Photographs and posters

Title: Photographs and posters
Dates of Material:
[ca. 1926]–[2003], predominant 1962–2001
3 albums (49 photographs : b&w and col.)
437 photographs : b&w and col.
18 prints : posters ; b&w and col.
Scope and content

Series consists of photographs, some of which had been collected for potential publication in the autobiography : Norman Jewison alone, and with family and friends, [ca. 1926]–[ca. 2000]; family members, 1959–1975; relating to early television productions for CBC and CBS, [195–]–[1962?], including work with Judy Garland; (primarily stills) of Norman Jewison interacting with cast and crew members, and of leading actors in scenes in films he directed and produced, [1962]–[1998 or 1999]; of Norman Jewison involved in various professional and social activities, [ca. 1975]–2001. Series also includes posters, predominantly for films directed and produced, 1962–[2003].

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Additional posters, to those listed in this finding aid, can be found by searching the University of Toronto Library Catalogue: select Advanced Search, then select "series title" as the search field (from the drop down menu), and enter "Jewison poster." The results include detailed records for all posters in the Jewison collection (including those listed in this finding aid).

Box 57
Photographs of Norman Jewison, and of family and friends
574Photographs [between 1944 and 1946](Photos P1-3)
575Photograph album [ca. 1926]–[1969](Photos P1-21)
576Photographs 1966-1998


(Photos P1-14)
577During university years [between 1946 and 1949](Photos P1-8)
578With family members [194-?]-[1972?](Photos P1-17)
579Family members 1959-1975(Photos P1-14)
Photographs relating to television productions
5710CBC productions (Photos P1-15)
5711CBS productions (Photos P1-21)
5712CBS productions – “The Broadway Of Lerner And Loewe” [ca. 1960] (Photos P1-5)
5713CBS productions – Judy Garland special [1961?](Photos P1-5)
5714CBS productions – “Judy Garland Show” [1962?](Photos P1-3)
Box 58
Photographs relating to films directed and produced
581 “Forty Pounds Of Trouble” [1962]

Photo 1 is in Box 64/OS

(Photos P2-7)
582 “The Thrill Of It All” [1962 or 1963](Photos P1-2)
583 “Send Me No Flowers” (Photos P1-7)
584 “The Art Of Love” [1964](Photos P1-3)
585 “The Cincinnati Kid” 1964(Photos P1-7)
586 “The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming” 1965-1966(Photos P1-16)
587 “In The Heat Of The Night” 1966-1967(Photos P1-13)
588 “The Thomas Crown Affair”[1967](Photos P1-15)
589 “Gaily Gaily” 1968-1969(Photos P1-13)
5810 “The Landlord” [1969?](Photos P1-3)
5811 “Fiddler On The Roof” (Photos P1-21)
5812 “Jesus Christ Superstar”

Colour slides included.

(Photos P1-33)
5813 “Rollerball”

Colour slides included.

(Photos P1-24)
5814 “F.I.S.T.” [1977]

Two colour slides.

(Photos P1-2)
5815 “Best Friends” 1982(Photos P1-8)
5816 “Iceman” [1983 or 1984](Photos P1-4)
5817 “A Soldier’s Story” 1984(Photos P1-6)
Box 59
591 “Agnes Of God” 1984-1985(Photos P1-13)
592 “Moonstruck”

Photographs : b&w (stills captions in Box 11 File 3) [1986 or 1987]
P1 LORETTA convinces COSMO that marriage to MR. JOHNNY is right
P2 RONNY AND LORETTA gaze at the huge moon through the blinds of Ronny’s bedroom window
P3 Norman Jewison talks to Danny Aiello on Palermo set
P4 Vincent Gardenia, Norman Jewison and Danny Aiello outside the Grand Ticino set
P5 Norman Jewison with John Patrick Shanley at a table in the Grand Ticino
P6 Norman Jewison in the Grand Ticino set with first A.D. David McAree in the background
P7 RONNY asks LORETTA to marry him in front of the CASTORINI and CAPPOMAGGI families
P8 Vincent Gardenia, Olympia Dukakis and Norman Jewison at the Castorini kitchen table
P9 An OLD ITALIAN MAN (Antonio Luciani) FRANKO (Antonio Pareselli), PIETRO (Michael Barbaro) stand ready for action as Norman Jewison speaks with the THE OLD MAN (Feodor Chaliapin)… Photographs : b&w [1986 or 1987]
P10 Norman Jewison reclining with arms folded
P11 Norman Jewison with Cher and Nicolas Cage
P12 Norman Jewison and Cher standing close together
P13 Cher and Nicolas Cage in Castorini kitchen eating breakfast
P14 Cher standing with her arm around Norman Jewison’s shoulder
P15 Norman Jewison reaching forward with cigar in hand
P16 Norman Jewison facing Cher
P17 Norman Jewison gesturing beside David Watkin
P18 Norman Jewison, Nicolas Cage, Cher, Sonny Bono and his wife Mary standing together
Photograph : b&w (cAlan Berliner, 1987)
P19 Norman Jewison, Nicolas Cage, Cher and Sonny Bono standing together
Photographs : b&w (cMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1987)
P21 NICOLAS CAGE (at kitchen table)…
P26 Director and co-producer NORMAN JEWISON on location in Toronto…
P28 CHER (lying in bed)…
P31 FEODOR CHALIAPIN and his canine co-stars…

(Photos P1-20)
593 “Bogus”

Photographs : col. [1995]
P1 Norman Jewison with arm poised wearing “Bogus” cap
P2 Gerard Depardieu holding Haley Joel Osment
Photographs : sepia toned [1995]
P3 Norman Jewison and crew members using film equipment
P4 Norman Jewison poking a finger through a cage at Haley Joel Osment
P5 Norman Jewison sitting in a magician’s box talking to Gerard Depardieu
P6 Norman Jewison hugging Andrea Martin
P7–8 Norman Jewison and Whoopi Goldberg on a couch
P9–10 Norman Jewison and Whoopi Goldberg and crew members on set P11 Haley Joel Osment in a cage
P12 Haley Joel Osment on set
P13–15 Dream circus sequence
Photograph : col. slide (cMonarchy Ent. B.V. and Regency Entertainment U.S.A. and Warner Bros., 1995)
P16 Norman Jewison beside movie camera
Photograph : col. slide (cMonarchy Ent. B.V. and Regency Entertainment U.S.A., 1995)
P17 Norman Jewison on set
Photographs : b&w (cMonarchy Enterprises B.V. and Regency Entertainment U.S.A., 1996)
P18 Norman Jewison with headphones and “Bogus” cap
P19 Norman Jewison wearing “Bogus” cap
P20 Norman Jewison peering into movie camera lens 1 album ( 21 photographs: b&w and col.) (Suzanne Hanover/cMonarch Ent. B.V. – Box 65 /OS
Norman Jewison, Gerard Depardieu, Haley Joel Osment, Whoopi Goldberg and other cast/crew members on the set

594 “The Hurricane”

Photograph : b&w (Ken Regan/Camera 5) [1998 or 1999]
P1 Norman Jewison walking by wall with graffiti on it
Photographs : b&w (Universal Studios/16th Round Productions) [1998 or 1999]
P2–4 Norman Jewison and cast/crew members (including Denzel Washington)
Photographs : col. (Ken Regan/Camera 5) [1998 or 1999]
P5 Norman Jewison with his arm around Vicellous Reon Shannon’s shoulder
P6 Norman Jewison and crew members lifting cups in a toast in front of a building
Photographs : col. (Universal Studios/16th Round Productions) [1998 or 1999]
P7 Norman Jewison talking to Denzel Washington in boxing ring, with spectators in background
P8–9 Norman Jewison and cast/crew members in boxing ring

Photographs of Norman Jewison in various activities
595 Norman Jewison and others at various events

Photograph : b&w [1972?]
P1 With Dixie greeting Princess Margaret
Photograph : b&w [1973?]
P2 Bowing and shaking hands with Princess Anne
Photograph : b&w (Long Photography) [ca. 1975]
P3 With King Vidor at a restaurant
Photographs : col. [1975?]
P4–5 Drinking beer in front of a Bavarian band
P6 Conducting Bavarian band
Photographs : b&w (Metropolitan Photo Service) [ca. 1978]
P7–14 Receiving an award at an event
Photographs : b&w (Mario Gurrieri) [ca. 1978]
P15–18 On stage with other celebrities at a SYGMA event
Photographs : b&w (cSYGMA/Ledree)
P19–20 On stage in row at SYGMA event
Photograph : b&w (Graphic Artists Photographers) [198-?]
P21 With Donald Sutherland and others posing under a banner Photograph : b&w (1985)
P22 Being photographed as a guest at an event
Photograph : b&w (Tom Sandler) [ca. 1996]
P23 With Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Janet Leigh at Variety – The Children’s Charity event
Photographs : col. (1998)
P24 Dressed as clown with another “celebrity clown”
Photographs : col. [ca. 2000]
P25–27 Being interviewed at Directors Guild of Canada Alberta District Council event
Photographs : col. [ca. 2000]
P28–34 Speaking at and attending an Economic Development Edmonton event
Photographs : col. (2001)
P35–36 Receiving an award and speaking at the Banff Television Festival

Box 60

Note: Box 60 has been moved to Jewison Folder, no. 1 to 6.

Print : poster ; col. (cWalt Disney Productions, 1963)
 “Forty Pounds Of Trouble”
Print : poster ; col. (1994)
 Artists On Film Honors Norman Jewison and Washington Filmmakers
Print : poster : b&w (1982)
 The Norman Jewison Lectures, University of Toronto
Print : poster : b&w (1989)
 The Norman Jewison Lectures 1989–1990 : a series of films and lectures by Edward Dmytryk
Print : poster ; b&w (cColumbia Pictures, 1979)
 “…and justice for all”
Print : poster ; b&w (cColumbia Picturs, 1979)
 “…and justice for all”
Print : poster ; col. (cMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer)
"January Man"
Print : poster ; col., (Canadian Film Centre) [2003]
 Celebrating Ten Years Of The Feature Film Project
Print : poster ; col. (cUnited Artists, 1971)
 Fiddler On The Roof
Print : poster ; col. (cUnited Artists, 1980)
 “The Dogs of War
Print : poster ; col. (cColumbia Pictures, 1984)
 “A Soldier’s Story
Prints : posters ; col. (cColumbia Pictures, 1985)
 “Agnes Of God” ; “Agnes Of God
Print : poster ; col. (cMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1987)
Print : poster ; col. (cWarner Bros., 1989)
 “In Country
Print : poster ; col. (cMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer)
 “January Man
Print : poster ; col. (2008)
Norman Jewison: a career in pictures: an exhibition selected from the Norman Jewison Archive, E.J. Pratt Library, Victoria University
Print : poster ; col. (cWarner Bros., 1996
Print : poster ; col.) [2003]
The Statement
Print : poster ; col. (1971)
The Films of Norman Jewison, The Museum of Modern Art, N.Y.

Box 64
Photographs of Norman Jewison, and of family and friends
64 /OS1Photograph album[194–?]–[196–](Photos P1-7)
Photographs relating to television productions
64 /OS2CBS productions – "Big Party" 1958(Photos P1-3)
64 /OS3CBS productions – "The Broadway Of Lerner And Loewe" [ca. 1960](Photos P1-4)
Photographs relating to films directed and produced
64 /OS4"Forty Pounds Of Trouble"[1962]


(Photos P1)
64 /OS5“Fiddler On The Roof” [1971?](Photos P1-2)
64 /OS6“Jesus Christ Superstar” [1972?](Photos P1-3)
2008.06, Box 2
Photographs of Norman Jewison, and of family and friends
21Photograph : b&w[194–]

P1 With friends on street

22Photograph : b&w [196–?]

P1 With Dixie and family members

23Photograph : col. [196–?]

P1 With family members

24Photographs : b&w (Deborah Imogen Beer) [ca. 1970]

P1–2 On set with viewing lens

25Photograph : col. [ca. 2000]

P1 With other men in front of bench on farm

Photographs relating to films directed and produced
26Photographs : b&w [1966]

P1–2 Norman Jewison holding John Ball novel, with Producer Walter Mirisch and another man

26“In The Heat Of the Night”
27Photographs : b&w [1970?]

P1–2 Norman Jewison talking with Topol and Joseph Stein

27“Fiddler On The Roof”

Photograph : b&w (cUnited Artists, 1975)
P1 Norman Jewison with another man on the set 

29“In Country” Photographs : b&w (cWarner Bros., 1989)

P1 Holding her father’s letters, Sam (EMILY LLOYD) asks her Uncle Emmett (BRUCE WILLIS) if he has read them...
P2 Emmett Smith (BRUCE WILLIS) pays his respects to some of the men he knew in the war at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D. C.... 

Photographs of Norman Jewison in various activities
210 Norman Jewison and others at various events
Photograph : b&w (Marv Newton)
P1 Accepting Golden Globes Award for Best Picture –“The Russians Are Coming”
Photograph : b&w
P2 Seated at an event with agent Boaty Boatwright and Lois Smith
Photographs : b&w
P3 At a dinner event with film critic Jay Scott
P4–5 At a speaking event with Jay Scott
Photograph : b&w (Sandy J. Singers)
P6 At a dinner event with David Cronenberg
Photograph : b&w (Doug Williams)
P7 Walking down an aisle with Hanna Fisher at the Vancouver International Film Festival
Photograph : b&w (Alan Berliner)
P8 With Dixie at a social event
Photograph : b&w (Doug Tigani)
P9 With Jerry Grafstein and others at an event
Photograph : col. (Long Photography)
P10 With Robert Rheme at Academy Awards
Photographs : col.
P11–12 With others at film festival in Germany