Records relating to research on George Copway

Title: Records relating to research on George Copway
Dates of Material:
92.5 cm of textual records
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Series consists of biographical and genealogical information on George Copway and includes timelines, images, research files on Copway's acquaintances and writings, and other records.



2013.08, Box 17
1721Copway: General
1722Copway: Physical description
1723Copway: Pictographic writing
1724Copway as a speaker
1725Copway: Temperance crusader
1726Copway: Donald Smith's articles and biographical sketches
1727Scott Michaelson: Commentator on Copway
1728Copway: Boyhood at Rice Lake, 1818-1834
1729Chief John Copway
1730David Copway
1731John Taunchey (uncle of George Copway)
2013.08, Box 18
181Enmegahbowh: Background articles and references
182Enmegahbowh: Timeline
183Thomas Need
184Chief George Paudash and his son Mosang Paudash
185Copway: Treaty, 1834-1839
186La Pointe: 1835-1836
187Copway: Translations of "Acts of the Apostles" and "St. Luke", 1835-1836
188Peter Akers: Ebenezar Manual Labour School
189Alfred Brunson, 1837
1810William T. Boutwell
1811Daniel Chandler
1812John Clark
1813Edmund Ely
1814Thomas M. Fullerton, 1842
1815Sherman Hall
1816Peter Marksman
1817Granville Sproat
1818Copway: Treaty, 1837-1839
1819Copway: 1840
1820Copway: 1841
1821Copway: 1842
1822Copway: 1843
1823Copway: 1844
1824Copway: 1845
1825Moses Medwayosh: Rice Lake, winter 1845-1846
1826Copway: 1846
2013.08, Box 19
191Elizabeth Howell Copway
192Elizabeth Howell Copway: Handwriting
193George Copway: Handwriting
194Rev. William Howell (Knaresborough)
195George and Elizabeth Copway's children
196George A. Copway (1842-1865?)
197Minnehaha Copway and Samuel F. Passmore
198Henry Howell (1789-1869) and Elizabeth Varey Howell (1790-1864)
199Thomas Howell (1840?-?)
1910Caroline Howell and Richard Stainton
1911Sarah Howell (1823-1894) and George Wilson
1912Copway: Tours through Eastern USA, late 1840s (background on Native American presence)
1913Copway: 1847
1914Copway: 1848
1915Copway: Jan.-March 1849
1916Copway: April-July 1849
1917Copway: Aug.-Dec. 1849
1918Kahgega, 1849
1919Helen de Kroft, June 1849
1920Copway: Pocahontas (d. Aug. 19, 1849)
1921Julius Taylor Clarke: Ojibway Conquest, Sept. 1849-early Oct. 1849
1922Julius Taylor Clarke: Summer 1849
2013.08, Box 20
201Copway: Visit to Mormon settlement, late Sept. 1849
202Copway: Jan.-July 10, 1850
203Copway: Legend as a Children's Story, Traditional History 1850
204Running Sketches, 1851: On European Travels, July-Dec. 1850
205Copway: Abroad, July-Dec. 1850 (background)
206Copway: July 10-Aug. 10, 1850
207Copway: Sept.-Dec. 1850
208Copway: Jan-June 1851
209Copway: July-Dec. 1851
2010Copway's American Indian: July 10-Oct. 4, 1851
2011Copway's American Indian, Index: 1851
2012Copway: 1852
2013Copway: Red Jacket, 1852 (background)
2014Copway: 1853
2015Copway: 1854
2016"Know-nothings": Early and mid-1850s (background)
2017Copway: Lincoln references
2018Copway: 1855
2019Copway: 1856
2020Copway: 1857
2021Copway: Oct. 1857
2022Copway: 1858
2023Copway: 1859
2024Copway: 1860
2025Copway: Geneva, N.Y., early 1860s
2026Sarah Gardner Gleson Copway (1819-1892)
2027Copway: 1861
2013.08, Box 21
211Copway: 1862
212Copway: 1863
213Copway: 1864
214Copway: Recruiting Union Army, 1864 (background)
215Augustus Paudash (1842-1864)
216Copway: 1865
217Copway: 1866-1868
218Copway: Death, 1869
219Copway: Images
2110Copway: New edition of Life, corres.
2111Copway: Bibliography of letters, articles, books
2112Copway: Reprinting of his writing
2113Copway: Texts by others
2114Copway: Famous acquaintances
2115New York City: Late 1840s, 1850s
2116William Apes and Copway
2117William Cullen Bryant
2118James Fenimore Cooper
2119Erastus Corning
2120Felix O.C. Darley
2121Duyckinck Brothers
2122Millard Fillmore
2123Ferdinard Freiligrath
2124Horace Greeley, New York Tribune, 1860
2125Washington Irving
2126Amos Laurence and family
2013.08, Box 22
221Jenny Lind
222Henry W. Longfellow
223Anne Lynch Botta
224Lewis Henry Morgan
225Francis Parkman
226Franklin Pierce
227Henry Schoolcraft
228Ephraim Squier
229Zack Taylor, President
2210N.P. Willis, 1854
2211R.A. Young
2019.05, Box 1
19"George Copway: Cultural Broker and Communicator", thesis1990

Thesis on George Copway written by Timothy J. Spindler for his Master of Arts History degree at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Donald Smith assisted with research.