Title: Notebooks
Dates of Material:
1932,1942–[ca. 1984]
0.74 m of textual records
Scope and content

Series consists of outlines, drafts, bibliography and notes.

Source of supplied title

Title based on form of the material.


The series is stored in 8 boxes.

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Restrictions on access: Access to 1991 box 25, Notebook 30R is restricted. For further information contact the Chief Librarian.

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1988, Box 48
482Notes for a major project on the rationale of the English epic[between 1957-1967]

2 stenographer's notebooks in shorthand


1991, Box 22
22Notebook 1-2Notes and scenes from an original novel about Rev. Lyman Kennedy and Sarah Megill

18 leaves, holograph [Part of notebook 2 appears in typescript in Box37/File 2: "Excerpt for an original novel"]

22Notebook 3NotesJuly 26, 1946

65 numbered pages

22Notebook 4Diary entriesJuly 12-October 1942

Leaves 10-36

22Notebook 4Epigrams, notes for fiction-writing, vignettes[ca. 1939]

Leaves 1-9

22Notebook 5"Quiet consummation / A Novel in sonata form ..."

Inside cover and leaf 1

22Notebook 5Notes on music and musicians

Leaves 2-14

22Notebook 6Diary entries for 19681968

March 21: Eros, 5 leaves; June 21: Adonis, 4 leaves; September 21: Hermes, 4 leaves; December 21: Prometheus, 5 leaves; After December 30: Outline for a book, The Critical Path, 2 leaves

22Notebook 7Notes for Anatomy of Criticism and diagrams1948

[date on p. 30: 1948], 99 numbered pages

22Notebook 8Material on Shakespeare1958

notes for the Anatomy of Criticism, [date on p. 102: 1958], 103 numbered pages

22Notebook 9Notes for the Alexander Lectures [Fools of Time]

56 numbered pages prefixed Al

22Notebook 9Notes for the Bampton Lectures [A Natural Perspective]

46 numbered pages prefixed Sh

22Notebook 9Notes for The Educated Imagination

33 un-numbered pages

22Notebook 10Notes for a six-part book on romance

32 numbered pages

1991, Box 23
23Notebook 11a-11iNotes primarily for The Great Code

11a: 5 numbered pages, 11b: 21 leaves, 11c: 4 leaves, 11d: 4 leaves, 11e: 30 numbered pages, 11f: 112 numbered pages, 11g: 11 leaves, 11h: 7 leaves, 11i: 44 leaves

1991, Box 24
24Notebook 12Notes [196-]

253 numbered pages

24Notebook 13Notes on Shakespeare [for "How True a Twain"?]; draft of a book on T.S. Eliot; draft of the Alexander Lectures [Fools of Time]; outline of a book on Paradise Lost [The Return of Eden][196-]

24 leaves + 13 numbered pages with suffix A

24Notebook 14Notes about romance: William Morris, Chretien de Troyes, Parsifal; and part of a history of poetic imagery; outlines for writing projects[196-]

33 numbered pages + 31 leaves

24Notebook 15Notes on belief and on progressing from one level of being to another

23 leaves

24Notebook 16Notes on ancient Near Eastern astrological and biblical topics

4 leaves

24Notebook 17Notes from Frye's Oxford days; outline of the English language; notes on Italian trip ["Two Italian sketches", Acta Victoriana]; Italian language lessons; and the musician William Byrd

42 leaves

24Notebook 18Notes on a major project after the Anatomy of Criticism

75 numbered pages

24Notebook 19Notes on various projects after the Anatomy of Criticism[196-]

201 numbered pages

24Notebook 20Miscellaneous notes including an excerpt of Frye's response to the English Institute papers about his work (1965), material for an original story, and entries on James, music, Dante, Tolkien, Keats and Shelley among others

Includes 3 typewritten cards of excerpts from Purcell and Pepys, 61 leaves

24Notebook 21Notes about Frye's thoughts on religion and for the lectures on the Bible given at McGill University

Includes several keys to Frye's codes for various projects: e.g., pp. 53, 73], 202 numbered pages

24Notebook 22Notes for Frye's book on the Bible

7 leaves

24Notebook 23Notes primarily about projects after The Great Code[198-]

14 leaves


1991, Box 25
25Notebook 24Outlines of several large projects[ca. 1969]

a book on the Nomos and Logos visions and four books under the title of The Critical Comedy (the Bible and literature; conspectus of mythoi and themes; philosophy as conceptual displacement of myth; summarized history of English literature) 115 numbered pages

25Notebook 25Notes

outline for a book of essays, two of which on Samuel Butler and ghosts still to be written, [most collected in Myth and Metaphor], 3 leaves

25Notebook 26Notebook divided between remarks on the Bible and a draft of a speech on Canadian culture

14 leaves

25Notebook 27Notes made while Frye was writing the sequel to The Great Code

notebook completed by January 1, 1986, 160 numbered pages

25Notebook 28Notes on Frye's desire to write a "philosophical romance"

1 leaf

25Notebook 29Remarks on several plays by Shakespeare

3 leaves

25Notebook 30ACarlyle

3 leaves + 4 leaves laid in

25Notebook 30BArnold

8 leaves

25Notebook 30CMill

7 leaves

25Notebook 30DIII. [Material relating to the first and third essays of the Anatomy of Criticism]

10 leaves

25Notebook 30EII. [Material relating to the second essay of the Anatomy of Criticism]

21 leaves

25Notebook 30FIV. [An early outline of part of the Anatomy of Criticism]

3 leaves

25Notebook 30GSix. [Notes in ink for the fourth essay of the Anatomy of Criticism; cancelled notes in pencil concern language, mythology, Shakespeare]

18 leaves

25Notebook 30HSeven. [Outline for chapter 6 in the original plan of the Anatomy of Criticism; notes for encyclopedic works: epics, the Bible]

2 leaves

25Notebook 30INine. [Notes for the Anatomy of Criticism]

3 leaves

25Notebook 30JTen. [An original plan for a part of the Anatomy of Criticism; notes about Yeats on poetic language, Babel]

6 leaves

25Notebook 30K["The prevalence of metrical features..."; notes about rhetoric, myth; material for the Anatomy of Criticism]

2 leaves

25Notebook 30L["Chapter Three: Theory of Anagogy..."; notes on the organization of a large part of the Anatomy of Criticism which was subsequently radically changed]

14 leaves

25Notebook 30M["Notice. For the purposes of this novel..."; notes for a novel; notes on Blake, Jung and William Morris; notes on the Anatomy of Criticism]

15 leaves

25Notebook 30NM. [Notes on language]

5 leaves

25Notebook 30OR. [Notes on comedy; early version of an essay on education "There is a distinction..." published in 1947?]

11 leaves

25Notebook 30P["26cf. Yeats and Blakes's..."; draft introduction for a collection of essays on Blake]

14 leaves

25Notebook 30QExodus bibliography. [An early outline for the Anatomy of Criticism, an "Organon for Advanced Criticism"]

12 leaves

25Notebook 30R RRLeviticus bibliography. [Notes on Spengler; autobiographical notes]

12 leaves. Restricted.

1991, Box 26
26Notebook 31["Frye"; "The problem of Yeats...". Notes on Yeats and William Morris, Joyce, Butler, Shaw]

15 leaves + one laid in

26Notebook 32["Frye"; "The things that worry me...". Notes on a grand writing project. Rencontre, Mirage, and Ignoramus serve as titles for three projected books. Frye uses symbols noted in notebook 21 to refer to the various books]

39 numbered pages

26Notebook 33["Frye"; "Several points about the Arabian Nights...". Miscellaneous notes on the tripartite writing project mentioned in #32 with the addition of a fourth part Anticlimax; early plans for the Anatomy of Criticism referred to by symbol]

19 numbered pages + 3 leaves

26Notebook 34["Frye"; "If there is such a thing as a key to my...". Entries on diverse topics; outline for a 12-chapter book, probably an original plan for the Anatomy of Criticism]

16 leaves

26Notebook 35"The best organization for Part Two..."

76 leaves

26Notebook 35-38[Notes for and drafts of the Anatomy of Criticism]
26Notebook 36"The structure of the book has now settled..."

78 numbered pages + 14 leaves

26Notebook 37"I think of this notebook as concerned..."

15 numbered pages + 62 leaves

26Notebook 38"I think I have now the opening section..."

35 numbered pages + 60 leaves

26Notebook 39[Cover label: "Frye / 16th & 17th Centuries"; lecture notes and material for book]

51 leaves

26Notebook 40[Cover label: "H.N. Frye / 19th century"; notes for a course on 19th century thought]

23 leaves

26Notebook 41["I have just finished Surtees' Handley Cross..."; notes on fox-hunting described in the novel Handley Cross; or, Mr. Jorrock's Hunt, 1926, by Robert Smith Surtees]

1 leaf

1993, Box 1
1Notebook 1Notes on ideas for Words with Power and plans for subsequent books[before 1986]

216 numbered pages

1Notebook 2Notes on Dante's Purgatorio and Paradiso[after 1957]

47 numbered pages

1Notebook 2Notes on Henry James

1 leaf

1Notebook 3Notes on mythical themes for a project[ca. 1965]

3 leaves

1Notebook 3Notes relating to lectures at Emmanuel College [The Double Vision][ca. 1987]

5 leaves

1Notebook 4Notes for Words with Power and for lectures[ca. 1987]

5 leaves

1Notebook 5Miscellaneous notes[ca. 1987]

3 leaves

1Notebook 6Draft of a lecture on Henry James ["Henry James and the comedy of the occult"][ca. 1989]
1Notebook 6Draft of a talk on Canada
1Notebook 6Draft of response to Beyond Communication, ed. Deanne Bogdan and Stanley B. Straw[ca. 1990]
1Notebook 6Notes on Henry James, Turn of the Screw
1Notebook 6Notes on reading and teaching
1Notebook 6Notes relating to drafts of Words with Power[ca. 1987]
1Notebook 6Notes relating to Words with Power and possibly The Double Vision[ca. 1987]

35 leaves

2013.01, Box 1
11Notebook with entries relating to various thoughts/ideas, primarily literary1932