Box/File List

Pelham Edgar

Box 1
Series: 2: Material relating to J. D. Edgar and Matilda Ridout Edgar
13Edgar, Matilda Ridout: 14 letters (original) from James David Edgar, n.d., 1873-1898; 1873-1898

Subjects: personal and political topics; Wilfrid Laurier; John A. Macdonald; Charles Tupper.

13[Unidentified correspondent]: 1 letter from James David Edgar, 1874.1874
14Edgar, James David and Matilda Ridout: 11 letters in, 1874- 1900; 1874-1900

Correspondents include: Alexander MacKenzie (1 in, 1874); Wilfrid Laurier (1 in, 1900); other political figures.

19Edgar, Matilda Ridout: 7 letters in, 1896-1909;1896-1909

Includes: correspondence of Ridout family; letter to "Maria," 1908.

Literary Material -- Notes
18Transcripts of letters, for Ten years in Upper Canada by Matilda Edgar: holograph;
Literary Material -- Addresses
12Early Rome and its relation to modern civilization: address by James David Edgar, holograph;
17Address by James David Edgar at the unveiling of a monument to Jean Olivier Chenier: ts., cc., annotated;

File includes clipping, photocopied.

Literary Material -- Book (non–fiction)
110A colonial governor in Maryland: ts., cc., annotated;


Literary Material -- Poetry
16Poems by James David Edgar: holographs; tss., cc.;
Literary Material -- Broadside
15Open letter from James David Edgar to Andrew Carnegie: broadside, photocopied;

Original held in Canadiana Collection.

Literary Material -- Other Material
11Papers of Pearson family: business records, 1768, 1817;1768, 1817
111Hymns by D.H. Rowe (including Onward, Christian Soldiers): printed, inscribed;
Box 2
Series: 1: Material relating to Pelham Edgar
212.1Bennett, R.B.: 2 in, 1938, 19411938, 1941
212.1Binyon, Laurence: 1 in, 19271927
212.1Birney, Earle: 1 in, 19351935
212.1Brown, Audrey Alexandra: 2 in, n.d., 1942; 1 out, 1942n.d., 1942

(fragment), [original; not sent?]

212.1Brown, E.K.: 2 in, 1946, 19481946, 1948

Subject: Duncan Campbell Scott.

212.1Bush, Douglas: 2 in, n.d., 1946n.d., 1946
212.2Carman, Bliss: 2 in, 1921, 19251921, 1925

Includes photograph.

212.2Child, Philip: 1 in, 19431943
212.3De la Roche, Mazo: 1 in, [1929?][1929?]

Addressed to Pelham and Dona Edgar.

212.4Edgar family: 3 in., n.d., 1889n.d., 1889
212.5Falconer, Robert: 3 in, 19431943

Subject: Canadian Authors’ Foundation.

212.5Macmillan Company of Canada: 1 in, 19431943
212.5a–b.Frye, Northrop: 1 in, 1936 (original); 2 in, 1937, 1948 (photocopies); 1 out, [1948], (photocopy)1936, 1937, 1948, 1948
212.6Frechette, Louis: 7 in, 19011901
212.7Galsworthy, John: 4 in, n.d., 1919, 1926n.d., 1919, 1926
212.7Grove, Catherine [Mrs. F.P.]: 1 in, 1947; 1 out (copy, holograph), [1947]1947

Includes clipping. Subject: Canadian Authors’ Foundation.

212.7Grove, Frederick Philip: 1 in, 19341934
212.7Houghton Mifflin Co.: 1 in, 19421942
212.8King, W.J.: 1 in, 19441944

Includes drafts of poems.

212.8King, William Lyon Mackenzie: 2 in, 1939, 19421939, 1942
212.8Knister, Raymond: 4 in, 1925–311925-1931

Photocopies; originals transferred to Knister collection.

212.9Lee, Sidney: 4 in, 1911, 19121911, 1912
212.9Lyttleton, Edith: 1 in, n.d.n.d.
212.10Leacock, Stephen: 3 in (to Pelham Edgar), n.d., 1916; 4 in (to Helen Edgar), n.d., 1919, 1923n.d., 1916, n.d., 1919, 1923

Includes a leaflet (holograph) advertising a Leacock reading.

212.11MacDonald, Wilson: 5 in, n.d., 1919–45n.d., 1919-1945

Includes poems (holograph and printed).

212.11Mackay, Isabel E.: 1 in, 19221922

Subject: Marjorie Pickthall.

212.11Macphail, Andrew: 2 in, 1933, 19381933, 1938
212.11McClung, Nellie L.: 1 in, 19481948

Subject: Audrey Alexandra Brown.

212.12Meynell, Alice: 6 in, 1901–141901-1914

Addressed to Dona Edgar. Subjects: [Helena?] Coleman; Marjorie Pickthall.

212.13Mann, Thomas: 1 in, 19381938
212.13Mansfield, John: 1 in, 19141914
212.14Newbolt, Henry: 1 in, 19241924
212.14Nichols, Robert: 4 in, n.d., 1919, 1934n.d., 1919, 1934

Includes annotated copy of printed poem.

212.15Osler, William: 3 in, n.d., 1906, 1910n.d., 1906, 1910

Subject: Matilda Ridout Edgar.

212.15Pickthall, Marjorie: 2 in, 1903–041903-1904

Photocopies; originals transferred to Pickthall collection.

212.15.aPerry, Martha Eugenie: 15 out, n.d., [1938]n.d., [1938]

Photocopies; originals held in the Archives of British Columbia. Subjects: Association of Canadian Bookmen; Audrey Alexandra Brown; Canadian Poetry Magazine; Charles G.D. Roberts; Duncan Campbell Scott.

212.15.b. Perry, Martha Eugenie: 31 in, 1936–481936-1948

Subjects: Audrey Alexandra Brown; Canadian Authors Association; Alan Crawley; Anne Marriott; Nellie McClung; Floris McLaren; E.J. (Edwin John) Pratt; C.P. (Charles Perry) Stacey [nephew of Martha Eugenie Perry].Photocopies; originals held in the Archives of British Columbia. File also contains 3 original letters from Perry to Edgar, 1942, 1943.

212.15.pPeacock, E.R.: 1 in, 19461946
212.16Pratt, E.J. (Edwin John): 20 in, [1929]–45[1929]-1945

Subjects: Earle Birney; Canadian Poetry Magazine; Charles G.D. Roberts; Duncan Campbell Scott.

212.17Pratt, E.J. (Edwin John): 6 in, 1946–481946-1948

Included is 1 letter to Edgar from J.C. Robertson, 1947, forwarded by Pratt. Subjects (of Pratt correspondence): Charles G.D. Roberts; Duncan Campbell Scott.

212.18. aRoberts, Charles G.D.: 1 in (photocopy), 1942; 2 in (originals), 19431942, 1943

Includes draft of Resurgant (a song for the defeated), ts., inscribed for Pelham Edgar. Subjects: Elsie Pomeroy; Duncan Campbell Scott.

212.18.bRay, Margaret V.: 2 out (original), n.d.n.d.
212.19Stringer, Arthur: 1 in [1946][1946]
212.19Swinnerton, Frank: 5 in, 1934, 19351934, 1935
212.21Woolf, Virginia: 1 in, 19341934
212.22Wrong, George M.: 1 in, 19431943
212.23a–b.Canadian Authors Association: 14 in (photocopied; from various officials), 1921–34; 1 out (photocopied), [1933]; 1921-1934
212.24Ray, Margaret V.: 2 out (from Dona Edgar), n.d.n.d.

Subject: Lorne Pierce; purchase by Victoria University Library of portait of Pelham Edgar.

212.25.fRay, Margaret V.: rom Dona Edgar and Lorne Pierce, 1948–19491948-1949

Subject: Pelham Edgar material at Victoria University Library.

212.aBowles, [Chancellor]: 1 out, 19211921


212.aBurwash, Nathanael: 1 out, 18971897

Original; accepting appointment as Lecturer in French.

Other material -- Miscellaneous
212.19Correspondence of John Sargent: 1 letter to Harris Brown, n.d.n.d.
Box 3
Series: 1: Material relating to Pelham Edgar
Literary manuscripts -- Notes
317Notebook (literary)[ca. 1920s–30s]

Includes draft material for The Art of the Novel; and notes on: poetry; fiction; various authors; Canadian Authors’ Foundation.

317.1Notebook (academic)n.d.

Includes notes on French literature.

Literary manuscripts -- Articles, addresses and books
313Famous Men and Famous Books: William Morris: poet, socialist, artist

holograph; [Author: Pelham Edgar?]

314.1The Alleged Third Manner of Henry James


315The Quarrels of Voltaire


316John Galsworthy–artist and prophet


318[Matthew Arnold as a writer of prose]

ts., cc., annotated. Incomplete.

319The Poetry of Duncan Campbell Scott


320[On Duncan Campbell Scott]


321.[On Duncan Campbell Scott]

ts., annotated. Later draft of item in Box 3, File 20



324Fashions in Books


324.1[On Canadian humourists]

ts., annotated. Incomplete.

324.2C.W.F. [Canadian Writers’ Foundation]

ts., annotated. Incomplete.

324.3Canadian Poetry [address for broadcast, 1934, sponsored by Canadian Authors’ Association]1934

ts., annotated; plus photocopy. Includes opening and closing remarks of announcer (ts., cc.).

325William Butler Yeats


325.1Creative Criticism in Canada: Frye’s Fearful Symmetry

ts., annotated. Portion of a proposed chapter of Across My Path.

326 Across My Path

tss., annotated, and tss., cc., annotated. Incomplete. Includes material omitted from the final draft. Subjects: autobiography; history of Edgar family; Arnold Bennett; W.B. Yeats.

326.1Across My Path

tss., cc., annotated. Subjects: autobiography; history of Edgar family; Helen Edgar; A.J. (Andrew James) Bell; G.M. Dawson. Includes material omitted from the final draft. Continuation of File 26.

Professional material
317.1Notebook (academic)n.d.

Includes notes on French literature.

Material about Edgar -- Reviews
314.2Review of Henry James: Man and Author, by Raymond Knister

ts., photocopied. Original is in Knister collection.

323[Material relating to reviews of The Art of the Novel]n.d.
Other material -- Miscellaneous
326.2Printed poetry


Box 4
Series: 1: Material relating to Pelham Edgar
435Birney, Earle: 1 in, n.d.n.d.


Other material -- Photographs
433.11 group photographn.d.

Group includes William Deacon, Pelham Edgar, Hugh Eayrs and other persons.

433.11 portraitn.d.

Signed by Edgar (on a separate piece of paper, formerly on back of frame).

433.4Album of photographs of services held upon the death of Louis Hemonn.d.

Included are photographs of Hugh Eayrs, Pelham Edgar and John Murray Gibbon.

Literary manuscripts -- Articles, addresses and books
427aThe Changing Aspects of Poetry

offprint, Queen’s Quarterly

427bSir Andrew Macphail

offprint, Queen’s Quarterly

427cSir Andrew Macphail

reprint, Proceedings, Royal Society of Canada

427dThe Enigma of Yeats

offprint, Queen’s Quarterly

427eMatthew Arnold as Poet

Transactions, Royal Society of Canada (possibly a reprint though not explicitly stated)

427fThe Comedy of Shakespeare and Molière

reprint, University Magazine

428The Centenary of Byron

offprint, Dalhousie Review

429Duncan Campbell Scott

offprint, Dalhousie Review.

430Edwin John Pratt

offprint, Gants du Ciel. Written in French.

431Lawrence J. Burpee

reprint, Proceedings, Royal Society of Canada

432The Royal Ontario Museum

reprint, University of Toronto Quarterly

Material about Edgar -- Notes by students
434Accounts by students of literature classes conducted by Pelham Edgar: 1924, 19251924, 1925

tss. Subjects include: Marjorie Pickthall; Wilson MacDonald.

Material about Edgar -- Articles
433.13 articles (including 1 sketch and 1 portrait)


Material about Edgar -- Bibliography
435bProfessor Pelham Edgar: a Chronological Bibliography of His Writings

photocopied. Student project by Sandra Campbell.

Material about Edgar -- Clippings
Material about Edgar -- Transcript of printed description of Pelham Edgar by Arnold Bennett
Other material -- Sound recording
435a. Encore [radio broadcast by Pelham Edgar, for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation]1967

2 sound tape reels. Gift of Kathleen Coburn, 1967.

Other material -- Miscellaneous
433.3Correspondence between Lorne Pierce, E.J. (Edwin John) Pratt and Margaret V. Ray and various persons (including H. Bennett and A.B.B. Moore of Victoria University): 1953, 19541953, 1954

Relating to contributions towards the purchase of a portrait of Pelham Edgar By Allan Barr.

435Annual Report of Authors’ Club1942-1943

Printed, 1942–43.

435Letter from Northrop Frye to [Lorne Pierce]: 19671967

Relating to a manuscript by Pelham Edgar.

435Photographs: 2 photographs, unidentifiedn.d.
435Poem by E.J. (Edwin John) Pratt, Creation and procreation, inscribed to Pelham Edgar

holograph, photocopied. Original is held in the Pratt collection.

Box 5
Series: 5: Material relating to Duncan Campbell Scott
536Brock, “Miss”: 1 out, photocopied, 18901890
536Copeland and Day: 1 out, 18961896
536Edgar, Pelham: 3 out, 1895, 18991895, 1899

Subjects: James David Edgar; Archibald Lampman.

537Bourinot, John: 1 out, 19011901

Draft; enclosed in letter from Scott to Pelham Edgar

537Colby, Charles W.: 1 in, 19011901
537Edgar, Pelham: 10 out, 19011901
538 Stewart, George: 1 out, 19011901

Enclosed in letter from Scott to Pelham Edgar.

538Edgar, Pelham: 7 out, 19011901
539Edgar, Helen: 1 out, 19031903
539Edgar, Pelham: 10 out, 1902–041902-1904

Subject: Charles G.D. Roberts.

540Edgar, Pelham: 6 out, 19051905

Subjects: William Lyon Mackenzie King; Wilfrid Laurier.

541Edgar, Helen: 1 out, 19061906
541Edgar, Pelham: 6 out, 19061906

Subject: Stephen Leacock.

542Edgar, Pelham: 7 out, 19061906

Subject: Robert Coats.

543Edgar, Helen: 1 out, 19071907
543Edgar, Pelham: 9 out, 19071907
544Edgar, Pelham: 7 out, 19081908

Subject: Pelham Edgar–Royal Society.

545. bEdgar, Helen: 1 out, 19131913
545. fEdgar, Helen: 2 out, 19191919
545.aEdgar, Helen: 2 out, 19121912
545.aEdgar, Pelham: 11 out, 1910–19121910-1912

Subject: William Wilfrid Campbell.

545.bEdgar, Pelham: 9 out, 19131913

Subjects: Rupert Brooke; Archibald Lampman.

545.cEdgar, Helen: 3 out, 1914, 19151914, 1915
545.cEdgar, Pelham: 11 out, 1914, 19151914, 1915

Subject: Archibald Lampman.

545.dEdgar, Helen: 2 out, 19161916
545.dEdgar, Pelham: 9 out, 19161916

Subject: Rupert Brooke.

545.dMcClelland, Goodchild and Stewart: 1 out, 19161916

Enclosed in letter to Pelham Edgar.

545.eEdgar, Pelham: 8 out, 1917, 19181917, 1918
545.fEdgar, Pelham: 10 out, 19191919
545.gEdgar, Pelham: 7 out, 1920–19221920-1922

Subject: Elise Scott.

545.hEdgar, Pelham: 7 out, 1923–19291923-1929
545.hHodder and Stoughton: 1 out, 19231923

Enclosed in letter to Pelham Edgar.

545.hMcClelland, John: 1 out, 19231923

Enclosed in letter to Pelham Edgar.

545.iEdgar, Pelham: 13 out, 1930–331930-1933

Subjects: E.J. (Edwin John) Pratt; Elise Scott.

545.jEdgar, Pelham: 10 out, 1934–361934-1936

One letter incomplete. Subject: Dona Edgar.

545.kEdgar, Pelham: 10 out, 1937, 1938;1937, 1938
545.lEdgar, Pelham: 13 out, 1939–411939-1941

Subjects: Audrey Alexandra Brown; Kenneth Leslie; E.J. (Edwin John) Pratt.

545.mEdgar, Dona: 1 out, 19421942
545.mEdgar, Pelham: 4 out, 1942–461942-1946
546.2.1Brown, E.K. (Edward Killoran): 3 out, n.d., photocopiedn.d.

Subject: Lawren Harris.

Literary manuscripts -- Poetry
545.fA Note to Pelham Edgar


545.fOde on the hundredth anniversary of the birth of James Russell Lowell


Other material
543Letter from Belle Scott to Helen Edgar: 1 out, [1907][1907]

Photograph of Elizabeth Scott (daughter of Duncan and Belle) enclosed.

545. jLetter from Elise Scott to Pelham Edgar: 1 out, [1934?][1934?]
545.iLetter from “Harry” to Pelham Edgar: 1 out, [1932][1932]
Box 6
Series: 5: Material relating to Duncan Campbell Scott
646.1Edgar, Helen: 1 out, n.d.n.d.
646.1Edgar, Pelham: 30 out, n.d.n.d.

Includes draft of “From beyond,” ts. (poem on letter dated [April, 1908?]) Subjects: Archibald Lampman; William Lyon Mackenzie King; E.J. (Edwin John) Pratt; Duncan Campbell Scott–biographical information.

646.2.1Brown, E.K. (Edward Killoran): 1 in, photocopied, 19441944
646.2.1Brown, E.K. (Edward Killoran): 16 out, 1943–471943-1947
646.2.1Brown, E.K. (Edward Killoran): 2 in, 1940, photocopied; 2 out, 1940, 1941, photocopied1940, 1941

Subject: Poetry [journal].

646.2.1Brown, Peggy: 2 out, photocopied, 1943, 19441943, 1944
646.2.1Hutchinson, “Miss” 2 out, photocopied, 1946, 19471946, 1947
646.2.1University of Toronto. Trinity College. Office of the Provost: 1 out, photocopied, n.d.n.d.

Subject: transfer to Trinity College of archival material relating to Archibald Lampman.

Literary manuscripts -- Poetry
646.2.2 Intermezzo

ts. Inscribed to Peggy and Edward [E.K.] Brown (photocopied)

646.2.2Daulac [at the Long Sault]

ts., annotated (photocopied)

647...set within a desert lone

ts., cc. Fragment.

647...the wine of night in silence

ts., cc., annotated. Fragment.

647...yet for withstanding thus the autumn’s dart

ts., annotated. Fragment.

647At the Gill–Nets


647Byron on Wordsworth: being discovered stanzas of Don Juan

Two drafts: ts., and ts., annotated. Written for Byron Centenary.

647From Beyond

ts., photocopied. Original enclosed in letter to Pelham Edgar [April, 1908?], Box 6, File 46.1

647Improvisation on an Old Song

ts., cc., annotated

647Le plaisir delicieux et toujours nouveau d’une occupation inutile Henri de Regnier

ts., cc.

647Man to Nature


647Nature to Man


647Nothing but Leaves

ts., cc., annotated

647O Turn Once More

ts., cc., annotated

647Spring on Mattagami

holograph. Inscribed to Pelham Edgar.

647. fA Note to Pelham Edgar

ts., photocopied. Original held in letter to Pelham Edgar, July 14, 1919; Box 5, File 45

647. fOde on the hundredth anniversary of the birth of James Russell Lowell

ts., photocopied. Original held in letter to Pelham Edgar, January 31, 1919; Box 5, File 45

651.3Byron on Wordsworth: being discovered stanzas of Don Juan: privately printed poem

photocopied. Printed for Byron Centenary.

Other material
646.2.1Letter from Pelham Edgar to E.K. (Edward Killoran) Brown: 1 out, photocopied, 19481948

Subject: Duncan Campbell Scott.

646.2.1Letter from Ralph Gustafson to E.K. (Edward Killoran) Brown: 1 out, photocopied, 19441944
646.2.1Letter from unidentified person to E.K. (Edward Killoran) Brown: 1 out, photocopied, 19441944
646.2.1Letter from [R.H. Coats?] to E.K. (Edward Killoran) Brown: 1 out, photocopied, 19491949
646.2.1Letters from Elise Scott to E.K. (Edward Killoran) Brown: 12 out, photocopied, n.d., 1948–50n.d., 1948-1950

Subjects: Arthur S. Bourinot [uncle of Elise Scott]; transfer of original material relating to Duncan Campbell Scott to the Library, University of Toronto; appointment of E.K. Brown as literary executor for the estate of Duncan Campbell Scott.

646.2.1Letters from Elise Scott to Peggy Brown: 4 out, photocopied, 1951–691951-1969
646.2.1Letters from T.R.L. MacInnes to E.K. (Edward Killoran) Brown: 5 out, photocopied, 1943, 19441943, 1944

Subject: Duncan Campbell Scott.

646.3Letter from Arthur S. Bourinot to Peggy Brown: 1 out, photocopied, 19571957
646.3Letters from Arthur S. Bourinot to E.K. (Edward Killoran) Brown: 3 out, photocopied, 1944–501944-1950
646.4Material relating to Ryerson Press.1943-1951, 1950, 1951, 1959

Includes: Two greeting cards from Lorne Pierce [recipient unidentified]: n.d., 1959.
Letter from Lorne Pierce to Elise Scott: 1 out, photocopied, 1950.
Letters from Lorne Pierce to E.K. (Edward Killoran) Brown: 7 out, photocopied, 1943–50.
Letters from Lorne Pierce to Peggy Brown: 6 out, photocopied, 1951–56.
Letters from Peggy Brown to Lorne Pierce: 3 out, photocopied, 1951.
Letters from Ryerson Press officials to Peggy Brown: 8 out, photocopied, 1951–64.
Letter from Peggy Brown to Ryerson Press: 2 out, photocopied, 1951–64.
Table of contents for Selected poems of Duncan Campbell Scott, photocopied. Includes titles selected by E.K. Brown, Lorne Pierce and Elise Scott.

Other material -- Photographs
651.1Photograph: black-and-white, [1913]; Of Duncan Campbell Scott and Rupert Brooke[1913]

Includes 4 35 mm b&w negatives.

Material about Scott


646.2.2Notes by E.K. Brown about Scott’s Untitled novel


646.3Address by Arthur S. Bourinot about Duncan Campbell Scott, The Ever Eager Heart

printed, photocopied

648Notes, biographical

[copied by Pelham Edgar?]

649Notes, autobiographical


650 Article by [Percy Wright?]

ts., cc., annotated. File includes letter from E.K. Brown to Margaret V. Ray, 1950

651.3Clippings and tear-sheets

Includes articles by Leonard Brockington and Elsie Pomeroy.

Box 7
Series: 3: Material relating to Audrey Alexandra Brown
754Edgar, Pelham: 19 out (originals), 1929–331929-1933

Subjects: Hugh Eayrs; Duncan Campbell Scott.

755Edgar, Pelham: 28 out (originals), 1933–381933-1938

Subject: [Lady] Tweedsmuir.

756Edgar, Pelham: 9 out (originals), 1939–471939-1947

Includes draft of Three men, ts., cc., annotated.

Literary manuscripts -- Poetry
752Holograph; tss., annotated; ts., cc.; offprint, inscribed to Pelham Edgar; n.d., 1936–391936-1939
753Holograph; tss., annotated; tss., cc., annotated; n.d., 1912–411912-1941
Other material
758.15 letters to Pelham Edgar about Audrey Alexandra Brown1928, 1931, 1934

Includes: 2 from George B. Brown, 1928, 1931; 3 from Martin Burrell, 1934

758.21 letter from Lorne Pierce to Margaret V. Ray, 19481948

Relating to provenance of The Paladins.

Other material -- Photographs
757 3 portraits (black-and-white)n.d.
Box 8
Series: 4: Material relating to Charles G. D. Roberts
860Edgar, Pelham: 8 in, 1934–1942; 1 letter incomplete1934-1942

Subjects: Canadian Authors Association; Leslie, Kenneth; Pratt, E.J. (Edwin John).

865Parsons, [Mrs.; of Canadian Authors Association]: 1 out (original), 19271927

Enclosing tickets to dinner honouring Mazo de la Roche.

Literary manuscripts -- Poetry
861A Mystic

ts., annotated and ts., cc., annotated; 1 copy inscribed to Pelham Edgar.

861A Song for Victory Delayed

ts., annotated and ts., cc., annotated

861As Down the Woodland Ways

ts., annotated and ts., cc., annotated. 1 copy inscribed to Pelham Edgar.

861Not Here Comes Spring

ts., cc., annotated


galley proof, annotated


ts., cc., annotated



861The Empire Speaks of Britain

ts., annotated. Inscribed to Pelham Edgar.

861Those Perish, These Endure

ts., annotated and ts., cc., annotated. 1 copy inscribed to “E.M.P.”

861Twilight Over Shaugamauk

ts., annotated and ts., cc., annotated

861Westcock Hill

ts., annotated. Inscribed to Pelham Edgar.

862A Mystic

ts., cc. Framed; inscribed to Mary J. Addison; annotated backing.

Literary manuscripts -- Fiction
859Heliodore of the Myrtles

ts., cc., annotated

866A Maid and Two Swords

tear-sheet, The Maritime Advocate and Busy East

866The Bull and the Leaping-Pole

tear-sheet, The Maritime Advocate and Busy East

866The Morning of the Silver Frost

tear-sheet, The Maritime Advocate and Busy East

Literary manuscripts -- Addresses
866An Acadian “Buche de Noel”tear-sheet, The Maritime Advocate and Busy East

tear-sheet, The Maritime Advocate and Busy East

866Of Canadian poetrytear-sheet, The Maritime Advocate and Busy East

tear-sheet, The Maritime Advocate and Busy East

Material about Roberts
860Leaflet: Advertisement for the Charles G.D. Roberts Jubilee Fund, established on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the publication of Orion [a Writer’s Benefit Fund]; committee chaired by Pelham Edgar.
864Journal: The Canadian Chautauquan, Muskoka Assembly, 19261926

Includes reference to Roberts.

865Program: for annual meeting of Canadian Authors Association (attended by Roberts as incoming President): 19351935

With related clipping.

867Articles: 8 tear-sheets, The Maritime Advocate and Busy East, 1938–51;1938-1951

Some articles written by Elsie Pomeroy.

Other material
8651 letter from Lorne Pierce to Elsie Pomeroy1944
868Material relating to Elizabeth Roberts MacDonald (sister of Charles G.D. Roberts)

2 articles by E.R.M., tear-sheets, The Maritime Advocate and Busy East; poems by E.R.M., tear-sheets [from?]; article about E.R.M., The Maritime Advocate and Busy East

Other material -- Photographs
8602 photographs (black-and-white): n.d.n.d.

Inscribed to Pelham Edgar.

863.11 photograph (black-and-white): n.d.n.d.

Inscribed to Kay Cammell. [Gift of William Onions.]

863.25 photographs (black-and-white): n.d, 1916–1928. Includes photographs of:1916-1928, 1916, 1928, 1928, 1931

Roberts, n.d.
Roberts, 1916.
Roberts with Robert Norwood, 1931. Inscribed to “Kay [Cammell?].”
Roberts, with unidentified persons, [1928].
Roberts, with unidentified persons, 1928. Inscribed to “Kay.”
Gift of William Onions.

863.31 photograph (black-and-white): 19391939

Inscribed to Pelham Edgar.

8644 photographs taken at Muskoka Assembly: [1926].[1926]

Includes: Roberts, with Bliss Carman, Robert E. Knowles and Wilson MacDonald.
Roberts, with unidentifed persons.
Gilbert Parker.
Roberts, with John M. Elsore, Wilson MacDonald and Marshall Saunders.
1 Christmas card with printed photograph of Roberts, December, 1927
Educational institution.
Printed photograph; signed by all of the subjects.