University of Toronto correspondence

Title: University of Toronto correspondence
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Series consists of correspondence with departments, schools, colleges, administrative offices, and student bodies at the University of Toronto.

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Title based on contents of the series.


Files arranged by department, schools, etc.


The series is stored in 6 boxes.

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See also: Series 11.

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1988, Box 77
771Correspondence with the Victoria University Students Administrative Council1971-1973, 1977-1983

Includes copy of The 1985 Varsity Student Handbook.

772Correspondence with The University of Toronto Bulletin, Quarterly, and Review and copy of a letter by Frye to The Bulletin1977-1978, 1981-1982

Includes issues and clippings.

773Correspondence, statements and survey on educational opportunities for adults prepared by the Joint Committee of the Board of Education and the University of Toronto.1963-1964
774Correspondence with the University of Toronto Library and Victoria University Library.1967-1978, 1982, 1984
775Correspondence with the Department of Religious Studies, University of Toronto1972-1973, 1978-1979, 1985

Includes course descriptions and list of students enroled in the Graduate Centre for Religious Studies 1983-1984.

776Correspondence with the Department of English, University of Toronto.1961-1962, 1967-1986
777Correspondence concerning the John D. Robins Memorial Scholarship at Victoria College.1967
778Correspondence with Hart House, University of Toronto.1960, 1965, 1973
779Correspondence with the School of Graduate Studies and the Presidential Committee on the School of Graduate Studies1962-1965, 1979

Includes information about degree programmes, degree requirements at Canadian universities, centres and institutes, and printed articles from The Journal of Higher Education.

1988, Box 78
781Miscellaneous correspondence with colleagues and administrative offices at the University of Toronto regarding scholarship funds, contributions to fundraising campaigns, appointment to the Honorary Degree Committee and speaking invitations1967-1985

Includes some printed material and copies of clippings.

782Correspondence with colleagues at Victoria College regarding speaking engagements, miscellaneous invitations, memorial services and contributions to the College1969, 1977-1985

Includes some printed material.

783Correspondence with colleagues at Victoria College regarding courses, nominations for honorary degrees, invitations, contributions to memorial scholarships and the Department of English.1969-1979
784Correspondence concerning the appointment of Frye to the Advisory Committee on Press Publications1971-1973

Includes a copy of a Special Report on Scholarly Publishing at the University of Toronto Press (1966).

785Correspondence with staff of the Graduate Programme in Comparative Literature, University of Toronto1971-1983

Includes copy of a Five-Year Report on the Graduate Programme in Comparative Literature and of a calendar 1979-1980.

786Correspondence with various colleges at the University of Toronto regarding speaking invitations and a pledge to a fund-raising campaign at Emmanuel College.1970-1975, 1979-1985
787Correspondence with the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama.1980
788Correspondence requesting contributions to the capital fund for the Clifford Leech Prize and inviting Frye to an evening with the 1975-1976 holders of Connaught Graduate Scholarships and Post-Doctoral Fellowships.1976, 1978
1988, Box 79
791-2Memorandum of agreement between Victoria College and the Board of Regents of Victoria University and between Victoria University and other university colleges and affiliated institutions1979, 1983

Includes printed material.

1991, Box 44
Contains correspondence files relating to individual colleges, departments, administrative offices, student bodies
441Office of the President1962-1990

Correspondence (1962-1990).

442Department of Religion1987-1991

Includes list of readings from the Bible; outline of lectures; correspondence (1987-1991) with department concerning the course, "The Mythological Framework of Western Culture", and protest by students against proposed discontinuation of the course.

443VUSAC (Victoria University Students' Administrative Council)1987

Correspondence (1987).

444Victoria Varsity Fund1966

Correspondence (1966-1985) regarding contributions and fund-raising.

445-6Victoria College1971-1991

Includes reports to the Board of Regents (1987-1988, 1988-1989); correspondence (1971-1991); proposals for scholarship funds; establishment of the Northrop Frye Centre and college fund-raising campaigns.

447Office of the Chancellor, Victoria College1986-1990

Correspondence (1986-1990).

1991, Box 45
451Colleges at the University of Toronto1986-1990

Correspondence (1986-1990) with faculty. Includes programme to celebrate Barker Fairley's 99th birthday in 1986.

452Graduate Department of English1987-1989
453-4Massey College1971-1991

Includes correspondence with the Master (Ann Saddlemeyer), the librarian (Desmond Neill) and the Bursar; calendar of events; college brochure; lists of college members; description of Robertson Davies Library; college statutes; reports and financial statements 1980, 1986; proposal for a Toronto Institute for Advanced Studies at Massey 1980; and minutes of meetings.

456Correspondence concerning fund-raising, institutes, exchange programmes, and committee participation.1987-1990
1993, Box 4
44Minutes regarding the Victoria College Library Extension Sub-committee1957-1959