Personal records

Title: Personal records
Dates of Material:
60.5 cm of textual records
Scope and content

Series consists of records related to Ken Taylor's youth and personal life and include yearbooks from Crescent Heights High School, a baby book, albums and card books, a guest book, personal calendars, an extract of a birth certificate, memorial books and condolence registers, a Bachelor of Arts degree from Victoria College, an application for International House at UC Berkeley, and a travel essay. Of particular note is a series of scrapbooks and booklets put together by Taylor for various business and recreational events including parties and celebrations, family vacations, golf tours, fishing trips and friendly gatherings.

Source of supplied title

Titled based on contents of the series.

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2018.08, Box 1
111Baby book1934


112Crescent Heights High School yearbook1953


113Crescent Heights High School yearbook1954


2018.13, Box 1
123Birth certificate extract1985

Extract issued in 1985.


Calendars noting events and appointments for the Taylor family.

125Crescent Heights High School Yearbook1952

Photocopy of original.

126Guest book1981-1984


127Stamp album[before 1954]

A pastime of Ken's before starting university.

2018.13, Box 2
21-2Cigarette card album[before 1954]

A pastime of Ken's before starting university.

23Wedding invitation1960


24Douglas Taylor baby card1964


25"A Natural Gas Export Policy for Canada"1959

Report submitted for M.B.A. degree at UC Berkeley.

26"A Week in Pakistan, December 4-10, 2009"2009

Scrapbook containing Taylor's writings and copies of news clippings.

211Scrapbook of family photographs[n.d.]

Scrapbook made by Taylor containing photographs of his early family life.

212"Good Times Ahead!"ca. 2008

Handmade retrospective scrapbook.

213"A Glimpse of Pat Taylor's 80 Years"2009

Scrapbook celebrating Pat Taylor's 80th birthday. Includes photographs of her childhood and life with Ken Taylor.

2018.13, Box 3
31Booklet for Pat Taylor's party2011


32"Wedding - Douglas and Dana"1998

Scrapbook for Douglas Taylor's wedding.

33"Our Man in Tehran"2010

Booklet containing reviews for Our Man in Tehran by Robert Wright.

34Argo scrapbook2012

Contains reviews and news clippings for Argo.

35"Stranger than Fiction"ca. 2014

Scrapbook containing Taylor's thoughts on documentaries.

36Victoria University scrapbook2004

Photo scrapbook of the gala celebration commemorating Taylor's final year as Chancellor of Victoria College.

37"In Vino Veritas Dinners"1994-2006

Scrapbooks for the annual "In Vino Veritas" dinners in New York City.

38"Salute to Argentina and Chile: Scenes from In Vino 1998"1998


39"Winston Churchill - First Lord of the Admiralty"2008

Booklet containing Taylor's speaking notes on Winston Churchill given to the Churchill Society at the Albany Club.

310"The Ancients"ca. 2008


311"Dear Eureka, Welcome Back!"1994

Photo scrapbook of past parties and events.

312"Weekend June 28 1997"1997


313"Welcome Back! The Alberta Clipper"1997

Photo scrapbook.

314"Celebrating New York 1999"1999


315"From Rome to Sperlonga to Naples: The Saga of One Long Lunch"2001


2018.13, Box 4
41"Supper Club 2002"2002


43"A Lost Weekend in New York XXI"2002


43"Welcome to Brault County"2007


44"New York Arctic Reunion"2008


45"Dreaming Bali"1997-1998


46"Moscow Revisited"ca. 2003


47"China 2005"2005


48"Madrid"ca. 2008


49Moscow Golf Circuit scrapbook2003
410Almaty, Kazakhstan Golf Circuit scrapbook2007


411"Historic Moments in Spain"2008

Scrapbook (draft).

412"The Traveling Golf Circus 2008: Spain"2008


413Spainca. 2008



Scrapbook (draft).

415"Ninth Annual Classic Loire Valley 1995"1995

Golf circuit scrapbook.

416"Power is a Gas, Golf 2008"2008


417Golf retrospective scrapbook2008


418Golf retrospective scrapbook II2008



Scrapbook of special events and parties.

2018.13, Box 5

Scrapbook of special events and parties.


Scrapbook of special events and parties.


Scrapbook of special events and parties.


Scrapbook of special events and parties.

55Unbound scrapbooks2005-2009


56"Blood and Oil" review1997

Booklet containing a copy of Taylor's review of the book Blood and Oil.

2019.02, Box 1
118Funeral book2015


119"Our Man in Tehran" scrapbook2013


2019.02, Box 4
4 /OS1Guest bookJune 3, 1980


2019.13, Box 1
11Memorial book2015

Contains handwritten messages by Embassy staff, politicians and diplomats.

12Memorial book2015

Contains messages received by email from colleagues and friends.

13Condolences register2015

Book of condolences signed by American friends and Embassy staff.

14Condolences register2015-2016


2020.03, Box 1
110"Party – New York City, October 2013"2013

Scrapbook celebrating Ken and Pat Taylor's fifty-third wedding anniversary.

2020.03, Box 13
13 /OS1Visitor's book1988-1995

Contains signatures from visitors to special events hosted by the Taylors.

13 /OS2Bachelor of Arts, Victoria CollegeMay 30, 1957


2022.05, Box 1
13International House Application for Admission – Ken Taylor1959


14Guatemala travel essay[196-?]

A typed essay detailing the Taylors’ journey to and arrival at Guatemala City in October 1961.


Calendar noting events and appointments for the Taylor family.

16White Rose Ceremony for Kenneth Taylor2015

Schedule of service for Ken Taylor, organized by the Sigma Chi Fraternity House in Toronto.