Student records

Title: Student records
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36 cm of textual records
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Series consists of records relating to Macpherson's education, including correspondence, report cards, diplomas, notebooks and assignments, and dissertation Narcissus, or the Pastoral of Solitude.



Box 2
217Correspondence1950-1963, 1970
218Elementary and high school report cards and diplomas 1941-1950
219Class notes and assignments 1946-1948, n.d.
220High school newspaper "The Call to Order" 1946
221Carlton College degree and report cards 1948-1951
Box 3
31Class notes on philosophy of religion and Greek theology [ca. 1951]
32Class notes on modern poetry 1952
33"Romantic Elements in Gray and Blake" Summer 1953
34"The Mechanical Nightingale" Summer 1953
35"Milton's treatment of civil liberty in his prose" Fall 1953
36"The background of Chaucer's apes" Winter 1953-1954
37"Alastor, Narcissus, and the Spectre" Summer 1954
38"The Wheel of Fire" Fall 1954
39"Some notes on Fenix" [ca. 1954]
310"Donne's Anniversaries" [ca. 1954]
3113rd year course notes 1954
312"Latin influence on English" n.d.
313"Authority and Experiment in Pseudodxis" n.d.
314Drafts and notes for "Endymion, Helena, Narcissus" n.d.
317"The Perception of Space: A Bibliography" [1954 or 1955]
318Class notes on poetry n.d.
319Various class notes n.d.
320"Dialogus Ciceronianus" n.d.
321"Utopia: setting and Morton dialogue" n.d.
322"Faerie Queene VI" April 1956
323"The Nativity Ode" n.d.
324Classics paper April 24, 1957
325Drafts of "Myth in Sidney's Criticism" May 25, 1957
326Notes and essay on "Lycidas" n.d.
327"The Mother of Falling Athene" n.d.
328Library school assignments [date??]
329"Versions of the Pastoral" n.d.
330Thesis notes and drafts n.d.
Box 4
41Thesis drafts, chapters 1-3 n.d.
42"Narcissus, or the Pastoral of Solitude", bound thesis 1964
43Thesis abstract and exam oral report 1964
44Corres. re thesis and publication 1961-1978
45Drafts of her translation of Professor Hans Jonas' "Organism" textbook 1950-1953
46"Organism" textbook, cont. 1950-1953
47Dons' Christmas Skit 1960
Box 13
131Four Ages of Man drafts, corres., and reviews 1960-1972