Records relating to research on Maungwudaus (George Henry)

Title: Records relating to research on Maungwudaus (George Henry)
Dates of Material:
59 cm of textual records
Scope and content

Series consists of reserach files on Maungwudaus (George Henry) and includes biographical and genealogical information, timelines, images, background information, and other records.

Box 14
1415Maungwudaus: Misc.
1416Maungwudaus: Talks
1417"Keekaunis" (meaning of the word)
1418Maungwudaus: Link to Peter Jones
1419Pishikay (Maungwudaus' father)
1420Rev. Frederick O'Meara and Francis Wilson Jones, early 1840s
1421Art Einhorn: Re Maungwudaus, N.E. New York State
1422Maungwudaus: Physical appearance and characteristics
1423Maungwudaus: Family members' names
1424Maungwudaus: Translations
1425Maungwudaus: His texts
1426Henrys: Waterloo County
1427Maungwudaus: To 1835
Box 15
151Maungwudaus: 1836-1840
152William Jones
153Wilmot Township: Assault on Elisabeth Johnson, 1840
154Maungwudaus: 1841 and departure for Europe, Fall 1844
155Galt: Old Jack (Mississauga Claim to Galt)
156Galt and Mississaugas
157J.W. Keating
158J.W. Keating: Timeline
159First Nation Land Surrender, Western District, Upper Canada
1510Walpole Island
1511Maungwudaus: Walpole Island, July 31, 1844 (background)
1512Walpole: Oliver Servais on Jesuits
1514Walpole Island: Timeline
1515William Scott: Maungwudaus' departure, late 1844

Note: William Scott is the father of Duncan Campbell Scott.  See Pelham Edgar Fonds 9, Series 5

1516Maungwudaus: En route to Europe, via USA, 1844-March 1845
1517Ojibwe (Iowa) and Ojibwe (Mississauga) with Catlin in Europe, 1843-1848
1518Catlin's Ojibwa in Britain and France, 1843
Box 16
161George Catlin
162George McKee
163Maungwudaus:: Britain, April-Aug. 1845
164Maungwudaus: France (background)
165Maungwudaus: France, Aug.-Dec. 1845
166Maungwudaus: France and Belgium, 1845-1846 (background)
167Alexandre Vattemare: Ojibwe orthography
168Louis-Philippe: King of France, Oct. 1845
169Maungwudaus: Belgium, Jan. 1846
1610Say-Say-Gon: Buried in London, Jan. 29, 1846
1611Maungwudaus: Britain, late Jan. 1846-April 1848
1612Maungwudaus: Aboriginal Week, New England
1613Maungwudaus: First Nation entertainers and herbalists
1614Maungwudaus: Herbal doctor
1615Maungwudaus: USA, late 1840s-late 1870s
1616Maungwudaus: USA, June-Dec. 1848
1617Maungwudaus: 1849
1618Maungwudaus: 1850
1619John Tecumseh Henry: Dartmouth College, 1849-1850
1620Frank Little: 1850
1621Taundoqua or Neebinookway (Maungwudaus married her in 1850)
1622Maungwudaus and George Copway: 1850-1858
1623Twinsburg Institute: Rev. Samuel Bissell, 1850-1851
1624Maungwudaus: 1851
1625Maungwudaus: Queenston and Lewiston Bridge, March 20, 1851
1626Maungwudaus: St. Lawrence Hall, Toronto, April 21-22, 1855
1627Maungwudaus: 1852
1628Maungwudaus: 1853-1856
Box 17
171Maungwudaus: 1857-1858
172Maungwudaus: Henry David Thoreau
173Maungwudaus: 1859
174Maungwudaus: 1860-1864
175Maungwudaus: 1865-1870s
176Denmark and Carthage, New York State
177History of photography
178Maungwudaus: Illustrations of where he was in his travels
179Maungwudaus: Daguerreotypes
1710George Henry: Illustrations (George Catlin)
1711"Lord Elgin's Chieftain", ca. 1850
1712Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society daguerreotype
1713Paul Kane: Portrait of Maungwudaus, 1851
1714Maungwudaus: Troupe daguerreotype, 1851 (Chicago Historical Society)
1715Maungwudaus: Carte de Visit, 1860s
1716Maungwudaus: Daguerreotype, George Eastman House, Rochester, N.Y.
1717Nicolas Graver: Daguerreotype, June 6, 1854
1718Maungwudaus: Library and Archives Canada
1719Maungwudaus: Daguerrotype, Oct. 9, 2009 (Sotheby)
1720Jane Van Norman Turano

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