Records relating to publications

Title: Records relating to publications
Dates of Material:
70 cm of textual records
Scope and content

Series consists of manuscripts, drafts, proofs, notes, correspondence, research material, grant applications and other records, 1961–2004, relating to full length publications, primarily concerned with Comparative, Renaissance and Quebec literature.

Box 1
11 “Patrice de la tour du pin”1961(pub. 1961)
12 “Rina Lasnier”1964(Fides pub. 1964)
13 “Rina Lasnier”1969(Seghers pub. 1969)
14 “Saint-Denys Garneau” drafts1964-1967, 19671964–1967 (pub. 1967)
15 “Francois Mauriac” drafts1967-1972, 19721967–1972 (pub. 1972)
16 “Francois Mauriac” final version19721972 (pub. 1972)
17 Anthology Polonaise (“Antologia poezji Quebeku”)1985 (pub. 1985)
18 “Pontus de Tyard et son oeuvre poetique”2001(pub. 2001)
19 “Living Prism: Itineraries in Comparative Literature”2001(pub. 2001)
110 “Living Prism: Itineraries in Comparative Literature original material”
111 “Living Prism: Itineraries in Comparative Literature” correspondence1999-2000
112 “Histoires des poetiques”2002(pub. 2002)
Box 2
22 “Chants de Boheme” (poetry)1963-1974
23–10“Pontus de Tyard et son oeuvre poetique”1997-1998
211 “Living Prism: Itineraries in Comparative Literature” proofs and index 2001(pub. 2001)
Box 3
31“Rina Lasnier” notes by E.K.; and drafts of R.L.’s “Les Gisants” and “Quatrains quotidiens”1963, 1964-1969
Box 6
61 “Living Prism: Itineraries in Comparative Literature”1998-1999
62–4“Anthologie de la poesie quebecoise”1973-1996
Box 10
101 “Rina Lasnier” correspondence and financial records 1962-1972, 1964

1962–1972 (Fides pub. 1964)

Box 12
121 Correspondence relating to “Mauriac”1975-1979
Box 14
141 “Etudes sur le dialogue a la Renaissance” draft[2000?]
Box 15
151 “Le Dialogue a la Renaissance: histoire et poetique”2004
Box 1
11 “Mauriac”1972 (pub. 1972)
12 “Le dialogue a la Renaissance : historie et poetique” correspondence and other records2003-2004
13 “Le dialogue a la Renaissance : histoire et poetique” proofs2004

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