Records relating to Shorter works and fragments

Title: Records relating to Shorter works and fragments
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Administrative history

Shorter Works and Fragments was number eleven in the Collected Works series. It consisted of two volumes that were published in 1995. H.J. Jackson and J.R. de J. Jackson served as editors.

Scope and content

Subseries consists of records, 1968–1990, primarily created and accumulated by H.J. Jackson, and including J.R. de J. Jackson material; includes research material, photocopies of manuscripts held in various repositories, related correspondence, notes and other records, and subject and research location index cards

Subject index cards, 1968-1990 (prepared by H.J. jackson and J.R. de J. Jackson; organized alphabetically by subject, with cross-references, the cards record research findings and references. The entries identify the appearance of various subjects within Coleridge's writing and the geographic locations of Coleridge's texts (libraries and museums); they also contain transcribed excerpts of related material and critical comments. The published indexes to "Collected Coleridge" are keyword indexes)

Access points

Provenance access point:
Jackson, H.J.
Jackson, J.R. de J. (James Robert de Jager)

Box 8
Subject files, 1968–1990
81 Amanuenses
82 Brown University
83 Cornell University
84 Dove Cottage
85 Harvard University
86 Jesus College, Cambridge
87 Kentucky, University of
88 Liverpool, University of
89 New York Public Library—Berg Collection
810 New York Public Library—Berg Collection
811 Permissions
812 Pierpont Morgan Library
813 Private collections
814 Rochester, University of
815 Texas, University of
816 Yale University
Box 1
Subject index cards, 1968-1990
1 A - E
Box 2
2 F - GL
Box 3
3 GL - L
Box 4
4 M - PO
Box 5
5 PO - RE
Box 6
6 RE - SP
Box 7
7 SP - Z
Box 8
Research location index cards, 1968-1990
8 Includes British Musuem and many other British and North American institutions