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Raymond Massey

2014.03, Box 1
Series: 1: Records relating to performances
11"High Treason"1929


12"The Speckled Band"1931


13"Abe Lincoln In Illinois"1938-1940


14"A Matter Of Life And Death"1945


15"Mourning Becomes Electra"1947




17"Roseanna McCoy"1947


18"David And Bathsheba"1950


19"The Desert Song"1952


110"Seven Angry Men" (orginally "John Brown's Raiders")1954


111"Naked Eye" (Documentary narrated by R.M.)1956, 1957


112"MacKenna's Gold"1967


113"The Rose And The Ring/Giglio"1923


114"At Mrs. Beames"1923


115"Saint Joan"1924


116"Prisoners Of War"1925


117"The Aftermath"1926


118"Outward Bound"1927, 1928


119"The Second Man"1927


120"The Crooked Billet/The Squall/The Golden Calf"1927


121"Four People"1928


122"Constant Nymph"1928




124"All Fool's Day"1929


125"The Man In Possession/The Mask"1929




127"Late Night Final"1931


128"The Ace"1933


129"Worse Things Happen At Sea"1935


130"Abe Lincoln In Illinois"1938-1940


131"The Doctor's Dilemma"1942


132"The Admirable Crichton"1942




134"Lovers And Friends"1943




2014.03, Box 2
Series: 1: Records relating to performances
21"How I Wonder"1947


22"The Father"1949


23"Our Town"1950


24"John Brown's Body"1952-1954


25"John Brown's Body" - Congratulatory Telegrams1952, 1953


26"John Brown's Body" - Box Office Statements1952, 1953


27American Shakespare Theatre and Academy1955


28"Julius Caesar/The Tempest" (American Shakespeare Festival Theatre)1955


29"The Rivalry"1957, 1958


210"The Rivalry"1956-1958


211"The Rivalry" - Contracts1957


2014.03, Box 3
Series: 1: Records relating to performances
31"J.B."1958, 1959


32"I Never Sang For My Father"1970


33"Night Of The Iguana"1975, 1976


34"American Almanac"1951


35"Saint Joan" (Hallmark Hall Of Fame)1967


36"Dr. Kildare"1961-1965


37"R.U.R." (B.B.C. radio program)1927


38"Action In The North Atlantic" 1944


2014.03, Box 4
Series: 1: Records relating to performances
Special Performances
41"A Literary Concert Concerning Great Americans"1959


42Lincoln Memorial Train1960


Series: 2: Scripts
43"Abe Linclon In Illinois"1939


44"Mr. Pepys"1926


45"Idiot's Delight"1936


46"Idiot's Delight" - Lines for R.M.'s part1936


47"Abe Lincoln In Illinois"[1938?]




49"Our Town"[1950?]


410"Our Town" - Lines for R.M.'s part[1950?]


411"John Brown's Body"[1952?]


412"The Rivalry"[1957?]


413"The Night Of The Iguana"1963


2014.03, Box 5
Series: 2: Scripts
51"Dr. Kildare" (4 episodes)1960-1963


52"What's Going On Here With Lyndon Johnson" (Republican commercial)1966


53"Chautauqua Centennial" (Documentary)1974


54"Abraham Lincoln"1940


55"Benet Memorial Broadcast"1943


56"Abe Lincoln In Illinois"1947


Series: 3: Professional Records
57Various (includes certificate of nomination for Academy Award, 1941)1941-1976


58ABC1950, 1958


59Actors' Equity1959-1968


510Actors' Fund of America1941, 1963


511American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA)1960-1968


2014.03, Box 6
Series: 3: Professional Records
61AFTRA publications1956-1966


62BBC1960, 1970






65Chasin - Park - Citron Agency1965-1967


66Dramatists Guild1949


67Equity League1962-1967


2014.03, Box 7
Series: 3: Professional Records
71John E.Gibbs Agency1952-1955


72John E. Gibbs - Scripts by Irwin Stark1952


73Music Corporation of America (MCA)1947-1949


74MCA (Arthur Park)1950-1954


75MCA (Katherine Brown)1950-1958




77Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. (MGM)1950-1966


78National Broadcasting Company (NBC)1950-1965


79Paramount Pictures Corporation1956


710Radio Corporation of America (RCA)1952-1959


711Screen Actors Guild (SAG)1962-1967


712SAG - Published material1962-1967


2014.03, Box 8
Series: 3: Professional Records
81Twentieth Century Fox1960


82Warner Brothers1940-1947


83Warner Brothers1948-1949


Series: 4: Writings


86"An Address Commemorating the Birth of Abraham Lincoln"1940


87World War II fund raising events1942


88World War II fund raising events1943






2014.03, Box 9
Series: 4: Writings


92George Washington Day speech at Christ Church Cathedral, Hartford1955






95Speech in support of Ronald Reagan for Governor of California1965


96Dedication of Wishart Hall, The College of Wooster1966


97Address to American Cancer Society1967


98Research material (clippings, transcripts of speeches by others and other items)1951-1967


2014.03, Box 10
Series: 4: Writings
Play - "Creation Of Manderville"


Play - "The Hanging Judge"
102Correspondence and legal records1948-1958


103Master script1952


104ScriptMay 1952


105Screen Play - Second Draft1954


106Television script for "Climax!"1956


107Television script for "Armchair Theatre"1958


2014.03, Box 11
Series: 4: Writings
Autobiography - "When I Was Young" (published 1976)






Autobiography - "A Hundred Different Lives" (Published 1979)
114Partial manuscript (annotated)


2014.03, Box 12
Series: 4: Writings






Series: 5: Correspondence




2014.03, Box 13
Series: 5: Correspondence
131Various - Alphabetical1940-1966






134Invitations to various events (includes Luncheon for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth at Hart House, 1939; President's Inaugural Ball, 1957)1939-1977


135Invitation to Presidential Inauguration, 19411941


136Congratulatory letters and telegrams from fans and acquaintances1931-1978




138 RRPolitical - Mackenzie King, 1941/Richard Nixon, 1966/Ronald Reagan, 19661941, 1966


139Thank you letters for fund raising and other activities1939-1962


1310 RRActors and other celebrities - Ingrid Bergman/Humphrey Bogart/Cecil B. DeMille/Garson Kanin/Grace Kelly/Gertrude Lawrence/Fredric March/Robert Montgomery/Laurence Olivier1942-1966


1311Letters and telegrams to Dorothy Massey from others1941-1948


2014.03, Box 14
Series: 6: Personal records
141Correspondence/legal record1938-1965


142Vincent Massey correspondence and other records1942-1968


(Photos P1-2)
143Vincent Massey - Installation as Governor General records1952

(Photos P3-5)
144Charles Massey Employees' Aid Fund1957-1959


Service during World War I and II
145Picture in uniform at Vincent Massey's wedding1915


146Canadian Expeditionary Force Certificate of Service, 1915-19191940

(Photos P6-9)






(Photos P10-12)


1411Correspondence1943, 1968


(Photos P13-33)
Honorary Degrees
1412Lafayette College commencement program1939


1413Lincoln Memorial University, Tennessee, diploma1939


2014.03, Box 15
Series: 6: Personal records
151Queen's University presentation statement1949

(Photos P34-37)
152Hobart and William Smith Colleges, New York, presentation statement1953


153Northwestern University diploma and presentation statement1959


(Photos P38)
154American International College, Springfield, Massachusetts, diploma and presentation statement1960


(Photos P39-43)
155Various (includes Simon Fraser)1953-1966


Certificates and citations
156American Red Cross1946-1948


157American Medical Association records1964

(Photos P44-54)
158Appointment diary1943


159Rolls - Royce purchase1960


1510"The Kipling Journal" September 19771977


2014.03, Box 16
Series: 7: Photographs
161"At Mrs. Beam's"1923

(Photos P55-57)
162"Brer Rabbit"1923


(Photos P58)
163"Hell-bent for Heaven"1926


(Photos P59-62)
164"The Rat Trap"1926


(Photos P63-67)
165"The Lost Silk Hat"1926


(Photos P68)
166"The Golden Calf"1927


(Photos P69)
167"The Constant Nymph"1928


(Photos P70-75)
168"The Second Man"1928


(Photos P83-85)
169"The Man In Possession"1930


(Photos P93-96)


(Photos P97-101, 103-104)
1611"The Ace"1933


(Photos P120-123)


(Photos P129)


(Photos P129)
1613"The Shining Hour"1934


(Photos P167-168)
1614"Ethan Frome"1936


(Photos P172-180)
1615"Idiot's Delight"1938


(Photos P181)
1616"Abe Lincoln In Illinois"1938, 1939


(Photos P182-192)
1617"The Doctor's Dilemma"1940, 1941

(Photos P193-207)
1618"Pygmalion"1945, 1946


(Photos P213-227)
2014.03, Box 17
Series: 7: Photographs
1710"The Scarlet Pimpernel"1934


(Photos P309-317)
1711"Things To Come"[1935 or 1936]


(Photos P318-320)
1712"Fire Over England"1936


(Photos P321, 324-329)
1713"Under The Red Robe"1937


(Photos P330-338, 340-341)
171"The Winslow Boy"1949


(Photos P228-230)
172"Journey Into Light"[1951?]


(Photos P231)
173"Second Threshold"1951


(Photos P232-239)
174"The Hanging Judge"1952


(Photos P240-241)
175"John Brown's Body"1953, 1954


(Photos P274-284)
176'The Rivalry"1957, 1958


(Photos P285)


(Photos P286-290)
178"I Never Sang For My Father"1970


(Photos P291-300)
179"Night Of The Iguana"1975, 1976


(Photos P301-303)
2014.03, Box 18
Series: 7: Photographs
181"The Prisoner of Zenda"1937


(Photos P342-363)
182"The Hurricane"/"Drums"1937, 1938


(Photos P364-396, 600)
183"Abe Lincoln In Illinois" - R.M. individual stills1939


(Photos P397-413)
184"Abe Lincoln In Illinois" - R.M. with other actors1939


(Photos P414-429)
185"Abe Lincoln In Illinois" - Filming1939


(Photos P430-443)
186"Abe Lincoln In Illinois" - Publicity1940


(Photos P444-450)
187'Santa Fe Trail"1940


(Photos P451)
188"Arsenic And Old Lace"[1941?]


(Photos P452-455)
189"Action In The North Atlantic"1942


(Photos P456-459)
1810"Hotel Berlin"1944


(Photos P460-461)
1811"Mourning Becomes Electra"1947


(Photos P462-469)
2014.03, Box 19
Series: 7: Photographs
191"The Fountainhead"1948


(Photos P470-481, 486-504)


(Photos P505-507)


(Photos P508-513)


(Photos P514-515)
195"David And Bathsheba"1951


(Photos P516-519, 584-586)
196"Prince Of Players"1954


(Photos P520-527)
197"East Of Eden"1954


(Photos P528-540, 601)
198"Seven Angry Men"1955


(Photos P541-545)
199"The Queen's Guard"1961


(Photos P546)
1910"Mackenna's Gold"1967


(Photos P547-555)
Radio and Television
1911"Abe Lincoln In Illinois" (Radio)1947


(Photos P259-260, 556, 558, 597)
1912"The Chain" (episode of "Lights Out" television series)1952


(Photos P561-562)
1913"The Day Lincoln Was Shot" (episode of "Ford Star Jubilee" television series)1956


(Photos P563-572)
1914"Dr. Kildare" (Television)(between 1961 and 1966)


(Photos P573-580)
1915"And We Were Young" (CBC documentary visiting World War I sites)1968


(Photos P581-583, 587)
1916Portraits[192-?] - [195-?]


(Photos P588-599)
1917Various (predominantly social)[ca. 1938] - 1964


(Photos P602-618, 621-624)
2014.03, Box 20
Series: 6: Personal records
Service during World War I and II
20 /OS1Certificates/citations of honor re war service (includes Hollywood Canteen, U.S. Treasury Department)1941-1944


Certificates and citations
20 /OS2Various (includes American Cancer Society Los Angeles Branch, Jewish National Fund, County of Los Angeles)1941-1966


20 /OS3American Jewish Committee1948


20 /OS4American Women's Medical Association1962


20 /OS5Association of the United States Army Greater Los Angeles Chapter1964


20 /OS6Radio Free Europe Fund1967


Series: 7: Photographs
20 /OS7"Spread Eagle"1928


(Photos P76-82)
20 /OS8"The Second Man"1928


(Photos P86-88)
20 /OS9"The Man In Possession"1930


(Photos P89-92)
2014.03, Box 21
Series: 7: Photographs
21 /OS1"Late Night Final"1931


(Photos P105-112, 114)
21 /OS2"Grand Hotel"1931


(Photos P115-117)
21 /OS3"Lean Harvest"1931


(Photos P118)
21 /OS4"Hamlet"1931


(Photos P119)
21 /OS5"Acropolis"1933


(Photos P124-128)
21 /OS6"Never Come Back"1933


(Photos P130-134)
21 /OS7"Doctor's Orders"1933


(Photos P135-137)
21 /OS8"The Rats of Norway"1933


(Photos P138-147)
21 /OS9"The Shining Hour"1934


(Photos P148-157)
21 /OS10'The Shining Hour"1934


(Photos P158-164)
21 /OS11"Ethan Frome"1936


(Photos P169-171)
21 /OS12"The Doctor's Dilemma"1940, 1941


(Photos P208-211)
21 /OS13"Candida"1942


(Photos P212)
2014.03, Box 22
Series: 7: Photographs
22 /OS1"The Hanging Judge"1952


(Photos P242-273)
22 /OS2"Night of the Iguana"1975, 1976


(Photos P304-307)
22 /OS3Raymond Massey with Adolph Menjou[ca. 1938]


(Photos P619-620)
2014.03, Box 23
Series: 8: Memorabilia and publicity

Consists of newspaper clippings.  

232Biography material1946-1964

Consists of a copy of Current Biography : Who's Who and Why, Vol. 7, no.2, February 1946 (Raymond Massey biography P.33-36), typescripts of biographies for Who's Who Canada and America, and a biography from Warner Bros.Studios

233Interview by Beth Twiggar[1942]

Typescript and letter from the author to Raymond Massey.   

234"Massey belies his dour image" Interview by Blaik Kirby1971

From The Globe and Mail, December 11, 1971.  Includes a letter from Raymond Massey to the author of the article.

235The year was 1856 [publicity material for Rand McNally and photo portrait of Abraham Lincoln]1956

Includes 1 photograph : b&w ; 31.5 cm x 24.5 cm  

236R.M. as "Abe Lincoln" in Robert Sherwood's play, "Abe Lincoln in Illinois," as conjectured by Norman Rockwell.[1940]

Consists of a page taken from a magazine? with the image of the portrait by Norman Rockwell on one side and an article about the play on the verso. Taped on is a note by Massey?  about his makeup in the role as Lincoln.   

237"Raymond Massey is the Kind of Actor Who Understands the Acting Craft" by Jeanne Stein1963

Article in on p. 389-402 of Films in Review, August-September 1963  


Telegrams to and from Charles Garside.  

239[Letter from C.D. Massey to Mr. George E. Vincent re: birth of Raymond Massey]1896

Letter is a photocopy of an original.   

2310Bluestem Coffee Shop menu and M.G.M Studios Luncheon menu1952-1957

The M.G.M. Studios Luncheon menu has an item called "The Raymond Massey Salad"  

2023.05, Box 1
Series: 5: Correspondence
11Letters to John Adams1975-1980

Letters to one of Massey's fans, John Adams.

Series: 7: Photographs
12Signed photographs1975

Signed portrait photographs sent to John Adams, who was a fan of Massey's.

(Photos P1-3)