Periodicals containing material by or about A.F. Moritz

Title: Periodicals containing material by or about A.F. Moritz
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Series consists of copies and offprints of poetry and literary periodicals (includes websites) containing poems, literary essays and book reviews by A.F. Moritz. Also includes newspaper clippings, published reviews of A.F. Moritz works, and articles regarding his career.

Box 10
101–19Periodicals containing A.F. Moritz poems1969-1987
Box 11
111–10Periodicals containing A.F. Moritz poems1988-1996
Box 12
121–4Periodicals containing A.F. Moritz poems1997-2000
125–19Periodicals containing A.F. Moritz essays and reviews1974-1999
1220–34Periodicals containing reviews of A.F. Moritz poetry and articles about him1979-2002
Box 18
181–10Periodicals containing A.F. Moritz poems1976-2005
Box 19
191–3Periodicals containing A.F. Moritz articles1980-2003
194–17Periodicals containing reviews of A.F. Moritz poetry and articles about him 1982-2005
1918 Drafts of articles and reviews by A.F. Moritz
1919 Drafts of reviews2005
Box 1
123 Articles about A.F.M.2001-2006
124 Poems in periodicals2005-2006
125 On-line items2006
126 Review by A.F.M. in Books In Canada2006
Box 5
510 Articles about A.F.M.2003-2008
511 Article/review2005
512 Reviews of A.F.M.’s poetry2006-2008
513 Poems in journals2007
514 Poems in journals2008
Box 3
31Article about A.F.M.2009

Hart Beat Magazine, Volume 10, Number 3, 2009.  Includes correspondence.

32"Toys" by A.F. Moritz2009

In Vallum Contemporary Poetry Issue 6:2, Spring 2009. Includes a letter from the editor.

34"A Bird." 2008

Acta Victoriana 2008/2009 edition.  AFM's poem appears on page 23.

35"Faculty Forum" by A.F. Moritz 2009

Contribution to Vic Report, Autumn 2009   

36-7"What Man Has Made of Man"2009

Published in Poetry, November 2009. Includes correspondence.

Box 11
1116Magazines - Riddle Fence - poems in 2013 : RF152013


1118AFM magazines - poem in The Walrus2012


1119AFM magazines - AFM mentioned in Quill & Quire article ; starred and lead poetry review of "The New Measures"2012


1120AFM magazines - UTQuarterly - Vol.81, Number 1 Winter 20122012


Box 5
512The Malahat Review - (2 translations of J.R. Jimenez)2014

   Issue 188. 

519Copy of Dr. Olga Pugliese's article on Bartolotti, citing Moritz's Goldman biography2014

Page 140 "Lo studio fundamentale"  

Box 7
76Event: Poetry and Prose2011

Copy of 40:1 Spring/Summer 2011.  Two poems by A.F. Moritz on pages 56-7.

77ARC Poetry Magazine2013

Copy of Winter 2013 issue with Sue Sinclair's review of The New Measures p.138.  

78The Malahat Review2014

Issue 86, Spring 2014 with six poems by A.F. Moritz.   

79Arc Poetry Magazine2014

Issue 73, Winter 2014 with essay by A.F. Moritz on Daniel Guy Tremblay.  

710Quill & Quire2014

Copy of April 2014 issue. A.F. Moritz mentioned in cover story.   

Box 12
123El Buscón 11982

   AFM poems on Page 115-120 in Spanish translated by Gilberto Meza.  "La academia de escritores chinos", "Keats en Roma", "Signos y certidumbres".

124El Buscón 21983

Works by friends of AFM published in the 6th edition of this journal.    

125Riddle Fence2013

   Issue #15, Fall 2013 of Riddle Fence. Poems by AFM on page 21-31 "The Gap", "The First Chapters of Genesis", "A Visit to the Birdhouse" , "The Longed-for Hour", "Monologue to Self to Soul", "Lost."

126Prairie Fire2013

Prarie Fire issue 34:4, Winter 2013-2014, pages 4-23 essay by AFM "A Garden is not a Place: Poetry and Beauty" and poems "Oxalis", "Song of a Branch" and "Root of Loveliness." 

127The Fiddlehead2014

Issue No. 260, Summer Poetry 2014 p110-112 poems by AFM "Meditation", "Christmas Eve" and "A Psalm of Sparrows."  

Box 16

Copy of Audeamus, the literary journal of Massey College (U of T). Contains the poem "Troubadour" by AFM on page 9. Also includes a thank you card from the editor for AFM's contribution.

Box 17
173"Week 57 - A.F. Moritz presented by Elana Wolff [on "Sequence"]" 2016

Printed from Brick Books website - a weekly feature in Celebration of Canadian Poetry.   

Box 16
1613Vaso communicante 2(6), Spring 20022002

Copy of Vaso communicante 2(6), Spring 2002. Poem by A.F. Moritz "Descanso en la huída a Egipto" on page 30. Spanish.

1614Luvina No.47, Summer 20072007

Copy of Luvina, Revista Literaria Numero 47, Verano de 2007 (University of Guadalajara publication). Poem by A.F. Moritz on page 66 "Orfeo en Ontario." In Spanish.

1618Excerpts of Sequence in ELQ2015

Copy of ELQ Exile: The Literary Quarterly Volume 39, No. 1. Excerpts of "Sequence" by AFM on page 75.

168Sequence Review in Vallum2016

Photocopied pages of review that appeared on pages 72-74 of Vallum [unknown issue]  

169Stand review2015

A copy of Stand, volume 12(4).  Review of AFM's Sequence by James W. Wood on page 95.

Box 17
176Acta Victoriana2016

Copy of Acta Victoriana, Spring 2016. AFM poem on page 5 "Congestion"  

177Audeamus, Spring 20162016

Copy of Massey College's literary journal Audeamus with poems by AFM on pages 21 and 48 "Interstellar" and "The Companion"   

Box 16
1612Vaso communicante - Número de Homenaje a los 75 años de Ludwig Zeller [Tribute edition - 75th birthday of Ludwig Zeller]2002

Copy of Vaso communicante 2(7), Summer 2002.  Poem on page 36 by A.F. Moritz "Balada del gorrigón y la diosa - para Ludwig Zeller" translated by Susana Weld into Spanish.

1610Sequence review in Arc [web version]2016

Review of AFM's Sequence in Arc (Online version) by Alison Goodwin.  Printout of webpage.   

Box 17
1710Review of "Sequence" in Vallum 12:22015

Review of Sequence by AFM on page 72 by Patrick M. Pilarski.

Box 1
110The Yale Review, April 20172017

Copy of The Yale Review, Vol. 105, No. 2 (Yale University publication). Poem by AFM "Rhythm of Time" on page 88.

Box 2
22UofT Magazine, Spring 20172017

Copy of UofT Magazine, Spring 2017. Poem by AFM "You That I Loved" from his collection The Sentinel reprinted on page 17.

27Review of Brian Campbell in Vallum2017

Copy of Vallum 14:1, Spring 2017 with a review of Brian Campbell's book Shimmer Report by AFM on pages 66-71.

Box 4
44The Paris Review1996

Photocopy of AFM's poem "Nothing Happened Here" published in The Paris Review, Spring 1996, Number 138.

45Partisan Review1996

A copy of Partisan Review, 1996, with AFM's poem "Touring Machine" in poetry section.

Box 9
98The Sparrow, Globe and Mail Review2018

Newspaper review and the original draft sent by the author, George Fetherling.

99The Sparrow, Starred Review in Quill and Quire2018


Box 11
1115Brick Books review2016

Copy of Autumn Getty's review of AFM's A Houseboat on the Styx published in Brick Books. Some correspondence included.

1116The Malahat Review2018

Four poems in The Malahat Review #202, Spring 2018, on pages 82-87.

1117The Trinity Review2018

A copy of The Trinity Review, Winter 2018, with AFM's poem "Behemoth" on page 30.


A copy of Massey College's journal Audeamus containing 3 poems by AFM: "Childhood Friend", "To the Reader" and "Love Poem".


A copy of Massey College's journal Audeamus containing 2 poems by AFM: "The Coming Forth of Dawn" and "Encounter".

1120The Walrus2018

A copy of The Walrus, July/August 2018, with AFM's poem "The Green Ash Tree" on page 56.

Box 12
121The Fiddlehead2018

A copy of The Fiddlehead, No. 276, Summer Poetry Edition containing 4 of AFM's poems.

Box 2
26Vic Report TPL and Poem2019

The Vic Report Summer 2019 issue with back cover feature on AFM's installment as Toronto's Poet Laureate, with an inset publication of the poem, "Snow in May".

210Toronto Star on Danforth2019

Toronto Star article by Mitch Potter, quoting AFM, regarding the Commemoration of the Danforth Tragedy.

215Redpath in Toronto Star2019

Toronto Star article written by Brendan Kennedy describing Redpath's rescinding their invitation to Doors Open Toronto, with the text of the poem "The Current of Sugar". Some changes between print and online edition.

219Newspapers memorial2019

Globe and Mail and Toronto Star coverage of the North York van attack one-year memorial. AFM's poem "Their Change of Love" is included in the Toronto Star.

Box 3
326The Sparrow, Hamilton Arts & Letters Review2019

Review of The Sparrow by Patrick O'Reilly in Hamilton Arts & Letters 11.2.

327Black Orchid, Quarry I Review1981-1983

James Garratt's review of Black Orchid from Quarry I.

328Black Orchid, Books in Canada Review1983

Bruce Whitman's review of Black Orchid and others in Books in Canada, "Pistil Packing Prodigies".

329Mahoning, Vindicator Reviewca. 1994

Nancy Beeghly's review of Mahoning in the Youngstown Vindicator [Ohio].

330Mahoning, Books in Canada Review1995

Tim Bowling's review of Mahoning included in "Vital Combinations" in Books in Canada.

331Houseboat, Independent Weekly Review[1998 or 1999]

Adam Getty's review of Houseboat on the Styx, "A Season of Hell" for The Independent Weekly.

332Houseboat, Toronto Star Review1999

Judith Fitzgerald's review of Houseboat on the Styx for the Toronto Star.

333Houseboat, Globe and Mail Review1999

Fraser Sutherland's review of Houseboat on the Styx and others in the Globe and Mail.

334Houseboat, Word Review1999

Paul Vermeersch's review of Houseboat on the Styx for Word, Toronto's Literary Calendar, Feb. 1999, four/eleven.

335Rest, Fiddlehead Review2000

Brian Bartlett's review of Rest on the Flight into Egypt for the Fall 2000 issue of The Fiddlehead, #205.

336Rest, Toronto Star Review2000

Philip Marchand's discussion of Governor General's Award-nominated Rest on the Flight into Egypt among others in the Toronto Star.  

337Conflicting Desire, Books in Canada Review2001

Richard Greene's review of Conflicting Desire in Books in Canada.

338Conflicting Desire, Malahat Review2001

Eric Miller's review of Conflicting Desire for the Malahat Review, issue 136.

339Night Street Repairs, Poetry Review2004

Peter Campion's review of Night Street Repairs for Poetry (Chicago).

340Sentinel, National Post Review2008

Richard Greene's review of The Sentinel in National Post.

341Frog Hollow, ARC Poetry Magazine Review2008

Katia Grubisic's featured review of Now That You Revive and Editing Moritz, both from Frog Hollow Press, in ARC Poetry Magazine.

342"We Will Follow the Earth"2010

AFM's essay in the University of Toronto's weekly independent paper, the newspaper.

343The New Measures, Toronto Star Review2012

Barbara Carey's review of The New Measures in the Toronto Star.

344The New Measures, The Ofi Press Magazine Review2012-2013

Georgina Mexia-Amador's review of The New Measures for The Ofi Press Magazine issue #36.

Box 4
41Review Listsca. 1994

Lists of reviews, mentions and notes on AFM's various volumes, as well as encyclopedia entries.

42Rio Loa, Word Review1999

James Arthur's review of Rio Loa, A.F. and Theresa Moritz's English translation of Rio Loa: Estación de los Sueños by Ludwig Zeller, in Word, Toronto's Literary Calendar, November 1999, five/eight.

43Griffin Prize News, UofT Papers2009

Two articles detailing AFM's receipt of The Griffin Prize in Toronto's student newspapers The Strand and the newspaper.

44Poetry Awards Notices2004-2005

Poetry's announcement of AFM's receipt of the Bess Hokin Prize for "The Sentinel" in 2004, and The Southwest Review's 2005 announcement of the 2004 Elizabeth Matchett Stover Award for "Vermin of Weariness".

45Night Street Repairs letters to the editor2005

Books in Canada letters to the editor regarding Carmine Starnino's review of Night Street Repairs.

410Varsity Anarchist Feature2000

Carlyn Zwarenstein's feature for The Varsity, "Keeping Dissident Fires Burning: A Quick Tour of Anarchist Toronto", which features a brief interview with AFM on the final page.

421Versus with Moon Broadside1978

Four poems and a hand-printed broadside of AFM's poem "Moon" attached to the front cover of Versus no.4, Winter 1978.

422Four by Four #21983

Four of AFM's poems in Four by Four #2, January 1983.

424Windhorse Broadsideca. 1990

AFM's poem "Essay on Destination" appears in Windhorse Broadside Poet's Choice, a specialty designed anthology edition edited by John Castlebury.

425"The Ducks", Windhorse Reader1993

AFM's poem "The Ducks" appears in Windhorse Reader, Choice Poems of '93.

427Poem, "Oh Sunflower"2018

AFM's poem "Oh Sunflower" in Canadian Literature 236, Spring 2018.

428Poem, "Waiting for Word"2018-2019

AFM's poem "Waiting for Word" in Event 47.3, Winter 2018/2019.

Box 5
51Poem, "As Far As You Know"2019

Title poem of AFM's forthcoming book As Far As You Know, appearing in Yale Review, 107:1, January 2019.

52Poem, "Allegory of the Wind"2019

AFM's poem "Allegory of the Wind" in CV2 Canadian Poetry 41.3, Winter 2019.

533 Poems, Literary Imagination2018

AFM's poems "Elm Seeds", "Mining the Moon" and "The Blue Joke" in Literary Imagination, 20:1, 2018.

542 Poems, Vallum2019

AFM's poems "Descent to the Dead" and "Nazareth" in Vallum Contemporary Poetry, 15.2, Spring 2019.

56Poem, "Description of Space"2018

AFM's poem "Description of Space" in ARC Poetry Magazine, Summer 2018.

573 Poems, The Antigonish Review2018

Three poems in The Antigonish Review 195, Fall 2019.

58Marquette Magazine2000

AFM mentioned in the Marquette University alumni magazine of Summer 2000.

59Ellul Forum Article2018

AFM's scholarly article "Jacques Ellul's Apocalypse in Poetry and Exegesis" in Ellul Forum No. 62, Fall 2019.

Box 6
611Desire Essay1976

AFM's essay "Is It Important to Desire?" in the Russell Edson issue of Occurrence Magazine.

616Poems from The Tradition1985

Several poems from The Tradition featured in Poetry Canada Review, Autumn 1985.

6193 Poems, Voices of the Seventies1977

Three of AFM's poems appear in Voices of the Seventies, ManRoot No. 11, Spring-Summer 1977, an LGBTQ publication. Includes "The Great Tradition", "Scene" and Woodgate".

620The Shore Review1975

Copy of The Shore Review #14, edited by Kenn Kwint. AFM contributed and was also Assistant Editor.

Box 2
25"Thoughts in Time of Plague", Toronto Star article2020

AFM's poem, "Thoughts in Time of Plague" in the Toronto Star. Poet Laureate related publication.

214Exile 43.1 - Zeller in Memoriam2019

Copy of Exile 43.1, with AFM's piece "Simply Black and White, Ludwig Zeller, In Memoriam" on page 36. 

220Exile 42.4 - "Laureate Picks"2019

Copy of Exile 42.4, in which AFM introduces Lara Franklin's poetry on page 81. Poet Laureate related publication.