Title: Teaching
Dates of Material:
80 cm of textual records
1 video cassette
Scope and content

Series consists of records relating to A.F. Moritz’s teaching career at the University of Toronto, including his work as Writer in Residence, Northrop Frye Visiting Lectureship poetry readings, and Continuing Education classes and includes correspondence, lecture notes and typescripts, course outlines, handouts and schedules, teaching handbooks, research material, exam questions, class lists and students’ marks.

Series also contains some material from courses taught by his wife, Theresa Moritz.

Access restrictions

Student marks and class lists are restricted for seventy-five years.

Box 2
21ENG 306 English Prose and Poetry 1660-1800, Schedule and Reading Assignments1987-1996, 1987

Contains handwritten notes. Originally contained student marks.  These have been destroyed in keeping with privacy legislation. 

22 RRENG 308 Romantic Poetry Exam and student notes1987

Contains notes that AFM wrote assessing students work.   

23ENG 308 Romantic Poetry course notes and material1991-1992


24ENG 353Y Exam 1990


25ENG 201 Class notes 1995


26[Letters of application and correspondence regarding teaching positions]1982-1993


27ENG 100 and 103 course material1988


28ENG100 Notes1987-1992


29ENG100 and ENG103 Handbook for Instructors1990


210ENG100 and ENG103: Exams, quizzes, exercises, misc.handouts. 1986-1990


211ENG103 Schedules1986-1990


212University of Toronto Correspondence, Agreements, Forms, Information, Schedules1986-1990


213ENG308 Romantic Poetry [notes and course material]1987-1989


214ENG390: Clare and Hardy [notes]1988


215ENG246Y: Romantic and Victorian Literature [course material and notes]1988-1990

Trinity College (UofT) Course.

216ENG354: Modern Canadian Poetry, handouts1989-1990

St. Hilda's College (U of T)  

217ENG354Y - Modern Canadian Poetry / English, Lecture Notes1989-1990


218 RR[Reference for Suzanne McLaughlin graduate application]1990

Includes student's work for ENG490Y and material from that course.   

219ENG250: American Literature [notes and course material]1987-1988


220ENG256Y (taught with M. Redekop: 1/2 course) [notes and course material]1987


221ENG120Y: Forms of Literature [notes and course material]1992-1993

 Erindale College (UofT Mississauga) course.

Box 3
31[Course notes - Values in Current Releases]2002


32[English 250Y Exam instructions and schedule]1989


33[Notes and other teaching material]1990

Includes 3 photographs.   Includes ENG 246Y: Romantic and Victorian Literature course notes and material, Giving Voice to the Spirit poetry workshop and continuing education course at St. Michael's College, related newspaper, clippings, correspondence from students, rough notes for courses, photocopied poems, etc. 

(Photos P1-3)
34ENG130Y Course notes and exams1993-1995


35ENG 213 : The Short Story [Notes, exams and syllabi]1988-1993


36Vic 350 Souvenirs [cards from students] 2001-2002


37Office Bulletin Board [ephemera]1993-1994


310ENG 368Y: Creative Writing and Poetry1991-1992

Includes notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings and course material.   

311ENG 250Y : American Literature1988-1989

 Includes notes, course material, etc.  

315Film Reviewing Course [St. Michael's College]1999

Course material and notes.

316Poertry in Movies - St. Michael's College Continuing Ed.1997

Includes notes and course material.   

317Shakespeare in the Movies1999

St. Michael's Continuing Education course. Includes course notes and schedule.   

318-19Values in Current Releases1998-2001

Course materials and notes for St. Michael's Continuing Education course taught by AFM.   Course sessions 1998, 2000, 2001.

321Living and Learning in Retirement Info and Lectures2000-2001

At Glendon College, Toronto.   

323ENG 348 Summer 1993 - Erindale. Notes on Whitman, Dickinson, Eliot and Stevens with ENG 250. 1993

Also includes ENG201Y: Reading Poetry course schedule.   

Box 21
211 “Giving Voice to the Spirit” poetry course (Theresa Moritz)2002
212 RR“Giving Voice to the Spirit” class list2002
213–4“Values in Current Release” film course (Theresa Moritz)2002-2004
215 RR“Values in Current Release” class lists2002-2004
Box 1
11 Vic One Year End Dinner menu2006
Box 2
22 ENG 103 - Class visit to Fresno State University School of Education video cassette2001

1 videocassette tape.

Box 1
11 “Values in Current Release”2005
12 “Values in Current Release”2006
13 “Values in Current Release”2007
14 Trinity College Associate2006-2007
15 University of Toronto—Department of English2007
16 Trinity College Parents Day lecture2008
17 Victoria College2007-2008
Box 1
11St. Michael’s College Continuing Education1995-2005
12St. Michael’s College—“Values In Current Release”2008
12Victoria College—Vic3501998
14Victoria College—VicOne2009
Box 5
515Vic College Docs. 2015

Victoria College/ U of T course schedules, nomination as permanent fellow at Victoria College.

516Creative Writing documents1995

Part of planning document for creative writing courses at Victoria College.  

Box 7

Victoria College teaching / work / personal schedules.  

Box 16
165 RRVic Business2014

Includes correspondence around classes that AFM was teaching, scheduling, employment agreements, and records related to salary.    

Box 3
314Paz translation2017

AFM's edited translation of Paz's "Response & Reconciliation" jotted down for his VIC 165H course.

Box 4
46Jewison Brochure Profile2011

Brochure announcing the launch of the Jewison Stream at Victoria College, part of the Vic One Program. AFM was part of the Jewison Stream faculty.