Personal files

Title: Personal files
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55 cm of textual records
16 artifacts
Scope and content

Series consists of records relating to academic degrees (honorary doctor of letters, UBC, 1976 and Doctor of Letters, University of Toronto, 1978), passports (1948–1991), appointment books (c.1950– c.1970), financial records relating to Cranfield House (Coburn’s London, England residence), legal records (wills, mortgages, insurance, etc.), and 16 medals. Also included is various personal correspondence, Coburn family correspondence (1866–1940s), Ellis family correspondence (1902–1904) which includes a detailed account of a canoe trip from Algonquin Park to Scarborough in 1902, correspondence between Kathleen Coburn and the Paul Mellon Foundation (1968–1985) as well as records regarding Kathleen Coburn's estate and correspondence after her death between her long-time secretary Freda Gough and family and friends (1991-2000). 


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Title based on contents of the series.


The series is stored in 5 boxes

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Box 69
691 Cranfield House, Apt. 15, 97 Southampton Row, London W.C. 1—Correspondence re purchase, legal matters, etc.1968-1983
692 Cranfield House, rental correspondence, bills, Cranfield House Residents Association, etc.1984-1991
693 Conreal Inc.—Correspondence, legal papers related to the Estate of Samuel Zacks1982-1985
694 MacFarlanes, Solicitors—Correspondence re taxation1973-1976
695 Binder containing notes from K.C.’s caretakers1987-1988

Includes a letter from Lilian Conway to Freda Gough about Kathleen Coburn's condition. 

696 Correspondence—various (mostly personal)1975, 1982-1985
697 Correspondence—various (personal). Correspondents include Laurens van der Post (1980), Jean Little (1961), and John Livingstone (1931)1931, 1961, 1980
698 Correspondence from Lawren Harris re the purchase by Kathleen Coburn of paintings by Emily Carr 1943-1946
Box 70
701 Passports, K.C. (8)1948-1991
702 Date books (21)1950s-1970s
703 Legal documents

(i.e. J. McPherson’s will, mortgages etc.)

704 Doctor of Letters degree from U.B.C.–K.C.1976
705 Speeches re Doctors of Letters degree, University of Toronto1978
706 Birth certificate, Toronto Memorial Society membership card
707 Address books
Box 77
771 Ellis family correspondence1902-1904
772 Coburn family correspondence c.1866-1940s
773 Vic Class of 2T8—Minute book1924-1938
774–5Correspondence, 1961–1962, re Table Talk, The Friend1961-1962
776 Paul Mellon Foundation for British Art—correspondence between Kathleen Coburn and Paul Mellon, and related correspondence1968-1985
Box 78
781 Indian Lore and Memories—5 exercise books each containing handwritten material and a separate typed transcript.
782 Mrs. Tabobandung—Her Life Experiences


783 Mrs. Christina Jane Tabobandung—Her notes, stories, memories, typescript, 3 letters

[2 from Christina Tabobandung and 1 from Barbara]

784 Typescript “Indian Stories”—envelope marked “MSS by Barbara Tabobandung”
Box 81
81 Artifacts: 16 medals

- Overseas Battalion Niagara Rangers 176—military badge
- 1919 Victory Loan Essay Competition—pendant
- H.C.I.—pin
- Victoria College 28—pin
- Victoria University 1928—The Regent’s Medal
- Canadian Girls in Training—2 pins
- Officer of the Order of Canada—original medal received by Kathleen Coburn in 1974; small medal; 4 lapel pins; 10th anniversary coin; programme from Investiture ceremony
- Queen Elizabeth II—silver jubilee coin (with ribbon)
- Chauveau medal 

2016.02, Box 1
Kathleen Coburn Estate
13Correspondence between Freda Gough and Ayala Zacks Abramov re estate1991-1995


11Obituaries and memorial services1991


12Correspondence between Valerie Eliot and Freda Gough regarding estate1986-1999


14Correspondence between Freda Gough and Frank Coburn regarding estate1990-1995


15Correspondence between Freda Gough and Bob Brandeis of Victoria University Library regarding estate1991-1992

Correspondence is mainly about donation of Coleridge books and material to the library.    

16Correspondence between Freda Gough and Carol Rothkopf regarding estate1992-1994

Correspondence is mainly about the Cranfield House property in London.  

17Correspondence between Freda Gough and others regarding estate 1991-2000


18Canada Council Coburn Fellowship1976-2000

Correspondence with Canada Council and other records relating to the Coburn Fellowship.

1915 Cranfield House contents list1992


110Death certificate and funeral arrangements1991

Also includes a DNR request signed by Kathleen Coburn.   

111The Royal Society of Canada memorial article1992-1993


112Lists of possessions - 85 Willcocks Avenue, Toronto1991-1992