Box/File List

Michael Phillips

Box 1
The Poetical Sketches of William Blake (Ph.D. Thesis, 1968)
11 Notebookn.d.
12Photographs of MS correctionsn.d.
13Thesis (bound) 1968
William Blake: Essays in Honour of Sir Geoffrey Keynes (published 1973)
16Correspondence re dinner party in honour of KeynesMay-Sept. 1973
Box 2
21 "A Reading of Blake's Early Poetry" drafts [1972 or 1973]
22"A Reading of Blake's Early Poetry" drafts [1972 or 1973]
23General Index draft n.d.
24Index and Preface drafts and proofs n.d.
25G. Wilson Knight's "The Chapel of Gold" draft and correspondence Sept.-Oct. 1972
26Proofs (pp. 21-207)[ca. Jan. 1973]
27Proofs (pp. 208-376)[ca. Jan. 1973]
28Proofs (images) [ca. Jan. 1973]
29Published text 1973
Box 3
Lectures and research (1970s)
31 "Blake's Poetic idioms" draft 1974
32 "The Augustan Analogy," presented at Australia's National University 1976
33"'Cromwell's Funeral' and the Development of English Poetry"[ca. 1976]
Interpreting Blake: A Volume of Studies (published 1978)
34Peter Buller's "Milton: The Final Plates" draft[ca. 1978]
35David Erdman's "The Symmetries of 'The Song of Los'" draft 1974
36James Ferguson's "Prefaces to Jerusalem" draft n.d.
37Heather Glen's "Blake's Criticism of Moral Thinking" draft n.d.
38Belinda Humfrey's "'Who Shall Bind the Infinite': A Study of Europe: A Prophecy" draftn.d.
39Annette Levitt's "Comus, Cloud, and Thel's 'Unacted Desires'" draft n.d.
310Frank Parisi's "Emblems of Melancholy" draft n.d.
311E.P. Thompson's "London" draft and correspondenceAug. 1973-May 1976
312Published text 1978
Modern Language Association's Special Session on the Bicentenary of Poetical Sketches (Dec. 1983)
314 Correspondence and papers by panelists March-Dec. 1983
An Island in the Moon (published 1987)
315Correspondence, script, and photographs relating to Savage's presentation of "Conversations at Mr. Quid's" [ca. 1974]
316CorrespondenceMarch 1978-April 1980
317CorrespondenceMay 1980-July 1981
318CorrespondenceAug. 1981-March 1983
Box 4
41 CorrespondenceApril 1983-Dec. 1984
43CorrespondenceJan. 1986-Sept. 1987
44CorrespondenceOct. 1987-July 1994
45Photographs of original text n.d.
46Prints, proofs, and bookplates (Blake Catalogue) 1978-1979
47Draft [ca. Aug. 1, 1981]
48Draft [ca. 1981]
49Draft 1982
410Draft n.d.
411Introduction draft(Phillips' copy) Sept. 1982
412Printing estimate and costs for Fawcus facsimile (which was too small) 1980-1983
Box 5
51 Printing text for Fawcus facsimile 1983
52Printing text for Fawcus facsimile (cont.)1983
53Master proof and copy 1983
54Introduction draft May 11, 1984
55Typescript Feb. 1985
56Typescript (London corrections) March 1985
57Proofs and setting manuscript (Phillips' copy) July 1985
58Proofs and setting manuscript (Phillips' copy) (cont.) July 1985
59Proof (duplicate) 1985
510Proof (Simon Rendall's copy) Dec. 1985
Box 6
61 Proofn.d.
62Proof (Baron corrections) n.d.
63Proof (second duplicate) Jan. 24, 1986
64Proof (copy sent to Verona)Jan. 24, 1986
65ProofJan. 24, 1986
68ProofMarch 16, 1986
69Proof (Phillips' revised pages)March 1986
610Proof (Rendall's revised pages) March 1986
Box 7
71 Proof (Phillips' corrections, master copy)March 17, 1986
72ProofMarch 17, 1986
73ProofMarch 1986
74Proof (master copy) May 1986
75ProofJune 1986
76Proof (unmarked duplicate) June 1986
77ProofAug. 1986
78Copy of master proof (incorporating Phillips/Burger corrections and sent to printer) Aug. 1986
Box 8
81 ProofsSept. 1986
82Proof and paste-up Sept. 1986
83Proof (sent to Mardersteig in Verona) [ca. Sept. 1986]
84Proof (hardcover)[ca. 1986]
85Published facsimile (1) 1987
86Published facsimile (2)1987
872 Volume Deluxe Edition (not released for sale)1987
Box 9
"The Composition of Pope's Imitation of Horace, Satire, II.i" (published in Alexander Pope: Essays for the Tercentenary, 1988)
91CorrespondenceSept. 1980-Sept. 1987
92Notes and research n.d.
93Notes and researchn.d.
94Text of Pope's Epistle VII (blown up pages) n.d.
95Handwritten draftn.d.
96DraftJune 7, 1987
99Drafts (final revisions) Aug. 31, 1987
910Published essay in Alexander Pope: Essays for the Tercentenary 1988
Tate Britain William Blake Exhibition and Catalogue (2000)
911CorrespondenceNov. 1998-May 2000
912CorrespondenceJune 2000-July 2001
Box 10
101 Proposal and first exhibit list Dec. 1998
102Illustration list for Lambeth section Sept.-Nov. 1999
103Illustration list for Lambeth section Dec.-March 1999
104Loan requests 1999-2000
105Loan documents Nov. 1994-July 2001
106Research and notes n.d.
107"The Furnance that is the Vale of Lambeth" drafts[ca. Jan. 1999]
108"Blake and Lambeth" drafts Feb. 22-March 18, 1999
109"Blake and Lambeth" drafts July 1999
1010"Blake and Lambeth" drafts Feb. 28, 2000
1011"Blake and Lambeth" drafts July 23, 2000
1012"Blake's Illuminated Printing" draft n.d.
1013Plans and layout of Lambeth section n.d.
1014Catalogue proof (1) Aug. 24, 2000
1015Catalogue proof (2) (includes Lambeth section) Aug. 24, 2000
1016Catalogue proof (3) Aug. 24, 2000
Box 11
111Catalogue proof (4) Aug. 24, 2000
112CD containing all of Michael Phillips' files (51 items, 13 MB) [ca. 2000]
113Audio Tour of Blake Exhibition (CD) [ca. 2000]
114Expenses1998-Aug. 2001
116"The Illuminated Prints of William Blake" article on exhibition by Phillips for Art e Dossier (Italian) and correspondence2000
117"William Blake: Singing for England," BBC Omnibus presentation (contains interview with Phillips), 2 video cassettesNov. 10, 2000
118"Blake Exhibition opens in London--Dr. Michael Phillips", Arts in Action interview, audio cassette Nov. 11, 2000
119"Blake, Poet and Prophet", BBC 3 interview with Phillips, audio cassette Nov. 12, 2000
The Creation of the Songs (published 2000)
1110"William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience, from Manuscript to Illuminated Plate" drafts [ca. 1978]
Box 12
121"William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience, from Manuscript to Illuminated Plate" drafts [ca. 1978]
122"William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience, from Manuscript to Illuminated Plate," The Book Collector (offprint) Spring 1979
123"Printing Blake's Songs", The Library (original and offprint) Sept. 1991
124William Blake: Recherches pour une biographie, research1991-1995
125William Blake: Recherches pour une biographie, publication1995
126CorrespondenceJan. 1986-Dec. 1998
127CorrespondenceJan. 1999-Dec. 2001
128File cards, notes, and research n.d.
129File cards, notes, and research n.d.
1210File cards, notes, and research n.d.
1211File cards, notes, and research n.d.
Box 13
131Proof copy of Songs (ed. Andrew Lincoln, published 1991) taken to compare with originals 1991
132Photographs of original pages n.d.
133Draft[ca. July 18, 2000]
134ProofAug. 1, 2000
135ProofAug. 1, 2000
136ProofSept. 6, 2000
137ProofSept. 25, 2000
138ProofOct. 5, 2000
139ProofOct. 16, 2000
Box 14
141Book cover drafts 2000
142Proof with cover Nov. 22, 2000
143Printing informationn.d.
144CD containing all of Michael Phillips' files 2000
145Published text 2000
146Reviews and items relating to publicity 2000-2001
Petit Paris Musees William Blake Exhibition (2009)
147William Blake: Le Genie Visionnaire du Romantisme Angalai (unopened catalogue)2009
148Press reviews (bound) 2009
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (published 2011)
149Colour photographs of the Bodleian Library's copy and colour proof of Plate 14 from all other copies n.d.
1410Page layouts (1st, 2nd, and 4th spreads) 2006
Box 15
151Proofs (prepared by Simon Rendall) Nov. 2006
152Proofs (Introduction) Aug. 20, 2008
153ProofOct. 2008 or 2009
1542 CDs of complete files (including colour photographs) 2007-2011
155Published text 2011
156Reviews and items relating to publicity2011
Items relating to Geoffrey Keynes (given to Michael Phillips)
157"Three Tributes to Sir Geoffrey Keynes on his Seventieth Birthday"March 25, 1957
158To Geoffrey Keynes: Articles from The Book Collector to Commemorate his Eighty-Fifth [ninetieth] Birthday1972
159The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (published 1975)--Phillips looked over his proofs 1975
1510"To the Nightingale" by William BlakeMarch 1981
1511The Phoenix and related correspondence Feb. 1982 - Feb. 1984
1512William Blake: Auguries of InnocenceDec. 1995
Books annotated by G. Wilson Knight
1513The Poetical Works of John Milton, edited after the original texts by H.C. Beeching (published 1921) 1921
1514Fearful Symmetry:A Study of Blake by Northrop Frye (published 1947) and related ephemera1947
1515Poetry and Prose of William Blake, edited by Geoffrey Keynes (published 1948) and related ephemera 1948
Box 1
"The Printing of Blake's The Illustrations to the Book of Job" (published 2005)
11CorrespondenceMay 1996, June 2004-Aug. 2005




13Illustrations and notes2004-2005, n.d.


14Drafts[ca. 2004]


"The Printing of Blake's America a Prophecy" (published March 2004)
15CorrespondenceOct. 2003


16Research and notesn.d.


17ProofOct. 2003, Dec. 2003


18Images (CD)Dec. 18, 2003


19Published text (2 copies)March 2004


"Printing Blake's Songs, 1789-1794" (published September 1991)
110CorrespondenceJan. 1990-May 1991


111DraftsNov. 1990, March 1991, n.d.


112Proofs (3 copies)July 1991


113Published textSeptember 1991


Box 2
"William Blake and the Sophocles Manuscript Notebook" (published 1997)
21CorrespondenceFeb. 1993-April 1999


22Photocopied MSn.d.


23Research and notesn.d.


24DraftsJuly 1996, Sept. 1996, April 1997, n.d.


25ProofsSept. 1997, Nov. 1997, n.d.


26Published text (2 copies)1997


27"William Blake and the Sophocles Enigma" by G.E. Bentley June 4, 1996


Box 1
Research on printmaking and Blake's illuminated printing
11Etching, Engraving and Illuminated Printing, Colour Printing1982 - [199?]

174 photographs : colour slides. 

Slides show copies of Blake's work including electrotypes of Blake's Songs from the Victoria and Albert Museum, colour prints of Paradise Lost as well as slides of a 18th century rolling press, experiments in registration and other prints.    

12Illuminated Printing - Later illuminated books1975-1995

165 photographs : colour slides.

Slides are images of Blake works including Unizen, First Book of Unizen, The Book of Ahania, Visions of the Daughter's of Albion, etc.  held in various museums and libraries including the British Museum, Harvard College Library, Yale Beinecke Library, Tate Gallery London, Pierpoint Morgan Library, Newberry Library.  


13[Various slides showing printmaking techniques, steps and tools ; plates and prints]1974-2000

40 photographs : colour slides.   

14Copies of Blake's Works1975-2000

270 photographs : colour slides.

Slides are of works by William Blake held in various institutions including the Yale Centre for British Art, Glasgow University Library, Harvard University, The British Library, The Henry E Huntington Library, etc.

A list of some of the works was provided by Michael Phillips:

An Island in the Moon
MS. Notebook
There is No Natural Religion
All Religions are One
The Book of Thel (NYPL)
Visions of the Daughters of Albion
Marriage of Heaven and Hell (Bodley)
Marriage of Heaven and Hell (Harvard)
The Book of Urizen (Harvard)
Europe a Prophesy (Glasgow and Newberry (Chicago))
The Book of Los (HEH)
Milton (HEH)
15Copies of Songs1986-2000

321 photographs : colour slides.

Slides are of copies of Songs of Innocence and Experience by William Blake held in various institutions including Yale Centre for British Art, National Gallery of Canada, Christie's and personal collections including a copy H owned by Maurice Sendak.

Slides used for research by Michael Phillips for his book The Creation of the Songs : From Manuscript to Illuminated Printing, 2000.

Box 2
21Printmaking - Blake plates of illustrated books. 1995-2001

127 photographs : colour slides.

Slides are of William Blake prints, plates, print presses, Blake printmaking experiments, and Michael Phillips using a press, etc.

22[Michael Phillips instructing printmaking to a group of students]2000

26 photographs : colour slides. 

Also includes a print of a description of a 1 year MA program called Blake and the Age of Revolution from the University of York, England ; Michael Phillps is the convenor.  

23Copies of Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience1975-1986

127 photographs : colour slides.

Slides are copies of Blake works held by various institutions including the Huntington Library, Morgan Library, University of Texas, Wellesley College, Houghton Library, Bodleian Library, Harvard, etc.    

Slides used for research by Michael Phillips for his book The Creation of the Songs : From Manuscript to Illuminated Printing, 2000.

24[Copies of Blake works at the Fitzwilliam Museum and National Gallery of Canada]n.d.

87 photographs : colour slides.  

25Songs copies1976-1995

168 photographs : colour slides.

Slides are copies of Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience held in various institutions including Harvard University, Rosenwald Collection, Houghton Library, Huntington Library, Fitzwilliam Museum, Morgan Library, National Gallery of Canada. 

Slides used for research by Michael Phillips for his book The Creation of the Songs : From Manuscript to Illuminated Printing, 2000.

Box 3
"The Printing of Blake's America a Prophecy" (published March 2004)
39Annotated copies of plates for Blake's America2014

Used for "The Printing of Blake’s America a Prophecy,: Print Quarterly, Vol. XXI, No. 1 (March, 2004), pp. 18-38.  

Research on printmaking and Blake's illuminated printing
31[Research notebook]1991

Notebook was used by Michael Phillips in 1991 for his research for his book The Creation of the Songs : From Manuscript to Illuminated Printing (Princeton, 2000), when he travelled North America to see all copies in public and private collections.  The lists and notes correspond with the 35mm colour slides of the Songs copies.    

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (published 2008 Bodleian Library)
32Proof I (before any amendments in page proof)[200-]


33Proof II (with amendments requested at I)[200-]


34Proof II (with amendments but not final as in III)[200-]


35[Publisher's agreement for The Marriage of Heaven and Hell]2007


36Publisher's catalogue with The Marriage of Heaven and Hell listed2008


37[Annotated colour page proofs][200-]


"Parody and Play in Blake's Composite Art" (Published 2014
38"Parody and Play in Blake's Composite Art." Interfaces 35 (2013-2014). 35-66. 2014


Box 4
"William Blake : Apprentice and Master" Exhibit at the Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford
41"William Blake : Apprentice & Master" Exhibit Catalogue2014


42Ashmolean Museum What's On October-December 2014 [exhibits calendar] and "William Blake : Apprentice & Master" exhibit poster 2014


43Replica Blake Printing Press built for Dr. Michael Phillips for the exhibition "William Blake : Apprentice and Master" Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 2014/15 - Workshop photographs. 2014


44Research materials for catalogue1987-2012


45[Exhibit planning material]2011-2014

Records include exhibit proposal, correspondence, notes, draft wall panel text and descriptions of works in the exhibit, draft press release, meeting agendas and floor plans of the Ashmolean museum galleries

46[Exhibit planning material]2010-2014

Records include correspondence, draft agreements, installation schedule, loan agreements, meeting agendas and notes, object lists, floor plans and panel text, etc.   

47[Correspondence with Martin Butlin]2014


48Ashmolean Blake Conference 2015


49Final draft Part 1 Ashmolean Blake Exhibition catalogue2014


Box 5
51[Exhibit text panels with photograph of Michael Phillips working on a print]2014

1 photograph : col.   

52Colour proofs I [exhibit catalogue images]2014

74 photographs : col.   

53Colour proofs II [exhibit catalogue images] [1 of 3]2014

142 photographs : col.   

54Colour proofs II [exhibit catalogue images] [2 of 3]2014


55Colour proofs II [exhibit catalogue images] [3 of 3]2014


56Proposed gallery layout plans2014


Box 6
61First proof with illustrations [exhibit catalogue]2014


62Second proof with illustrations [exhibit catalogue]2014


63William Blake first proof : text only [exhibit catalogue] 2014


64Proof to size final proof [exhibit catalogue]2014


65"William Blake : Apprentice & Master" Press Clippings2013-2015


Box 7
7Ashmolean Blake exhibition reviews2014-2015

The records belonging to this file are in electronic format.  Please contact for access information.      

7Ashmolean catalogue essays2013

The records belonging to this file are in electronic format.  Please contact for access information.      

7Ashmolean Conference2014

The records belonging to this file are in electronic format.  Please contact for access information.      

7Ashmolean correspondence and lists2010-2014

The records belonging to this file are in electronic format.  Please contact for access information.      

7Ashmolean diary2015

The records belonging to this file are in electronic format.  Please contact for access information.      

7Ashmolean Lenders Rev 20132012-2014

The records belonging to this file are in electronic format.  Please contact for access information.      

7Ashmolean staff, Declan, Colin, Agnes, Catriona, Clare2013-2014

The records belonging to this file are in electronic format.  Please contact for access information.      

7Martin Butlin correspondence and essay Ashmolean Blake exhibition2013

The records belonging to this file are in electronic format.  Please contact for access information.      

7Paul Evett rolling press correspondence2013-2014

The records belonging to this file are in electronic format.  Please contact for access information.      

7Replica of Blake's press2015

The records belonging to this file are in electronic format.  Please contact for access information.      

7Shakespeare & Blake at Ashmolean2015

The records belonging to this file are in electronic format.  Please contact for access information.      

7[Ashmolean Blake exhibition catalogue drafts, comments, etc.]2014

The records belonging to this file are in electronic format.  Please contact for access information.      

7[Ashmolean Blake Exhibition meetings and planning]2013-2014

The records belonging to this file are in electronic format.  Please contact for access information.  

7[Ashmolean Blake exhibition posters]2014

The records belonging to this file are in electronic format.  Please contact for access information.      

7[Gallery exhibition layout and scheme designs]2014

The records belonging to this file are in electronic format.  Please contact for access information.      

7[Gallery exhibition text panel drafts and comments]2014

The records belonging to this file are in electronic format.  Please contact for access information.      

7[Loans correspondence, lists, agreements, etc.]2013-2014

The records belonging to this file are in electronic format.  Please contact for access information.      

Box 1
Research on Raphael's "Historia del Testamento Vecchio"
11Roy Davids correspondence1993-1994

Correspondence with Roy Davids, Director of the Department of Printed Books and Manuscripts, Sotheby's.

12Lucinda Orr correspondence1994

Correspondence with Lucinda Orr of Sotheby's.

13Correspondence re: Sotheby's sale1992-1993

Correspondence regarding Phillips' interest in the sale of Historia del Testamento Vecchio at Sotheby's. Includes a negative slide of the vellum binding cover and photocopies of plates.

14Sotheby's private sales contract and invoices1993-1994


15Sotheby's catalogue1993


16Photographs and slides[n.d.]

Photographs, prints and slide negatives of the cover of the book Historia del Testamento Vecchio and plates of Lots and his daughters.

Research on "A Political and Satirical History of the Years 1756 and 1757"
17W.H. Kelliher and David Warroll correspondence1990-1991

Correspondence from W.H. Kelliher, Curator of Manuscripts at the British Library, and David Worrall from St. Mary's College regarding A Political and Satirical History of the Years 1756 and 1757 and the possibility of it once belonging to William Blake. Includes a postcard from Brian Benzies to Michael Phillips on the same topic.

18Supplementary material re: Blake books1991-2003

Includes requests from Phillips to view Blake records in Cambridge University, photocopies of articles, notes and prints of Blake's plates related to A Political and Satirical History of the Years 1757 and 1757 and also Raphael's Historia del Testamento Vecchio, two books thought to have once been owned by William Blake.

19Research materialca. 1991


110Research notes[1994, 1999]


111Photographs and slides[n.d.]

Includes prints, photo negative slides and negatives on film of the book's cover and illustrations.

Box 1
11[Blake books supplementary material]

Supplementary material found in Blake books given to the library by Phillips. Materials include:

  • A note card, a catalogue excerpt and a letter from George L. McKay, Curator of the Grolier Club (originally found in Blake Suppl. no. 1076)
  • A letter to Phillips from Geoffrey Keynes (originally found in Blake Suppl. no. 1077)
  • A catalogue excerpt (originally found in Blake Suppl. no. 1081)
  • A birthday note card to Geoffrey Keynes (originally found in Blake Suppl. no. 1083)
Box 1
11Bonnefoy, Yves1997-2004

Correspondence to and from Yves Bonnefoy, France's leading poet and art critic and Phillips's friend and supporter. Includes a catalogue of an exhibit.

12Carothers, Frank B.1970-1976

Correspondence to and from Frank B. Carothers, a professor at Loyola University and Phillips's friend and mentor.   

13Collège de France[1988, 1996]

Correspondence with the Collège de France relating to Phillips's 1996 lecture "Towards a Biography of William Blake", as well as professional and personal letters.

14Donaldson, Ian1974-1993

Correspondence to and from Ian Donaldson, the Director of Humanities Research Centre in Canberra and Professor of English at the Australian National University. Donaldson was a tutor at Wadham College (Oxford) for Phillips's BPhil.

15Erdman, David V.1967-1976

Correspondence to and from David V. Erdman, Professor Emeritus of English at State University of New York and Editor of The Bulletin of the New York Public Library.

16Essick, Robert N.1973-1999

Correspondence to and from Robert N. Essick, a Blake scholar and Phillips's friend. Includes 8 photographs.

(Photos P1-8)
Box 2
21Keynes, Sir Geoffrey[1967-1980, 1982]

Correspondence to and from Sir Geoffrey Keynes, a Blake scholar and Phillips's friend. Includes 1 photograph.

(Photos P1)
22Ricks, Christopher1967-2001

Correspondence to and from Christopher Ricks, a fellow in English and Phillips's friend and supporter.

23 RRStallworthy, Jon1974-2007

Correspondence to and from Jon Stallworthy, Phillips's friend, supporter and mentor from Clarendon Press.

Restricted. Please contact the archivist for access information.

24Trickett, Rachel1967-1980

Correspondence to and from Rachel Trickett, a friend and supporter of Phillips and one of the directors of study for his BPhil.

25Wilson Knight, George1966-1988

Correspondence to and from George Wilson Knight, Phillips's close friend and mentor. Phillips boarded with Wilson Knight while completing his PhD.

26Correspondence "A"1965-1969

Includes correspondence from:

  • Father Clinton Albertson
27Correspondence "B"1963-1971

Includes correspondence from:

  • Martin Butlin
  • H.C. Butterfield
  • Cleanth Brooks
  • M.A.F. Borrie
  • George Bain
  • Rosemary Hood of British Book News
  • G.E. Bentley, Jr.
28Correspondence "C"1963-1968

Includes correspondence from:

  • Father Joseph Caldwell
  • University of Cambridge
  • Claude Gill Books
29Correspondence "E"1967-1969

Includes correspondence from:

  • Robert Eassom
  • University of Exeter
Box 3
31Correspondence "F"1966-1969

Includes correspondence from:

  • Fitzwilliam Museum
  • Fred Fisher
32Correspondence "G"[1965, 1970]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Paul Getzoff
33Correspondence "H"1969

Includes correspondence from:

  • Brian Hepworth
34Correspondence "J"1969

Includes correspondence from:

  • Don Johnson
35Correspondence "KL"1967-1969

Includes correspondence from:

  • Robert Kolker
  • John Parry Lewis
  • Loyola University 
36Correspondence "M"[1965, 1970]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Mark Mispagel
  • David Machin  
37Oxford correspondence1967-1972

Correspondence with University of Oxford constituent colleges and buildings, including Pembroke College, Worcester College, Rewley House and St. Edmund Hall.

38 RRCorrespondence "P"1963-1972

Includes correspondence from:

  • F.V. Pickstock
  • Morton Paley

Also includes letters and applications related to permits and passport renewals. Please contact the archivist for access information.

39Correspondence "R"1967

Includes correspondence from:

  • J.B. Bamborough of the Review of English Studies
310Correspondence "T"1968

Includes correspondence from:

  • Ruthven Todd
311University College London correspondence1969-1970

Correspondence regarding Phillips's applications to Lecturer positions at University College London. 

312Worcester College correspondence1967-1969

Correspondence regarding the Martin Senior Scholarship at Worcester College, including programs and applications.

313Correspondence "WY"[1966, 1969-1970]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Yale University
  • Alec Yearling
  • Rob Wilmer
  • F.A. Whitehead
  • Tony Walkman[?]
314Correspondence "A"1971-2005

Includes correspondence from:

  • University of Adelaide
  • Father Clinton Albertson
  • Australian National University
  • Richard Arnold
  • R.C. Alston
  • Akiko [Takenouchi]
315Correspondence "B"1971-1979

Includes correspondence from:

  • Peter Butter
  • Harold Brooks and Freddy Bateson
  • C. Brackwell
  • David Black
  • David Bindman
  • John Beer
  • British Library
  • Harold Brooks
  • Martin Butlin
  • British Book News
  • Bibliographical Society
  • The Book Collector
  • G.E. Bentley, Jr.
  • John Broad
  • Brian Blench
Box 4
41Correspondence "C"1971-1982

Includes correspondence from:

  • University of Cambridge
  • Cambridge University Press
  • John Carter
  • California State College
  • David and Gail Coombs
42Correspondence "D"1972-1976

Includes correspondence from:

  • Gerald Doherty
  • Dent and Sons Ltd. Publishers
  • Martin Dodsworth
  • Tim Duffy
43Correspondence "E"1971-1981

Includes correspondence from:

  • Robert Essick
  • Morris Eaves
  • Kay Parkhurst Eassom
  • Mac Emslie
  • Howard Erskine-Hill
  • William Empson
  • Ted Eames
  • Vic. E
  • Frank Ellis
44Correspondence "F"1972-1979

Includes correspondence from:

  • Arnold Fawcus
  • Fitzwilliam Museum
  • Neil Franklin
  • Freie Universitat Berlin
  • Everett Frost
  • K.J. Fielding
  • Alastair Fowler
  • David Fleeman
  • James Ferguson
45Goldberg, Sam1973-1981

Correspondence with Sam Goldberg of the Australian National University regarding applications for various research fellowships.

46Correspondence "G"1979-1980

Includes correspondence from:

  • Stanley Gardner
  • Robert Gleckner
  • Kenneth Garlick
  • George Goyder
  • Alan and Carlotta Griffiths
  • Alan Griffiths
47Correspondence "H"1972-1978

Includes correspondence from:

  • Huntington Library
  • Jim Henderson
  • John Holloway
  • Jean Hagstrum
  • Richard Hame[?]
  • Don Hirsch
  • James Henderson
  • Desiree Hirst
  • Belinda[?]
48Correspondence "J"1971-1974

Includes correspondence from:

  • Harold Jenkins
  • Gwyn Ingli James
49Correspondence "K"1971-1979

Includes correspondence from:

  • Frank Kermode
  • Harald Kittel
410Correspondence "L"1972-1975

Includes correspondence from:

  • Raymond Lister
  • Annette Levitt
  • Richard Luckott
  • Longman Group Ltd.
  • Loyola University (from Ray Brown)
  • F.R. Leavis
411Correspondence "M"1971-1981

Includes correspondence from:

  • David Machin
  • Robert Martin
  • Paul Miner
  • City of Manchester
  • Cindy Mediavilla
Box 5
51Correspondence "Mc"1975-1980

Includes correspondence from:

  • Don McKenzie
  • Angus McIntosh
  • James McCord
  • Shawn McCord
  • David McKitterick
  • Peter McIntyre
52Correspondence "N"1974-1981

Includes correspondence from:

  • John Nicoll
  • New York Public Library
  • National Gallery of Victory/University of Melbourne
  • National Gallery of Victoria
  • Desmond Neil
53Correspondence "O"[1974 and 1977-1980]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Stephen Orgel
  • Oxford University Press

Also includes a copy of Phillips's article "Blake's Songs in Manuscripts". 

54Correspondence "P"1972-1979

Includes correspondence from:

  • Morton Paley
  • Martin Prince
  • Morton Paley and Morris Eaves
  • Don Pearce
  • Frank Parisi

Also includes correspondence related to Phillips's "Poetical Sketches" article as well as offprints of articles written by Phillips published in The Book Collector.

55Correspondence "R"1971-1978

Includes correspondence from:

  • Angus Ross
  • Robert Rosenblum
  • Christopher Ricks
  • Dennis Read
  • Simon Rendall
56Correspondence "S"[1970 and 1974]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Frank Sullivan

Also includes a program of a Blake event directed by Roger Savage.

57Correspondence "T"1972-1977

Includes correspondence from:

  • Jeremy Treglown (with accompanying notes from John Wilder)
  • James Peter Thorne
  • Michael Tolley
  • Trinity College
  • Basil Taylor
  • Bruce Taylor
  • Edward Thompson
58 RRCorrespondence "U"1970-1975

Includes correspondence from:

  • University of California, Santa Barbara
  • University College London

Please contact the archivist for access information.

59Correspondence "WY"1971-1976

Includes correspondence from:

  • David and Melanie Worrall
  • Janet Warner
  • David Worrall
  • Joe Wittreich, Jr.
  • David Wylde
  • John Wilder
  • Yale University Press (from John Nicoll)
510Correspondence "A"1987-1988

Includes correspondence from:

  • Richard Arnold
  • Aberdeen University Press and others regarding essay on Alexander Pope
511Correspondence "B"1982-1989

Includes correspondence from:

  • Warner Brown
  • John Beer
  • British Academy
  • Elizabeth Blackadder
512Correspondence "C"[1981, 1983, 1988]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Cambridge University Press
  • John Commander
  • T.R.M. Creighton
513Correspondence "D"1983

Includes correspondence from:

  • Chris Duvold
  • Rowena Davies
514Correspondence "E"1981-1989

Includes correspondence from:

  • Edinburgh Faculty of Arts Research Fund (from D. McMullen)
  • University of Edinburgh (from Wallace Robson)
  • Edinburgh's Travel and Research Committee (from H.W. Taylor)
  • Edinburgh College of Art
  • Andrew Edmunds
  • Morris Eaves
  • Howard Erskine-Hill
515Correspondence "F"[1981-1985, 1989]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Fitzwilliam Museum
  • David Fleeman
  • Folger Shakespeare Library (from Karen Greene)
  • Alistair Fowler
516Correspondence "G"[1982-1984, 1987-1989]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Paul Goodson
  • Philippa Gregory
  • Bob[?] G.
  • Mark Greenberg
Box 6
61Correspondence "H"1982-1989

Includes correspondence from:

  • Harvester Press Ltd. (from Jackie Jones)
  • Nelson Hilton
  • Huntington Library
  • Elaine Henderson 
62Correspondence "J"[1981, 1983]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Jerry James
  • C.R. Johnson Rare Book Collections
63Correspondence "KL"1978-1989

Includes correspondence from:

  • Randal Keynes
  • Quentin Keynes
  • Sally Kwan
  • Raymond Lister
  • Lancaster University
64Maggs Bros. Ltd.1979-1984

Correspondence with Maggs Bros. Ltd., an antiquarian bookseller in London.

65Bernard C. Middleton, Book Restorer1981-1984


66Correspondence "M"1983-1989

Includes correspondence from:

  • Roger[?]
  • Robert MacLean
  • Manchester Etching Workshop
  • Bernard C. Middleton (from Robert)
  • Queen's University in Ontario regarding Robert MacLean
  • Laura Mandell
67Correspondence "N"[1983 and 1989]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Norton and Company Ltd.

Also includes telefaxes related to Phillips's Blake research.

68University of Oxford - Jesus College1984

Correspondence regarding Tutorial Fellowship in English at Jesus College.

69University of Oxford - St. Catherine's College1979-1980

Correspondence with and about St. Catherine's College at Oxford regarding Phillips's application to the University Lectureship in English Literature.

610University of Oxford - Worcester College1987

Includes correspondence and applications for the Hawthornden Official Tutorial Fellowship in English Literature at Worcester College.

611Oxford University Press1982-1986

Correspondence with Oxford University Press regarding Blake publications.

612Correspondence "P"1983-1989

Includes correspondence from:

  • Princeton Rare Books
  • Pickering and Chatto Ltd.

Also contains correspondence related to applications for a Visiting Professorship at Williams College with Phillips's essay "The Creation of Blake's Songs" (the inception of the monograph Blake's Songs), correspondence related to applications for Berry Chair of English at University of St. Andrews, Visiting Appointment correspondence, a flyer for Phillips's William Blake seminar, and copies of his curriculum vitae.

613Correspondence "R"1988-1989

Includes correspondence from:

  • Simon Rendall
614Correspondence "S"[1980-1981, 1989]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Robert Shackleton
  • Sotheby's
615Correspondence "T"1988

Includes a letter about James Peter Thorne along with a funeral program.

616Correspondence "WY"1981-1988

Includes correspondence from:

  • Wellesley College
  • Williams College
  • Karina Williamson
  • Abiodun Williams
  • [?] from the University of Adelaide
  • Yale Center for British Art
(Photos P1)
Box 7
71Correspondence "A"1992-1995

Includes correspondence from:

  • Peter Ackroyd
  • Shirley High on behalf of Professor Robin Alston
  • St. Anne's College
  • Richard Arnold
72Correspondence "B"1990-1998

Includes correspondence from:

  • The Bibliographical Society
  • The Burlington Magazine
  • The British Library
  • John Beer

Includes a programme and booking form for A Blake Day.

73British Academy1990-1996

Correspondence regarding British Academy grants, publications and research. Includes applications, receipts and offprints.

74Correspondence "C"1991-1996

Includes correspondence from:

  • James Thomas Crombie
  • Centre for English Studies
  • R. Alan Cameron
  • Peter L. Caracciolo
  • J.T. Coppock

Includes correspondence regarding Phillips's talk at "La Caixa" in Barcelona, and an offprint of the article "William Blake and the Terror" in French.

75Correspondence "D"1991-1999

Includes correspondence from:

  • D.W. Doerrbecker
  • Tony [?]
  • Harry Dickinson
  • Michael Davis
  • colleagues in Dijon, France
  • Vincent Daniels
Box 8
81Correspondence "E"1989-1998

Includes correspondence from:

  • University of Essex
  • Morris Eaves
  • Christopher Edwards
  • Edinburgh Bibliographical Society
  • University of Edinburgh Department of English
  • Edinburgh University Library
  • Andrew Edmunds

Includes a poster for Phillips's lecture at Edinburgh University and a copy of his curriculum vitae.

82Correspondence "F"[1991, 1996-1997]

Includes correspondence from:

  • E.C. Fernie
  • Michael Ferber
  • France (Celia Coriat, Guyonne Leduc, Francois Laroque, Gisele Venet, Yves, and Marie-Madeleine Martinet)
83Correspondence "G"[1989-1995, 1997]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Robert Gleckner
  • Jacques Gury
  • Stanley Gardner
  • Alan Griffiths
  • Sam Goldberg
  • Sandy Gourlay
  • Antony Griffiths
  • Jack Grant
84Correspondence "H"[1988, 1991-1995]

Includes correspondence from:

  • E.D. Hirsch, Jr.
  • [?] Hamlyn
  • Nelson Hilton
  • The Huntington Library
  • J. Paul Hunter
  • Christopher Z. Hobson
85Correspondence "J"1992

Consists of an application to Jesus College, Oxford for the Visiting Senior Research Fellowship.

86Correspondence "K"[1989-1991, 1996-1997]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Frank Kennedy
  • Randal Keynes
  • Toshikazu Kashiwagi
(Photos P1-2)
87Correspondence "L"[1991, 1994-1997]

Includes correspondence from:

  • The Leverhulme Trust
  • E.M. Lawson and Co.
  • Stephen Lloyd of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery
  • Le Havre Université - includes 10 photographs
  • Jean Leyris
  • University of Lleida (Catalona, Spain)

Includes a list of London Topographical Newsletter recipients.

88Correspondence "M"1989-1998

Includes correspondence from:

  • Bernard C. Middleton - includes 17 photographs
  • H.T. Mason
  • Jon Mee
  • Maggs Bros. Ltd.
  • Raymond Mason - includes drawing
  • Geoffrey Morrow
  • Lori Misura
  • Chris Mendez
  • Paul Miner
89Correspondence "Mc"1989-1998

Includes correspondence from:

  • Jim and Carol McCord - includes 1 photograph
  • Daria McKitterick
  • Don McKenzie
  • Iain McCalman
  • Robert MacLean
810Correspondence "N"1990-1997

Includes correspondence from:

  • National Humanities Centre
  • W.W. Norton & Company
  • National Gallery of Victoria

Also includes applications and correspondence related to the 1993-1994 National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships, correspondence related to the Northeast American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies conference, and an application to attend an Urban History Group conference at Nottingham University.

Box 9
91Correspondence "O"1990

Includes correspondence from:

  • Oxford University Press
92Correspondence "P"1990-1996

Includes correspondence from:

  • Princeton Rare Books
  • John Price Antiquarian, Rare and Scholarly Books
  • Michel Pierres

Also includes correspondence related to publications, lists of individuals receiving complimentary copies of books, and a receipt of expenses for The Creation of William Blake's Songs.  

93Correspondence "R"1992-1996

Includes correspondence from:

  • Ruth R. Rogers
  • Simon Rendall - includes 1 photograph
  • Reading University
94Correspondence "S"1990-1995

Includes correspondence from:

  • Paul Stirton
  • Marsha Keith Schuchard
  • Sotheby's (from Julian Rota) - includes 3 photographs
  • St. John's College
  • Grace Schulman - includes 1 photograph

Includes holiday cards and postcards from unidentified sources.

95Correspondence "T"[1990, 1997-1998]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Tate Britain
  • Michael Taylor
  • Tate Gallery
96Correspondence "UV"[1989-1990, 1993-1996]

Includes correspondence from:

  • University of Ottawa
  • Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Université Paris III – Sorbonne Nouvelle
  • Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle (with Robert Elrodt)
97Correspondence "WY"1991-1999

Includes correspondence from:

  • City of Westminster
  • Dennis Ward
  • W.S. Maney & Sons Ltd.
  • David Worrall
  • [John?] Wilders
  • Williams College
  • Karina Williamson
  • Jonathan Wordsworth (postcard)
  • Robert Woof and Sylvia Wordsworth
  • Abiodun Williams
  • Yale Center for British Art
98Correspondence "A"2002-2003

Includes correspondence from:

  • John Alberti
  • David Alexander
99Correspondence "B"1996-2007

Includes correspondence from:

  • Bretton Hall (from Cyril Pearce)
  • Bodleian Library
  • Alan Bell
  • Martin and Frances Butlin
  • British Academy (from Ken)
  • Edward Beale
  • Elizabeth Blackadder
  • Julian Birkett (BBC)
  • David Bindman
  • Adrian Bartlett
  • G.E. Bentley, Jr.
  • Ruth Borthwick
910Correspondence "C"[2000-2002, 2006]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Mark Crosby
  • Daniela Cardillo
  • James Crombie
  • R.A. Cameron
  • Laurent Châtel
  • Chelsea Arts Club
911Correspondence "D"[1999-2004, 2006]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Darwin College, University of Cambridge
  • Tony Dyson
  • Érik Desmazières
  • Keri Davies
  • Dr. Detlef W. Dörrbecker
912Correspondence "E"[200-?]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Andrew Edmunds
913Correspondence "F"2000

Includes correspondence from:

  • Tad Fadem[?] - written in reverse
914Correspondence "G"2000-2002

Includes correspondence from:

  • Robert Gluckner
  • Dario Gamboni
  • David George
915Correspondence "H"[2000-2001, 2004, 2009]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Heather Howell
  • Suzanne Hoover
  • Olivia Henley
  • Robin Hamlyn
  • Penny Green (Harting)

Also includes a promotional poster for Phillips's Blake lectures for Holy Cross College.

916Correspondence "J"[2003?]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Adele Johnson
Box 10
101Correspondence "KL"2001-2004

Includes correspondence from:

  • S. D. Keynes
  • Patrick King
  • Andrew [?]
  • Stephen Lloyd
  • Alan [?]
102Correspondence "M"2000-2005

Includes correspondence from:

  • David McKitterick (postcard)
  • Norma McCaw (postcard)
  • Bernard C. Middleton
  • Jim McCord
  • Louise Machin

Includes a postcard from an unidentified individual and a flyer for Phillips's lecture at Magdalen College.

103Correspondence "NO"1999-2002

Includes correspondence from:

  • University of Oxford
  • Jon Newman
  • National Gallery of Art (from Michael Skalka)
104Correspondence "P"2000-2002

Includes correspondence from:

  • Andrew [?]
  • Ted Pleasance
  • Bill Pressley

Also includes Phillips's article, "Blake", published in Print Quarterly (XVII).

105 RRResearch applications2002-2004

Includes correspondence related to research applications for fellowships and grants.

Restricted. Please contact the archivist for access information.

106Correspondence "R"2000-2006

Includes correspondence from:

  • Christopher Ricks (postcards)
  • Jared Rickman
  • Simon Rendall
107Correspondence "S"2000-2004

Includes correspondence from:

  • Celia Stothard
  • Bethan Stevens
  • Keith Schuchard

Also includes a change of address postcard from Nicholas Stogdon.

108Correspondence "T"2002

Includes correspondence from:

  • Tate (from Robin Hamlyn)
109Correspondence "WY"[1995, 1998-1999, 2001-2006]

Includes correspondence from:

  • Karina Williamson
  • David Way
  • University of York
  • Yale Art Gallery
  • The Paul Mellon Centre for British Art at Yale University
  • Yale Center for British Art

Also includes flyers for Phillips's research seminar at York and a BBC Radio CD, "Forum - William Blake".

1010Blake and the Terror 1792-93, offprint1994

Offprint of the essay "Blake and the Terror 1792-93", which appeared in The Library, vol. 16, no.4. Includes a list of individuals who received the offprint.

1011Thank-you notes1994-1995

Notes and letters from friends and colleagues thanking Phillips's for the offprint of "Blake and the Terror".


Contains four manuscript drafts for "Blake and the Terror".

1013Illustration layout1994

Illustration layout of "Blake and the Terror", including a copy of the essay and a list of plates.

1014Final author's version1994

Final author's version of "Blake and the Terror" as "parted" to Martin Davies.

Box 11

Contains proofs of "Blake and the Terror" with notes on layout and page proofs of plates used in the essay.

112Blake and the Terror correspondence1994

Includes correspondence from:

  • Jim McCord, with notes and observations on the essay
  • British Museum and British Library, requesting permission to reproduce prints for the essay
  • Liz Rosindale of W.S. Maney and Son Ltd., giving permission to use plates in the essay
113Blake and the Terror research material1994

Contains a list of plates used in "Blake and the Terror" and prints of plates.

114The Poetical Sketches of William Blake, early draftca. 1968

Early draft of The Poetical Sketches of William Blake: Part 1, A Definitive Text. Phillips's PhD thesis.

115Blake's Songs, manuscript notes[n.d.]

Manuscript notes of Blake's Songs.

116"The Augustan Analogy" material1974-1976

Contains a draft paper of "The Augustan Analogy" given at Australia's National University, correspondence, research notes and other materials.

117William Blake Symposium cassette tapes[n.d.]

Cassette tapes from a William Blake Symposium held at the University of Edinburgh. Includes:

  • An Island in the Moon, AVS 33
  • An Island in the Moon, AVS 36
  • Annette S. Levitt - Camus Cloud and Thels, "Unacted Desires" AVS 147
  • David V. Erdman Recording Discussion – Milton and the Songs of Los Text and Illuminations, AVS 30
  • Frank M. Parisi Recording Discussion – The Gates of Paradise and Emblems of Melancholy, No 78
  • J.B. Ferguson Discussion – “Prefaces to Jerusalem”, No 80
  • Heather Glen Recording Discussion – Blake’s Criticism of Moral Thinking in the Songs”, No 81
  • Belinda Humphrey and D. Worrall Recording Discussion – “Who Shall Bind the Infinite”, A Study of Europe, No 154

Also includes a list of delegates.

Box 12
121William Blake at Saint Cecilia's HallMay 1974

Tape reel recordings.

122The History of the Book conference1993

Program related to a conference held at the Warburg Institute to discuss the creation of a postgraduate degree on the history of books at the University of London.

123Loyola University Senior Seminar materials[196-]

Contains notes, schedules and reading lists from seminars and courses at Loyola University of Los Angeles (EN191).

124Early Blake Research : notebook1966

Contains a notebook of early Blake research for Phillips's PhD at Exeter University.

125Notebookca. 1970?

Contains a notebook belonging to Phillips's, possibly while completing his BPhil at Worcester College. Note on the inside cover reads “MC Phillips Worcester College, Oxford please return”.

126Benjamin Heath Malkin research1969-1970

Contains correspondence and research material on the life of Benjamin Heath Malkin, Blake’s friend and author of “A Father’s Memoirs of his Child” (1806).

127Paradise Lost invoice1978

Receipt for the copy of Richard Bentley’s edition of Milton’s Paradise Lost (1732) containing annotations, purchased by Phillips in 1978.

Box 13
13Research notecards1967-1969

Notecards used in Phillips's BPhil studies and Blake research.