Publishing and Editorial Work

Title: Publishing and Editorial Work
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Series consists of correspondence, lists, proofs and other records related to A.F. Moritz's work as editor and publisher of “Best Canadian Poetry 2009”;  correspondence, minutes, financial records, catalogues, photographs, manuscripts, publications and other records relating to Watershed Books, a co-operative literary press that included A.F. Moritz as a member of the Editorial Committee, and manuscripts and published works by other poets edited by A.F. Moritz and Theresa Moritz for Dreadnaught Press.

Series also consists of manuscripts submitted to A.F. Moritz for his thoughts and comments. 

Box 13
131 Harvey Joseph Click, “Magic Times”1981
132 Albert Fuller, “The Discovery of the New World”1996
133 Shaker Quotation Project1998
134 George Murray, “The Hunter”2001-2003
135 Pier Giorgio DiCicco2002
136 Evan Jones2002
137 Goran Simic, “Immigrant Blues”2002
138 “A U of T Christmas Carol”2002
139 Chris Pannell, “Under Old Stars”2002
1310 Adam Sol, “Crowd of Sounds”2002
1311 Beatriz Hausner, “The Wardrobe Mistress”2002-2003
1312 Manuscripts reviewed2003
1313 Carole Glasser Langille, “Late in a Slow Time”2003
Watershed Books
1314 Watershed Books 1998-2001

Includes 4 photos of A.F. Moritz with others and 3 photographs of a painting of Stephen Riggins.

1315 A.F. Moritz, “End of the Age” 12 Watershed Books publications2000
Box 17
1713 Dreadnaught—editing and copywriting1979-1982
Box 25
Manuscripts submitted to A.F. Moritz
256 Stephanie Savage Manuscript "The Eye of The Beholder" [199?]
257 Michael Topa Manuscripts1973-1980
258 Gerald Burns[197?]
259 Michael Cameron[198?]
2510 Michael Redhill1992

Manuscript of Lake Nora Arms. With note to Al thanking him for his help.

2511 Josh Auberbach2003

Includes a letter to Al thanking him for suggestions and edits.

2512–14Allan Brown "Frames of Silence" manuscript2003-2004

Includes early MS with edits, suggestions for notes,

2515 Jim Slominski2004

MS of Forever the Last Time. Includes a letter thanking AFM for this comments and edits.

2516–17Blaise Moritz Manuscript2004

Copy of MS for Crown and Ribs. Second file is MS received on 23 July - "B's second concept for a shorter version."

2518 Blaise Moritz manuscript version as of 2 Septmber 042004
Box 26
261 Paul Vermeersh - manuscript Fall 2004 editing - For M.S. Spring 20052005
262 Goran Simic2005

Copy of typescript and correspondence about edits with Dan Wells.

Box 2
Manuscripts submitted to A.F. Moritz
26 Sheldon Zitner manuscript and memorial service2005
28 Edits and suggestions for Rafi Aaron’s “Surviving The Censor—The Unspoken Words Of Osip Mandelstam”[2006?]
29 Correspondence and drafts re letter on Geoffrey Hall for Poetry2006
Box 6
67 Representative Poetry Online2008

Correspondence regarding AFM joining the editorial advisory board.

Manuscripts submitted to A.F. Moritz
63 Blaise Moritz manuscript 2005

MS for Crown and Ribs and related correspondence.

Box 3
38Best Canadian Poetry2009

Includes correspondence, list of contributors. 

"Best Canadian Poetry", pub. 2009
39First 50 poems
310First 50 poems—alternates
311Second 50 poems
312Second 50 poems—alternates
314Proof copy
315Correspondence and other records
Manuscripts submitted to A.F. Moritz
318Manuscript poems by others2008
323Evan Jones manuscript poems[ca. 2006]
Box 4
46Representative Poetry Online (AFM editorial board member)2009
41David Livingstone Clink2003, 2008

Typescript copy of The Illustrated Manatee and a copy published work Eating Fruit out of Season with inscription and note of gratitude from the author to AFM.

42Manuscript “The Hole in the Wall” by Peter McEwen2008
43Manuscript “Frozen Light” by Michael Topa2008

Includes a poem "To the Muse - For A.F. Moritz" and a thank you note and Christmas card.

44Manuscript “Confluences” by Allan Briesmaster2009
45Manuscript “The Reinvention of the Human Hand” by Paul Vermeersch2009
Box 7
Manuscripts submitted to A.F. Moritz

Rafi Aaron's draft of book After the Deluge.  

Box 12
121Helen Albright "Portmanteaux"1980

Edited by AFM and Theresa Moritz at Dreadnaught Press.  

122Helen Albright "Wheat"1980

Edited by AFM and Theresa Moritz at Dreadnaught Press.   


Articles written by William Arrowsmith "Rushkin's Fireflies (unpublished at the time) and "Grave Prattle: Eliot's 'Le Directeur', published in The Yale Review send to AFM for review.

Box 1
114Moritz edits 2015

For Jeff Bien's work.  Typed list of changes with page references.   

117Review of 'Shimmer Report' by Brian Campbell2015

Copy of emails sent to Brian Campbell with notes on Shimmer Report (2015).  

Box 2
Manuscripts submitted to A.F. Moritz
211Rafi Aaron manuscript editing2016-2017

AFM's handwritten notes and edits on Rafi Aaron's manuscript In the Days of the Cotton Wind and the Sparrow.

216"Perfect Day" by Leif Vaage2016

Leif Vaage's manuscript Perfect Day with some pages of handwritten notes towards a cover copy by AFM.

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