Records relating to writings

Title: Records relating to writings
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Scope and content

Series consists of drafts, proofs, typescripts, correspondence, notes contracts, reviews, announcements, reports and other records, 1962–2016, relating to public lectures, articles, essays, books, including Blake records, and other published and unpublished writings by Bentley, predominantly on Blake; also includes Bentley's theses written and submitted for his B.Litt. (1954) and his D.Phil. (1956).

General notes

Box 17 contains “Blake records : documents (1714–1841) concerning the life of William Blake (1757–1827) and his family, incorporating Blake records (1969), Blake records supplement (1988), and extensive discoveries since 1988” corrected typescript, [ca. 2004]

Box 12
126 “The artist and the prophet : the art of William Blake”—Lecture, West Shore Graphic Arts Society, Muskegon1996
127 “Blake books” 1978, 1999-2000
128 “Blake books supplement”—Review, Janet Warner1989
129 “Blake discoveries, scholarship, and criticism 1971–1992”—Lecture, Blake Society, Durham1993
1210 “Blake in the art of his time”—Conference, Art Department and English Department, University of California at Santa Barbara1976
1211 Blake microfilm project1981-1982
Box 13
131 “Blake studies in Japan : a bibliography of works on William Blake published in Japan, 1893–1993”—Review, Karen Mulhallen
132 “Blake’s illuminations”—Lecture [1996?]
133 “Blake’s visionary heads : lost drawings and a lost book”2001
134 “Blake’s visions: what he saw; how he understood his visions; and what he made of them”—Lecture, Durham1996
135 “The colouring of Blake’s ‘Job’ engravings”1974
136 Bible notes1987
137 “Book illustration and illustrated books”—Essay2001-2002
138 “Boydell’s Shakespeare”
139 “The captive of the castle of Sennaar”—Typescript of book by George Cumberland, annotated by Bentley1972-1973
1310 “Comrades and strangers”—Typescript of book on China experiences1985
1311 Cumberland bibliography1974-1975
1312 “Edward Irving and the devil’s holocaust: Tatham’s burning of Blake’s papers”1994
1313 “The Edwardes of Halifax”1985-1994
1314 “The freaks of learning : learned pigs, musical hares, and the romantics”—Lecture, The Friends of the Osborne and Lillian H. Smith Collections, Toronto1980
1315 “Grave indignities : greed, hucksterism, and oblivion: Blake’s watercolours for Blair’s ‘Grave’”2006
1316 “The great Bible chase : great research libraries from Cologne to Canberra,”—Lecture1992, 1993
1317 “The holy pirates : legal enforcement of the patent in the Authorized Version of the Bible c. 18001993-1995
1318 “‘I hear a voice you cannot hear’ : William Blake’s audiences”—Article1995, 1996
1319 “Intramuralia”2001
1320 “An island in the moon and other manuscripts”1974-1975
1321 “Jane Austen on love” by Juliet McMaster—Review1980
1322 “John Marsh and Peregrine Project: ‘A tour through some of the Southern counties of England’ (1904)”—Essay1997
1323 Lectures, various—Ephemera1980-1997
1324 Linnell (John) autobiography1962-1963
1325 “Macklin (Thomas)” 1998-2000
Box 14
141 “The meaning beyond the words : William Blake as an illuminated poet”—Lecture, University of Durham1996
142 “My name is legion: for we are many: William Blake in London, 1740–1830”—Essay2000-2001
143 “New Blake documents : ‘Job’, ‘Oedipus’, and the ‘Songs of innocence and of Experience’” with Mark Abley1986, 1987
144 “New directions in Blake scholarship: mapping the Old World, the New World, and Terra Incognita”—Lecture[1989?]
145 “New facts in Blake’s biography”—Lecture[1963?]
146 “A new Shakespeare document”1989-1990
147 “Of ghostly fleas and archangels: the pleasures of a Blake biographer”—Lecture[1962?]
148 “Patrons of Blake”
149 “The peripatetic painter and the stroke of genius”—Article1999, 2000
1410 “Robinson (George), bookseller”2001
1411 Robson, John—Obituary2002
1412 “The sources of serendipity : George Cumberland’s ‘Captive of the Castle of Sennaar in the Mortlake Collection of the Australian National University—Lecture
1413 “The stranger from paradise”—Correspondence2000-2003
Box 15
151 “The stranger from paradise”—Proofs1999
152 “Strangers and comrades : letters from China 1982–1983”1984
153 “Strangers in the world : Blake, Cowper, and madness”, 1991—Lecture, University Of Toronto1991
154 Toronto Blake Symposium—Proposed volume
155 “‘The tyger’ and ‘The lamb’ : easy questions and impossible answers”—Lecture, University College1996
156 “The unrecognized first printing of Flaxman’s ‘Iliad’ (1793)”1995-1997
157 “What is the price of experience? William Blake and the economics of illuminated printing” 1998, 1999
158 “What is the price of experience? William Blake and the economics of illuminated Printing”—Lecture, Toronto Society for the Book1998
159 “William Blake and his circle”1998
1510 “William Blake and the Sophcles enigma”1996-1997
1511 “William Blake: prophet of the New Age”—Transcript of CBC radio program “Ideas” (with Northrop Frye and four others)1987
Box 16
161 “William Blake’s ‘The song of Los’: a bibliographical introduction”1975
162 “William Blake’s ‘Visions of the daughters of Albion’: a reproduction of copy F”1975
163 “William Blake’s visual arts”1983-1985
Box 17
172 Part V 1818–1827
173 Appendix
174 Preliminaries
175 Prelude
176 Part I 1757–1779
177 Part II 1779–1799
178 Part III 1500–1505
179 Part VI 1827–1831
1710 Postscript 1831–1833
1711 Appendix IA Malkin
1712 Appendix 1C J.T. Smith
1713 Appendix 1E Tatham
1714 Appendix 1F HCR Reminiscences
1715 Appendix 1G Strange
1716 Appendix II Residences
1717 Appendix III Accounts
1718 Appendix IV Engravings
1719 Appendix V Reprints
1720 End notes
Box 1
12"William Blake and His Circle, 2009" 2010
13"William Blake and His Circle for 2010" 2011
15"William Blake's Four Zoas" - Thesis submitted for Doctorate Vol. I (annotations are not Bentley's; may be those of Dr. Herbert Davis, one of the Examiners) 1956
16"William Blake's Four Zoas" - Thesis submitted for Doctorate Vol. II (annotations are not Bentley's; may be those of Dr. Herbert Davis, one of the Examiners 1956
Box 1
118"Pictura Ignota" [typescript]2010


119London Book Trade Cards to 18201979-1984


120"English Illustrated Bibles 1530-1830" 1989

Includes 38 photographs : b&w and b&w negs.  

121"Robert Bowyer : The Illustration of National History" / Bowyer Notes


Box 3
Art and engraving
34"Visionary Heads" [copies of plates used in book][200-]

Copies of images taken from Tate Modern, University of Toronto Library, and Smith College Museum of Art; plates from Joseph Holland and Vanderhoef collections; and three negatives.

Box 5
51"A Fifth Zoa"1987-2000

Multiple submissions. Includes a copy of "William Blake and Earl Spencer".

52"A 'New' Blake Engraving in Lavater's Physiognomy"1972


53"A Unique Prospectus for Blake's Grave Designs"1973


54"A Year in Algiers"2006

Published privately.

55"Bibliographical Discoveries, mostly Blakean: The right way, the wrong way and Beth's way"2005


56"A Blake Bestiary"[between 2009 and 2017]

Unpublished manuscript, final draft version.

57"Blake Books" — review by Robert Essick1977


58"Blake Books" reviews1977, 1981


59"Blake's Heavy Metal" essay addenda2006


510"Blake Records, 2nd Edition"2000-2005

Correspondence, reviews, addenda and other material.

511"Blake Records" addenda


512"Blake Records Second Edition" addenda2004-2011


513"Blake Records Second Edition" addenda and corrigenda2016


514"Blake Records" reviews1971-1972


515"Blake Records Supplements" reviews1990


Box 6
61"Blake's Youth in Surrey"


62"Blake and the Xenoglots: Strange speaking critics and scholars of Blake"ca. 2004


63"Blake in the Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalogue"1991-1992, 2000

Essay by Bentley, with related correspondence.

64"Boondoggles: Memoirs of a Vagrant Academic"ca. 2011


65"British Bible Table"


66"British Illustrated Bibles"

Unpublished manuscript.

67"The Captive of the Castle of Sennaar" reviews1992-1994


68"Catherine Wright of Walkeringham"2004

Biography of William Blake's mother.

69"Edwards of Halifax Bindings"1993


610"Edwards of Halifax" publishing agreement2011


611"English Bible Illustrations"


612"English Illustrated Bibles, 1530-1830: introduction"


613"English Illustrated Bibles, 1530-1830: working notes"1989


614"The Inscriptions on Blake's Design to Pilgrim's Progress"1972


615"Intramuralia" revised2003


616"Joseph Johnson in Prison: A Publisher and Pitt's White Terror"1996-2000

Also contains correspondence. 

617"Leigh Hunt's Literary Pocket-Book (1818-1822): A Romantic Source Book"1974


618"Money Flies From Me" 1998

Two copies with some correspondence.

619"Romney's Legacy"

Undated essay.

620"Some Continental Illustrated Bibles, 1478-1830: working notes"1989


621"Stranger from Paradise" reviews2001


622"Stranger from Paradise" reviews2001-2004

Reviews featured in various newspapers and journals.

623"Thomas Macklin" final draft typescriptca. 2016


Box 7
71"Thomas Macklin" New DNB[2016?]


72"Thomas Macklin" contract and submissions2016


73"Thomas Macklin" review2016


74"Thus Spake William Blake: Conversations with the Quick and the Dead and a Concordance of the Poet's Conversations"[between 2009 and 2017]


75"Thus Spake William Blake" reviewsca. 2009


76"White on Blake"

A copy of an essay written about William Augustus White, a collector of Blake's work.

77"William Blake and His Circle, 2007"


78"William Blake and His Circle, 2008"


79"William Blake and His Circle, 2008" addenda


710William Blake's Writings addenda


711"William Blake's Mother and the Moravians"2004


712"William Blake and the Empire of the Imagination"1989-1993

Drafts and notes.

713"William Blake in the Desolate Market"2011-2013

Reviews, correspondence, contracts and notes.

714"William Blake in the Desolate Market" reviews2014-2015


Box 8
81[Dissertations and theses written about Blake][n.d.]

Essay and bibliography written and compiled by Bentley.

82"A Different Face: William Blake and Mary Wollstonecraft" consent to publish1979


83Reader's Report on "Rosenbach's Blakes[,] Especially those Bought en Bloc from W.A. White"[n.d.]


84"An Astonishing Discovery"1994

Correspondence regarding submission of essay to Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly, essay included.

85"Blake's Murderesses: Visionary Heads of Wickedness"2009

Published in Huntington Library Quarterly, Vol 72 No. 1, 2009.

86"Blake's Shadow"1978

Published in The Times Literary Supplement newspaper.

87"Blake's Works as Performances: Intentions and Inattentions"1988

Published in Transactions of the Society for Textual Scholarship, Vol 4, 1988.

88"Cenci: A War of Theologies"1958

Published in Chicago Maroon, 1958.

89"Flaxman in Italy: A Letter reflecting the Anni Mirabiles, 1792-93"1981

Published in The Art Bulletin, Vol LXIII No 4, 1981.

810"Ozias Humphry, William Upcott, and William Blake"1975

Offprint, published in Humanities Association Review, 1975.

811"R.C. Jackson - A wild goose chase?"2001

Submitted to and published in Camberwell Quarterly, 2001.

812"Thomas Butts, White Collar Maecenas"1956

Published in PMLA, Vol LXXI, No 5, 1956.

813"The Vicissitudes of Vision"1978

Offprint, published in Humanities, 43, 1978.

814"William Blake and Earl Spencer"1989

Offprint, published in The Aligarh Critical, Vol 2 No 2, 1989.

815[Essays included in Minute Particulars]1978

Featured in "Minute Particulars", a section of Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly.

816[Submissions to Notes and Queries]2011, 2014, 2016


817Review of "A Bibliography of Jane Austen"ca. 1982


818Review of "A Catalogue of William Blake's Separate Plates"

Review of Robert Essick's work.

819"Blake the Professional"1993

Review of Robert Essick's William Blake's Commercial Book Illustrations, featured in Antiquarian Book Monthly.

820"God's Plenty"1980

Review of David Bindman's The Complete Graphic Works of William Blake.

821Review of "Milton and English Art"1971

Review of Marcia R. Pointon's work, featured in The Library.

822Review of "William Blake's Water-colour Designs for the Poems of Thomas Gray"1972


823Review of "William Blake: Songs of Innocence and Experience"2009

Review of Robert Essick's work.

824"Blake's Murderesses — lecture


825Fifth Seminar on the British Book Trade: report1987

Contains a short essay by Bentley, "Eighteenth Century English Illustrated Book Publishing".

826"Mistakes, Mischief, Murder"1990

Copy of a paper given at the University College Symposium.

827"Why Edit? Fiat Lux!"1986

Presented at a conference at the University of Toronto.

Box 1
13"GEB Books"ca. 2005

An updated copy of Bentley's catalogue of books related to William Blake and others, "Blake Books". This version includes annotations regarding prices that were not included in previous editions.

14"William Blake and the Alchemical Philosophers"1954

Bentley's thesis submitted for his B.Litt. at Merton College, Oxford University.