Lectures and publication files

Title: Lectures and publication files
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Series consists of correspondence, texts, notes, manuscripts and printed versions of lectures and published papers.

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Title based on contents of the series.


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Box 61
611 “The Writer and Society in the Nineteenth Century; Prose”



612 University of Toronto Review (Spring 1980)—Interview with K.C.1980
613 “The Canadian Essay” (1948)1948

MS, typescript, notes


614 “The Indian in Canadian Literature”

typescript, notes, clippings etc.


615 “The Indian in Canadian Literature”

notes, clippings, etc.


616 The Canadian Forum: “The Case of Mr. Ojibway” (42) and “Red Man’s Burden” (44)

Copies of notes, typescript etc.


617 U of T. Quarterly (July 1956) KC’s review of “Flight of the Skylark” by Sylva Norman1956
618 Canadian Forum (January 1947)—review of Emily Carr’s “Growing Pains”1947
619 The Canadian Forum (August 1944)—KC reviews of Stefan George’s “Poems”1944
6110 The Portcullis Theatre

typescript of article on by K.C.


Box 62
621 “Coleridge and the Sense of Restraint”

typescripts and notes

622 Riddell Memorial Lectures—typescript of “The Self Conscious Imagination: a study of the Coleridge Notebooks” delivered at King’s College, University of DurhamFebruary, 1973
623 “Coleridge on Shakespeare”—typescript of lecture for Japan but not used October, 1977
624 Miscellaneous Lectures—typescripts (“The Indian in Canadian Literature”; “Nineteenth Century Poetry”; “The Writer and Society in the Nineteenth Century; Prose”; “The Canadian Essay”; “Virginia Woolf, A discussion of some of her novels”
625 Typescript for a lecture on Coleridge and philosophy, Madison, Wisconsin16 October, 1978
626 S.T.C. Bicentenary Talks, 19721972

partial typescript and 2 photographs


627 Alexander Lectures1977

correspondence, notes, typescripts etc.


628 Alexander Lecture II

MS and typescript (with corrections)


629 Alexander Lecture I

Typescript (with corrections)


6210 Alexander Lecture III

Typescript (with corrections etc.)


6211 Alexander Lectures

Correspondence, guest list etc.


6212 Inquiring Spirit (paperback 1979)1979

correspondence, proofs, etc.


Box 63
631 Modern Language Review—KC review of Letters of C. & M. Lamb ed. Edwin W. Marrs
632 Collins Illustrated Dictionary of Biography—Contribution on S.T.C.

Correspondence and typescript


633 Letters of Sarah Hutchinson, ed. K.C.

Correspondence, notes etc.


634 OEA Lecture, “Wordsworth and Coleridge”, 194?



635 British and Canadian Broadcasting Corporations



636 Lectures (various) and correspondence
637 University of Toronto Quarterly (1956),—“Coleridge & Wordsworth & the Supernatural”1956



638 Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution—“Coleridge in Highgate” and correspondence1972-1983
639 Con Scotts, Especially Scott194?

typescript for lecture? article?


6310 “Coleridge Redevivus,” in The Major English Romantic Poets—Correspondence re K.C. contribution1954-1957
6311 “Hazlitt on the Disinterested Imagination,”—Correspondence, typescript, notes etc.1959-1963
6312 Inquiring Spirit—Correspondence1950-1980
6313 Inquiring Spirit, Piracy—Correspondence 1979
6314 “Poet into Public Servant”, (Royal Society of Canada)—Typescripts
6315 Japan, visit Oct/Nov 1977—Various talks1977
6316 Christ’s Hospital Bicentenary of STC—KC Talk (1972)—Correspondence, typescript, etc.1972
6317 Bicentenary of STC’s Birth (1972—Correspondence, clippings, etc.)1972-1974
6318 The Royal Institution Lecture—Correspondence, typescript, notes etc.October, 1972
Box 64
641 Reviews, various—Correspondence, typescripts, notes etc.1956-1981
642 “The Self Conscious Imagination, The Riddell Memorial Lectures”—Correspondence, typescript, notes etc.1973
643 “Coleridge and Restraint,” U of T QuarterlyApril, 1969



644 Gian Orsini Memorial Colloquium, Talk—Correspondence, typescriptOctober, 1968
645 I.A.R. [Richards] and S.T.C.—Typescript



646 The Listener, Sept. 1949, (B.B.C.)—“Coleridge’s Notebooks”, article by K.C., typescripts, copy of Listener1949
647 Newspapers, letters to by K.C.1964-1976
648 “The Interpenetration of Man and Nature”, Warton Lecture, British Academy, Feb. 1963—Correspondence, typescript, notes, proofs1962-1965
649 Reflexions in a Coleridge Mirror (Prentice Hall 1965)—typescript1965



Box 65
651 The Commonwealth Scholar (Spring 1963)1938, 1944, 1963

contains article by J.R. de J. Jackson, “Coleridge and Professor Coburn’s Edition”; Victoria Library Bulletin (March 1938)—contains article on K.C. and unpublished Coleridge Note-books; Gazette des Beaux-Arts V 25: 249–52, April, 1944 [pp. 249, 250 only], “Notes on Washington Allston from the unpublished notebooks of S.T. Coleridge” by ?

652 Reviews and offprints by K.C.1956, 1959

e.g. Queen’s Quarterly, Vol. LXVI, No. 3, 1959—contains “Biography in Depth, the `Whole Soul’ of Wordsworth”; Univ. of Toronto Quarterly, Vol. XXV, No. 2, January, 1956—contains “Coleridge and Wordsworth and ‘the Supernatural’”

653 MLN, May, 1960—review of Collected Letters of S.T.C. by E.L. Griggs, vols. 3 & 4 (incomplete); Modern Philology, May 1960, Review of vols. 1–4.1960
654 Clippings, typescript, etc., of articles, reviews by K.C.
655 Reviews (scrapbook)1957, 1961

The Notebooks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Vol. I, 1957 and Vol. II, 1961)

656 Reviews (scrapbook)1949, 1951, 1954

The Philosophical Lectures of S.T.C. (1949); The Grandmothers (1949); Inquiring Spirit, 1951; The Letters of Sara Hutchinson 1954.

657 Reviews: Experience into Thought and Inquiring Spirit
658 Reviews: The Notebooks of S.T.C., Vol. III
659 Reviews: “Self-Conscious Imagination”
6510 Reviews: In Pursuit of Coleridge
Box 66
661 Unpublished typescript (2 pp) and MS by K.C.
662 UofT exam booklet with “K.C. Lit. Abortions” written on it containing pencilled ? and loose notes
663 Notebook with notes re V. Woolf at back and re “The Grandmothers”? at front containing clippings and random? notes etc.
664 Various notes, correspondence (in German) for ? “The Grandmothers”?
665 Notes, correspondence [with publishers and Lillian H. Smith] drawings re MS called “Georgian Bay Holiday”
666 Envelope containing MS “Adventure the Fifth, Two Royal Rides” by Kip Emerson [K.C.]; reader’s report on “Kitchikewana’s Heel” by Kip Emerson; letter and agreement between K.C. & Wm. Collins Sons to buy “Kitchikewana’s Heel” for $250
667 Draft typescript and proofs of The Grandmothers titled “Hands and Eyes”


668 Correspondence, notes, page proofs of The Grandmothers1948-1949
669 Typescript (corrected and marked up) of In Pursuit of Coleridge
Box 67
671 Typescript of In Pursuit of Coleridge with list of corrections for typesetter (in binder)
672 The Grandmothers, Correspondence 1949–1951, letters of congratulation, clippings, illustrations, copies of reviews, etc.1949-1951