Correspondence relating to media projects

Title: Correspondence relating to media projects
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Series consists of correspondence with media organizations (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Art City, TV Ontario, Public Affairs TV, National Film Board of Canada, London Weekend TV among others) regarding Frye's participation in programmes.

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411Art City, Montreal1989, 1990

Letter from Damien Pettigrew, producer, about Frye's participation in a filming project "Great Creators", 1990. TV Ontario. Letters from producer regarding an interview with Frye on "Imprint", January 20, 1989.

411Canadian Broadcasting Corporation1986, 1987

Correspondence about and transcript of an "Ideas" series, "William Blake: Prophet of the New Age", in which Frye participated, March 12, 19 and 26, 1987. National Film Board of Canada. Letter regarding the series "Reckoning", 1986.

411Canadian Broadcasting Corporation1989

Letter from Ann Silversides regarding a series on family stories for "Ideas", 1989.

411Canadian Broadcasting Corporation1989

Correspondence with David Cayley about an "Ideas" programme devoted to Frye's work, 1989.

411Canadian Broadcasting Corporation1990

Correspondence concerning an "Ideas" programme, February 19, 26 and March 5, 1990. Includes transcript "The Ideas of Northrop Frye".

411Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. English Television Network. 1989

Correspondence concerning an invitation to a screening of Harry Lasky's film, "The Great Teacher: Northrop Frye", November 1989. Family" by T.R. Hamilton and L.E. Eedy featuring Elizabeth and Northrop Frye.

411Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. English Television Network.1990

Letter from Laurie Brown about a proposal for a programme on current debate about Canadian native culture for "The Journal", 1990.

411CTV Television Network1989

Correspondence about and transcript of Northrop and Elizabeth Frye's appearance on "Lifetime", March 1989.

411London Weekend TV1986

Correspondence with Mary Harron about a possible appearance by Frye in a film about King Lear for The South Bank Show, August 1986.

411Panamerican File and Video1989

A proposal made in 1989 for a video documentary "Writing in the Family" by T.R. Hamilton and L.E. Eedy featuring Elizabeth and Northrop Frye.

411Public Affairs TV Inc., New York1988

Correspondence with Bill Moyers about the programme, "A World of Ideas", in which Frye was interviewed October 28, 1988. Includes transcript of interview.

411Screentime-Norflicks-Jillian Prod1989

Correspondence and brochure indicating Frye participated in "The Originals: Portraits in the First Person", 1989.

412Australian Broadcasting Commission1982

Correspondence about an interview with Frye concerning The Great Code to be conducted via satellite link, Fall 1982.

412British Broadcasting Corporation1981

Correspondence concerning an interview with Frye about Marshall McLuhan, 1981.

412Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Transcripts of an interview with Frye by [Don] Harron for "Morningside", n.d.

412Canadian Broadcasting Corporation1980

Correspondence about an "Ideas" programme celebrating the Massey Lecture anniversary in which Frye agrees to be interviewed, 1980.

412Canadian Broadcasting Corporation1982-1983

Correspondence regarding Frye's participation in a documentary, 1982-1983.

412Canadian Broadcasting Corporation1984

Letter from Ian Alexander enquiring whether Frye would be a guest on "Music in my Life", 1984.

412Canadian Broadcasting Corporation1985

Outline of an "Ideas" programme, "The Darkening of the Mirror: Reflections on the Bomb and Language", to include Frye, January 1985. Includes notes for Frye to consider in preparation for the interview.

412Innis College1983

Proposal for a film about storytelling by Kay Armatage, in which Frye is asked to participate, 1983. Includes correspondence.

412National Film Board of Canada1983

Contract for a film on Frye including proposal by Donald Winkler, Winter 1983.

412National Film Board of Canada1985

Advertisements for and invitation to a special screening of "The Scholar in Society: Northrop Frye in Conversation", January 16, 1985. Includes correspondence and NFB brochure.

412University of Toronto Media Centre1982

Letter indicating the conditions for broadcasting Frye's lecture on E.J. Pratt, 1982.

413Canadian Broadcasting Corporation1975

English Television Network. Correspondence, a contract and several carbon copies of a script, "Frye's Canada", for the series, "Images of Canada". Includes transcript of "The Journey without Arrival: a Personal Point of View from Northrop Frye", 1975.

414University of Toronto. Media Centre.1982, 1983-1984

Correspondence, contract and outline of 30 videocassette programmes of "The Bible and Literature: a Personal View from Northrop Frye", March 1982. Includes advertisements for the cassettes; the Centre's video film catalogue 1983-1984; copies of responses to the video; marketing material; photographs and transcripts of programmes 5-8, 16-18.