Research and editorial records

Title: Research and editorial records
Dates of Material:
2.32 m of textual records
10 photographs: b&w
16 microfilm reels: positive and negative
Scope and content

Series consists of correspondence, transcripts, handwritten, typewritten and editorial notes relating to Coburn's research and editorial work, including the STC Notebooks; microfilm copies of research material relating to Coleridge; and publications and thesis by Coburn with annotations


The series is stored in 18 boxes

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Box 45
451 GW: Archiv für den Thierischen Magnetisismus
452 Handwriting/Various
453 STC Notebooks—Location of etc.
454 Tennemann MS Correspondence
455 Christabel—Sotheby’s
456 Kubla Khan
457 STC Library Borrowings (from University of Gottingen)
458 Indexers and Researchers1968-1984
459 STC: Contributions to Periodicals etc.
4510 British Museum MSS: 2800, 2801, 47864
4511 CN: Style Sheet, etc.
4512 CC: Style Sheets and notes etc.
Box 46
461 Cornell University Library—Correspondence1936-1962
462 Yale University Library—Correspondence1936-1968
463 New York Public Library (Berg Coll.)—Correspondence1947-1976
464 Bristol Public Library—Correspondence1958-1960
465 British Library—Correspondence 1984
466 Dendurent, H.O.—Correspondence1970-1974
467 Booksellers Catalogues (STC Items)
468 Duke University Library—Correspondence1960-1969
469 Liverpool Public Library and University of Liverpool Library—Correspondence1960-1961
4610 Folger Shakespeare Library—Correspondence1960-1968
4611 Gillman Sale Catalogue (Blackwood’s 531) & typescript
4612 Library of Congress—Correspondence1937-1980
4613 Huntington Library—Correspondence1931-1980
4614 Libraries and Museums, General—Correspondence1935-1982

plus STC holdings

4615 Coleridge, A.H.B.—Correspondence 1964
4616 McGill University, Redpath Library—Correspondence 1960
4617 Harvard Library 1961?-1978
Box 47
471 Ottery Manuscripts
472 Victoria College Library—Acquisitions
473 Pierpont Morgan Library—Correspondence1950-1967
474 Princeton University Library1960-1968
475 Southey CollectionWinter 1980

The Wordsworth Circle

476 Victoria College Library—Notes on Collection
477 Victoria College Library—STC Marginalia in Collection
478 University of London Library—A.L. 298
479 United States, Libraries etc.—Coleridge Holdings
4710 University of Kentucky Library, Peal Collection—Coleridge Holdings
4711 STC Notebooks—correspondence and clippings re photographing them
Box 48
481 University of Texas—Coleridge Collection holdings and Correspondence1960-1980
482 United States, Libraries—Inquiries re Coleridge holdings1960-1979
483 Victoria College Library—Purchase of Coleridge Collection and other STC MSS1952-1983
484 Book Repair1982
485 Second Lay Sermon (1817)—Correspondence1970-1971
486 Malta Garrison Library—List of contents
487 United States, Libraries—STC Holdings (Richard Haven List)
488 Notebook Transcripts E.H.C. (from Mr. King of Blackwells’)
489 Notebook Material—General Notes
4810 Notebooks, vol. III—Miscellaneous
4811 Notebooks—Description of Contents
4812 Notebook 23.21—photocopy
4813 Notebook 25

typescript (not complete)

4814 Notebook 33

(photocopy of MS)

4815 Notebook 37

typescript (not complete)

4816 Notebook 61


Box 49
491 Medical entries: typescript pp.


492 Allston, Washington—Correspondence with H.W.L. Dana and with Gazette des Beaux-Arts1942-1944
493 Beaumont, George—Catalogues (2) from Leicester Art Gallery
494 Cochrane, Lord/S.T. Coleridge plus a photo of STC labelled “The Betham miniature”
495 German in STC’s Notebooks and translation.
496 Hebrew alphabet
497 Hutchinson, Sara—Keepsakes etc.
498 Hutchison, Sara—References to STC in S.H. Letters, List of S.H. Letters; List of names used in S.H. Letters; S.H. fragments
499 Imagination—C. etc.
4910 Indexing—preparation of cards etc.
4911 Kubla Khan—Correspondence 1960
4912 Personal, STC connections, addresses etc.
4913 Lakes country: STC notebooks—transcriptions
4914 Latin entries in Notebooks
4915 Malta—Correspondence, clippings, etc.
4916 Notes, Miscellaneous unlocated
4917 Newton—Notes from F.E.L. Priestley1982
4918 Psychoanalytical material in connection with STC Notebooks
4919 Scottish Tour—K.C.
4920 Shorthand (Gurney System)—KC inquiry 1937
4921 “Soother in Absence”—TLS clipping 1953
4922 Southey and S.T.C.—photocopies of their MSS
4923 Stoddart, J.—copies of letters 1801
4924 Foakes, Reginald A., CC ed. Literary Lectures—Correspondence1962-1973
4925 Foakes, Reginald A., CC ed. Literary Lectures—Correspondence1974-1987
Box 50
501 Aids to Reflection—photocopies
502 Biographica Literaria—Correspondence, corrections etc.
503 Church and State—corrections etc.
504 Essays on His Own Times—Correspondence, corrections etc.
505 Essay on Method—Correspondence 1962
506 The Friend—typescript of Introduction
507 The Friend—Notes1809-1810
508 The Friend—Work in Progress; galleys, notes etc.
509 The Friend—Revised MSS, notes, correspondence etc.
5010 The Friend—Serial No.’s and collation tables
5011 The Friend—Latin
Box 51
511 Lay Sermons—Manuscript copies, notes, correspondence1971-1976
512 Lay Sermons—Notes, correspondence1966-1970
513 Literary Lectures—Notes, MSS, correspondence1964-1979
514 Literary Remains—Notes, correspondence 1976
515 Marginalia Vol. II typescript and notes
516 Logic—Notes, Correspondence1976-1978
517 Marginalia—Notes, Correspondence1964-1981
Box 52
521 Marginalia I & II: typed notes
522 Opus Maximum—Notes, photocopies STC MSS
523 Philosophical Lectures 11 & 12—KC/OB roughs, photographs etc.
524 Philosophical Lectures 2 to 11—KC/OB roughs
525 Poetical Works—Correspondence, notes etc.1966-1982
Box 53
531 Shorter Works and Fragments—MSS, notes, revisions, etc.
532 Coleridge Notebook 3 1/2.70 typescript
533 Table Talk—Working papers
534 Table Talk—Working papers cont’d1973-1975
535 Theological Lectures—Inquiries1966
536 The Watchman—notes
Box 54
541 Levere, Trevor—Correspondence and notes1971-1990
542 Whalley, George—Correspondence and notes1968-1981
543 Marginalia style; off-print (lost marg.); roughs
544 Medical Entries in Coleridge’s Notebooks
545 Monkhouse Family


546 Jackson, Robin de J.—Correspondence and notes1972-1976
547 Sara Coleridge to Aubery de Vere and ?Sara Norton and M.A. De Wolfe Howe?—Transcriptions of Letters
548 Dating Problems in CC
549 Haven, Richard—Correspondence 1949–1976 and “Chronological Listing 1793–1834”1949-1976


5410 Winer, Bart re Marginalia—Correspondence with F. Gough1986-1987
5411 Modiano, Raimonda (researcher)—Correspondence1977-1987
5412 The Friend, Index—Correspondence, etc.1966-1967
5413 Darius, Jon—Correspondence re astronomy1976-1978
5414 Crick, Joyce (researcher)—Correspondence1975-1986
5415 Winer, Bart—Correspondence1968-1978
Box 55
551 Philosophical Lectures—3–6; 10 & 11: rough notes
552 Philosophical Lectures II & XI—Notes from Lorna Arnold
553 Philosophical Lectures I–XIV—Draft intro., Notes, MSS, etc.
554 Marginalia—Correspondence, and draft notes
555 Aids to Reflection—Photocopies AR (1825) Correspondence
556 Shorter Works and Fragments—draft, notes, etc.
Box 56
561 Collected Coleridge Style Sheet 19641964
562 Princeton University Press—Correspondence, editorial and financial1973-1974
563 Arnold, Lorna—Correspondence, notes etc.1975-1979
564 Aids to Reflection—Photocopies of notes from John Beer
565 Poetical Works—correspondence and photocopies : J.C.C. Mays, Richard Garnett, J. Hitchcock, J. Crick and notes etc.1984-1988
566 Philosophical Lecture—marked up MSS, notes, etc.
567 Philosophical Lecture XI—rough notes
568 Philosophical Lecture XII—rough notes, MSS, notes etc.
569 Philosophical Lecture XIII—rough notes, MSS, notes etc.
Box 57
571 Coleridge Notebooks vol. IV—Galley corrections
572 Coleridge Notebooks—Lists and Contents
573 Concordial Index—Correspondence1982-1984
574 Coleridge Notebooks vol. V—Correspondence A. Harding (CN ed.)1985-1986
575 Coleridge Notebooks vol. III—Latin notes
576 Coleridge Notebooks vol. III—Language Lists
577 Coleridge Notebooks vols. I, II, III—Addenda and Corrigenda
578 Coleridge Notebooks vol. III—Addenda and Corrigenda
579 Coleridge Notebooks vol. I—Addenda and Corrigenda
5710 Coleridge Notebooks vol. II—Addenda and Corrigenda
5711 Coleridge Notebooks—Description & condition of
5712 Coleridge Notebooks—Material for vols. IV and V
5713 Coleridge Notebooks vol. III—Acknowledgements list
5714 Ancient Mariner—Notes for possible film script
5715 Coleridge Notebook 29?—Typescript
5716 Coleridge Notebooks vol. V—Rough notes
Box 58
581 Coleridge Notebook 29—Typescript, corrections
582 Coleridge Notebook 29—first rough text and M. Avison’s notes
583 Coleridge Notebooks vol. IV—“The Unsolved in CN IV”, queries etc.
584 Nye, Eric W.—Correspondence re STC portraits1982-1988
585 Kubla Khan—PMLA article (Oct. 1974) and notes on a BBC TV program1974
586 Kabbala

notes and photocopies

587 Italian translations (Beatrice Corrigan)
588 Italian notes—Volume 3+
589 Latin—ref. CC and CN
5810 Re Gillman family 1972
5811 Gibbon Muratori—CN III1966
5812 Coleridge Notebooks, general—listing of no. of leaves etc.
Box 59
591 Coleridge Notebook 39

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

592 Coleridge Notebook 38

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

593 Coleridge Notebook 40

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

594 Coleridge Notebook 37

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

595 Coleridge Notebook 18

typescript with corrections “for typing”

596 Coleridge Notebook 48

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

597 Coleridge Notebook 45

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

598 Coleridge Notebook 47

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

599 Coleridge Notebook 46

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

5910 Colerdige Notebook 59

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

5911 Coleridge Notebook 56

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

5912 Coleridge Notebook 44

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

5913 Colerdige Notebook 43

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

Box 60
601 Coleridge Notebook 42

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

602 Coleridge Notebook 41

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

603 Coleridge Notebook 34

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

604 Coleridge Notebook 35

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

605 Coleridge Notebook 20

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

606 Coleridge Notebook 51

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

607 Colerdige Notebook 52

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

608 Coleridge Notebook 53

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

609 Coleridge Notebook 54

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

6010 Coleridge Notebook 55

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

6011 Coleridge Notebook 25

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

6012 Coleridge Notebook 36

bound carbon copy typescript with corrections

6013 Coleridge Notebook 33

bound carbon copy typescript and MS with corrections

Box 71
711 Christabel—Notes, photocopies, photographs, correspondence1951-1971
712 Coleridge—note on Christabel, Vic Report (March 1938), notes on Coleridge MSS (unpublished STC notebooks)1938
713 “Selections from the Coleridge Notebooks”

typescript and notes

714 Omniana—pages of book pasted on legal sized pages with handwritten notes, amended footnotes etc.

[in brown envelope with Morchard Bishop’s name and address on it?]

Box 79
791Philosophical Lectures (Abbreviations + Text) Lectures I, II, III, IV, V, VI1986

Also contains an envelope with correspondence with Owen Barfield. Note says it is to be kept with the edition.   

792Philosophical Lectures (Text) - Lectures VII, VIIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV1986


793Philosophical Lectures (Notes) - Lectures I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII1986


794Philosophical Lectures (Notes) - Lectures IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV1986


795Philosophical Lectures - Appendix A, B, B additions, E1986


796Philosophical Lectures (Text, Notes) - Lectures I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII1986


797Philosophical Lectures (Text, Notes) - Lecture VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV1984-1986


2007.02, Box 1
11–16Microfilm copies of research materials relating to Coleridge
2007.02, Box 2
Annotated material
22 Inquiring spirit : new presentation of Coleridge from his published and unpublished prose writings (edited by Coburn, pub. 1950)1950


23 Inquiring spirit


24 The Grandmothers (by Coburn, pub. 1949)1949
25 The Poetical works of Milton
26 Thesis by Coburn—“Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Marginalia on W.G. Tennemann’s Geschichte Der Philosophie”[ca.1932]
27 Gillman sale catalogue items lists
2016.02, Box 1
112[Notebook with notes on Coleridge]1931?

Notebook is from Kathleen Coburn's time at St. Hugh's College and contains notes from and about Coleridge's lecture on 11th January 1819.  

113[Rough notes]1953-1983


116[Notebook with poems]1931

Notebook contains poetry copied by Kathleen Coburn, including poems by Walt Whitman, Rudyard Kipling, Goethe, etc.   

117[Notes on STC Marginalia?][193-]

Note for title was provided by Freda Gough.