"The Early Years, the Pickering Years and PACI Days [and the beginnings of ETV] Records from 1919-1969"

Title: "The Early Years, the Pickering Years and PACI Days [and the beginnings of ETV] Records from 1919-1969"
Dates of Material:
36 cm of textual material
91 photographs
Oversized material
Scope and content

Series consists of records related to Ran Ide's early life and centre on family, early education, and military service.  

Records include family photographs and family history, newspaper clippings about Ran Ide and his family (in particular the treatments received by his first wife), family bibles, teaching manuals and books, degrees and certificates, etc.

The "Early Years" covers Ran Ide's family, his birth, growing up in Ottawa and attending high school and university in Saint John. The "Pickering Years" covers the period from 1940 to 1945 during which time Ran Ide met Joseph McCulley, who was a great influence, through teaching at Pickering College. The period also includes the time of his marriage to Eleanor Aylesworth, his time in the RCAF and his service overseas. 

"PACI days" covers the period where Ran Ide was teaching at Port Arthur Collegiate Institute.

Records from 1967 to 1969 cover the beginnings of Educational Television (ETV) in Ontario and Ran Ide's involvement with it as the Director of ETV with the Department of Education.

See Series 7 for written recollections of this time by Ran Ide in 1996.

Source of supplied title

Title of series was in part provided by Ran Ide's memoir Before and After, Recollections written in 1995 as well as the donor who organized the records chronologically.  Descriptions of periods were provided by donor.  The Archivist added note on ETV to the title in order to capture the records from 1967-1969.


Box 1
Family Books
11The Book of Common Prayer - The Hymn Book 1915

This book belonged to Lola Scharfe, Ran Ide's mother, who became an Anglican when she married Richard Ide.

12The Scientific Library; or, Repository of Useful and Polite Literature, Vol. vi.1806

By the Rev. Thomas Smith. Printed in London for J. Wallis.  

13The Tutor's Assistant : Being a Compendium of Arithmetic, and a Complete Question-Book.1843

By Francis Walkingame and Edwin Barker. London: printed for Thomas Tegg by J. Hadden.   

Signatures on front page are Miss Kirkpatrick and Willie Kirkpatrick.

14Seventy Lessons in Spelling.1895

Rochester, NY: Williams and Rogers, 1895.   

15The Ontario Readers Second Reader, Authorized by the Minister of Education.1884

Toronto : The Canada Publishing Company Limited, 1884.  

16The Comprehensive Teacher's Bible.1898

New York : James Pott & Co., 1898. 

This bible belonged to Ran Ide's maternal grandfather, Alonzo Scharfe, who was a successful farmer in Templeton, Quebec as well as a devout Presbyterian who taught Sunday school, and for many years, was chairman of the local school board.  

17The Foundations of Modern Education1938

By Ember Harrison Wilds.   New York : Farrar & Rinehart Incorporated.

Box 2
Degrees and Certificates
213Ottawa Public Schools Certificate of Honor awarded to Ranald Ide1931


224Junior first aid certificate to Ranald T. Ide1931


225Certificate of Confirmation - Ranald Ide and order of service programme 1931


230Certificate of Matriculation - Thomas Ranald Ide1936


21Alonzo Scharfe[192?]

Alonzo Scharfe was Ran Ide's maternal grandfather.

1 photograph : sepia toned ; 5.5cm x 8cm  

(Photos P1)
22Lola Scharfe1914

Lola Scharfe was Ran Ide's mother.  Photograph was taken by Pittaway.

1 photograph : sepia toned ; 25.5cm x 10cm 

23Lola and Richard Ide 1916

Ran Ide's parents. 

2 photographs : b&w ; 6cm x 4cm  

24Mum and Dad (Lola and Dick Ide), Halifax 19171917

1 photograph : b&w ; 6cm x 4cm  

25George Ide, Walking Champion of the World[ca.1850]

Ran Ide's grandfather, George Ide was a publican and bare-knuckle boxer who'd won the World's Walking Championship in Brussels one year [description provided by donor].  

Photographer was F.H. Robinson, 5 St. Pancras, Chichester.

1 carte de visite photograph : b&w ; 16.5cm x 10.5cm

26Mary Chandler[ca.1860]

Mary Chandler (nee Ide) was George Ide's sister [Ran Ide's great-aunt]. She married Thomas Chandler and moved from England to Canada.    

1 carte de visite photograph : sepia toned ; 10.5cm x 6cm

27Thomas Chandler [190?]

Ran Ide's great-uncle. 

1 photograph : b&w ; 15cm x 10cm  

28Mary "Grandma" Chandler at 13 Howick Place, Ottawa[193?]

Ran Ide's great aunt whom he called Grandma.  There is a newspaper clipping (obituary) attached to the back on the photograph.

1 photograph : sepia toned ; 18.5cm x 13.5cm    

214Lola "Mum" Ide 1919

1 photograph : b&w ; 10.5 X 6.5 cm  

215Thomas Ranald Ide [Portrait of baby in winter coat and hat]1920

1 photograph : b&w ; 16.5 x 11 cm  

216Ran Ide on his tricycle, Ottawa1922

   1 photograph : b&w ; 16 x 21.5 cm

217Ran Ide, aspiring hockey star, Ottawa

1 photograph : b&w ;16 x 21 cm

Title was given by donor.

218Uncle Wallace [Elmsley], Ran and Dad [Richard Mold Ide]1929

1 photograph : b&w ; 7 x 11.5 cm   

219Clara, Michael, Mum and Ran, 13 Howich Ottawa1929

1 photograph : b & w ; 14 x 10 cm

Clara Portlance was Lola Ide's sister with her son Michael.   

220Dad [Richard Ide] at his office in Ottawa1929

1 photograph : b&w ; 11 x 7.5 cm

221Ran Ide's high school portraits1935

4 photographs : sepia toned ; 15 x 10 cm   

3 of the photos are stamped with 'proof'

222Graduation portrait of Ran Ide [Mount Allison University]1939

1 photograph : sepia toned ; 10 x 14.5 cm ; in cardboard frame 28 x 19 cm   


(Photos P22)
223Ran Ide at the breakfast table 'before his hair fell out,' St. John[194-]

1 photograph : b&w ; 10.5 x 15.5cm   

238Mum and Dad [Lola and Richard Ide] at Lily Lake, St. John NB1942

1 photograph : b&w ; 17.5 x 12.5 cm  

239Signed portrait of Joseph McCulley1942

1 photograph : sepia toned ; 23 x 18 cm
Photographer : F. Roy Kemp, Toronto 

240Portrait of Ranald Ide1942

1 photograph : sepia toned ; 17 x12 cm ; in 30.5 x 21 cm cardboard frame   

(Photos P40)
241Wedding day1942

1 photograph : b&w ; 11.5 x 16.5 cm
Individuals identified left to right : Frederick A. Aylesworth, Marie (Masie) Aylesworth, Eleanor Ide (nee Aylesworth), Ran Ide, Lola Ide, Richard Ide.  

242Ran and Eleanor cutting the cake on their wedding day. 1942

1 photograph : b&w ; 11.5 x 16.5 cm   

243Ran Ide in RCAF uniform, Saint John, before going overseas1943

1 photograph : colour tinted ; 25.5 x 20.5  

(Photos P43)
244RCAF officers, including Ran Ide, and the ship they sailed on leaving Halifax Harbour. 1943

3 photographs :  2 b &w ; 11.5 x 16. 5 cm ; 1 sepia toned ; 4.5 x 6.5 cm

245Eleanor and Ran with Ran's parents and baby Richard Ranald Ide1945

1 photograph : b&w ; 9 x 9.5 cm   

246Grand March Port Arthur Collegiate Institute 1948

1 photograph : b&w ; 12.5 x 18 cm
Eleanor and Ran Ide at centre 

247Eleanor Ide 19491949

1 photograph : b&w ; 11.5 x 9 cm 
Photograph by Gilbert Parker 

250Ran and Eleanor on the tarmac at airport in Minneapolis 1951

1 photograph : b&w ; 9 x 6.5 cm  

251The Ides in front of 98 Peter Street1951

3 photographs : col. ; 9 x 9 cm   

252"The Gang" Eleanor and Ran Ide with friends, Port Arthur1952

  1 photograph : b&w ; 12.5 x 17.5 cm

253Mum and Dad [Lola and Richard Ide]1952

1 photograph : b&w ; 9 x 6.5 cm  

254Eleanor and Douglas in front of 98 Peter Street, Port Arthur1953

1 photograph : b&w ; 9 x 13 cm   

255Ran Ide with the PACI Football Team 1953

2 photographs : b&w ; 20.5 x 25 cm  

256Portrait of John, Douglas and Richard Ide [Ran's sons]1954

1 photograph : b&w ;19 x 23.5 cm 
Photo by Morton Studios 

257Peter and Marion Hennessy's wedding, Fort William [Ran Ide, Best Man]1956

1 photograph : b&w ;  21.5 x 25.5 cm  

258Portrait of Ran Ide1956

1 photograph : sepia toned ; 18 x 12.5 cm  

(Photos P58)
259Douglas Ide [Ran's son]1956

1 photograph : b&w ; 12 x 8.5 cm  

260Ran Ide on Principals' course, Toronto1956

1 photograph : b&w ; 9 x 9 cm  

261Ran in class [Ran Ide teaching math at PACI]1956

1 photograph : b&w ; 9 x 13 cm   

262Aspiring hockey star Richard Ide with his brother John, 98 Peter Street, Port Arthur1956

1 photograph : b&w 11.5 x 10 cm  
Photo taken by Gilbert Parker. Title provided by donor.

263Dad and Els Birthday [Eleanor (in iron lung), Douglas, John, Richard and Grandpa Ide]1957

1 photograph : col. ; 9 x 9 cm   

264Mrs Richardson [housekeeper] and El [Eleanor in iron lung]1957

1 photograph : col. ; 9 x 9 cm   

265Nurses A. Mulholland and S. Risk at St. Joseph's General Hospital [treating Eleanor Ide] 1958

1 photograph : b&w ; 9 x 9 cm   

266Summer 1959 - Ran, Richard, Doug and John1959

2 photographs : b&w ; 12.5 x 9 cm   

267Ran Lecturing at Ryerson1962

3 photographs : b&w ; 20.5 x 25cm

Family Documents
29Confirmation certificate of Richard Ide, St. Matthew's Church, Ottawa. 1907

Richard Ide was Ran Ide's father.   

210Marriage certificate and register of marriages (United Church) for Richard Ide and Lola Scharfe1916

Ran Ide's parents. 

211Baby book for Thomas Ranald Ide1919


212[Certification that] Thomas Ranald Ide is a member of the Babies' Branch of the Women's Auxiliary, Diocese of Ottawa ; and card from St. Matthew's Rectory1919


226Handwritten note from Ranald Ide to Grandma Chandler[193-]


228"They Still Throw Stones"[193?]

Handwritten script of a speech by Lola Ide to the Women's Auxiliary addressing anti-semitism.   

227"The Master's Reward, a Mystery," by Ranald Ide and Thomas Sailman1934

Typed manuscript of a story written by Ran Ide and a friend.   

229Saint John High School Graduating Class, 1935-361936

Ranald Ide graduated this year.   

231Newspaper clipping : "Saint John Students Lead in Mount Allison Play, T Ranald Ide and Berl Harding" 1938

From January 13, Saint John Globe  

232Mount Allison Junior Class Prom booklet (1939) and Mount Allison Senior Class Prom booklet (1945)1939, 1945


233Letter from Ran to his parents about his birthday gifts1940


234Newspaper clippings : "Mount Allison University Prize Winners" and "Ran Ide Appointed Chairman of the Committee Responsible for Erecting a New Rink"1940

Articles from the Saint John Globe and The Argosy Weekly   

235Mount Allison University Convocation programme1940


236Pickering College Yearbook "The Voyageur XIV"1941

Welcome to Ran Ide as new teacher on page 34.    

237Letter from Ran to his parents regarding a sermon he was writing1941


248Newspaper Clippings : "Wedding of Interest" and "June Weddings : Eleanor Aylesworth Bride of Thomas Ranald Ide"1942

From the Toronto Telegram.  

249RCAF Service and Paybook with letters to Lola and Richard Ide, on active service, and Graduation Banquet and Dance Programme for Course 79A Navigators1943-1945


271Kin [story featuring Eleanor Ide]1958

Kin is a publication produced by The Kinsmen Clubs.  Article contains picture of Mrs. Ide in the iron lung.   

272[Newspaper clippings regarding Ran Ide, teaching, teaching federation, John Aylesworth]1958-1959


273RCAF - Observer's and Air Gunner's Flying Log Book1943

Also included is a copy of Avigation by Dead Reckoning by Capt. Ienar E. Elm. 

Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
268Article: "Is Teaching a Profession?" by T.R. Ide1958

Published in the Bulletin (Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation).

One typescript and one copy of the publication.  

269Article: "A Professional Library" by T.R. Ide1959

From The Bulletin (Ontario Secondary School Teacher's Federation)  

270Article: "Another approach to the problem of Individual Differences" by T.R. Ide1959

Published in The Bulletin (Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation)  

Box 3
32Japanese Lilac at 98 Peter Street [John and Douglas Ide on front steps]1960

1 photograph : col. ; 8.5 x 12.5cm   

33Portrait of Ran Ide1960

1 photograph : b&w ; 24 x 19 cm   

(Photos P3)
310Ran Ide, high school principal1962

1 photograph : b&w ; 20.5 x 25.5 cm   

311Ran Ide with class outside of school[196-]

1 photograph : b&w ; 20 x 25 cm  

312Dinnertime [Ran, Eleanor and boys at home] 1962

2 photographs : b&w ; 9 x 9cm  

313Ran Ide at home with his son Douglas1962

1 photograph : b&w ; 12.5 x 9 cm  

314Eleanor Ide in the iron lung1962

4 photographs : 1 col. 9 x 9 cm, 3 b&w ; 9 x 12.5 cm   

315Ran at Nym Lake1963

1 photograph : b&w ; 12.5 x 8.5 cm  

316Ran Ide with 3 members of the PACI football team 1963

1 photograph : b &w ; 9 x 20 cm   

317Family portrait on the occasion of Eleanor's 44th birthday1963

1 photograph : b&w ; 20.5 x 25 cm   

(Photos P17)
318Portrait of Ran Ide1960-1969

1 photograph : b&w ; 17 x 13 cm  

(Photos P18)
320Ran Ide and Peter Hennessy at High School District Track Meet1965

1 photograph : b&w ; 10 x 12.5cm  

321Ran in NYC1965

1 photograph : b&w ; 9 x 9 cm  

322Lola Ide [Ran Ide's mother] at Grand Portage1965

1 photograph : col., 13 x 9 cm   

323Ran Ide and Tom Sailman at Grand Portage 1965

1 photograph : col.; 9 x 13 cm  

329Arlene [Birney] and Ran Ide on their Wedding Day1967

1 photograph : col. ; 18 x 12.5 cm  

330Arlene with her 3 step sons - John, Douglas and Richard1967

1 photograph : col. ; 25.5 x 20.5 cm  

331Ran Ide gets cracking on his way to Expo'671967

1 photograph : 17.5 x 12.5 cm
Photography by Clare Westcott

332Ran Ide addressing gathering at Ontario House, London, England at E.T.V. display1967-1969

1 photograph : b&w ; 25 x 20 cm  
Photograph by: Maillard Studio.

(Photos P32)
333Queen Elizabeth II speaks to an assembled group of school children on ETV1967

1 photograph : b&w ; 17 x 25 cm  

342Ran and Arlene at the Eiffel Tower, Paris1968

1 photograph : col. ; 12.5 x 9.5 cm  

343Ran Ide at an OECA reception for Hanna Gordon1968

1 photograph : b&w ; 8.5 x 11.5 cm  

344Ran Ide in conversation with other guests at the Tokyo Governor's Reception 1968

1 photograph : b&w ; 8 x 12 cm   

(Photos P44)
345Ran Ide with members of the Japanese Navy1968

1 photograph : b&w ; 8 x 12 cm   

(Photos P45)
346Ran Ide at the Imperial Palace Gardens, Japan1968

1 photograph : b&w ; 8 x 11 cm  

349Ran Ide in London with Barry Black, Larry Shwitter and Alf Hanwell. 1969

1 photograph : b&w ; 12.5 x 19 cm  

350William G. Davis and Ran Ide in St. John's Newfoundland 1969

1 photograph : 8.5 x 6 cm  

(Photos P50)
Family Documents
31Birth certificate of Richard Ide 1890


319Certificate of Perpetual Membership of Mr and the late Mrs T R Ide and family, The Jesus Seminary Association of the Society of Jesus1965


34Vote Ran Ide for Board of Governors [notice card]1958


35Port Arthur Collegiate Institute - Commencement Exercises brochures (1960, 1963) and letter for the yearbook written by T.R. Ide (Principal)1960-1963


37Press release and clipping: "T. R. Ide Appointed High School Inspector, Lakehead Board of Education" and "New Principal for PACI"1962

Article from the Port Arthur News Chronicle   

38Correspondence regarding appointments 1962

From the Ontario Department of Education and Board of Education for the City of Port Arthur. Also includes a poem "Ode to Ide" written by Rev. J. E. Jordan  

Teaching and Education Material
351Books and articles on teaching and education 1958-1968

Books belonged to Ran Ide.   

Educational Television
36Report of the Audio-Visual Education Committee to the Board of Governors, Ontario Teachers' Federation 1961

Ran Ide, Committee member  

39Educational Television Orientation Workshop, Ontario Teachers' Federation 1964

Ran Ide was a participant and presenter.   

325[Correspondence regarding Ran Ide directing provincial program in educational television]1966

Includes correspondence from the Minister of Education, the Ontario Department of Education, etc.   

326Press release : "T.R. Ide to direct educational television for the province."1966


327Submission to the Board of Governors and Department of Transport regarding application for broadcasting station 1966, 1967


328[Articles and studies about educational television (ETV), television (general)]1961-1967

Presumably used as research material.   

335Correspondence regarding ETV - William G. Davis, Minister of Education 1967-1968

Includes a letter from Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson to Minister Davis.

336Senior Position Review for Ran Ide, Director of ETV Branch, Department of Education 1967

Includes photograph of Ran Ide (1 photograph : b&w ; 18 x 13 cm)  

337Brochure, "Education Television" and Statement on Education Television, Ontario Department of Education 1968


338Newspaper clippings about ETV in Ontario. 1968


339Memo to T.R. Ide - "History of Negotiations with the Federal Government Concerning ETV"1968


340Minister's Report 1968 - The Educational Television Branch1968


347Minister's Annual Report - Educational Television Branch, Ontario Department of Education and Address to the CRTC by Minister of Education 1969


348Memos - ETV Branch, Ran Ide Director1969


Papers and Articles by Ran Ide
324"The Principal and his Responsibility to his Staff"1965

Written by Ran Ide.  Typescript.   

334Article: "Educational Television in Ontario - Present and Future" by Mr. T.R. Ide1967

Published in The Headmaster  

341Essay, "New Horizons" [media literacy and TVO] by Ran Ide1968


Box 19
Family Scrapbook
19 /OS1Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings and cards 1949-1950

Articles are mostly from the Port Arthur News Chronicle and relate to sports teams from Port Arthur Collegiate Institute, and Port Arthur Air Cadet unit.  The Commanding officer of the 85th Squadron, is noted as being Flight Officer, T. R. Ide, a flying officer navigator with RCAF in WWII. There is also an article "Hope Report is Reviewed" which quotes T.R. Ide.  

There are also two anniversary cards from 1949 and several articles related to John Aylesworth.

19 /OS2Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings and cards. 1950-1951

Articles are from the Port Arthur News Chronicle and The Globe and Mail and relate to sports team from the Port Arthur Collegiate Institute as well obituaries for Dr. F.A. Aylesworth, who was 'instrumental in organizing sightsaving classes in the Toronto schools [and was also the father or Ran Ide's first wife].  There is also a sympathy card for the passing of Dr. Aylesworth. 

There is also a clipping regarding the death of William Ranald Stewart, friend of T.R. Ide's father, after whom Ran Ide was named.

Newspaper photo showing Ran Ide (marked with an x) with Air Cadets.

19 /OS3Scrapbook pages with newspaper clippings and cards1957-1958

Christmas card from Isabel Mackay, newspaper clippings regarding election in 1958 and clippings about polio rehabilitation featuring Mrs. T. R. Ide.

19 /OS4Scrapbook pages with cards, letters and photographs1969

Letter from Department of Education with photograph of Ran Ide and colleagues, thank you card, letter from William G. Davis, Minister of Education, to Ran Ide with a photograph of Ontario representatives at the Education Conference, St. John's, and an invitation to celebratory dinner. 

2 photographs : b&w ; 25cm x 20cm

Degrees and Certificates
19 /OS5Thomas Ranald Ide Graduation Certificate Saint John High School1936


19 /OS6Honour Certificate - Thomas Ranald Ide of the Saint John High School1936


19 /OS7Bachelor Degree from Mount Allison University, Sackville New Brunswick, for Thomas Ranald Ide1940


19 /OS8Certificate of Appointment from George the Sixth to Thomas Ranald Ide, as a pilot officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Special Reserve 1944


19 /OS9Saint John High School Graduating Class 19361936

1 photograph : b&w ; 27.5cm x 35cm  

19 /OS10S.S.S.A.A. Junior Champions 1949

Coach Ran Ide, with Port Arthur Collegiate Institute Junior Football Champions.  Names of players on back on photograph.

1 photograph : b&w ; 17.5cm x 35cm

19 /OS11Camera portrait of Eleanor Bansley Aylesworth1942

Photographer was Randolph Macdonald. 

1 photograph : b&w ; 20.5 x 15.5cm on cardboard  

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