Title: Notes
Dates of Material:
0.61 m of textual records
Scope and content

Series consists of notes for books, lectures and speeches.

Source of supplied title

Title based on form of the material.


The series is stored in 15 boxes.

Finding aids

Item list available (see below).

1988, Box 1
1G"Notes for a commentary on Milton", 19571957

18 leaves, ts, cc

1H"Notes for a commentary on Milton" cont'd.

25 leaves, ts, cc

1988, Box 2
2ppNotes for a paper ...

2 leaves, ts, cc

2PPNotes for a paper to be read in San Francisco, 19681968

2 leaves, ts, cc

1988, Box 6
6ANotes for Secular Scripture, 19761976

28 leaves, holograph, ts

6BNotes for Secular Scripture, 19761976

35 leaves, ts, cc

6CNotes for "Canadian culture today", 19761976

3 leaves, ts, cc

6ENotes for "Canadian culture today", 19771977

3 leaves, ts, cc

1988, Box 47
471Notes for a Lecture at Victoria College, 19771977

3 leaves, ts

1988, Box 49
491"Humanism and being human", notes for a lecture at Lakehead University, 19851985

3 leaves, ts

1991, Box 27
271-4Contain early notes (holograph and typescript) and preliminary drafts of sections for The Great Code: the Bible and Literature.

File 3 includes notes on Shakespeare, possibly for Northrop Frye on Shakespeare.

1991, Box 28
282-4Miscellaneous notes for books, speeches, plans for books, sermons, brief diary entries (1953), course outlines

holograph and annotated ts

285-6Miscellaneous notes from readings [Daphnis and Chloe, ...]


1991, Box 35
351Lecture notes on Shakespeare


352Miscellaneous notepads, holograph; lecture notes, ts; review of G. Bassani's Epitaffio, photocopy; notes on Blake plates, ts; essay: 'Myth as matrix of literature", 13 leaves, ts, annotated.
352Notes on cards

holograph and typescript

1991, Box 36
361Scheme "Sartor resartus"; outlines of speech, ts; notes for a lecture at the 3rd Comparative Literature conference, ts; xerox of a cartoon; and hierarchical schematic outline of life forms.
362Notes for a commentary on Milton1957

44 leaves, ts

366Notes on Shakespeare

11 leaves, ts

367Notes on Blake

16 leaves, ts, annotated

368Notes on More

5 leaves, ts

369Notes on Samuel Butler

7 leaves, ts

3610Notes on Henry James

18 leaves, ts, annotated

3611Miscellaneous notes on romance as masque, work in progress

48 leaves, ts and holograph

3613Miscellaneous biographical notes on H.G. Wells, G.K. Chesterton, W.B. Yeats, Beerbohm, Wyndham Lewis, Synge, Conrad, Lawrence, Eliot, V. Woolf, Alfred N. Whitehead, Huxley, Thomas, Housman, Shaw, Auden, Graves

50 leaves, ts

3613Miscellaneous notes

2 leaves, ts, annotated

1991, Box 37
371Notes on Spenser...

53 leaves, holograph

374Notes on Modal harmony

2 leaves, ts

3712Notes on Chaucer and medieval poetry

10 leaves, holograph

1991, Box 39
398Notes for three lectures for Emmanuel College Alumni Reunion, 19901990

32 leaves, ts, annotated

1991, Box 59
598Research notes for an anthology of English Literature by Jay Macpherson and Northrop Frye[196-]
1992, Box 3
37Early notes for Anatomy of Criticism written on a printed notice for a luncheon honouring Lester B. Pearson on the occasion of his installation as Chancellor of Victoria University, 1952.1952
37Pencil diagram illustrating the phases of the four mythoi.
1993, Box 2
26Notes for Words with Power
1993, Box 3
39Miscellaneous notes and reflections

25 leaves, holograph

312Miscellaneous notes

4 cards, holograph

312Notes on: From Ritual to Romance and The Golden Bough

2 leaves, ts

312Notes: possibly on a lecture on Blake by James Joyce given in 1912 at the Università Popolare Triestina

1 leaf, holograph