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There are two photocopiers at the library, on the lower, and second floors.

The copier on the lower floor supports black and white copying and accepts both TCard and cash for payment. The copiers on the main and second floors allow for black and white as well as colour copying and support scanning, but only accept TCard. Users must supply their own USB keys to save their files.

The photocopiers do not have Automatic Document Feeder (ADF). You have to copy the pages individually.


  • black and white copies: 15 cents per page
  • colour copies: 50 cents per page
  • scanning: free.

Scanning on the Photocopiers

The photocopiers scan multiple formats including Slim PDF which is suitable for scanning multiple pages into a single file.

Please consult our Guide to Photocopying (PDF) and Guide to Scanning on the Photocopiers (PDF) for basic set of instructions. Printed copies and technical support are available at the IT Support Desk, located on the main floor of the library.

Last updated: September 19, 2017

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