Literary related activities

Title: Literary related activities
Dates of Material:
1.85 m of textual records
2 audio cassettes
5 photographs
2 digital video discs
2 compact discs
3 artifacts
Scope and content

Series consists of records relating to A.F. Moritz's involvement in various literary activities and events, including serving on poetry juries, poetry contests, attending conferences and talks, his work with the Vallum Society and the League of Canadian Poets, and in his role as Toronto's Poet Laureate. Included are promotional materials, notes, correspondence, typescripts, interview questions and responses, speeches, as well as manuscripts, books and articles received and collected by A.F. Moritz filled with notes and annotations.

Box 3
39Northrop Frye Visiting Lectureship1993-1994


312U of T Writer in Residence2002-2003


314Hart House Library Committee 1992

AFM was head of Library Committee. Includes pamphlets, brochures, correspondence, etc.

322Writer in Residence - York University1999


Box 14
149 Contest and selection juries2000
1410 League of Canadian Poets1984-2000
1411 Catalogues and directories1983-1999
1412 National Poetry Month poster2003
Box 26
263–4Event Promotions and Promotions Material1978-1980
265 Hart House Library Committee2003
266 Banff International Literary Translation Centre and Writing Studio2003-2004
267 National Poetry Month2004
268 ReLit Award2005
Box 1
127 A.F.M. and Theresa read “Leacock Christmas” audio cassette

1 audio cassette

Box 2
23 Correspondence to Victoria University Senate re support for grant application of Leif E.Vaage 2003

Includes copy of Leif Vaage's manuscript for Schooled in Salt.

27 Re-Lit Awards jury2005-2006
24 “Books In Canada” interview2003-2005
25 CIUT interview audio cassette2004

1 audio cassette

Box 6
62 Poetry information file1995-2006

Includes copies of articles and poems, clippings, etc.

64 Innis College Creative Writing Conference2006
68 “Metropole Bleu Translation Slam”2008
Box 3
33Someone Nuit Blanche Installation 2009

Includes work by Al Moritz. Correspondence, a copy of his poem, and printer's proof.   

320Banff International Literary Training Centre’s residency program2003-2004

Photographs col., 2004
P1 A.F.M. with a large group of others posing on an outdoor stand
P2 A.F.M. at Banff 2004 reading for instructors and poetry attendees

321Toronto Poet Laureate selection committee2004


322Various literary events [brochures]2004, 2009
Works by others
319Tales of California Long Ago by Blaise Carrothers1990
Box 4
47'When You Die As A Cat' (appearance by AFM)2009

1 DVD.  A documentary film by Zoran Maslic featuring poet Goran Simic. Also includes promotional poster.

Box 11
1113Souster Award - notice by League of Canadian Poets in Globe and Mail, 20 July 20132013


1117Junction Books Broadsides2000


Box 5
517Vallum documents2014

Documents signed for Vallum magazine.   

518 RRFresno DVD Appearance2000

Correspondence from Chris Terrence and DVD of A.F. Moritz while he was visiting poet UC Fresno in early Summer 2000 [Description provided by A.F. Moritz].

1 DVD.  The DVD is available via Resource Space.  Please contact staff to request access.

Box 6
61Program materials from the IX Festival Internacional de Poesia de Granada, Nicaragua, with some handwritten notes from AFM.2013

Moritz had readings on two days of the conference.   See 2016.08 1-1 for a copy of AFM's application to the conference.

63"Bee in Aster" - Music2013

"Bee in Aster" from Walrus set to music by Doug Peterman, with musical arrangement.  Includes personal note from Peterman to AFM regarding use of poem in Stratford reading and posters announcing musical event.

67Raymond Souster Award 2013

Certificate stating: The League of Canadian Poets presents The 2013 Raymond Souster Award for the Best Book of Poetry by a League of Canadian Poets Member - A.F. Moritz for The New Measures (House of Anansi Press)  

68Anne Szumigalski Lecture 2013

League of Canadian Poets 47th Poetry Festival and Conference.  Includes copies of lecture by A.F. Moritz : "A Garden is Not a Place : Poetry and Beauty", correspondence and conference information. See 2016.08 1-4 for copies of draft typescript of essay for the lecture. 

613League of Canadian Poets Annual Poetry Festival and Conference 20142014


Works by others
62Poem written by Malachi Smith (from IX Festival Internacional de Poesia de Granada, Nicaragua)2014


Box 7
712Literary memorabilia 2013-2014


Box 12

Books by George Fetherling (often writing as Doug Fetherling) gone through by AFM when editing and collecting Fetherling's 2012 Collected Plans Deranged By Time.

1210Dante, La Vita Nuova1969

Translation of Dante's La Vita Nuova by Mark Musa. Contains notes by AFM throughout.   

Box 13
131Blake 1979

One of AFM's many copies William Blake.  This Norton Critical Edition shows its wear and has many notes by AFM [Description provided by AFM].  


Notes by AFM throughout a copy of Rudy Weibe's The Scorched Wood People.


Copy of Absences - New Poetry by James Tate with AFM's notes throughout.   


AFM's notes and underlined passages in a copy of Selected works by George Herbert.   


AFM's notes and underlined passages in John Ashbery's Houseboat Days.  

136Twain and Thoreaun.d.

Notes by AFM in copies of Twain's Huckleberry Finn and Thoreau's Walden.   


One of AFM's many copies of Tennyson. This one with the most extensive of his marginalia [description provided by AFM].  

Box 14
142Festival Books2014

Signed copies of books and poems purchased from fellow participants of the IX Festival Internacional de Poesia de Granada, Nicaragua.  

Box 1
11"Apps" - Albert F. Moritz Literary Résumé and Detailed Proposal and Cover Letter2014

For application to participate in the X Festival Internacional de Poesía de Granada, Nicaragua. Includes travel itinerary. See 2015.08 6-1 for related material.

Box 2
218Invitacion expo surrealista [Invitation to participate in surrealist exhibition]2015

Held in Costa Rica.   

Box 15
1515Janice Colbert Prize Judging2016

Includes notes, correspondence and a typescript of poems.   

Box 1
127"The Fourth Carlos Montemayor Festival of Poetry"2010

Draft typescript. Article appeared in the National Post on November 26, 2010.  Event is a poetry festival held in Mexico. 

Box 15
151Poetry promotion 1997-1998

Includes notes on Canadian literature collection in libraries, lists of AFM publications, press releases for Conflicting Desire, and order forms for AFM publications.

1512Ellul Conference - Carleton University July 20142014

Includes handwritten notes on papers, schedules, conference materials.   

1514Ellul Conference, Berkeley 20162016

Includes notes, conference material, etc.   

159Interview with James Wood2016

Early version of the interview by James Wood ; a short version was published in Prism International.  See 1-11

Box 16
161League of Canadian Poets AGM 20162016

Consists of notes and annual report.   

1611Year of the Quiet Sun - A hand-printed folio of exquisite collages and poetry by Ludwig Zeller2014-2015

Consists of card notices for publication by Someone Editions (3 copies) and a listing of prints available.   

Box 17
174American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters1991

Includes programme, pamphlet and seating plan.  AFM was given an award for poetry.    

179Vallum documents2016

Consists of financial documents.   

1713Miscellaneous items from Lit events2015-2016

Includes brochures, invitations, notices, etc.   

1716Mexico - International Conference of Translators 19951995

Includes souvenirs, notes, conference material and photographs.    

(Photos P1-3)
Box 1
18Presentation materials on Jacques Ellul for conference July 20162016

Typed notes on Le bluff technologique.   

110Introduction for Gilberto Meza's selected poems 2014


126gritLit Literary Festival talk - "Just How Pre-Industrial Will Post-Industrial Poetry Be?"2010

Typed notes for talk.   

15A.F. Moritz interview by Samantha Ainsworth for Malahat2014

Typed questions and responses.  Interview was to appear in Malahat - online version of magazine starting 2 June 2014.

16"In which the journey is a dream" - Interview of A.F. Moritz by Evan Jones2016

Two typed copies of interview question and answers.  

17Open Book: Anansi Spring 2015 Poets Mini-Interview2015

Topic is around Sequence.  

111James Wood interview2016

Typescripts of revised drafts, final and full versions of interview of AFM by James W. Wood for for PRISM and Poetry.  Questions related to Sequence. See 15-9

116'Poetry in Voice' website interview June 20162016


Box 15

Consists of AFM's application and acceptance into the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN). Includes membership agreement.   

1510Ellul Conference San Francisco 20162016

Includes conference material. AFM was a chair at the conference.  

1511Ellul Conference Workshop Illinois 2012

Held at Wheaton College, 8-10 July, 2012. Includes handwritten notes, schedules, materials, etc.   

Box 17
172Writer's Trust of Canada - Latner Prize judging2015

Includes notes, correspondence, etc.   

1711Gifts from Exile2016

Gifts from the publisher Exile. Includes a copy of Hoggwash by Barry Callaghan and two catalogues of drawings by Claire Wiessman Wilks 

Box 19
Works by others
1911Browning's Complete Poetical Works, AFM's copy with marginalia 1895

Copy of The Cambridge Edition of the Poets - Browning. ed. Horace E. Scudder. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company.   

Box 1
111Masters Class Session2017

Notes, correspondence and handwritten lecture materials for the Masters Class session, led by AFM at the League of Canadian Poets AGM and Conference. June 2017.

Box 2
21League of Canadian Poets AGM 20172017

Consists of agendas, reports, minutes and handwritten notes taken by AFM during lectures other than his Masters Class session. Some material was intended to be incorporated into the Masters Class on the fly.

29Pat Lowther Award Judging2017

Material related to the Pat Lowther Memorial Award, of which AFM was a judge. Includes correspondence and entry submission forms.

212Rafi Aaron book launch giveaways2017

Items from Rafi Aaron's In the Days of the Cotton Wind and the Sparrow book launch. Includes a copy of the book which was edited by AFM, a copy of Exile: The Literary Quarterly, Vol. 40 No. 4, and the Exile Editions catalogue.

217Review of "Shimmer Report"2017

Review of Brian Campbell's Shimmer Report for inclusion in Vallum magazine, pre-publication. Also includes a copy of the magazine's contributor contract, correspondence with Vallum editors and Brian Campbell, and corrections and notes. See Accession 2017.07 Box 2-7 for a copy of the published magazine.

Box 3

Invitations to various literary and literary-related events attended by AFM, including the 2016 Writers' Trust Award, Anansi's Poetry Bash 2017, the 2017 Griffin Prize Poetry Awards, a memorial service for editor/publisher Ellen Seligman, and Eli Sol's bar mitzvah (the son of poet Adam Sol).

39Knife Fork Book2017

Invitation to Knife Fork Book event with handwritten notes regarding the event and attendees.

310"Vallum" Contract2017

Contract for "Evolution" for Vallum 14.1. See Accession 2017.07 Box 2-7 and 2-17 for related material.

311Eva Kolacz2017

Invitation and program for The Artis magazine event with special feature artist Eva Kolacz.

315The Art Bar program2016

Program from The Art Bar Poetry Series event, at which AFM presented. October 2016.

316Pierson Ekphrasis event material2016

Includes: an invitation; the Fall 2016 issue of Update, Vol 23, Issue 3, with the event listed on page 6; a small press chapbook by Ruth Roach Pierson, Untraceable Thought, signed to AFM; and AFM's notes on the evening launch, which included an Ekphrastic reading series in which he was included as a reader.

Box 11
11 /OSFrozen Charlotte 20142014

Frozen Charlotte, Catherine Heard's sculpture for The Magic Vending Machine of Fate, a multi-disciplinary project for Canadian artists. Sculpture consists of 14 Frozen Charlotte china dolls and features poems by Gary Barwin, Gregory Betts, Kathleen McCracken and AFM. 3 dolls are held inside plastic balls.

Box 10
105-6Conference Planning, Ellul2018

Papers pertaining to AFM's role as a planner of the 2018 International Jacques Ellul Conference in Vancouver, including correspondence, scheduling, budgeting and session planning.

107Travel Folder and Notes, Ellul Conference2018

Handwritten notes from the 2018 Ellul Conference, typescript of Ellul paper delivered, printed materials from the conference and trip itinerary.

Box 11
116Notes and translations for the Canadian Writers Summit2018

Notes and poems related to AFM's participation in the Canadian Writers Summit from June 15-17. Participation in panels on the UofT Creative Writing MA and the Literary Translators Association.

117Poetry Events, First Half2018

Notes, invitations, correspondence, etc. for AFM's literary events from the first half of 2018.

119Interview, Toronto Reference LibraryOctober 2017

Material related to a one-on-one interview at the Toronto Reference Library conducted by John Miller on October 5, 2017.

1110Recording of Toronto Reference Library InterviewOctober 2017

DVD recording of the Toronto Reference Library interview. 2 DVDs.

1111Script, Best of the Best Canadian Poetry Event2017

AFM's personal script and poem "The Clock" to read at the Poetry Event as well as correspondence regarding the reading with organizers and other poets on October 29, 2017.

1112Albert Campbell Library TalkAugust 2018

Reading and talk given to Bengali Literary Resource Centre, Albert Campbell Library, in Scarborough on August 4, 2018.

1113Notes and Travel, Eden Mills Writers FestivalSeptember 2017

Notes, paperwork, event materials and correspondence for the Eden Mills Literary Festival on September 9, 2018.

Box 2
21"The Healer" and Presentation2019

New poetry written by hand, several drafts and typed version with last-minute revisions. Written exclusively for a presentation of AFM's work and the poetry that inspires him at the Hospital for Sick Children in October 2019 as part of his role as Toronto's Poet Laureate. Also includes notes for the presentation and the texts of all works read at the event.

22Sunday Edition Poems2019

Two previously published poems to be read as part of an interview with Michael Enright for CBC Radio Sunday Edition. Poems printed and presented to AFM by Enright. The interview was recorded on October 1, 2019.

27Exile, "Laureate Presents"2019

Correspondence regarding and composition of an essay introducing the work of former student Lara Franklin for ELQ Exile magazine's feature entitled "The Laureate Presents". Also work in selecting her poems for the feature. Part of AFM's role as Toronto's Poet Laureate.

217Poet Laureate Presents2019

AFM's preparation for The Poet Laureate Presents reading on April 24, 2019. Includes AFM's choice of the three poets to read, introductory remarks for the evening, and correspondence with City of Toronto Staff and event organizers at The Poet Condos. Part of AFM's role as Toronto's Poet Laureate.

222Scrivener Square Visits2019

Correspondence and prepared manuscript of poems for two events on March 9 and March 14, 2019 for the Scrivener Square Poetry Group. A talk on poetry with readings and a discussion of the poems, including an extended talk on Yeats, and a reading/discussion of AFM's poems.

223TPL Inaugural Intro2019

Typescript poem “By Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church” and words of thanks presented at a meeting of Toronto City Council on AFM’s inauguration as Toronto’s Poet Laureate. Includes handwritten notes and words of thanks.

224Poet Laureate of Toronto2019

Correspondence surrounding the announcement of AFM's new role as Toronto's Poet Laureate, including City of Toronto press releases, news outlet questions and AFM's publisher Anansi's email blast.  

226A Garden is Not a Place, Ed. 1/12019

A bespoke, hardbound edition of AFM's essay "A Garden is Not a Place: Poetry and Beauty", the Anne Szumigalski Lecture of 2013 delivered to the League of Canadian Poets. Designed and printed by Carleton Wilson of Junction Books as a gift to AFM. This is the one and only edition.

227Canadian Writing Now2019

Promotion flyer and correspondence inviting AFM to read at the University of Toronto English/St. Michael's College Canadian Writing Now event as Toronto's Poet Laureate. Includes a handwritten list of poems read at the event.

235Victoria Publications2019

Victoria University brochure listing professors' publications, including The Sparrow.

236Griffin Prize Souvenirs2019

Griffin Prize 2019 souvenir handouts.

Box 3
31Chongqing University Trip2018

Outlines and schedules of AFM's work at the Symposium at Chongqing University as visiting poet in November 2018. Includes travel documents and itineraries.

32Chongqing Keynote Draft2018

Draft of full keynote address at Chongqing University with last minute alterations made by hand.

33Chongqing Keynote reading edits2018

Shorter version of keynote address with more changes and typos corrected. Timing of address noted as practiced.

34Chongqing Keynote Address2018

Complete and perfected version of major address for Chongqing University Symposium, "Poetry and Identity".

35Chongqing Materials2018

Materials used by faculty and students during AFM's visit to Chongqing University, including an imperfect text of the keynote "Poetry and Identity". Also includes a copied-out poem of Juan Ramón Jiménez used in one of Professor Liu's classes.

36Chongqing Poster2018

Poster for the inaugural event at Chongqing University which included the keynote address.

37Chongqing Notes on HaKing Liu2018

Professor HaKing Liu's online writing about "the poetic" and "kung fu" with AFM's notes written in responding to Liu, his students and AFM's own thoughts on the topic.

39Chongqing Lecture Items2018

Notes upon previous essays, handwritten crib-notes on Blake, annotations on "Poetry and Identity" keynote address, and Rilke.

310Chongqing Fresno Draft2018

Earliest draft of "Poetry and Identity" keynote, from Cal Tate/Fresno presentation, with penciled-in changes.

311Chongqing Poems2018

Close-to-final versions of poems for students to use during AFM's residency at Chongqing University with translations by Anna Yin.

322"The Shore" Broadside2009

 Someone Editions fine press broadside of the poem "The Shore" with woodcut. For Nuit Blanche 2009.

Box 4
47Brick Books Governor General Brochureca. 2007

Brick Books brochure of their Governor General's Award winning and nominated books, which includes Rest on the Flight into Egypt.

48Insomniac Selected Mailer2002

Insomniac Press early notice of the publication of Early Poems.

49Hart House Performance Program2002

Program from AFM's appearance as Marley in a Hart House performance of A Christmas Carol with Hart House Chorus. Profile included.

411Casa de la Luna[n.d.]

Susana Wald's typescript history of the 1968 Café and Art Centre, Casa de la Luna, in Santiago, Chile which she opened with her partner, AFM's friend and artist and writer Ludwig Zeller. 

412Phantoms in the Ark PRca. 1994

An announcement of a presentation and a publicity sheet for Phantoms in the Ark, with Ludwig Zeller.

413Manifestation of Benjamin Péret1978

Two rare colour fine-print programs of Manifestation of Benjamin Péret, from the Péret presentation at A-Space Gallery in Toronto in May 1978, featuring AFM's treatment of Péret's work as well as artwork by Ludwig Zeller and Susana Wald.

414Villeneuve Announcement1978

Three rare folded fine letterpress note-cards in three different colours introducing the Fall 1978 line of hand-composed and letterpress editions from Villeneuve editions, including AFM's Signs and Certainties.

416The Visitation [card]1983

A hand-printed card announcing the publication of The Visitation, printed by Aya Press. Watercolour by Howard Fox.

418Fine Print Gift: Hausner2008

Beatriz Hausner's "Mornings with My Double".

419Fine Print Gift: Iacobelli2018

Luciano Iacobelli's Noctograms, two copies.

420Fine Print Gifts: Harris2019

Maureen Scott Harris' broadside, "Reflection (Great Egret)" from an edition of 150 printed for National Poetry Month 2019.

Box 5
511Award Certificate2009

Premier's Award for Excellence Finalist certificate.

Box 6
65Schedules and Goals2013-2017

Loose sheets of notes on literary awards, schedules of literary events and writing goals during completion of The Sparrow.

67Miscellaneous Literary Items[2006, 2015]

Miscellaneous literary items including a card from a memorial, a biography used in the reading for the Tree Reading Series in Ottawa, an article regarding a prize for which AFM was on the jury, and a remembrance of poet and friend Sheldon Zitner.

69Cassandra Broadside2007

Frog Hollow Press fine press edition broadside of the poem "Cassandra" with hand drawn and coloured illustration, 6 in an edition of 100.

610Dreadnaught Broadsides1982

Dreadnaught fine press broadside collection for the 1982 National Book Festival. Includes AFM's translation of Ludwig Zeller's "Memory of Childhood".

613Tate's Amnesia People1970

James Tate's small press chapbook of poems, Modern Series No. 1, Amnesia People, signed by Tate and dedicated to AFM.

615Poetry Mailer, "Busman's Honeymoon"[n.d.]

A subscription flyer for Poetry, Chicago, reprinting AFM's poem "Busman's Honeymoon".

Box 7
75Ashbery Marginalia[n.d.]

AFM's extensive marginalia in Ashbery's Rivers and Mountains towards an essay, now lost, on "The Skaters".

76Paz Marginalia1972-1974

AFM's extensive annotations of Paz's Piedra De Sol and Blanco within the collection Configurations made between 1972 and 1974.

77Coleridge Marginalia and Poem1970

AFM's extensive annotations on Coleridge as well as a draft of a long-lost poem (ca. 1970) on page 159, with a sheet of handwritten notes.

78Laurel Wordsworth Marginalia[n.d.]

AFM's annotations of David Ferry's edition of Wordsworth for Laurel Editions.

79Stillinger Wordsworth Marginalia[n.d.]

AFM's annotations of Stillinger's edition of Wordsworth from Houghton Mifflin.

Box 8
81Ashbery, Some Trees notes[n.d.]

AFM's annotations in Ashbery's Some Trees, the Corinth reprint of 1970.

82Frye, Great Code annotations[n.d.]

AFM's annotations of Frye's The Great Code, Academic Press Canada, 1981.

83Selected Poetry of Keats Marginalia[n.d.]

AFM's marginalia in Keats's Selected Poems, Signet edition of the 1960's.

84The Tempest Marginalia[n.d.]

AFM's annotation of Shakespeare's The Tempest, Signet editon of the 1960's. 

85Goethe Marginalia[n.d.]

AFM's annotations of Goethe's Sorrows of Young Werther, Signet edition of the 1960's.

86Jung Marginalia[n.d.]

AFM's annotations of Jung's Modern Man in Search of a Soul, Harvest Books.

87Ferguson concert notes2006

AFM's handwritten notes on a program from a Maynard Ferguson concert held at Niles McKinley High School in Niles, Ohio.

88Small Press Gift: Meza1977

Controversia 4, ensayo de análisis politico y social, Aug-Oct 1977, no. 4. A journal from Mexico copy-edited by AFM's friend Gilberto Meza, featuring his essay on poets of Guadalajara.  

89Small Press Gift: Brown1982

A letter from Allan Brown in presentation of his collection Stranger Wood, The Quarry Press, 1982.

810Indie Chapbook Gift: Wilder[n.d.]

Animal Logic, a chapbook presented to AFM by Alexandra Wilder.

Box 9
91Gift Box: Chongqing University2018

A scroll presented to AFM in thanks for his work as a visiting poet and scholar at Chongqing University in China.

Box 15
15 /OSWalk With Excellence Poem Tee2019

T-shirt from the Walk With Excellence with AFM's poem "Walk With Excellence 2019" printed on the front. Original poem composed between April 10th and 23rd, 2019 for the event. Part of AFM's role as Toronto's Poet Laureate.

Box 1
18Ottawa Writers FestivalOctober 2020

Handwritten notes and correspondence with David O'Meara and organizers in preparation for AFM's appearance at the Ottawa Writers Festival and Verse Fest. Events were moved online due to COVID-19. Podcast was recorded on October 26 at 3:30pm. Poet Laureate event.

19Tartan Turban Reading SeriesOctober 2020

Handwritten notes and correspondence with organizers in preparation for AFM's appearance at Tartan Turban Reading Series Political Poetry Night, moved online due to COVID-19. Poet Laureate event.

110Toronto Writers Collective TIFAOctober 2020

Handwritten notes and correspondence with organizers in preparation for AFM's appearance at the Toronto Writers Collective reading for the Toronto International Festival of Authors, moved online due to COVID-19. Includes a copy of The Bridge newspaper with an advertisement for the event and a tie-in article on the back page. Poet Laureate event.

Box 2
21Mayor's Arts Lunch at HomeSeptember 2020

Correspondence and official publication for the Toronto Arts Foundation-sponsored Mayor's Arts Lunch at Home. Publication contains AFM's annotations. Official Poet Laureate event.

22Thin Air talkSeptember 2020

Notes toward AFM's recorded talk and reading from As Far As You Know for Thin Air, Winnipeg Writer's Festival, the online version. Poet Laureate event.

23East Meets West podcastAugust 2020

Notes, advertisements and screen-grabs of poems to be discussed on Anna Yin's East Meets West translation video/podcast. Poet Laureate event.

24Walk with Excellence 2020June 2020

First through fourth and final drafts of a poem/rap for the Walk with Excellence event. Official Poet Laureate event.

27Poetry in Union2020

Script and notes on poems for Poetry in Union, the second annual initiative between Union Station and the League of Canadian Poets. The event took place at Union Station on February 14, 2020. Poet Laureate event.

28Intro for George Elliott ClarkeFebruary 2020

Original and edited typescript and handwritten notes for AFM's introduction of George Elliott Clarke as the Pelham Edgar Lecturer for Victoria University.

29Di Cicco Memorial2020

Notes and long and short reading scripts for the City of Toronto memorial for AFM's friend and former Toronto Poet Laureate Pier Giorgio D Cicco. Official Poet Laureate event.

210Toronto Writers Collective Keynote2020

Includes several drafts of "Words are Bridges, the Word is You", AFM's keynote address for the January 2020 meeting of the Toronto Writers Collective, as well as an identification tag, printed poems for the conference, TWC newsletters and the facilitator training manual. Poet Laureate event.

211Toronto Christmas Concert, "The Star and the Animals", and talk2019

Handwritten notes, drafts, final text, correspondence, seat reservation and event layout for the City of Toronto Christmas Concert. Includes drafts and reading copy - with notes on accentuation - of AFM's poem "The Star and the Animals", written for the event, as well as the introductory presentation given at the event. Official Poet Laureate Event.

212Bill 6, Establishing a Poet Laureate of Ontario2019

AFM's badge of participation attached to the most recent presentation of Bill 6, to create a Poet Laureate of Ontario in memory of Gord Downie. AFM was a proponent of the Bill in his role as Poet Laureate.

215Mayor's Evening for the Arts and "Faith in Hell"2019

Keepsake printed material from the the Mayor's Evening for the Arts event in November 2019, including AFM's notes on seating arrangements. Also includes a printout of the poem "Faith in Hell" from the Toronto Star which was initially considered as a dedicating poem to be read at the event. Official Poet Laureate event.

216Arts & Letters Club presentation2019

Handwritten notes and correspondence with Michael Redhill, name badge, guest pass and hand-out regarding AFM's October 2019 appearance at the Arts & Letters Club, "An Evening with Al Moritz and Michael Redhill". Poet Laureate event.

217Literary and Lemon Peel Society2019

Correspondence, poem and ballads for AFM's talk on the "Story Poem" on October 20, 2019. Includes a t-shirt from the event. Poet Laureate event.

218Poetry at the Manor2019

Correspondence, contacts, flyers and a thank-you card related to AFM's appearance at Poetry at the Manor in Windsor, a meeting of the Poets Laureate, on October 9, 2019. Official Poet Laureate event.

219The Excelsis Group2019

Pamphlet introducing the new educational not-for-profit charity for literary engagement in Canada via Exile Literary Quarterly, The Excelsis Group. AFM is listed as a mentor for emerging writers.

Box 3
31Ashbery's "A Wave"[n.d.]

AFM's annotations in Ashbery's A Wave, Penguin Books, 1984.

323"The Volcano" contract2020

Signed contract for reprinting "The Volcano" in the science-fiction publication Amazing Stories Magazine.

Box 3
37Bloorcourt BIA Poem Project2019

Correspondence related to the Bloorcourt BIA Poem Project AFM contributed to in his role as Toronto Poet Laureate. The poem “Passerby” was engraved into a public sculpture.

38TPL, various2019-2021

Handwritten poems and notes for various Toronto Poet Laureate writing projects, events, and radio/public appearances. Includes North York Tragedy, East End Arts and Shab-e-She’r, handwritten laureate agendas, Heritage Tree, The Bentway, Vic Faculty Reading Series poem reading list, Mayor’s Evening for the Arts, and others.

39TPL City and Laureates Memorial for Giorgio DiCicco2020

Correspondence related to the memorial service for former Toronto Poet Laureate and friend, Giorgio DiCicco.

310Poems for TPL2021

Poems composed for original publications and correspondence regarding Toronto Poet Laureate role. Specific writing projects include: poems for council regarding the pandemic, “Exactly Here the Marvel Spoke”; poems celebrating friendship anniversaries between Toronto and Sagamihara, Kviv and Chicago; Emotion Put into Measure podcast preparation; notes for CBC podcast on "Solitude"; and Mayor’s Arts Lunch at Home.

311TPL au courant2021-2022

More recent Toronto Poet Laureate work, including Toronto Ravine Days, Dead Poets Night, contribution to saving a Heritage Tree, Victoria College Reading, and Language Martyrs Day script for a livestream audience.

312Gustafson Distinguished Poet’s Visit, dossierMarch 2022

Travel and schedule documents related to AFM’s Gustafson Distinguished Poet’s Visit on Vancouver Island in March 2022. Includes thank-you notes from host.

313Gustafson essay drafts2021-2022

Early drafts and notes for the Gustafson Lecture/Essay presented to Vancouver Island University in March 2022. First typewritten draft of the lecture with AFM’s handwritten comments. Includes correspondence about the event with host Sonnet L’Abbé.

Box 4
41Gustafson essay, final drafts2022

Final version of the essay, “Poetry: Future Present of the Past” for the Gustafson Lectureship at Vancouver Island University. Includes AFM’s reading version with excisions marked in red, the reading version without excisions, and the complete copy of the essay not shortened for the 60-minute reading time.

42Toronto Writers Collective notebookJanuary 2020

Contains a notebook with notes for the Facilitator Appreciation Day Conference of Toronto Writers Collective, 11 Jan 2020. Also includes additional Fundraiser event notes and a small scribbler of Toronto Writers Collective notes.

43IJES BoardJanuary 2020

Correspondence and reports regarding the board meeting of the International Jacques Ellul Society, of which AFM is an active member.