on the Contribution of Science and Technology to Global Environmental Policy, Summary Report1990


167The Club of Rome - Note to the Council1990


168Letter from the President to all members of the Club of Rome1991


1610Paper, "The Club of Rome: The First 25 Years" 1992


1611Correspondence regarding Club of Rome Conference, Punta del Este, Uruguay, 18-20 November, 19911991

Ran Ide was unable to attend this meeting.   

1612"Remarks on the Energy-Environment-Development Nexus in the Light of the Gulf War - Possible Contributions from the Club of Rome" by Umberto Colombo1991


1613Club of Rome Council Meeting - Press Release1992


1615Letter and notes to Professor Y. Dror regarding requested help with preparation of the Club of Rome report on "Governance for the 21st Century"1991


1616The Club of Rome in collaboration with UNESCO and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation and the International Development Research Centre - International Conference on 'Evolving Concepts of International Collaboration for Development' Summary Report. 1992

Includes two papers, "Solution Mechanisms for Social Traps" and "The Nation States' Dilemma: A Social Trap"  by Gerhart Bruckmann.  See Box 16 File 12 for correspondence with the IDRC. 

1619Towards a More Equitable World Order - Kuala Lumpur Conference of the Club of Rome, Draft Programme1992


1620"The Future of Work" project correspondence1993

Related to work done by Ran Ide, Adam Schaff and Alex King for the meeting organized by the journal El Socialismo del Futuro on "The Future of Labour."   See Box 16 File 9.

1621Activities Reports [President] 1993-1994


1624"Concepts for a New Generation of Global Modelling Tools: Expanding our Capacity for Perception" prepared by CACOR Global Modelling Project team, September 19931993

Includes a letter from CACOR to the President of the Club of Rome regarding the project.   

162525th Jubilee Congress of the Club of Rome 'The new responsibility of Europe,' 1-3 December, 1993, Hanover, Germany1993

Includes conference programme, invitation, copies of papers including "Beyond the New Tools" by T. Ran Ide.   

Professional activities
169Meeting organized by the journal El Socialismo del Futuro on "The Future of Labour"1991-1992

Includes correspondence with organizers, a copy of a paper by Ran Ide called "The Left After the Crisis of Communism" for the meeting, the meeting programme and other meeting materials, a photograph of speakers, a published book of the papers, and a copy of the paper presented to T.R. Ide and Arthur J. Cordell "The New Tools: Implications for the Future of Work."

(Photos P1)
1614Correspondence with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC)1992

Regarding a potential collaboration with Ran Ide on a project.   

1622Letters from the International Biographical Centre - Men of Achievement title T.R. Ide. 1993


1623Meeting of the Advisory Board, Canadian Radio-Television Institute (Concordia University, Centre for Broadcast Studies)1993

Agenda, correspondence, minutes, etc.   

Box 17
Series: 6: ['The Transparent Blackboard', The Club of Rome and Final Years] "Records from 1990-1996, 1997-2014"
178Personal correspondence with family and friends1994-1996

Includes a photograph from 1995.   

(Photos P1)
1713Records related to Ran Ide's appointment as Officer of the Order of Canada.1995-1996

Includes correspondence with the Governor General's Office, a copy of the Constitution of the Order of Canada, letters of personal recommendations, a photograph of the medal, letters of congratulations including letters from Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and Senator Landon Pearson, correspondence regarding travel arrangements to ceremony, aide-mémoire for participants,  a programme from the Investiture of the Order of Canada, February 15, 1996, a copy of the speech by Governor General, Roméo LeBlanc, and photographs of Ran Ide at the event.

(Photos P1-3)
1729Newspaper clippings sent to Arlene about educational television 1998-1999

Sent to Arlene by Maggie Stratton. Articles are from The Globe and Mail.

1735Obituary and eulogy Arlene Marguerite Ide (nee Miles)2014

Eulogy was written by John Ide and is entitled "Because she did it her way...."  

Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
177Article, "Automating Work" by Thomas R. Ide and Arthur J. Cordell1994

Published in Social Science and Modern Society, vol. 31, No. 6, September/October 1994  

1715Paper, "Bit Taxes and the Electronic Highway" by Arthur Cordell and Ran Ide1996

Typescript. Includes a letter from Ran Ide to A. Cordell. Also includes a paper by Arthur J. Cordell called 'Deregulation, Universality and the Middle Class", another follow up paper by Cordell entitled "The Information Society and the Bit Tax" and a paper "The 'Bit Tax': the case for further research" by Luc Soete and Karin Kamp..

This topic was first introduced by Ran Ide and A. Cordell in the Club of Rome report from 1994. See Box 17, File 3

1716Paper, "One Road to Catastrophe" by Ran Ide1996

First page of paper only.   

1718Paper, "Additional Comments on The Future of Work in an Automated Society" by Ran Ide1996


1720Paper, "Equity - One Road to Avoid Catastrophe" by Ran Ide1996


1721Paper, "The New Tools - Implications for the Future of Work" by Thomas Ran Ide and Arthur J. Cordell1996


1727Letters sent to newspapers regarding publishing an article written by Ran Ide1997

Letters sent by Arlene Ide to The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star regarding an article written by Ran Ide before he died.   

1728The New Wealth of Nations: Taxing Cyberspace by Arthur J. Cordell and T. Ran Ide1997

Published by Between the Lines, Toronto. Published posthumously.  Also includes the authors' contract with the publisher (Arlene representing Ran Ide).   

1712[Letter to Don Mills regarding TVO privatization]1995


1733Distinguished Educators Awards Ceremony - Speaking notes Peter A. Herrndorf [former CEO of TVOntario] and article by Peter A. Herrndorf2000-2003

Article is from The Globe and Mail about Peter A. Herrndorf's work at the National Arts Centre.   

1734Correspondence between TVO and Arlene Ide2010

Letter is about Arlene's visit to TVO.  Includes a photo of Arlene with the CEO Lisa de Wilde and Chair of the Board of Directors Peter O'Brian.   

(Photos P1)
The Club of Rome
171Canadian Association for the Club of Rome Proceedings, Series 1, Number 9, March 19941994

CaCor's newsletter.  

172The British Association for the Club of Rome - BriCor Discussion Paper No 0017 "Evolution by Development - Technology, Please, Diversity and Governance" by Brian Locke1994


173Annual Conference of the Club of Rome, 30 November - 2 December, 1994, Buenos Aires, Argentina1994

Includes programme, mission document, copies of papers including "The New Wealth of Nations - Distributing Prosperity" by Arthur J. Cordell and Thomas Ran Ide.  This paper was later published by Between the Lines Publications, Toronto in 1997.  Other papers following up on the ideas presented in this paper can be found in Box 17 File 15.

175Activities Report [President]1995


176"Note for the Club of Rome Newsletter - Ukraine: Helping Transform the Country - Using Club of Rome Experience: by Bohdan Hawrylyshyn1995


1710Canadian Association for the Club of Rome Membership Lists, September 1995 and July 19961995-1996


1711Correspondence - The Club of Rome1995

Includes a letter to the Sailmans noting retirement from the Club of Rome [December 1]

1714"A New Tax for the New Wealth of Nations" by A.J. Cordell and T.R. Ide1996

A summary of the major paper presented at the annual meeting of the Club of Rome in 1994.  Copy of article from the World Academy of Art and Science News.   See also Box 17  File 3, 15 and 22.

1717"Notes on Key Issues for the Report on The Employment Dilemma - The Future of Work, Discussed at the Bilbao Meeting in June 17, 1996" By Orio Giarini and Patrick Liedtke1996

Bound notes.   

1719Personal letter to Ran Ide from Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner1996


1722The Club of Rome Membership as of September 19961996


Professional activities
174World Futures Studies Federation1994

Information brochure and WFSF Directory (T.R. Ide included).   

179Victoria University Panel - talk by Ran Ide "Scenario for the Future of Work: Work and Education" 1995

Includes copy of talk and correspondence with President Roseann Runte.  

Death of Ran Ide, October 23, 1996
1724Letters of condolence to Arlene and sons 1996


1725Obituaries and articles about the life of Ran Ide1996-1997

Includes articles from The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, The Chronicle-Journal.  Includes an article written by the former Ontario Premier William G. Davis in The Toronto Star, November 20, 1996.  There is also an article by Arthur J. Cordell in the World Academy of Art and Science News from March 1997.

1726Memorial Service, Christ Church Deer Park, Toronto, November 7, 1996. 1996

Includes programme, copies of eulogies and memorial speeches by Rev. Mona Rush, Peter A. Hernndorf, Peter Hennessey and John Ide. Also includes a portrait of Ran Ide taken shortly before his death. 

(Photos P1)
1723Memo to TVOntario Employees regarding the passing of Ran Ide1996

Attached to the memo was a note from Ran Ide to Peter Bowers, the Chief Operating Officer of TVOntario "Directions for Building an Absolutely Perfect Martini - Très Sec"

The Ran Ide Memorial Lectures, Victoria University
1730The Inaugural Ran Ide Memorial Lectures featuring Dr. Roberta Bondar2000

Includes programme, an article about the lecture from the Vic Report, Spring 2000 and correspondence between Arlene Ide and Roseann Runte, President of Victoria University.   

1731The Second Annual Ran Ide Memorial Lectures featuring Dr. Robert Birgeneau2000

Includes programme, introduction, copy of article about the lecture from The Varsity, and flyer for event.   

1732The Third Annual Ran Ide Memorial Lecture featuring Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon2001

Includes programme, flyer for event and copies of articles written by Thomas Homer-Dixon from The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star.

Box 18
Series: 7: Ran Ide Papers [Catalogue and Recollections]
181Ran Ide Papers 1919 to 1996 with Additional Papers to 2015.2015

USB key that accompanied the catalogue is held in the Office of the Chief Librarian.   

182Biographical Data - T.R. Ide[197?]


183Curriculum Vitae1962-1996


184"Early Years"1996

From Before and After, Recollections by Ran Ide, 1995-1996  

185Ran Ide: The Pickering Years, 1940/41, 1941/42 (During which time he meets and marries Eleanor Aylesworth), and RCAF, 1942-19451996

Note from John Ide: "From Before and After, Recollections written for the family in 1996. Dad was preparing for a career in the diplomatic corps; The Pickering Years explains why he went into teaching."    

186"PACI days, 1950s"1996

From Before and After, Recollections. 

187"1954: Television enters our lives" by John Ide. [1996?]



Includes recollections written by Ran Ide about his first wife Eleanor and recollections written by John Ide about his mother. Also includes letters addressed to John Ide from people who knew Eleanor and a poem entitled "Eleanor" (author unknown).   

189"Ran Ide Papers: Club of Rome (COR) 1977-1996" compiled by John Ide. 2015


1810Research material compiled by John Ide2015

Includes research on the Club of Rome, the Applebaum-Hébert Report, the Science Council of Canada and Magda Cordell McHale.   

Box 19
Series: 1: "The Early Years, the Pickering Years and PACI Days [and the beginnings of ETV] Records from 1919-1969"
Family Scrapbook
19 /OS1Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings and cards 1949-1950

Articles are mostly from the Port Arthur News Chronicle and relate to sports teams from Port Arthur Collegiate Institute, and Port Arthur Air Cadet unit.  The Commanding officer of the 85th Squadron, is noted as being Flight Officer, T. R. Ide, a flying officer navigator with RCAF in WWII. There is also an article "Hope Report is Reviewed" which quotes T.R. Ide.  

There are also two anniversary cards from 1949 and several articles related to John Aylesworth.

19 /OS2Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings and cards. 1950-1951

Articles are from the Port Arthur News Chronicle and The Globe and Mail and relate to sports team from the Port Arthur Collegiate Institute as well obituaries for Dr. F.A. Aylesworth, who was 'instrumental in organizing sightsaving classes in the Toronto schools [and was also the father or Ran Ide's first wife].  There is also a sympathy card for the passing of Dr. Aylesworth. 

There is also a clipping regarding the death of William Ranald Stewart, friend of T.R. Ide's father, after whom Ran Ide was named.

Newspaper photo showing Ran Ide (marked with an x) with Air Cadets.

19 /OS3Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings and cards1957-1958

Christmas card from Isabel Mackay, newspaper clippings regarding election in 1958 and clippings about polio rehabilitation featuring Mrs. T. R. Ide.

19 /OS4Scrapbook pages with cards, letters and photographs1969

Letter from Department of Education with photograph of Ran Ide and colleagues, thank you card, letter from William G. Davis, Minister of Education, to Ran Ide with a photograph of Ontario representatives at the Education Conference, St. John's, and an invitation to celebratory dinner. 

2 photographs : b&w ; 25cm x 20cm

Degrees and Certificates
19 /OS5Thomas Ranald Ide Graduation Certificate Saint John High School1936


19 /OS6Honour Certificate - Thomas Ranald Ide of the Saint John High School1936


19 /OS7Bachelor Degree from Mount Allison University, Sackville New Brunswick, for Thomas Ranald Ide1940


19 /OS8Certificate of Appointment from George the Sixth to Thomas Ranald Ide, as a pilot officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Special Reserve 1944


19 /OS9Saint John High School Graduating Class 19361936

1 photograph : b&w ; 27.5cm x 35cm  

19 /OS10S.S.S.A.A. Junior Champions 1949

Coach Ran Ide, with Port Arthur Collegiate Institute Junior Football Champions.  Names of players on back on photograph.

1 photograph : b&w ; 17.5cm x 35cm

19 /OS11Camera portrait of Eleanor Bansley Aylesworth1942

Photographer was Randolph Macdonald. 

1 photograph : b&w ; 20.5 x 15.5cm on cardboard  

Series: 2: [Educational Television, the OECA and the Establishment of TVOntario] "Records from 1970-1975"
Family Scrapbook
19 /OS15Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings 1969-1970

Clippings are from newspapers including the Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, and The Hamilton Spectator.  The topic of most is regarding education television in Ontario and Channel 19, and include headings such as:  "Educational TV: the birth of a new channel is only the iceberg's tip" ; "David introduces bill to create Ontario educational TV agency" ; "Education TV outlet for area" ; "The rocky road to an ETV dream" and "Gamble puts our first educational TV channel on the air."

Also includes invitation cards, banquet programmes, and conference programmes.

19 /OS16Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings, cards and letters.1970-1972

Newspaper clippings are from The Toronto Star, The Hamilton Spectator, The Globe Magazine, New Dimensions Magazine and include titles such as:  "Teachers with a touch of ham proving that you can mix education and showbiz" [shows photo of Ran Ide and others] ;"The ETV controversy: Ran Ide, man in the middle" ; "NBC subsidiary buys Channel 19 tapes, lauds 'best ETV library in the world'" ; "Channel 19: where show business goes with know business," etc.

Also includes an itinerary for a trip to Europe with two postcards from 1971,  letters to Ran Ide from Bill Davis as well as other letters and cards. 

19 /OS17Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings, photograph and invitation1973

Photograph shows OECA producer Paul Marquardt talking to Hugh Blackwell Evans, sole survivor of the 1898 Southern Cross expedition to the Antarctic.  Newspaper clippings are from The Globe and Mail : "OECA chairman answers to critics" written by T.R.Ide and "Channel 19 probe is planned."  Invitation is for the welcoming of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh to Queen's Park.

19 /OS12Portrait of Ran Ide in the control room[197-]

1 photograph : col. ; 35.5 x 28 cm  

19 /OS13Portrait of Ran Ide, 1970s [197-]

1 photograph : b&w ; 35 x 28 cm  

Series: 3: [OECA, CRAB, Honorary Degrees and the Club of Rome] "Records from 1976-1979"
Family Scrapbook
1918Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings, ticket stubs, cards and letters. 1976-1979

Includes post cards, newspaper clippings about Ran Ide, event ticket stubs, wine labels, etc.  

Series: 4: [The Club of Rome, CVCC, CRAB and consulting] "Records from 1980-1983"
19 /OS19Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings, cards and certificate. 1979-1980

Includes Christmas card, postcards, Ran Ide's acceptance speech for Colone Watson Award, Honorary membership certificate from the Ontario Municipal and Provincial Education Officers' Association, etc.  

19 /OS20Handmade card Polka Dot Door with poem, from Jim Parr at the OECA to Ran Ide.1979


Series: 5: [The CBC and the Club of Rome] "Records from 1984-1989"
Family Scrapbook
19 /OS21Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings, cards and photographs.1980-1988

Scrapbook pages include an article about Aurelio Peccei, co-founder of the Club of Rome, copies of photographs including an image of Pickering College from 1929, Ran Ide at the Forum for Young Canadians, Betty and Harry Beer, a notice of a show at the ROM for John Ide, an article entitled "MISD report gets 'well done' from Ontario educator." and two articles about the Class of 1842 Award, "Channel 19 Founder Ran Ide '42 Inducted into the Class of 1842."

Box 20
Series: 2: [Educational Television, the OECA and the Establishment of TVOntario] "Records from 1970-1975"
The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (OECA)
20 /OS14Brochure : "OECA: Another way to learn..."1970

The Ontario Educational Communications Authority.  Includes a forward by Ran Ide "Meeting the Challenge."  

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