Personal material

Title: Personal material
Dates of Material:
1935-2019, predominant 1947-1958, 1980-2017
65.5 cm of textual records
55 photographs
1 sculpture
1 object
Scope and content

Series consists of annual day to day journals and calendars with noted activities, as well as notes, letters, photographs and other records related to family and personal matters.



Box 16
16 Calendars1980-2002
16 Journals1983-1999
Box 27
271 Calendar to do lists2000-2001
272 Calendars2003-2004
Box 2
210 Calendar with activities2005
Box 6
618 Schedules and other dated material2005-2008
Box 4
Box 7
75Drawings for grandchildren2014


Box 16
166Day Planner 2015 2015

AFM's day planner with handwritten notes.   

Box 15
154Day Book 20152015

Consists of AFM's day planner with notes, appointments, etc.   

1513To Do Lists2015-2016

Handwritten notes  

Box 16
164Washington DC Trip [personal]2016

Includes itineraries, brochures, etc. for personal trip taken by AFM and Theresa, his wife, to Washington, DC

Box 17
1712Albert Frank Moritz baby book1947-1957

Also includes a story written by AFM as a child.   

Box 1
112"The New Measures" lists2012

Handwritten lists of individuals to whom AFM sent copies of his book The New Measures and those who sent him congratulations.

Box 2
25To Do List, February 20172017

Handwritten to-do list.

Box 3
32Memorials - Mary Elizabeth Moritz2016

Cards to AFM on the death of his mother, Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Moritz. Fall 2016.

33Memorials - Istvan Moritz2016

Cards related to the death of AFM's nephew, Istvan Moritz. Summer 2016.

38To Do Lists2016-2017

Handwritten notes.

318Day Planner 20072007

AFM's daily planner with handwritten notes, appointments and ticket stubs.

319Day Planner 20082008

AFM's daily planner with handwritten notes.

320Day Planner 20092009

AFM's day planner with handwritten notes. Also includes programs and travel guides from his trip to Iceland where he performed at the Reykjavik International Literary Festival in September 2009.

Box 4
41Day Planner 20102010

AFM's day planner with handwritten notes.

42Day Planner 20112011

AFM's day planner with handwritten notes.

43King Lear [including marginalia][n.d.]

AFM's copy of King Lear with a large amount of marginalia.

47Letters to Mother[1997, 2009-2011]

AFM's letters to his mother as found in her effects in the Fall of 2016.

49Foresting Schools monograph[ca. 1950-1960]

AFM's monograph on foresting schools given to him by his father. Includes a handwritten note with additional explanation.

413Souvenirs, 19581958

Souvenir book from a family trip to NYC, Gettysburg and Washington, DC.

414Souvenirs, 1956-19571956-1957

Souvenirs from a family trip to Kentucky.

415AFM in Second Grade1954

Photograph from the Niles Daily Times of AFM in the front row of his 2nd grade class. Also included is a handwritten note by AFM with additional description.

416Baby photos1947-1948

13 photographs of AFM as a baby with his parents and grandparents from his "Baby's Book". 

(Photos P1-13)
417"Baby's Book"1947

AFM's baby book from his first year, written in his mother's hand. Includes handwritten notes of milestones and gifts given, a lock of hair, and photographs of the first 6-12 months of his life. See 2017.07 4-16 for loose photographs.

418Presentation of Moritz Award1975

Photographs showing the presentation of the Moritz Biological/Science Award to a Youngstown State First-Year Student. After AFM's father's death.

(Photos P1-5)
Box 5
51Father's booklet1943

AFM's father's booklet on The Corps of Engineers, given to him by his father.

52Father's certification1935

AFM's father's certification to the National Forensic League - participation. February 1935.


AFM's father's translation of the French poem/song Symphonie, sent from France to AFM's mother.

54Science Fair 19601960

AFM's father judging a science fair, featured in the Niles Daily Times newspaper.

55Istvan Memorial2016

Leather-good boxed scholarship bookmark commemorating the loss of AFM's nephew Istvan Moritz.


AFM's father's commission into the United States Army as 1st Lieutenant, Army Engineers.

Box 3
318Loose Comic Sketches2000-2019

Four large comic sketches for AFM's wife Theresa Moritz and grandson Tobias Moritz.

325Pete Nutini mementos2010-2017

Mementos of Pete Nutini's life and his visit to Toronto in 2012, a photo related to Nutini, correspondence and Nutini's funeral mass card.

Box 5
514Albert Moritz Sr. war photographs[194-]

Photographs and other items belonging to Albert Moritz Sr. Items include:

- A photo of Albert holding AFM as a baby;

- Albert's mailing address during the war, noted on a torn envelope addressed to his wife Betty;

- Albert's photo album during his service in North Africa in 1943. He was with Mark Clark's soldiers in preparation for the invasion of Southern France. Contains 31 photographs;

- A portrait of Albert drawn by a street artist in North Africa, probably in 1943 and likely in Algiers

(Photos P1-32)
Box 6
61Family History

AFM's family tree and history, from an interview with his mother Betty for the most part. Also included is Betty Moritz's collection of obituaries of family members, a handwritten list of family members and a photostat of more family tree information.

62Moritz Family Souvenirs 1ca. 1975

Miscellaneous family mementos. Includes photographs of AFM's sister, Rosanne, including a local newspaper clipping on her fashion sense; mementos of Rosanne's schooling; and an envelope containing a lock of Rosanne's hair kept by Betty Mortiz.

(Photos P1)
63Moritz Family Souvenirs 21964-1972

Miscellaneous family mementos. Includes a photograph of AFM as a young man; a birthday card from Betty Mortiz with a photo of AFM and his father; and a letter from AFM's father, Albert, addressed to AFM, Theresa and their son.

(Photos P1-2)
64Moritz Family Souvenirs 3[1937, 1973]

Miscellaneous family mementos. Includes sketches of AFM's mother, Betty Mortiz, possibly by his sister Rosanne; a sheaf of paper from Betty's participation in a school speech tournament with French practice on the back; a poem by Betty, "The Last Day", with commentary by a teacher or mentor; a family photograph; and a photograph of AFM's father, Albert, and his colleagues at the Youngstown State University Biology Department.

(Photos P1-2)
Box 3
311Istvan Moritz memorial invitation2020

Invitation to the Istvan Moritz Memorial Scholarship Ceremony.