Correspondence with Canadian writers

Title: Correspondence with Canadian writers
Dates of Material:
1962–2018, predominant 1965–1971
23 cm of textual records
1 video cassette
1 photograph
Scope and content

Series consists of correspondence to and from Canadian writers relating to Toppings work as an editor at Ryerson Press, as well as other literary and publishing subjects, and personal matters. Series also contains some typescripts of short stories, poems, and a video cassette of an interview with Max Braithwaite in1975.

Related groups of records

   See also Series 3

Box 2
21 Acorn, Milton1967
22 Birney, Earle1965-1966
23 Bowering, George1965-1966

(includes short stories, poem)


24 Braithwaite, Max1971
25 Brandis, Marianne1963-1964
26 Cameron, Silver Donald1968
27 Cohen, Matt1992-1993
28 Coulter, John1967
29 Creighton, Helen1968
210 Dudek, Louis1967
211 Faessler, Shirley1967

(short stories)


212 Finch, Robert1968


213 Findley, Timothy1991
214 Garner, Hugh1969
215 Gill, Lakshmi 1966-1971
216 Gnarowski, Michael1967-1970
217 Godfrey, Dave1968
218 Hood, Hugh1968
219 Knowles, Stanley1965
220 Lambert, Betty1966-1967
221 Lane, Patrick1966-1967
222 Livesay, Dorothy1966-1969

(includes poems)


223 MacEwen, Gwendolyn1965-1967

(includes poems)

224 Macpherson, Jay1967-1968
225 Mandel, Eli1964
226 Marlatt (Buckle), Daphne1967-1975
227 Marriott-McLellan, Anne1965
228 Myers, Martin1971
229 Newlove, John1975
230 Nicol, Eric1966-1967
231 Nowlan, Alden1967

(includes short stories)


232 Ondaatje, Christopher1992
233 Open College/Ryerson CJRT-FM–re permission to use taped interviews for educational broadcast1975-1976

(includes Robertson Davies, Margaret Laurence, Hugh MacLennan, Mordecai Richler, Ernest Buckler, Robert Kroetsch, George Woodcock, Clark Blaise, Henry Kreisel, Morley Callaghan)

234 Rimanelli, Giose–editor of Modern Canadian stories1962-1967

(includes correspondence re permission to use stories to and from Sinclair Ross, Mordecai Richler, Adele Wiseman, Brian Moore, Alden Nowlan, Henry Beissel, Hugh Maclennan, Henry Kreisel, Hugh Hood, Hugh Garner, Ernest Buckler, Daphne Marlatt; and re review by Al Purdy)

235 Roberts, Paul1994
236 Ross, Sinclair1970-1975, 1995-2001

(includes correspondence 1995–2001, with Professor John O’Connor, who was doing research on Ross)


237 St. Pierre, Paul1966
238 Smith, Ray1970
239 Souster, Raymond1965-1967

(includes poems)


240 Spears, Heather1966

(includes poems)


241 Weaver, Robert1967-1971
242 Webb, Phyllis1965-1968
243 Wilgress, L.D.1966
244 Wiseman, Adele1966
245 Woodcock, George1963-1965
Box 2
26Correspondence from various writers1963-2008

(includes Earle Birney, Dorothy Livesay, Miriam Waddington, Margaret Atwood)


27Metcalf, John1966-1980
28Video cassette of interview with Max Braithwaite at Ryerson polytechnical Institute1975
Box 1
11Munro, Alice1964-2013

Includes correspondence with Alice Munro, and her biographer Robert Thacker.  

19Paterson, Robert - Letters and hand-printed greeting cards1969-2010

Robert Paterson was an artist, printmaker, teacher, writer, and coach of Inuit artists and printmakers.  He died in 2013.   

113Correspondence with writers and other artists1966-2016

Includes correspondence with Margaret Atwood, Kenneth Sherman, Mavis Gallant, artists and people working in the arts.

(Photos P1)
Box 1
16Letters to and from Canadian artists and writers1967-2018

Includes correspondence with National Ballet of Canada Artistic Director Karen Kain, poet and novelist Dionne Brand, painter Andrew Salgado, Globe and Mail National Editor Dennis Choquette and various individuals from publishing houses and academia.