Typescripts, proofs and other records

Title: Typescripts, proofs and other records
Dates of Material:
53 cm of textual records
1 audio cassette
2 photographs
1 flexi disc
Scope and content

Series consists of typescripts, proofs, broadsides, off-prints and clippings of poetry, fiction and non-fiction of various Canadian writers, 1962-2010; typescripts of Gwendolyn Grant poetry chapbooks and other records, 1958-2008; radio scripts for CBC programs, 1946-1957; and audio cassette of Al Purdy poetry book, 1986.

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Grant, Gwendolyn Margaret, 1920-2002

Box 1
11 Bissoondath, Neil–“On The Eve Of Uncertain Tomorrows”1990
12 Buckle, Dorothy–Poems for “New Writing”1967
13 Buckle, Dorothy–“Weakly Houses”1967
14 Engel, Howard–“Behold The High Executioner”1996
15 Gill, Lakshmi–“/Mind/Walls”1970
16 Gunn, Genni–“Thrice Upon A Time”1990
17 Livesay, Dorothy–“The Unquiet Bed”1967
Gwendolyn Grant poetry chapbooks
18 “At The Gate Called Beautiful” 1977
19 “Dance”
110 “Paradigm” 1974
111 “Plus Signs”
112 “Quicksilver Collage”
113 “Sea Chant”1970

(random pages from a 1970’s series of radio programs on CJRT-FM, Toronto)


114 “Shapes Of Silence” 1972
115 “Video Views”1992
116 “Watermark”
117 Correspondence to and from Gwen Grant1958-1977
118 Notes on Gwen Grant’s poems by Toppings2008
119 Eulogy for Gwen Grant by Toppings2002
Box 1
Radio Scripts
11 "Burlap Bags" by Len Petersonn.d.
12 "The Grass Harp" by Rita Greer Allen (adapted from Truman Capote)n.d.
13 "Rocking Horse Winner" by Cecil Lewis (adapted from D.H. Lawrence)1946
14 "Happy Holiday" by Stan Patton and Bernard Braden1947
15 "The Son In Law Cometh" by Jack Iams1947
16 "Once Upon A Time" by Ray Darby1948
17 "The Persecuted Housekeeper" by Len Peterson1951
18 "Man With A Bucket of Ashes" by Len Peterson1952
19 "The Ghost Of Grandma Fraser" by Essie Park Gowan1952
110 "Are You Bothered By Charity" by Stephen Brott1953
111 "Psychiatrist In The Market-Place" by Len Peterson1953
112 "Little Miss Big Feet" by Len Peterson1953
113 "In Search Of Ourselves" 1953
114 "The Tyler Touch"1953
115 "The Heat Wave" by Joseph Schull1953
116 "Quartet For A Storm" by Eugene Hallman1954
117 "Always A Librarian, Never A Bride" by Len Peterson1954
118 "A Criminal In The Family" by Len Peterson1954
119 "The Machinist Who Mourned Too Much" by Len Peterson1954
120 "The Retarded Child" by Len Peterson1954
121 "The Salesman Who Isn't Selling" by Len Peterson1954
122 "Crazy Weather" by Lister Sinclair1955
123 "Strangers On Streetcars" by Len Peterson1955
124 "The Rich Man" by Mac Shoub (adapted from Henry Kreisel)1955
125 "The Hanged Man's Enemy" by Mordecai Richler1956
126 "Ground Swell" by Ted Russell1956
127 "The Lost Sea" by A.W. Purdy (adapted from Jan de Hartog)1957
128 "Portrait Of Jennie" by Kae McRae (adapted from Robert Nathan)1957
Box 2
21 Various poem broadsides, clippings and off-prints1962-1983

(includes Joe Rosenblatt, Patrick Lane, Gwendolyn Grant, Al Purdy, Gwendolyn MacEwen)


22–3Drafts of novel "Going Down Slow", by John Metcalf

(published 1971)


24 Audio cassette of "Selections From The Collected Poems of Al Purdy"1986
25 Draft of article "Arthur Steven and The Ryerson Press: Designing The Post War Years, 1949-1969" by Randall Speller2002
Box 1
12Munro, Alice - Two stories from "Dance of the Happy Shades" (1968)1967

Two typescripts signed by Alice Munro.  Note from Earle Toppings says: "Taken from the original manuscript that came to the Ryerson Press in Toronto. I send these two stories back to Alice, asking her to sign them, which she did."

13Munro, Alice - 3 stories, Hugh Garner's introduction to "Dance of the Happy Shades" (1968), 2 scripts from CJRT-FM, Graeme Gibson interview with Munro (transcript)1968-1991

Stories are "Images", "A Real Life" and "The Jack Randa Hotel" 

14Munro, Alice - Alice Munro booklet, The Canadian Forum, newspaper clippings, Sheila Munro's statement1982-2001
  • Published booklet: Alice Munro: Selected Stories - A Tribute  
  • The Canadian Forum journal, Vol. LXII, No. 721, September 1982 with feature by Alice Munro "What is real?"
  • Typescript of extract from Lives of Mothers and Daughters by Sheila Munro
  • Newspaper clippings re Alice Munro
15Munro, Alice - Photographs1969-1977

Newspaper clippings of Alice Munro's image, photographs on paper.  

(Photos P1-2)
16Munro, Alice - "Real Life: Alice Munro's People" Earle Toppings' address to the Women's University Club of Oshawa1977

Two typescripts of address.    

17Munro, Alice - Possible questions for Munro, Toppings notes[199-]

Notes are from an interview that never happened between Earle Toppings and Alice Munro.

18Munro, Alice - Notes to Munro File2016

A note about the Munro files.   

110Paterson, Robert - writings2008-2010

Includes "Chronicles of Cape Dorset," "Norway," "Goodbye Cheops" and articles from Inuit Art Quarterly 

111Paterson, Robert - "Faces and Voices of Wawa and Hawk Junction" and calendar "Wawa 2000 - drawings by Bob Paterson"2000


112Paterson, Robert - biography and obituary 2013


Box 1
11Poems by Avo Erisalu1962

Rare mimeographed sheaf of poems by Avo Erisalu, a former student of Toppings' from when he taught at Templeton High School in Vancouver from 1958-1960, and who was later a part-time proofreader at The Ryerson Press. Signed by Erisalu.

12Inscribed copy of "The Fiddlehead" with note from John Metcalf1997

The Fiddlehead (Summer 1997), featuring John Metcalf.

13"Doggerel for Dog Days"[196-]-2019

Toppings' notebook of thoughts, dedicated to his father.

14"A Profile of Jack Chambers"1975

Photocopy of a transcript of an interview with painter Jack Chambers conducted by Neil McGillivray, a student of Toppings' at Ryerson University. Possibly done for a course.

15"Songs of Miramichi"1963

1 flexi disc. Recorded at the 1963 Miramichi Folksong Festival in Newcastle, New Brunswick.