Poetry Readings

Title: Poetry Readings
Dates of Material:
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4 audio cassettes
Scope and content

Series consists of programs, correspondence, travel brochures, announcements, notes, lists of invitees, and catalogues for poetry readings and workshops. Readings were often to promote published collections and papers.

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Box 3
38Vic [poetry] Readings1994-2000

 Includes notes, Canada Council grant information, promotional material 

Box 9
91 Readings
92 “Back to Put-in-Bay”
93 Hart House International Festival of Poetry1975
94 “Visitation”1983
95 “The Tradition” promotion1986
96 Slippery Rock UniversityMay, 1990
97 Readings[before 1991]
98 Readings1991
99 “Song of Fear” promotion1992
910 “Ruined Cottage”1993
911 “Phantoms in the Ark”1993
912 Readings1994
913 Niles Heritage Days1994
914 “Mahoning”1994
915 Readings1996
916 Moorhead State University Nov. 1996
917 Readings1997
918 “Houseboat on the Styx” promotion1998
919 Readings1998
920 Readings in New Brunswick and Nova ScotiaMarch, 1999
921 Readings in British ColumbiaJune, 1999
922 “Rest on the Flight” promotion1999-2000
923 “End of the Age”2000
924 Bowen Island and Victoria B.C. June–July 2000
925 ReadingsFall, 2000
926 “Conflicting Desire” launch Feb. 2001
927 Toronto eventsSpring, 2001
928 FresnoApril, 2001
929 Maritime Writers WorkshopJuly, 2001
930 VictoriaOctober, 2001
931 Johns Hopkins tripNovember, 2001
932 Readings November and December 2001
933 “Early Poems”2002
934 Book Expo2002
Box 14
148 Wednesday Poetry Readings1995-1998
Box 25
251 McGill University2003
252 Arc Magazine, Ottawa2003
253 Blue Metropolis2004


254 Alden Nowlan Festival2004
Box 1
119 Readings2006
121 Maritime Writers’ Workshop2006
122 University of Windsor/Assumption University2006
129 “Exile on Queen Street”2006
Box 2
21 “Mahoning” Moritz and Septext Live at the Rivoli, Septext - Ideas for "Mahoning" 1995

2 audio cassettes

Box 5
56 2 audio cassettes of A.F.M. talking about artist and society/metaphor

2 audio cassettes

57 Readings2004-2008
58 Oakville Poetry Café2006
59 Reading—York University2008
Box 6
66 “Scream In High Park”2007

Scream In High Park was a literary festival in Toronto.

Manuscripts submitted to A.F. Moritz
65 New York University Poetry Event 2006-2007
Box 2
224“A Summer’s Night of Poetry”1987
225Zeller and Wald Banquet1994
226Art Local 21 and The Department Gallery Mainspace2009
227“Livewords” Series2009
228Montreal/Fredericton trip2009
229New York trip2009
230Shakespeare’s birthday2009
231Small Press Book Fair2009
232Toronto Public Library2009
233Trinity College Lampman poetry2009
234University of British Columbia2009
235Windsor Bookfest2009
236Word on the Street2009
237Words Alive Literary Festival2009
238York University2009
Box 9
95Readings : programs of many readings by AFM2000-2012


96"The New Measures" - programs for seven readings given from it. 2013

Contains a note written by A.F. Moritz in October 2014 on the content and context of this file.  

97Notes for poetry talks ; quotations to read at readings and poetry talks.2005


Box 11
1121Cobourg Festival of Poetry - A reads at 21 April 20132013


1122Readings - Kingston WritersFest 2013


1123Reading - April 2013 Blue Metropolis, Montréal2013


1124A + T August 2012 Trip : Paris ; Edinburgh Fringe Festival ; Canada House, London Readings2012


1125Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Summerhill Program2012


Box 5
52Miscellaneous - Readings lists, reading invitations, notices 2015



Miscellaneous handwritten programs - lists of poems for various readings.  

Box 7
72Movies 2013

Text for AFM's poem read at Live Words and TIFF events for book launch.   


Northern District Library reading announcement June 18, 2015.   

Box 3
312Poems to read in Granada2013

Draft typescripts of poems in Spanish by AFM to read at the IX Festival Internacional de Poesia de Granada, Nicaragua.  Poems include: "Casandra," "Gusto por Vagar," "Lo Que Teníamos," "Tú a Quien Amé" and "Una Música Solemne." These poems are from The Sentinel.

Box 16
163Readings - September and October2015

Includes schedules, correspondence, material, etc.   

Box 17
171Tree Reading Series2015

Consists of notes, itinerary and correspondence  

Box 4
43Translation reading at Glendon College October 20032003

Draft typescripts of poems by Juan Ramón Jiménez, Federico Garcia Lorca, Jorge Guillén, Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas and Diego Hurtado de Mendoza. 

Box 16
162Poetry reading Montreal 13-14 October 20152015

Reading sponsored by McGill University, Canada Council and the Writers' Union of Canada.  Held at the Resonance Café.

Box 17
175Reading of Ludwig Zeller's poems by Susana Wald and A.F. Moritz2013-2016

Includes photocopies of poems (in Spanish),  and notes on presentation.

Box 1
16UK 2017 Tour plans, August 20172017

Planning information for the August 2017 London-Manchester-Edinburgh poetry reading tour, sponsored by the Centre for Creative Learning in honour of Canada 150. Consists of schedules and itineraries, correspondence, notes and lists of poems.

17UK 2017 Canada 150 program2017

Canada 150 Program from the UK. Poetry reading event "The Shaken and the Stirred" listed on page 13.

18UK 2017 Fringe Festival program2017

Program from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Poetry reading event "The Shaken and the Stirred" listed on page 297.

Box 9
94The Sparrow, Launch Papers2018

Travel plans, PR material and handwritten lists of poems to read on the mini tour related to the launch of The Sparrow, April 10-14 in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and New York City.

97The Sparrow, Publicity, Readings2017-2018

Correspondence and some handwritten lists of names and poetry titles to read regarding the launch of The Sparrow in 2018.

Box 12
123Toronto Reading Lists2018

Handwritten lists of poems selected to read at Toronto and local venues during the summer and fall of 2018.

124Fall Poetry Tour Reading LIsts2018

Handwritten lists of poems to read and notes on itinerary for Fall East Coast Canada Poetry Tour.

Box 2
23Art Bar Reading MaterialsOctober 2019

Handwritten notes regarding the poems read at the Art Bar on October 1, 2019, as well as the promotional materials and program for the evening.

25Ruth Roach Pierson2019

Mementos from AFM's appearance at "The Ruth Roach Pierson Affair" at Toronto's Knife/Fork/Book where he read two of her poems and connected them to work read by other poets come to honour her. Handwritten notes.

221Tamaracks Readings2019

Poems and reading lists from AFM's appearance at the Annette Street Public Library in July 2019 and the Parliament Street Public Library in March 2019. AFM read new work as well as poems in the recently published anthology Tamaracks.

237Eastern Canada Poetry Tour2018

Travel itineraries and correspondence organizing AFM's East Coast poetry tour in Montreal, Fredericton, Charlottetown and Halifax.

238Art Bar Reading Notes2018

Lists of poems to read and program from the Art Bar in Toronto on October 16, 2018.

239Arts and Letters Club2018

Lists of poems to read and points of discussion for AFM's appearance at the Toronto Arts and Letters Club. Some photocopies of the poets discussed as well as the promotional poster.

Box 4
417Archibald Lampman Reading2010

Invitations for AFM's Archibald Lampman reading at Trinity College, featuring The Sentinel.

Box 3
320UofT Bookstore Reading Series2002

Flyer from a 2002 Reading Series at the University of Toronto Bookstore, with Theresa Moritz.

321Poetry event tickets[1992-1993, 1998]

Tickets to poetry events AFM attended. Includes a ticket from the Wolsak & Wynn 15th Anniversary Event where AFM attended as a reader (1998), a ticket from the Harbourfront Centre Poetry Festival (1993) and two tickets from the World Poetry Festival (1992).

322Reading announcements[n.d.]

A reading announcement for AFM at Barnes & Noble and an announcement for an Evening with Derek Walcott and Michael Ondaatje at Convocation Hall.