Records relating to professional activities and teaching

Title: Records relating to professional activities and teaching
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Series consists of records, 1952–2017, including correspondence, minutes, reports, evaluations, programs, lectures and speeches by other academics, applications, announcements and other material relating to a wide range of professional and academic activities, including teaching and related committee and departmental work, primarily at Carleton University and McGill University; editing and translation projects, including acting as an editorial board member for the Canadian Review of Comparative Literature; attending conferences; activities relating to professional associations such as the Canadian Comparative Literature Association; and serving in various capacities as a member of such organizations as the Literary Research Foundation, Royal Society of Canada, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (as Vice President), and Canada Council. Also includes manuscript of Christopher S. Durer’s Readings in Comparative Literature from the Seventeenth Century to the Present.

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See also Series 1 and Series 2.

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Durer, Christopher S.

Box 2
Translation work
21 “Introduction to the Philosophy of Teilhard De Chardin“, by Claude Tresmontant
Box 3
32 Anthology Hongroise–anthology de la poesie Quebecoise pour traduction hongroise1978–[1984?]
38 Invitations to “Palmes Academiques”1996
37 From Rina Lasnier1962-1984
39 “Problems of Philosophy”1952-1953
310 RR McGill University undergraduate students1977-1980
Box 4
Translation work
422 Organization of the Children’s Arts Festival1994-1995
421 Pierre Seghers1958-1969
423 Television correspondence course on CBC for French Canadian universities–Gabrielle Roy1968-1969
425Television correspondence course on CBC for French Canadian Universities–Saint-Denys Garneau1968-1969
426 Creation of Carleton University Renaissance Centre1967-1975
Box 5
511 Professional1955-1961
512 “Famous authors” (includes Irving Layton, Josef Skvorecky, Margaret Atwood, Pierre Trudeau (Xmas card), Tony Kushner, Pierre Emmanuel, Patrice de Le Tour du Pin)1959-1981
513 “Famous authors” (includes T.S. Eliot, Claire Goll, Raymond Klibansky, Roger Mehl, Pierre Emmanuel, Pierre Seghers)1960-1963
514 Correspondence1961-1963
515 Mauriac book (includes Northrop Frye, Rina Lasnier, Francois Mauriac)1966-1977
516 Simone de Beauvoir1967
517 Renaissance volumes1971-1979
518 Projet renaissance–Andre Stegmann1971-1993
519 Projet renaissance1972-1980
520 Projet renaissance–Tibor Klaniczay1972-1992
521 Renaissance vol. III1973-1993
522 “Theorie litteraire: problemes et perspectives”1978-1989
523 Congratulations on becoming President of Victoria University1987-1988
524 Conferences (includes Weimar)1978
525 Conferences1979-1980
526 Organization at McGill of conference on “Poetry and Religion 1545–1585”1982-1985
530Conferences1989, 1991, 1994, 1995
531 China and Korea–establishing relations between Emmanuel and Hanshin University
532 Honorary degree from Western University (includes convocation address)1996
Box 6
Translation work
62 Anthology Hongroise–anthology de la poesie Quebecoise pour traduction hongroise1978–[1984?]
619 Queen’s University (includes offer to become Chair of French Department)1974-1997
620 McGill University1976-1985
621 The New Canadian Encyclopedia1981-1987
622 “Children’s rights and stories” project1993-1994
Box 7
71 Canada Council1968-1970
72 Canada Council1970-1972
73 Canada Council1972-1973
74 Canada Council1973-1974
75 Canada Council1974-1975
76 Canada Council1976-1977
77 Canada Council1977-1978
78 National Library Advisory Board1976-1980
79 National Library Advisory Board1978-1980
710 National Library Advisory Board1979-1981
Box 8
81 Conferences1962-2000
82 Humanities Research Council1971-1978
83 Humanities Research Council1976-1978
84 Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada1971-1973
86 Societe des ecrivans canadiens (section de Montreal)1977-1980
87 “Canadian Review of Comparative Literature” special issue on Renaissance translation1978-1981
88 Conferences1993
89 International conference on Northrop Frye in Beijng, and visit to Hanshin University1993-1994
810 “Rethinking Renaissance literary history” conference1998-1999
85 Canadian Studies Committee (McGill)1976-1977
Box 9
97“L’Epoque de la Renaissance IV: Crise et essors nouveaux 1560–1610” manuscripts[199–?]
98 “L’Epoque de la Renaissance IV: Crises et essors nouveaux 1560–1610” proofs2000
Box 10
109“L’Epoque de la Renaissance IV: Crise et essors nouveaux 1560–1610” manuscripts[199–?]
1010 “L’Epoque de la Renaissance IV: Crise et essors nouveaux 1560–1610” early drafts[199–?]
104 From Rina Lasnier and other others (includes Jean-Paul Pinsonneault, Adrien Therio)1962-1972
Box 11
111Correspondence relating to “Readings in comparative literature from the seventeenth century to the present”, an unpublished manuscript by Christopher S. Durer2000
116“Readings in comparative literature” manuscript[199–?]
Box 12
125 Canada Council1966-1976
126 Canada Council1977
127 Canada Council1978-1979
128 Canada Council1979-1980
129 Seiziemistes canadiens (became Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies)1975-1976
1210 Limoges Conference1977-1978
1211-12“La problematique du sujet chez Montaigne” Conference at Victoria University (includes paper by E.K.)1992-1994
124 Various incoming (includes Gabrielle Roy, Gatien Lapointe, Jean-Paul Pinsonneault)1964-1994
1214Correspondence and other records relating to television course on Saint-Denys Garneau1968-1969
Box 13
133 Humanities Association of Canada1964-1970
134 American Comparative Literature Association1965-2001
135 Colloque Baudelaire de Nice1967-1969
136 Canadian Comparative Literature Association1968-1971, 1993
137 Canadian Comparative Literature Association1971-2000
138 Canadian Comparative Literature Association1972-1998
139 International Comparative Literature Association Congress in Bordeaux1970
1310 International Comparative Literature Association1973-1975
1311 “L’Epoque de la Renaissance 1400–1600”1978
1312 Royal Society of Canada–Freedom of Scholarship and Science1981-1993
1313 Royal Society of Canada–Freedom of Scholarship and Science1993-1994
1314 Royal Society of Canada–Freedom of Scholarship and Science1995
1315 Royal Society of Canada–Freedom of Scholarship and Science1996
1316 Renaissance I1982
1317 Stuttgart University Conference1995-2002
1318 International Federation for Modern Languages and Literatures Congress (Bangkok)2002
1319 Correspondence re the “Anthology of Quebec Poetry” Polish translation1975-1984
Box 14
1419 McGill University Summer School1956-1969
1420 McGill University Department of French Language and Literature1976-1986
1421 Carleton University1965-1976
147 Modern Language Association1973-1976
148 M.L.A. programme1974-1979
149 M.L.A. French Renaissance Division1977-1978
1410 M.L.A. French Renaissance Division1979
1411 France–Canada exchange programs1977-1979
1412 Collaboration with the University of Limoges, France1979-1980
1413 International Comparative Literature Association Conference1982-1983
1414 Japan1987-1992
1415 Postmodernism1992
1416 Montaigne1991-2004
1417 Centre d’analyse des literatures francophones des Ameriques (CALIFA) Poetry Conference1993
1418 Athenes/Thessalonique2002-2003
Box 15
156 Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies1974-2004
157 ICLA Congress, Paris1985
158 SSHRC Infrastructure Study1985-1987
159 Departmental evaluations1986-1999
1510 International Congress of the Brazilian Comparative Literature Association (ABRALIC)1995-1996
1511 International Conference on Frye Studies, Hoh-Hot, China1997
1512 Rina Lasnier obituary for the Royal Society1999
1513 FILLM Conference, New Caledonia2003
1514 Correspondence while teaching at University College London1958-1959
1515 Carleton University1974-1977
1516 Defence of thesis by student1992-1994
Box 16
1613 Bulletin et association des seiziemistes1974-1976
1614 Liasion Committee Between Representatives of the HRCC/SSRCC and the Advisory Academic Panel/Canada Council1976-1977
1615 Task Force on National Unity1978
1616 Renouvellements dans la theorie de l’histoire literaire colloque international Montreal1982
1617 Evaluation of the Renaissance Centre, University of Sherbrooke1981-1982
1618 Evaluation of the Comparative Literature program, University of North Carolina1986
1619 Petrarch’s ‘Triumphs’: Allegory and Spectacle Conference1986-1987
1620 Evaluation of Ph D program in French at the University of Moncton1989
1621 Conferences1991-1992
1622 Frye Collected Works1993-1997
1623 “L’epoque de la Renaissance: tome IV”1993-1997
1624 “L’epoque de la Renaissance: tome IV” correspondence1993-2000
1625 Challenge of Human Rights Symposium1996
1626 Northrop Frye Centre1996-2001
1627 Human Rights Issues and the Responsibility of Scientists, Rome1996-1997
1628 Hebrew University of Jerusalem1999-2002
1629 Canadian Semiotic Association, Halifax2003
1630 Introductory Philosophy extension course taught at Sault Ste. Marie, for University of Western Ontario1957
1631 History of Thought course taught at West Essex College, England, forThe Workers’ Educational Association1959
1632 Carleton University Renaissance Centre1975-1976
Box 1
111 Canada Council Grant applications1970-1974
112 Canadian Review of Comparative Literature1972-1978
113 Canadian Review of Comparative Literature1976-1978
114 Canadian Review of Comparative Literature1976-1986
115 Canadian Review of Comparative Literature1978-1981
116 Canadian Review of Comparative Literature1979-1994
117 Canadian Review of Comparative Literature1980-1990
Box 2
21 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)1983-1988
22 SSHRC1985-1993
23 International Comparative Literature Association (ICLA) Paris Proceedings1985-1993
Box 1
19 VIIth Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association1973

Montreal, 1973

110 Travel grants1977-1979
111 Projet renaissance1982-1984
112 “Comparative History of Literature in Europeann Languages (CHLEL)” Renaissance volume1983-1993
113 Volume IV of the Proceedings of the 1985 Paris ICLA Congress (preparation)1985-2000
114 Northrop Frye Centre–Poetry collections by Tunde Okanlawon1993
Box 1
145 Carleton University proposed French Ph.d programme1963-1971
146 International Federation for Modern Languages and Literatures (FILLM) Congress, Pakistan1969
147 Academic appointments/honours1980-1996
1 Photograph: b&w (Michael Burns Photography Ltd.)1993

P1 Eva Kushner behind podium accepting Honorary Doctorate from St. Michael’s College

Box 2
21 Literary Research Foundation–Correspondence and minutes1983-2003
22 Literary Research Foundation–Financial1983-2003
23 Literary Research Foundation–Fundraising correspondence1983-1997
24 Literary Research Foundation–Fundraising letters1991-1995
25 Literary Research Foundation–Statutes and registration1983-2003
26 Renaissance Project1987-1988
27 “Histoire des poetiques”1987-1997
28 McGill-Queen’s Press (Board member)1987
29 Canadian Committee on Women in Engineering1990-1992
210 Children’s Arts Festival, Victoria1993-1995
211 Northrop Frye Centre1994-1995
212 Human Rights And Responsibilities Symposium1997
213 “Dialogue of Cultures” vol. 112000
214 International Comparative Literature Association 50th Anniversary2005
Box 1
15 “Children’s Rights and Stories” research project1994
16 International Human Rights Network of Academies and Scholarly Societies1996-2007
Box 1
15Important memorabilia1974-2007

Includes meeting minutes, a publication on ethical guidelines for peer reviewers, conference and event programs, a letter from Marion King of the Research Grants Division of SSHRC, a letter from Vic grad and former president of Latvia Vaira Vikis-Freibergs, postcards and letters from Quebec poets, letters from academics and scholars on literary events/programs/initiatives, and letters from various societies and associations.

Box 2
21ICLA History1976-2016

Includes reports, letters to and from Kushner regarding the ICLA, calls for papers, and a certificate.

23SSHRC Insight Development Applications1964, 2012-2017

Includes notices, reports, correspondence, and a call for proposals.

24Fragments by EK on literary history[n.d.]


25Eva's courses1980-1981, 2008

Course syllabi for McGill University and Victoria College.

26Participation in Renaissance Studies, publications, meetings1976-2017

File consists of records of Eva's involvement in various societies, publications and meetings she helped create and includes letters, reports, a Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies Newsletter, a Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies Executive Meeting agenda, an Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada statement on academic freedom and institutional autonomy, a CSRS subscription, a program of McGill University International Colloquium, and a description of a project overseen by Kushner.

27Projects, institutions, publicationsca. 1973, 2000?

Includes the Canadian Comparative Literature Association Constitution and By-Laws and blurbs and reviews of Kushner's book L’Epoque de la Renaissance.

28Eva's Invitations - All Years1971-1998

Invitations to seminars and conferences, as well as letters from Kushner confirming her attendance. Also includes 5 colour photographs of Kushner at various events, including at the Order of Canada ceremony.

210Literary Research Foundation of Canada1985-1989


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