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Copies of some of these publications may be obtained by sending a message to:

victoria [dot] library [at] utoronto [dot] ca

For more information, call the office at (416) 585-4471.

Remember Me! Blake In Our Time. Toronto: Victoria University, 2010
$15.00 ISBN 0-9867071-0-0 William Blake Collection
William Blake & His Contemporaries. Toronto: Victoria University, 2006
$15.00 ISBN 0-9695257-6-1 William Blake Collection
Bloomsbury: Books, Art and Design Toronto: Victoria University, 1997
Out of Print ISBN 0-9695257-5-3 Bloomsberg & Hogarth Press Collection
Acta Victoriana 1878–1990:
An Index With a Subject Authority List.
Toronto: Victoria University, 1990
Guide to the Northrop Frye Papers. Toronto: Victoria University, 1993
$10.00 ISBN 0-9695257-2-9 Northrop Frye Collection
A.P Coleman: Geologist 1852-1939:
Science, Art and Discovery.
Toronto: Victoria University, 1994
$5.00 ISBN 0-9695257-4-5 A.P. Coleman Collection

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