Box/File List

Jay Macpherson

Box 1
Series: 1: Correspondence
11 A1949-1960, n.d.
12Anders, Gunther1954-1955
13Atwood, Margaret (Peggy)1977, 1989, 1999
14Avision, Margaret1955-1958
15B1955-1959, 1967, 1988, 2009-2010, n.d.
17Cogswell, Fred1957-1960
18Crawley, Alan (incoming and outgoing)1949-1960, 1969-1970
110E1953, 1958, 1960, 1983
111Eltlinger, John1953-1954, 1983, n.d.
112F-G1952-1959, 1974, 1985-1986
113H1953-1958, 1968, 1987, 1989
114Hardman, Marya1955-1956
115Hine, Daryl1954-1959
116J1953-1960, 1980, n.d.
117Johnston, George1957-1958, 1979, 1981, 1999
118Jonas, Hans1952-1958
119K-L1952-1958, 2005
120Layton, Irving1955-1958
121M1953-1958, 1983, 1992
122Macnair, Dorothy1955-1958, 1965
123Macpherson, Andrew (brother) and Betty 1953-1958
124Macpherson, Dorothy (mother) (some outgoing)1951-1960
125Macpherson, J.E. (father)1952-1960
126N-P (includes Al Purdy)1950-1960, 1970, 1974, 2007, n.d.
127Pike, Stephen1954-1955
128Pratt, E.J. 1955, 1957
129R1948-1958, 1985, 1987
130Reaney, James and Coleen 1953-1956
131Resi, Deine (German)1950-1954
132S1952-1958, 1987, n.d.
Box 2
Series: 1: Correspondence
21Savage, Derek 1952-1953
22Schon, Grete and Robert 1948-1954
23Scott, Frank 1954-1960
24Shaw, Neufville 1948-1950
25Smith, Donald 1953-1957
26T-W 1953-1958, 1966, 1979, 1998, n.d.
27Waddington, Miriam 1953-1957
28Frye, Northrop Dec. 1952-July 1954
Restricted letters
29 RRFrye, Northrop (incoming and outgoing) (RESTRICTED) Nov. 1954-Aug. 1987
210 RRGraves, Robert and Beryl (incoming and outgoing) (RESTRICTED) 1951-1975, n.d.
211 RRJohn (therapist) (outgoing) (RESTRICTED) 1973
212 RRMorton, Lionel (outgoing) (RESTRICTED) 1973-1974
213 RRRobbins, Emmet (outgoing) (RESTRICTED) 1975
214 RRRusnock, Paul (outgoing) (RESTRICTED) 1982
215 RRWilliams, David Price (outgoing) (RESTRICTED) 1972
216 RRWilson, Milton (outgoing) (RESTRICTED) 1960, n.d.
Series: 2: Student records
217Correspondence1950-1963, 1970
218Elementary and high school report cards and diplomas 1941-1950
219Class notes and assignments 1946-1948, n.d.
220High school newspaper "The Call to Order" 1946
221Carlton College degree and report cards 1948-1951
Box 3
Series: 2: Student records
31Class notes on philosophy of religion and Greek theology [ca. 1951]
32Class notes on modern poetry 1952
33"Romantic Elements in Gray and Blake" Summer 1953
34"The Mechanical Nightingale" Summer 1953
35"Milton's treatment of civil liberty in his prose" Fall 1953
36"The background of Chaucer's apes" Winter 1953-1954
37"Alastor, Narcissus, and the Spectre" Summer 1954
38"The Wheel of Fire" Fall 1954
39"Some notes on Fenix" [ca. 1954]
310"Donne's Anniversaries" [ca. 1954]
3113rd year course notes 1954
312"Latin influence on English" n.d.
313"Authority and Experiment in Pseudodxis" n.d.
314Drafts and notes for "Endymion, Helena, Narcissus" n.d.
317"The Perception of Space: A Bibliography" [1954 or 1955]
318Class notes on poetry n.d.
319Various class notes n.d.
320"Dialogus Ciceronianus" n.d.
321"Utopia: setting and Morton dialogue" n.d.
322"Faerie Queene VI" April 1956
323"The Nativity Ode" n.d.
324Classics paper April 24, 1957
325Drafts of "Myth in Sidney's Criticism" May 25, 1957
326Notes and essay on "Lycidas" n.d.
327"The Mother of Falling Athene" n.d.
328Library school assignments [date??]
329"Versions of the Pastoral" n.d.
330Thesis notes and drafts n.d.
Box 4
Series: 2: Student records
41Thesis drafts, chapters 1-3 n.d.
42"Narcissus, or the Pastoral of Solitude", bound thesis 1964
43Thesis abstract and exam oral report 1964
44Corres. re thesis and publication 1961-1978
45Drafts of her translation of Professor Hans Jonas' "Organism" textbook 1950-1953
46"Organism" textbook, cont. 1950-1953
47Dons' Christmas Skit 1960
Series: 3: Poetry
48Binder of poems and images titled "Types and Prototypes: An Iconography for Grete", Book 1 Dec. 1951
Box 5
Series: 3: Poetry
51"An Iconography for Grete," Book 2 Dec. 1951
52"An Iconography for Grete," Book 3 Dec. 1951
533 notebooks of handwritten poems 1944, 1948, 1951, n.d.
542 notebooks of handwritten poems 1952, n.d.
55Notebook of poems by others that she's copied out n.d.
56Handmade books of P.K. Page, Thomas Traherne, T.S. Eliot, Sidney Keyes, and Gerard Manley Hopkins poems 1948, n.d.
57Typed poems by others and notes n.d.


Box 6
Series: 3: Poetry
61Cecil Day Lewis poems she's copied out n.d.
63MS verse[ca. 1956]
64Boatman proofs1956-1957
65Boatman reviews and ephemera1957-1962
66Poems and fragments1960s
67Photocopied drafts of Welcoming Disaster poems held by Library and Archives Canada1970-1975
68Welcoming Disaster proofs[ca. 1974]
69"Uncollected Poems"[ca. 1970s]
610Published and unpublished verse1973-1982
611Ephemera re her poetry1951-1985
612Correspondence re publications1950-1969, 1975, 1981
613The Boatman and Other Poems first page proofsMarch 15, 1968
Box 7
Series: 3: Poetry
71Emblem Books correspondence and ephemera1954-1963
72Emblem Books submissions1954, 1956, n.d.
73Emblem Books artwork, paste-ups, and issues1954, 1957, 1959
74Independent poetry publication orders1963-1965
75Submissions by others for Fiddlehead and Contemporary Verse1953, 1957, n.d.
76Poetry reviews she wrote1955, 1959, n.d.
77Daryl Hine poetry and ephemera1954-1959, 1969
78Independent poetry publications1941, 1960-1967, 1976, 1980, n.d.
79Independent poetry publications1957, 1966, 1996, n.d.
710Combustion, issues 1-14Jan. 1957-Aug. 1960
Box 8
Series: 3: Poetry
81Note cards, A-Dn.d.
82Note cards, E-On.d.
83Note cards, P-Sn.d.
84Note cards, T-Zn.d.
85References for note cards, A-Zn.d.
86"English, Freemasons, Misc." note cards, A-Ln.d.
87"English, Freemasons, Misc." note cards, M-Zn.d.
Box 9
Series: 3: Poetry
91Note cards, unorderedn.d.
92Note cards, unorderedn.d.
93Note cards, unorderedn.d.
94Note cards, unorderedn.d.
95Note cards, unorderedn.d.
Box 10
Series: 3: Poetry
101Note cards, unorderedn.d.
102Note cards and notes, unorderedn.d.
103Hymns and music1963, 1966, n.d.
104"Travellers: Three Early Ontario Anthems for mixed choir and brass quartet"; texts she compiled from the hymns of William Henry Adams, Joseph Scriven, and David Willson1987
Series: 4: Records relating to teaching and research
105"A Country without a Mythology" May 31, 1958
106"Museum lecture--Can. Poetry" June 2, 1961
107"Deaths of Animals" Oct. 1961
108Lecture given to elementary school teacher-librarians July 1962
109Lecture on James Reaney [196?]
1010Lecture on Canadian Jewish writing [196?]
1011"Some Portraits of the Artist as a Canadian" n.d.
1012Working with student writers and misc. fragments n.d.
1013Poetry reading n.d.
1014"Beauty and the Beast and some relatives": A lecture given to the Friends of the Osborne and Lillian H. Smith Collections, Toronto Public Library Jan. 28, 1974
1015Story-telling workshop at Toronto Public Library Oct. 1974
1016Correspondence re "Mostly Matilda: Some backgrounds in fiction" for the Dramatic Workshop in the Canadian Brothers, University of Western Ontario Dec. 1977
1017"Growing up Literary in the 1940s in Ottawa" Feb. 13, 2000
Box 11
Series: 4: Records relating to teaching and research
111Handouts and exam questions 1957-1982
112Buchan lecture notes and essay drafts 1982-1994
113Chesterton lecture notes 1980-1995
114Cohen lecture notes n.d.
115Conrad lecture notes n.d.
116Fowles lecture notes 1989, n.d.
117Greene lecture notes 1985, 1986, n.d.
118Grosse lecture notes n.d.
119LeCarre lecture notes 1985, n.d.
1110Lewis lecture notes 1995, n.d.
1111Nabokov lecture notes n.d.
1112Pynchon lecture notes 1968, n.d.
1113Misc. lecture notes, including paper "The Dreadful Archive and the Invisible Hand" 1984, n.d.
1114Conspiracy ephemera 1982-1995
1115Correspondence (includes nomination for Doctor of Sacred Letters, 2006) 1964, 1967-1968, 1972, 1983, 2006
1116 RRStudent papers and marks (RESTRICTED) 1985-1986, 1994-1995
1117 RRResearch supervision (RESTRICTED) 1972, 1975, 1979, 1985-1986
Box 12
Series: 4: Records relating to teaching and research
121Conspiracy note cards, A-G n.d.
122Conspiracy note cards, H-P n.d.
123Conspiracy note cards, Q-Z n.d.
124Printmaking notes and photocopies n.d.
125Prints and negatives for "Spirit of Solitude" n.d.
126Misc. photocopied research n.d.
Box 13
Series: 2: Student records
131Four Ages of Man drafts, corres., and reviews 1960-1972
Series: 5: Records relating to The Magic Flute
132Grant application and assessment for project on Masonic Symbolism (includes CV) 1979-1982, 1989, n.d.
134Research--photographs and images 2006-2007, n.d.
135Ephemera1953, 1975, 1983, 1987-1988, 2003, 2007, n.d.
136Notes and research 1981-1982, 2001, 2006, n.d.
137Drafts of "Plots of God", presented at the annual meeting of the Association of Canadian University Teachers of English (ACUTE), May 1978 [ca. 1978]
138Notes, drafts, and published paper "The Magic Flute and Viennese Opinion" 1984-1987
Box 14
Series: 4: Records relating to teaching and research
1410Research on pantomime--photocopiesn.d.
1411Drafts of translation of Viola Papetti's preface for Arlecchino a Londra. La pantomima inglese 1700-1728, 2002 1996-2001
Series: 5: Records relating to The Magic Flute
141Correspondence, notes, and lecture "Jachin and Boaz and the Freemasons, Glasgow, Scotland, Aug. 13, 1987 [ca. 1987]
142"The Magic Flute: Freemasonry, Folklore and Flutes. The Facts behind the myth," Oxford University Opera ClubNov. 1, 1990
143Correspondence with Wallace McLeod and his articles on Freemasonry 1984, 1991-1999
144Research and drafts of paper on Egyptian priestbood practices and contemporary Freemasonry [ca. 1980]
145Lecture and handouts on "Symbolic Pillars, Masonic and Other" n.d.
146Misc. drafts and notes n.d.
147Correspondence and paper "The Masons and the Great Seal" (published in Freemasonry on Both Sides of the Atlantic, 2002) 1999-2002
148Proposal for paper on "The Figure of Sarastro" [ca. 2004]
149"The Travels of Sethos" (published in Lumen: Selected Proceedings from the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, vol. 23, pp 235-254) 2004
Box 15
Series: 6: Personal records
151Birth certificate, certificate of baptism, Canadian Citizenship 1931, 1944, 1951
152Photographs1932-[199?](Photos P1-2)
153Notebook from trip to Hong Kong [196?]
154Plate for printing Film Society of Ottawa ephemera 1953
Box 16
Series: 6: Personal records
161Charcoal portrait by Muriel (Jackson) Mason, Well Walk [Between 1948 and 1965]
Box 1
Series: 1: Correspondence
Material received from Heather Spears
11 Photocopies of sketches and other items relating to Spears' drawings based on the work of puppeteer Guido Ceronetti (mainly for exhibit marionettista! at Northrop Frye Hall) 1997-1998, n.d.
13Ephemera re Spears' work 1986-1996
14Spears' poetry n.d.
15Grant recommendations for Spears (completed by Jay Macpherson) 1988-1991, 1996
Box 1
Series: 1: Correspondence
Correspondence with Northrop Frye (outgoing)
11 RRPoems written to or about Frye (RESTRICTED) 1952-1957, n.d.
12 RRPoems written to or about Frye (RESTRICTED)1970s
13 RRTeaching and documents (RESTRICTED) 1969, 1974, n.d.
14 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)1953-1954
15 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)1955
16 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)1956
17 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)1957
18 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)1958
19 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)1959
110 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)1960-1962
111 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)1963
112 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)1964
113 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)1965
114 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)1966
115 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)1967-1969
116 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)1970
117 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)1971-1973
118 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)1974
119 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)1975-1980
120 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)1981-1987
Box 2
Series: 1: Correspondence
21 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)[ca. 1960s]
22 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)[ca. 1970s]
23 RRCorres. (outgoing) (RESTRICTED)[ca. 1980s]
Correspondence with Northrop Frye (incoming)
24 RRCorres. (incoming): Book inscriptions (RESTRICTED)1962, 1963, 1974, 1978
25 RRCorres. (incoming): Poems (RESTRICTED)1960-1977
26 RRCorres. (incoming) (RESTRICTED)n.d.
27 RRCorres. (incoming) (RESTRICTED)1955-1956
28 RRCorres. (incoming) (RESTRICTED)1957
29 RRCorres. (incoming) (RESTRICTED)1958-1959
210 RRCorres. (incoming) (RESTRICTED)1961-1965
211 RRCorres. (incoming) (RESTRICTED)1964
212 RRCorres. (incoming) (RESTRICTED)1967-1969
213 RRCorres. (incoming) (RESTRICTED)1970
214 RRCorres. (incoming) (RESTRICTED)1971-1973
215 RRCorres. (incoming) (RESTRICTED)1974
216 RRCorres. (incoming) (RESTRICTED)1975
217 RRCorres. (incoming) (RESTRICTED)1976-1980
218 RRCorres. (incoming) (RESTRICTED)1981-1984
219 RRCorres. (incoming) from other correspondents (RESTRICTED)n.d.
Box 1
Series: 1: Correspondence
11McWhir, Anne1970-2001


12McWhir, Anne1976-2011

Notes and postcards with some ephemera and copies of Macpherson's work.