Honourary degrees and awards

Title: Honourary degrees and awards
Dates of Material:
40.5 cm of textual records
3 photographs: b&w
34 academic hoods
Scope and content

Series consists of correspondence, convocation programmes and schedules of events from institutions conferring the degrees, printed honourary degrees, and academic hoods. Also includes correspondence relating to Frye serving as Chairman of the Governor General’s Literacy Awards committee.

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Title based on contents of series.


Contents of files arranged chronologically.

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Box 6
62.1Doctorate of Letters, Dartmouth College1967

Includes correspondence, itinerary, copy of The Dartmouth (convocation edition) and commencement programme.

Actual degree is rolled in Box 8 (File 1)

62.2Doctorate of Humane Letters, Princeton University1966

Includes correspondence, introduction to the university's commencement ceremony, list of recipients of honorary degrees and commencement programme.

See Box 8 (File 2) for actual degree (rolled).

62.3Honorary Doctor of Laws, Carleton University1957-1967

Includes degree and correspondence concerning an honorary degree from Carleton University.

62.4Honorary degree from St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York1966

Includes correspondence, commencement programme, citation and two photographs and newspaper clippings.

Actual degree is rolled in Box 8 (File 3)

62.5Doctorate of Humane Letters, University of Chicago1967

Includes actual degree, correspondence, commencement programme, list of honorary degrees awarded 1891-1967, clippings and a copy of the Chicago Maroon.  See Box 0-File 1 for photograph of event (Series 3.4 - Accession 1991).

62.6Honorary degree, Doctor of Law from Queen's University.1962

Includes correspondence and presentation address from convocation event.

See Box 8 (file 4) for actual degree (rolled)

63.1Doctorate of Letters, Merton College, Oxford1973, 1987

Includes correspondence concerning accommodation, functions, itinerary and purchase of cap and gown; programmes from Christ Church and for the installation of the chancellor and awarding of honorary degrees. Correspondence re Election as an honorary Fellow of Merton College, Oxford (1973).

Also includes actual honorary degree from Oxford, 1987.

63.2Honorary doctorate, Boston College1972

Includes correspondence, commencement programme and plan of college campus.

See Box 8 (File 5) for actual degree (rolled).

63.3Doctorate of Letters, University of Waterloo1972

Includes degree, correspondence, commencement programme and printed campus guide.

63.4Doctorate of Letters, University of Windsor1970

Includes degree, correspondence and schedule of commencement events, programme.

63.5Doctorate of Letters, Middlebury College1969

Correspondence and actual degree

63.6Honorary degree from Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pa.1968

Includes actual degree, correspondence and slips for reimbursement of travel expenses and honorarium.

63.7Doctorate of Law, University of Victoria1969

Includes degree, correspondence, introduction of Frye for the degree, and printed University news release.

63.8Doctorate of Letters, York University (Toronto, Ont.). 1969

Includes citation, commencement programme and correspondence.

See Box 8 (File 6) for actual degree (rolled).

64.1Doctorate of Letters, Université de Sherbrooke1976

Includes correspondence, a speech about Northrop Frye by Jacques Plamondon (Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science) and copy of the university newspaper Liaison.

See Box 8 (file 7) for the actual degree (rolled).

64.2Doctorate of Law, Royal Military College of Canada1976

Includes degree, copy of citation, correspondence, schedule of events, commencement programme and procedure and description of the college.

65Doctorate of Letters, U of Toronto1977

Includes correspondence, an address to the Chancellor from Gordon L. Keyes, convocation programme and printed certificate recognizing Frye's service to the University.

See Box 8 (File 8) for actual degree (rolled).

66Installation of Frye as Chancellor of Victoria University1978

Includes installation programme, Frye's guest list and printed congratulatory certificate from the University of Winnipeg.

67Doctorate of Humane Letters, Bates College (Lewiston, Me.)1978

Includes degree, citation, correspondence, commencement schedule and copy of the Bates College Bulletin.

68Royal Bank of Canada Award, Toronto1978

Includes biographical sketch of Frye, arrangements for the award supper, photograph, dinner programme, copy of the address given by Frye and congratulatory letters and replies.

69Printed certificate selecting The Great Code as a book contributing to dialogue between literature and Christian faith by the Conference on Christianity and Literature.1982
610City of Thunder Bay extends official printed greeting to Frye from the Mayor's Office.1985
Box 7
7 /OS1Doctorate of Letters, Harvard University1972

Includes correspondence and procedure for conferring honorary degrees as well as the degree

7 /OS2Doctorate of Letters, University of California, Irvine1969

Includes correspondence and commencement programme as well as actual degree

7 /OS3Doctorate of Letters, University of Western Ontario1969

Includes clipping from the London Evening Free Press, May 28, 1969 and letter to the Chancellor as well as actual degree

7 /OS4Doctorate of Humane Letters, Arizona State University1985

Includes degree, correspondence, itinerary, commencement programme and caricature of Frye.

7 /OS5Doctorate of Literature, Eastern Michigan University1981

Includes correspondence, itinerary and commencement programme.

Note: Degree is torn on left side

7 /OS6Honorary doctorate, Université de Montréal1980

Includes degree, programme of ceremony, copy of Forum (university newspaper), correspondence and itinerary.

7 /OS7Doctorate of Letters, Columbia University1983

Includes degree, correspondence, commencement programme and itinerary.  See Accession 1991 - Series 3.4, Box 0, File 1, P19 for photograph from event.

7 /OS8Doctorate of Divinity, McGill University1983

Includes address to the chancellor, correspondence, copy of McGill Reporter [convocation issue] and instructions for honorary degree candidates.

For actual degree see 1990 box 8, file 9

7 /OS9Honorary degree, Athabasca University1985

Includes degree, programme, brochure of ceremony, correspondence, ceremonial procedure, travel and accommodation arrangements. [Frye gives a public lecture entitled "Language as the home of human life."]

7 /OS10Doctorate of Humane Letters, Coe College, Iowa1976

Includes degree, correspondence and commencement programme. [Frye gives an address entitled "The war against Dickens".]

7 /OS11Doctorate of Divinity, United College, Winnipeg1958


Box 8
81Honorary Doctor of Letters - Dartsmouth College1967

See Box 6. (file 2.1) for accompanying material.   

82Doctor of Humane Letters, Princeton University1966

See Box 6 (File 2.2) for related material.   

83Doctorate of Letters, St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York1966

See Box 6 (File 2.3) for related material.

84Doctor of Law, Queen's University1962

See Box 6 (file 6.2) for related material.

85Doctorate of Humane Letters, Boston College

   See Box 6 (File 3.2) for related material.

86Honorary Doctor of Letters, York University 1969

See Box 6 (File 3.8) for related material.   

87Doctor of Letters, Université de Sherbrooke1976

See Box 6 (file 4.1.) for related material.  

88Doctorate of Letters, University of Toronto1977

See Box 6 (File 5) for related material.

8 /OS9Honorary Doctor of Divinity, McGill University1983

See 1990 Box 7, File 8 for related material.  

Box 0
0 /OS2Certificate to Northrop Frye - elected to the American Philosophical Society as a member1976


0 /OS3Certificate, Citizen of the Age of Enlightenment Award - Dr. Northrop Frye1976

Awarded by the Ministry of Celebrations and Fulfillment  

0 /OS4Hard written certificate, Cornell University elects Northrop Frye as Andrew D. White Professor-At-Large[197?]


0 /OS6Proclamation from Mayor of San Francisco - Northrop Frye Day in San Francisco1985


0 /OS11 Rassegna Internazionale di Cultura Contemporanea di Palermo, 19901990


0 /OS12American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, 19811981

Certificate for honorary membership  

0 /OS14Order of Canada to Northrop Frye1972


0 /OS15Certificate, City of Moncton, Northrop Frye - Honorary Citizen1990


Box 50
504Printed honour form accompanying a medal given Frye on the occasion of Elizabeth II's 25th year on the throne, 1977; brochure from the University of Zagreb honouring Frye, 1990; Printed letter accompanying the Centennial Medal conferred upon Frye, 19671977, 1990
Box 8
81Doctorate of Law, University of Saskatchewan1968

Consists of degree.

82Correspondence and citation for Doctor of Letters, University of Manitoba1964

See Box 9, File 1 for the degree (Rolled) 

83Certificate, Fellow of the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education1980
84Certificate, American Academy of Arts and Science Foreign Honorary Member1969

Second larger version is in Box 9, File 9 (accession 1993)  

Box 9
91Degree - Doctor of Letters, University of Manitoba1964

 See Accession 1993, Box 8, File 2 for related material.  

92Degree, Doctorate of Letters, Mount Allison University1962


94Degree, Doctorate of Literature, University of British Columbia 1963


95Degree, Doctor of Letters, University of New Brunswick1960


96Degree, Doctorate of Letters, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS 1969

Also includes citation.   

97Degree, Doctor of Law, Bishop's University, Lennoxville Quebec1990


98Certificate, Royal Society of Canada Diploma Aggregationis (membership)1951


99Certificate, American Academy of Arts and Science Foreign Honorary Member1969

Smaller version is available in Box 8, File 4 (accession 1993)  

910Degree, Doctorate in Language and Literature, Università degli Studi di Bologna, Italy1989


911Diploma of Merit, Associazione Internazionale per gli Studi di Lingua e Letteratura Italianan.d.


912Certificate, The Molson Prize of the Canada Council1971


Box 11
11 /OSHonourary Doctorate, University of Zagreb


Box 1
Academic Hoods
1Doctorate of Literature, Mount Allison University1962


1Doctorate of Literature, University of British Columbia 1963


1Doctorate of Literature, University of Saskatchewan1968


1[Doctorate of Letters], Dartmouth College1967


1 Doctorate of Divinity, McGill UniversityMay 1983
1 Doctorate of Humane Letters, Bates College, Lewiston, ME 1978
1 Doctorate of Humane Letters, University of Chicago 1967
1 Doctorate of Law, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA1968
1 Doctorate of Law, Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston 1976
1 Doctorate of Letters, Acadia University, Wolfville, NSMay 1969
1 Doctorate of Letters, Eastern Michigan UniversityApril 24, 1981
1 Doctorate of Letters, Université de Sherbrooke, QC 1976
1 Doctorate of Letters, University of California, Irvine June 1969
1 Doctorate of Letters, University of New Brunswick1960
1 Doctorate of Letters, University of Toronto 1977
1 Doctorate of Letters, University of Western OntarioMay 27, 1969
1 Doctorate of Letters, York University May 1969
1 Honorary degree, University of Manitoba 1964
Box 2
Unidentified academic hoods
2 Unidentified academic hood

(Black, purple, and white)

2 [Doctorate of Humane Letters, Arizona State University?][1985?]

(Black, burgundy, and white)

2 [Doctorate of Letters, University of Windsor?][1970?]

(Blue with gold stripes)

2 [Honorary degree, Athabasca University?][1985?]

(Blue and green)

Academic Hoods
2 Doctorate of Divinity, United College, Winnipeg 1958
2 Doctorate of Humane Letters, Coe College, Iowa 1976
2 Doctorate of Humane Letters, Princeton University 1966
2 Doctorate of Law, Carlton University, ON 1967
2 Doctorate of Law, University of Victoria, BC May 1969
2 Doctorate of Letters, Boston College, Boston, MA 1972
2 Doctorate of Letters, Dartmouth College, NH 1967
2 Doctorate of Letters, Middlebury College, VT Aug. 9, 1969
2 Doctorate of Letters, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY 1966
2 Honorary degree, Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, QC [1990]
2 Honorary doctorate, Université de Montréal 1980
Box 3

   Cap from unknown ceremony.