Material relating to Duncan Campbell Scott

Title: Material relating to Duncan Campbell Scott
Dates of Material:
Inclusive: 1890–1964; Predominant: 1890–1947
26 cm of textual records
2 photographs: b&w
4 photographs: 35 mm b&w negatives
Biographical sketch

Duncan Campbell Scott (1862–1947) was a poet, a writer and a civil servant. He was the son of William Scott and Janet McCallum. He married Belle W. Botsford in 1894. They had one son and a daughter who died suddenly in 1907. In 1941 he married Desiree Elise Aylen. He died in Ottawa.

Scott was educated in various schools in Ontario and Quebec and at Stanstead College, Quebec. He was first employed as an Extra Clerk in the office of the Indian Commissioner from December 1879 to March 1880, and then served briefly in the Department of the Interior. He was appointed to a permanent position in the Civil Service by Order of Council, effective 8 October 1880. He served as a Clerk in the Accounts Branch of the Department of Indian Affairs, rising to the position of Chief Clerk in 1893. He was appointed Secretary of the Department in 1896 and classified Chief Accountant in 1908. The following year, the position of Superintendent of Indian Education was added to his responsibilities. In October 1913 he was appointed Deputy Superintendent General of Indian Affairs, a post he held until his superannuation in 1932.

Scott was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1899 and served as its President in 1921–22. He was awarded an honourary doctorate from the University of Toronto in 1922, made a CMG in 1934 and awarded an LL.D. from Queen’s University in 1939.

By the late 1880s, Scott was a regular contributor to Scribner’s Magazine. He contributed essays to the Toronto Globe in 1892–93 (published as At the Mermaid Inn in 1979). He published many volumes of poetry, including The Magic House and Other Poems (1893), The Magic House: Labor and the Angel (1898), New World Lyrics and Ballads (1905), Via Borealis (1906), Lundy’s Lane and Other Poems (1916), Beauty and Life (1921), The Poems of Duncan Campbell Scott (1926), and The Green Cloister (1935). His collections of short stories include: In the Village of Viger (1896), The Witching of Elspie (1923) and The Circle of Affection (1947), which also contained a number of poems not previously published. He wrote a novel that did not get published until 1979 (as The Untitled Novel). For the Makers of Canada series, which he directed with Pelham Edgar, he wrote a biography of John Graves Simcoe (1905). In 1947 he published a book on Walter H. Phillips. He edited Archibald Lampman’s poetry (1900–47).

Scope and content

Series consists of correspondence including with Helen Edgar (1903–1919) and Oscar Pelham Edgar (1895–1946), literary manuscripts, photographs and other material.

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The series is stored in 2 boxes.

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Related groups of records

The Donald B. Smith fonds, Fonds 80,Series 3 contains records related to William Scott, the father of Duncan Campbell Scott.

Box 5
536Brock, “Miss”: 1 out, photocopied, 18901890
536Copeland and Day: 1 out, 18961896
536Edgar, Pelham: 3 out, 1895, 18991895, 1899

Subjects: James David Edgar; Archibald Lampman.

537Bourinot, John: 1 out, 19011901

Draft; enclosed in letter from Scott to Pelham Edgar

537Colby, Charles W.: 1 in, 19011901
537Edgar, Pelham: 10 out, 19011901
538 Stewart, George: 1 out, 19011901

Enclosed in letter from Scott to Pelham Edgar.

538Edgar, Pelham: 7 out, 19011901
539Edgar, Helen: 1 out, 19031903
539Edgar, Pelham: 10 out, 1902–041902-1904

Subject: Charles G.D. Roberts.

540Edgar, Pelham: 6 out, 19051905

Subjects: William Lyon Mackenzie King; Wilfrid Laurier.

541Edgar, Helen: 1 out, 19061906
541Edgar, Pelham: 6 out, 19061906

Subject: Stephen Leacock.

542Edgar, Pelham: 7 out, 19061906

Subject: Robert Coats.

543Edgar, Helen: 1 out, 19071907
543Edgar, Pelham: 9 out, 19071907
544Edgar, Pelham: 7 out, 19081908

Subject: Pelham Edgar–Royal Society.

545. bEdgar, Helen: 1 out, 19131913
545. fEdgar, Helen: 2 out, 19191919
545.aEdgar, Helen: 2 out, 19121912
545.aEdgar, Pelham: 11 out, 1910–19121910-1912

Subject: William Wilfrid Campbell.

545.bEdgar, Pelham: 9 out, 19131913

Subjects: Rupert Brooke; Archibald Lampman.

545.cEdgar, Helen: 3 out, 1914, 19151914, 1915
545.cEdgar, Pelham: 11 out, 1914, 19151914, 1915

Subject: Archibald Lampman.

545.dEdgar, Helen: 2 out, 19161916
545.dEdgar, Pelham: 9 out, 19161916

Subject: Rupert Brooke.

545.dMcClelland, Goodchild and Stewart: 1 out, 19161916

Enclosed in letter to Pelham Edgar.

545.eEdgar, Pelham: 8 out, 1917, 19181917, 1918
545.fEdgar, Pelham: 10 out, 19191919
545.gEdgar, Pelham: 7 out, 1920–19221920-1922

Subject: Elise Scott.

545.hEdgar, Pelham: 7 out, 1923–19291923-1929
545.hHodder and Stoughton: 1 out, 19231923

Enclosed in letter to Pelham Edgar.

545.hMcClelland, John: 1 out, 19231923

Enclosed in letter to Pelham Edgar.

545.iEdgar, Pelham: 13 out, 1930–331930-1933

Subjects: E.J. (Edwin John) Pratt; Elise Scott.

545.jEdgar, Pelham: 10 out, 1934–361934-1936

One letter incomplete. Subject: Dona Edgar.

545.kEdgar, Pelham: 10 out, 1937, 1938;1937, 1938
545.lEdgar, Pelham: 13 out, 1939–411939-1941

Subjects: Audrey Alexandra Brown; Kenneth Leslie; E.J. (Edwin John) Pratt.

545.mEdgar, Dona: 1 out, 19421942
545.mEdgar, Pelham: 4 out, 1942–461942-1946
546.2.1Brown, E.K. (Edward Killoran): 3 out, n.d., photocopiedn.d.

Subject: Lawren Harris.

Literary manuscripts -- Poetry
545.fA Note to Pelham Edgar


545.fOde on the hundredth anniversary of the birth of James Russell Lowell


Other material
543Letter from Belle Scott to Helen Edgar: 1 out, [1907][1907]

Photograph of Elizabeth Scott (daughter of Duncan and Belle) enclosed.

545. jLetter from Elise Scott to Pelham Edgar: 1 out, [1934?][1934?]
545.iLetter from “Harry” to Pelham Edgar: 1 out, [1932][1932]
Box 6
646.1Edgar, Helen: 1 out, n.d.n.d.
646.1Edgar, Pelham: 30 out, n.d.n.d.

Includes draft of “From beyond,” ts. (poem on letter dated [April, 1908?]) Subjects: Archibald Lampman; William Lyon Mackenzie King; E.J. (Edwin John) Pratt; Duncan Campbell Scott–biographical information.

646.2.1Brown, E.K. (Edward Killoran): 1 in, photocopied, 19441944
646.2.1Brown, E.K. (Edward Killoran): 16 out, 1943–471943-1947
646.2.1Brown, E.K. (Edward Killoran): 2 in, 1940, photocopied; 2 out, 1940, 1941, photocopied1940, 1941

Subject: Poetry [journal].

646.2.1Brown, Peggy: 2 out, photocopied, 1943, 19441943, 1944
646.2.1Hutchinson, “Miss” 2 out, photocopied, 1946, 19471946, 1947
646.2.1University of Toronto. Trinity College. Office of the Provost: 1 out, photocopied, n.d.n.d.

Subject: transfer to Trinity College of archival material relating to Archibald Lampman.

Literary manuscripts -- Poetry
646.2.2 Intermezzo

ts. Inscribed to Peggy and Edward [E.K.] Brown (photocopied)

646.2.2Daulac [at the Long Sault]

ts., annotated (photocopied)

647...set within a desert lone

ts., cc. Fragment.

647...the wine of night in silence

ts., cc., annotated. Fragment.

647...yet for withstanding thus the autumn’s dart

ts., annotated. Fragment.

647At the Gill–Nets


647Byron on Wordsworth: being discovered stanzas of Don Juan

Two drafts: ts., and ts., annotated. Written for Byron Centenary.

647From Beyond

ts., photocopied. Original enclosed in letter to Pelham Edgar [April, 1908?], Box 6, File 46.1

647Improvisation on an Old Song

ts., cc., annotated

647Le plaisir delicieux et toujours nouveau d’une occupation inutile Henri de Regnier

ts., cc.

647Man to Nature


647Nature to Man


647Nothing but Leaves

ts., cc., annotated

647O Turn Once More

ts., cc., annotated

647Spring on Mattagami

holograph. Inscribed to Pelham Edgar.

647. fA Note to Pelham Edgar

ts., photocopied. Original held in letter to Pelham Edgar, July 14, 1919; Box 5, File 45

647. fOde on the hundredth anniversary of the birth of James Russell Lowell

ts., photocopied. Original held in letter to Pelham Edgar, January 31, 1919; Box 5, File 45

651.3Byron on Wordsworth: being discovered stanzas of Don Juan: privately printed poem

photocopied. Printed for Byron Centenary.

Other material
646.2.1Letter from Pelham Edgar to E.K. (Edward Killoran) Brown: 1 out, photocopied, 19481948

Subject: Duncan Campbell Scott.

646.2.1Letter from Ralph Gustafson to E.K. (Edward Killoran) Brown: 1 out, photocopied, 19441944
646.2.1Letter from unidentified person to E.K. (Edward Killoran) Brown: 1 out, photocopied, 19441944
646.2.1Letter from [R.H. Coats?] to E.K. (Edward Killoran) Brown: 1 out, photocopied, 19491949
646.2.1Letters from Elise Scott to E.K. (Edward Killoran) Brown: 12 out, photocopied, n.d., 1948–50n.d., 1948-1950

Subjects: Arthur S. Bourinot [uncle of Elise Scott]; transfer of original material relating to Duncan Campbell Scott to the Library, University of Toronto; appointment of E.K. Brown as literary executor for the estate of Duncan Campbell Scott.

646.2.1Letters from Elise Scott to Peggy Brown: 4 out, photocopied, 1951–691951-1969
646.2.1Letters from T.R.L. MacInnes to E.K. (Edward Killoran) Brown: 5 out, photocopied, 1943, 19441943, 1944

Subject: Duncan Campbell Scott.

646.3Letter from Arthur S. Bourinot to Peggy Brown: 1 out, photocopied, 19571957
646.3Letters from Arthur S. Bourinot to E.K. (Edward Killoran) Brown: 3 out, photocopied, 1944–501944-1950
646.4Material relating to Ryerson Press.1943-1951, 1950, 1951, 1959

Includes: Two greeting cards from Lorne Pierce [recipient unidentified]: n.d., 1959.
Letter from Lorne Pierce to Elise Scott: 1 out, photocopied, 1950.
Letters from Lorne Pierce to E.K. (Edward Killoran) Brown: 7 out, photocopied, 1943–50.
Letters from Lorne Pierce to Peggy Brown: 6 out, photocopied, 1951–56.
Letters from Peggy Brown to Lorne Pierce: 3 out, photocopied, 1951.
Letters from Ryerson Press officials to Peggy Brown: 8 out, photocopied, 1951–64.
Letter from Peggy Brown to Ryerson Press: 2 out, photocopied, 1951–64.
Table of contents for Selected poems of Duncan Campbell Scott, photocopied. Includes titles selected by E.K. Brown, Lorne Pierce and Elise Scott.

Other material -- Photographs
651.1Photograph: black-and-white, [1913]; Of Duncan Campbell Scott and Rupert Brooke[1913]

Includes 4 35 mm b&w negatives.

Material about Scott


646.2.2Notes by E.K. Brown about Scott’s Untitled novel


646.3Address by Arthur S. Bourinot about Duncan Campbell Scott, The Ever Eager Heart

printed, photocopied

648Notes, biographical

[copied by Pelham Edgar?]

649Notes, autobiographical


650 Article by [Percy Wright?]

ts., cc., annotated. File includes letter from E.K. Brown to Margaret V. Ray, 1950

651.3Clippings and tear-sheets

Includes articles by Leonard Brockington and Elsie Pomeroy.