Research material

Title: Research material
Dates of Material:
12.8 m of textual material
ca. 1,400 photographs: b&w and col.
29 microfilm reels: pos. and neg.
2 negative slides
1 compact disc
Scope and content

Series consists of photographs, slides and photocopies of graphic material created for research and intended publication—including William Blake’s writings—on Blake’s art, engraving and writing. Series also consists of accumulated general research on Blake and related subjects, including photocopies of articles and archival research, as well as a large collection of index cards related to Bentley's work Blake Books

General notes

Records in this series are a representative sampling of a much larger extent of material accumulated by Bentley.

Boxes 9-49 of Accession 2017.06 hold Bentley's collection of index cards related to his work Blake Books. The cards provide information on every entry included in the book and reference several other Blake works that were not included in the final publication.


The Blake Books index cards were arranged by Bentley during the course of his research. The cards are divided by chapter and are arranged either alphabetically or chronologically based on the section in which they appear in the book. This order was retained by the archivist.

Box 8
Art and engraving
87 Various drawings
88 Various engravings
89 Various engravings
810 Electrotype pulls
811 Blair—“The grave”
Box 9
91 Bible—Book of Job
92 Bunyan—“Pilgrim’s progress”
93 Dante—“Divine comedy”
94 Emlyn, Henry—“A new order in architecture”
95 Gay, John—“Fables”
96 Hayley, William—“Ballads”
97 Hayley, William—“Little Tom the sailor”
98 Josephus
99 “The ladies new and polite pocket memorandum-book”
910 Lavater, J.C.—“Aphorisms”
911 Lavater, J.C.—“Essays on physiognomy”
912 Malkin, Benjamin Heath—“A father’s memoirs of his child”
913 Milton—“L’allegro/Il penseroso”
914 Rees, Abraham—“Cyclopaedia”
915 “The seaman’s recorder”
916 Stedman, J.G.—“Narrative of a five years’ expedition against the revolted negroes of Surinam”
917 Virgil
918 “The wit’s magazine”
919 Wollstonecraft, Mary—“Original stories from real life”
920 Young—“Night thoughts”
Box 10
Writings -- Photographs for “William Blake’s writings”, edited by Bentley
101 “The accusers”
102 “All religions are one”
103 “The book of Ahania”
104 “The first book of Urizen”
105 “For children: the gates of Paradise”
106 “Glad day”
107 “The marriage of Heaven and Hell”
108 “The song of Los”
109 “Songs of experience”
1010 “Songs of innocence”
1011 “There is no natural religion”
1012 “Visions of the daughters of Albion”
Writings -- Various
1013 “America”
1014 “America”
1015 “The book of Enoch”
1016 “The book of Thel”
Box 11
111 “Europe”
112 “The first book of Urizen”
113 “Jerusalem”
114 “Laocoon”
115 “Songs of Los”
116 “Tiriel”
117 “Visions of the daughters of Albion”
General Research
118 Books owned by Blake
119 Buttons representing Blake
1110 Cumberland, George
1111 Cumberland, George
1112 Residences (Blake)
Box 12
121 Jenkins, Herbert
122 Linnell, John
123 Portraits of Blake
125“The Stranger from paradise : a biography of William Blake”
Box 17
171 List of books owned by Bentley2000
Box 18
Microfilm and slides
18 29 microfilm reels and slides of research material
Elucidation of Mr. Boyer's plan


Box 1
18Blake's heavy metal [copperplates]2005


19Blake's trial


110Broadstreet,London - Blake's birthplace


111Cromek Papers [Princeton University Library]2010


112The Cabinet of the Arts in Yale2006


113Thomas Butts genealogy


114Joseph Wright to William Hayley 1782-1789, Derby Museum and Art Gallery2011


115Anthony Stephen Mathew's will


116Felpham photos

3 photographs : col and b&w

Textual material

117Apprenticeship of Thomas Owen to William Blake 1788


122Mr. Boyers address to the patrons of fine art respecting his aplendid national undertaking of the history of England, flyer from Gottingen


124Robert Bowyer "To the Public", prospectus from Gottingen


125Archibald Sparse "The Bowyer Bible (1920)"


126Bowyer Lottery


Box 2
21Bensley in the Huntington


22Linnell, John, letter to his wife Mary 6 February 1826

Possibly for use in Blake Records. Note BR(2) 433

23Lowell Libson Catalogue, Strothand in his Studio c.18002013


24Thackrey & Robertson catalogue listing Blake and Palmer 1979 September 6 - October 31


251929 March 4 Christie catalogue of Blake and Palmer


26Robert Blair's "The Grave" Central Library Leeds2008


27Blake in the Philadelphia Museum of Art 2012


28[Various scholarly articles related to Blake]


29Hartley, Observations on Man


210Henrietta Poole from Roussel Sergeant. Taken from Abstract of Deed dated 13th April 1870


Box 2
23"Blake Books Supplements" reproductions1992

Includes correspondence requesting and granting permission to use reproductions in the addenda.

24"Blake's Blair" material2013

Includes correspondence and copies of images.

25"Thus Spake William Blake" photos

8 photos from Thus Spake William Blake, including a portrait of Bentley.

26White Data2014

Bibliography of White's references to Blake.

27W.A. White Acquisitions Book


28[W.A. White collection of Blake material]

Copies of material from the W.A. White file of the Rosenbach Co. archives.  

29[List of Blakes in the National Gallery of Australia]1997


210[Blake letters in the Wedgwood Archive]


211[The American Blake Foundation list of Blakes]


212[William Blake and Edwards of Halifax in Wormsley Library]


213[Articles related to Blake]


214Various engravings and prints

Images of Blake's engravings and prints from Stedman, Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Cromek letter, and The Grave. Includes 2 CDs.

215"Genesis: The Seven Days of the Created World"

Autograph manuscript by Blake.

216James Blake's will


217"Edwards of Halifax" material


218"Edwards of Halifax" material


Box 3
31"Edwards of Halifax" images

Includes images of plates and illustrations from websites, notes on images, and correspondence granting permission to use images from other institutions. 5 photographs and 1 CD inside.

32Edwards-Bodoni letters

Letters are in French.

33James Edwards letters


34Richard Edwards title pages


35John Edwards of Northowram Hall's willdated 1819, copied 1982
36Edwards of Halifax Sample Book1985


37Macklin Bible Proposals (1789)


38Macklin Bible, Extra-illustrated


39Macklin Bible plates


310Macklin Bible images


311"Macklin and Bowyer"1963

Article by T.S.R. Boase, published in JWCI, XXVI.

312Thomas Macklin letters


313Thomas Macklin's will


314Macklin: Edward Rogers

Material related to Edward Rogers, Macklin's partner.

315George Cumberland sketchbook

Includes correspondence from 2012. 

316George Cumberland, "A Sermon for a General Fast"

Includes correspondence and digital images from 2013, used in William Blake and His Circle, 2012.

317Descendants of George Cumberland2016


318Joseph Johnson Letter-book

Includes correspondence from 1995-96.

319Mylius, The Junior Class-Book

Includes correspondence.

Box 4
41Du Roveray plates


42Du Roveray photographs

39 photographs.

43The Book of Ahania2014

Printouts of images and correspondence from 2014.

44Blake, "Death's Door"

Reproductions from Magasin Pittoresque.

45Sale Catalogues2013


46[Various catalogues]


47[Various catalogues]


48Bryan, Michael — "A Biographical and Critical Dictionary of Painters and Engravers" (1816)


49Wills, Jim — "Shelf List of Extra-Illustrated Books in the Huntington Library"1974


410John Murray Archive


411Hassel, J. — Calcographia (1811)


412[Various scholarly articles]

Scholarly articles on various subjects. Includes:

"Adventures in Bookselling: The Removal of the Spencer Library from Althorp to Manchester in 1892", Piccadilly Notes, No. 2 (1933)

“Anne Lister’s Journal, 1817-1840” by Phyllis M. Ramsden published in Halifax Antiquarian Society, 1970

“A Group of Stuart Miniatures and their History.” Offprint by Rosa Edwards, published in Notes and Queries, 1984

“Parma and Edinburgh: Some letters relating to the European bookstrade at the end of the eighteenth century.” Offprint by Brian Hillyard, Bulletin du bibliophile, 2 (1992)

“Regal Presence in Rare Books, or Evocations of Elizabeth I: Gleanings from Rare Books at the University of Chicago” by Janel Mueller, 2003

Box 9
9Blake Books index cards

Part 1: “Writings”, The Accusers – A Descriptive Catalogue

Box 10
10Blake Books index cards

Part 1: “Writings”, Europe– Island  

Box 11
11Blake Books index cards

Part 1: “Writings”, Jerusalem – Marriage (Pt. 1)

Box 12
12Blake Books index cards

Part 1: “Writings”, Marriage (Pt. 2) – Songs of Innocence (Pt. 1)

Box 13
13Blake Books index cards

Part 1: “Writings”, Songs of Innocence (Pt. 2) – Songs of Innocence and of Experience (Pt. 1)

Box 14
14Blake Books index cards

Part 1: “Writings”, Songs of Innocence and of Experience (Pt. 2) – Visions of the Daughters of Albion (Pt. 1) 

Box 15
15Blake Books index cards

Part 1: “Writings”, Visions of the Daughters of Albion (Pt. 2) – Selections (Pt. 1)

Box 16
16Blake Books index cards

Part 1: “Writings”, Selections (Pt. 2) – Part 2: “Drawings”, Bunyan, John

Box 17
17Blake Books index cards

Part 2: “Drawings”, Dante, Alighieri – Part 3: “Engravings”, Blair, Grave

Box 18
18Blake Books index cards

Part 3: “Engravings”, Blair, Grave – Flaxman, Hesiod   

Box 19
19Blake Books index cards

Part 3: “Engravings”, Flaxman, Iliad – The Lady’s Magazine 

Box 20
20Blake Books index cards

Part 3: “Engravings”, Lady’s Pocket BookSeaman’s Recorder  

Box 21
21Blake Books index cards

Part 3: “Engravings”, Shakespeare, Boydell – Part 4: “Catalogues”, 1784  

Box 22
22Blake Books index cards

Part 4: “Catalogues”, 1785 – 1826

Box 23
23Blake Books index cards

Part 4: “Catalogues”, 1827 – 1893-94

Box 24
24Blake Books index cards

Part 4: “Catalogues”, 1894 – 1934

Box 25
25Blake Books index cards

Part 4: “Catalogues”, 1935 – 1973

Box 26
26Blake Books index cards

Part 4: “Catalogues”, 1974 – Part 5: “Criticism”, Ames, Winslow

Box 27
27Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Amenoff, Gregory – Anon. “The Poetry of Pictor Ignotus”

Box 28
28Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Anon. “The Poetry of Sacred and Legendary Art” – Bellin, H.F. et al.

Box 29
29Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Bellis, Mrs. – Blake Quarterly XXIII

Box 30
30Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Blake Quarterly XXIV – Bloom, Harold, “Run the Sacred Truth”

Box 31
31Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Bloom, Harold, “Visionary Cinema” – Carey, Leo

Box 32
32Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Carey, William – Cunningham, Allan

Box 33
33Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Cunningham, George – Eaton, Anne Thaxter

Box 34
34Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Eaves, Morris – Ezard, John

Box 35
35Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, F., Nu-shih C. – Gilchrist, Alexander

Box 36
36Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Gilchrist, A. – Hamilton, K.

Box 37
37Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Hamilton, Kenneth M. – Hron, Zdenek

Box 38
38Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Hsing, P’eng-chu – Kellner, Leon

Box 39
39Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Kellner, Leon – Lee, Samjin

Box 40
40Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Lee, Sherman – Matthey, Pierre-Louis

Box 41
41Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Maudslay, E.C. – Nance, Guinevera A.

Box 42
42Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Napora, Joe – Pearson, Edwin

Box 43
43Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Pease, Donald – Rawlinson, Nick

Box 44
44Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Rawlinson – Sadler, Thomas

Box 45
45Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Sáenz Obregoń, Javier – Southey, Robert

Box 46
46Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Spacks, Patricia – Thomas, Frankie E.

Box 47
47Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Thomas, George Powell – Wagner, Herbert H.

Box 48
48Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Wagner, Peter – Witcutt, W.P.

Box 49
49Blake Books index cards

Part 5: “Criticism”, Witex, John C. – Zdanowicz, Irena