Memorabilia and publicity material

Title: Memorabilia and publicity material
Dates of Material:
1.09 m of textual records and accompanying material
Scope and content

Series consists of photocopies of photographs, programs and other printed memorabilia relating primarily to Norman Jewison’s student theatre and pre film career, [194–?]–1989; personal publicity in files, and scrapbooks compiled by Dixie Jewison, containing clippings from newspapers and periodicals featuring interviews, articles, news items and advertisements, sometimes related to television specials or films, programs, memorabilia and photographs, 1947–2004; transcripts, audio cassettes, digital video discs and video cassettes of interviews and biographical sketches, 1976–2007; and publicity relating to films directed and produced in files, and scrapbooks compiled by Dixie Jewison, containing clippings of reviews, articles and news items about actors, correspondence, records re publicity campaigns, media releases, premiere and Academy Award programs, advertisements, guest lists for screenings, and photographs, 1962–1989.

Physical description

Includes 8 photographs : b&w and col., 3 digital video discs, 7 video cassettes, 3 compact discs and 1 audio cassette

Access restrictions

No restrictions.

Related groups of records
Box 61
611 “Malvern Merry Minstrels” sponsored by Boys’ Athletic Society[194–?]
612 “Victoria University “Bob”1947, 1948
613 Victoria University “At Home”, “Informal”1947, 1949
614 Banff Springs Hotel revue (photocopies of photographs)1949
615 “All Varsity Revue” 1949-1950
616 Torontonensis1949
617 “The Biggest Thief In Town” at the Royal Ontario Museum Theatre (Norman Jewison acted)1952
618 Mountain Playhouse, Montreal (Norman Jewison directed)1958-1959
619 Emmy Awards1960
6110 Kew Beach School 100th Anniversary1989
6111 Father’s pledge made at church (1960) copied by Norman Jewison[199–?]
Publicity Material -- Personal
6112 1970–19911970-1991
6113 1971–20051971-2005
6114 1980–19891980-1989
6115 1982–1989 (complete periodicals)1982-1989
6116 1984–20021984-2002
6117 19861986
6118 19871987
6119 1988–20031988-2003
6120 1990–2004 (complete periodicals)1990-2004
Box 62
621 19921992

Photograph : b&w (Doug Griffin/Toronto Star) [1992?]
P1 Sitting in chair with arms clasped
Photograph : col. [1992?]
P2 Laughing at table

622 1994–19951994-1995
623 19991999
624 1999(Irving G. Thalberg Award)1999
625 20002000
626 Interviews and biographical sketches1976-1992
Publicity Material -- Films directed and produced
627 “Fiddler On The Roof”1970-1971
628 “In The Heat Of the Night”1995-2001
629 “Rollerball”1999
6210 “F.I.S.T.”

Photograph : b&w (cUnited Artists, 1977)
P1 Norman Jewison pointing behind a movie camera with Governor Bob Ray of Iowa sitting beside him (includes note on photograph from Ray)

6211 “Best Friends”1982-1983
6212 “Iceman”1984
6213 “Soldier’s Story”1983-1984
6214 “Agnes Of God”1985-1986
6215 “Moonstruck”1986-2002
6216 “In Country”1988
6217 “Other People’s Money”1991
6218 “Only You”1994
6219 “Dance Me Outside”1995-2000
Box 63
631 “Bogus"1995-1996
632 “Hurricane”1999-2000
633 “Hurricane” 1999-2000

Photographs : col. [1999?]
P1 Norman Jewison standing between Denzel Washington and Rubin Carter
P2–3 Norman Jewison standing between Denzel Washington and Kofi Annan

634 “Dinner With Friends”2001
Box 66
66 /OS1 School revues/“Spring Thaw”/“The Big Party”/“Harry Belafonte Show”/ “Lights On” revue/“Fabulous Fifties”/“Andy Williams Show”1947-1960
66 /OS2 Television specials1960-1961
Box 67
67 /OS1 “Forty Pounds Of Trouble”/ “Thrill Of It All”/ “Judy Garland Show”/ “Send Me No Flowers”/”The Art Of Love”/“The Cincinnati Kid”(1963); 1962–1965

Photograph : b&w [1962?]
P1 Norman Jewison standing beside Suzanne Pleshette and another man

67 /OS2 “The Russians Are Coming”/“In The Heat Of The Night” 1966-1968

Photograph : b&w (Marv Newton/Public Relations Magazine) (1966)
P1 Norman Jewison holding a Hollywood Foreign Press Association Certificate of Nomination For Award for “The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming”

Box 68
68 /OS1 “In The Heat Of The Night”/“Thomas Crown Affair"/“Gaily, Gaily”1968-1970
68 /OS2 “Gaily, Gaily”/“… And Justice For All”/“The Dogs Of War”/“Best Friends”/“Iceman”1968-1984
Box 69
69 /OS1 “The Landlord"/“Billy Two Hats"/“Jesus Christ Superstar" 1969-1974

Photographs : b&w (Sheedy and Long/The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 42nd Annual Awards) 1970
P1 Luncheon at home of George Cukor for Academy Foreign Language Award guests (includes Norman Jewison, Mark Rydell, Bo Widerberg, Costa–Gavras, George Stevens, King Vidor, Paul Mazursky, John Ford and George Cukor)
P2 Luncheon at home of George Cukor for Academy Foreign Language Film Award guests (includes William Wyler, Bo Widerberg, and George Cukor)
P3 Norman Jewison, Mark Rydell, George Stevens, Bo Widerberg, William Wyler and Costa-Gavras descending steps outside
P4 Norman Jewison sitting beside John Ford

69 /OS2 “Fiddler On The Roof"1971-1972
Box 70
70 /OS1 “Rollerball”1975
70 /OS2 “F.I.S.T.”1977-1978
Box 71
71 /OS1 Personal publicity1981-1982
71 /OS2 Personal publicity1983-1985
71 /OS3 “A Soldier’s Story”1984
Box 72
72 /OS1 “A Soldier’s Story”/“Agnes Of God”1984-1985
72 /OS2 “Moonstruck”1987-1988
Box 73
73 /OS1 Personal publicity1986
73 /OS2 Personal publicity/“Moonstruck”1987
Box 74
74 /OS1 Personal publicity/“Moonstruck”/“In Country”1988
Box 75
75 /OS1 Personal publicity/“In Country”1989
75 /OS2 Personal publicity1990
2008.06, Box 2
211 Digital video disc “The Candid Study Of A Director In Action” (National Film Board documentary “Norman Jewison: Film Maker”)1971
212 Clippings1985-2007
213 Digital video disc “Form & Function : The Films Of Norman Jewison,” Yorktown Productions [199–?]
214 Video cassette - “On Canadian Comedy, CBC and Career,” Insight Productions2004
215 Compact disc – “Ontario Today,” CBC with Alan Neal2004
216 Compact disc – WQNA Radio, Larry Corley[2005?]
217 Video cassette – “arts & minds”2005
218 Compact disc – “Sounds Like Canada,” CBC with Shelagh Rogers2005
2008.06, Box 3
355 video cassettes – “Saturday Night at the Movies”, TVO2005
36 Audio cassette – “The Leonard Lopate Show”, WNYC2005
37 Digital video disc – “CBS News Sunday Morning”2005
2018.03, Box 1
11"Banff Revue" program1949