Title: Correspondence
Dates of Material:
30 cm of textual records
15 photographs: b&w and col.
1 slide: col.
Scope and content

Series consists of correspondence with Khoa Pham, 1984-2006, covering a wide range of subjects, including descriptions of Canada and France, intellectual discussions regarding art and sociology, as well as issues related to their friendship; correspondence with Stephen Collington, 2006, 2008; letter from Keiller McKay, 1999, letters of recommendation related to positions sought by Riggins, 1989-1994; correspondence and reports relating to Riggins’ promotion to full professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2004; correspondence with relatives, university friends and colleagues, 1953-2020 (including his Junior Year Abroad, 1966-1967, and early family letters collected as research into family history); and correspondence re his Ph.D. thesis, 1978-1979.


Series has been arranged by archivist into files by the individual creator of documents: Khoa Pham, Stephen Harold Riggins, Keiller Mackay.

Materials in accession 2020.10 were received in labelled envelopes in no particular order. These envelopes were not received in a particular order and were roughly organized into groupings corresponding to family, friends, and university colleagues.

Within file, items are arranged chronologically. Undated items, or items where the date is illegible, are found at the back of a file.

Language of material

Most of the material is in English, with some partially in French or German.

Finding aids

Partial correspondence list by Stephen Harold Riggins. List covers correspondence from June, 1984 to August, 1989.

General notes

Correspondence from Stephen Harold Riggins to Khoa Pham has been edited by Riggins.

Much of the correspondence under accession 2020.10 was annotated in pencil to indicate whether the material was copied or not and to indicate full names of correspondents.

Access restrictions

In Series 1 the following files are restricted and marked with RR:

          2009.01-1-6 is restricted until 2018
          2020.10-2-5 has some restricted materials. Contact the Archivist for access.
          2020.10-2-6 has some restricted materials. Contact the Archivist for access.

Box 1
Correspondence with Khoa Pham
12 RR Khoa Pham to Stephen Riggins 1984-1998
13 RRCorrespondence between Stephen Riggins and Khoa Pham1984-1986

Selected edited transcripts of correspondence.

13a Stephen Riggins to Khoa Pham 1990-2004
118 Stephen Riggins to Khoa Pham 1984-2004
120 Keiller Mackay 1999
121 Riggins–Pham correspondence preliminary list[1998?]
122 Promotion to full professorMarch 18, 2004
123 Corrrespondence, exhibition invitation from Pham2006

Includes 1 col. photograph of Stephen Riggins that was originally kept with the correspondence with Stephen Collington in Box 1, File 25.

(Photos P1)
124 Letters of recommendation re positions sought by Riggins1984-1994
125–26Correspondence with Stephen Collington2006-2007
127 Letter from Linda Ellis2006
Box 1
11 Correspondence with Stephen Collington2007
Box 1
11 Correspondence with Stephen Collington2007
12 Photograph2007

Photograph of Stephen Riggins and other members of Memorial University Sociology Department.

(Photos P1)
Box 1
11 Biographical information re correspondents in Files 2–5
12 Anne Boley1966-1967
13 Tom Cottman1968
14 Paul Edson1967-1968
15 Edward Whitson1966-1968
16 RRCorrespondence with Stephen Collington2007-2008
Box 1
11Edward Whitson December 10, 1965
12Karen Taylor November 16, 1996
Box 1
11Various - Outgoing 1970
12Various - Outgoing 1970-1976
13Christmas letters to relatives 1970-1977
14Re Ph.D. thesis 1978-1979
Box 1
11Paul Bouissac to Stephen Riggins1969-2020, predominant 1984

Includes 4 photographs.

(Photos P1-4)
12Letters from India: Paul Bouissac Writing to Stephen Riggins2017

Transcription of letters written in 1984 and sent from India found in 2020.10 Box 1, File 1. Transcription completed in 2017 and annotated in pencil.

13Letters from Stephen to Paul1973-1985, predominant 1984-1985


14Thomas Jefferson Cottman III to Riggins1968-1973, predominant 1968

Riggins' identified Thomas Cottman as his first boyfriend.

15Thomas Jefferson Cottman III to Stephen Riggins1968, 2017

Also includes 3 letters from Stephen Riggins and a 2017 print out of a court decision regarding Thomas Cottman.

16Flossie (Gibson) Ledgerwood to Stephen Riggins1974-1983

Flossie Ledgerwood is Stephen's Aunt. She married a brother of Stephen's mother.

Note that these letters were originally stored in a mixed file with 2020.10 Box 1 File 7.

17Flossie (Gibson) Ledgerwood to Family1943-1990, predominant 1975-1983

Consists of letters written to family members - mainly Stephen's parents (Harold and Eithel Riggins).

Includes a postcard photograph of Flossie Ledgerwood as a young woman.

Note that these letters were originally stored in a mixed file with 2020.10 Box 1 File 6.

(Photos P5)
Box 2
21Riggins Letters to Parents1967-1986

Note that these letters were originally stored in a mixed file with 2020.10 Box 2 File 2.

22Letters from Parents1958-1988

Note that these letters were originally stored in a mixed file with 2020.10 Box 2 File 1.

23Riggins to and from Reba Chandler1952-1983

Includes Riggins' high school graduation invitation.


24Stephen Riggins to Various Family and from Others1938-2020

Primarily consists of letters to parents. Other authors include: Anne Saddlemyer (Fonds 88), Judy Ledgerwood, William O. Harris, Louise Proffitt, Terry Hasler.

25 RRRon Bowen1973-2014

Ron Bowen painted a portrait of Stephen Riggins.

This file also includes: 1 slide, a catalogue, 2 photographs.

(Photos P6-7)
26 RRJack Der1989-2010

Includes 5 photographs.

Date order of the material is not clear.

(Photos P8-12)
27Jack Connell1972-1979

Jack Connell, Toronto businessman.

File consists of mostly personal letters, but it also includes discussion regarding Canadian and Toronto politics.

28Ed Whitson1965-1982


29Jeffrey Chan1998-2018


210Anne Boley1966-1967


211Various Friends I1965-2020

Includes letters from Khoa Pham, Lin Olsen Wagner, and Bill George.

Box 3
31Various Friends II1970-2006

Includes 1 photograph and a 1970 roommate agreement.

(Photos P13)
32Bill Whorrall1983-2014, predominant 2005-2014

Bill Whorrall, artist from Shoals, Indiana.

33Rev. Maxwell Brown1984-2005

Includes letters written to Stephen Riggins' mother (Eithel Riggins).

34Indiana History1976-1990

Includes correspondence and ephemera related to research into the history of Marin County, Indiana.

35Rosemary Clark-Beattie2000-2001

Rosemary Clark-Beattie edited Stephen Riggins' book The Pleasures of Time. This books is available at the University of Toronto libraries. For more information, see the record in the library catalogue.

36David Kelland1993

David Kelland, Newfoundland architect.

38Mac Henderson1975-1978

Mac Henderson, Bloomington graduate student at Indiana University.

39Prof. Walter and Dorothy Robert1961-2012

Walter Robert, Music faculty at Indiana University. Dorothy Robert was Stephen Riggins' piano teacher.

Includes 1 photograph of Dorothy Robert.

Also includes correspondence from Dr. Karen Taylor (a student of Walter Robert).

(Photos P14)
310Research Related - Various1974-2017


311Canadian Sociology Association1995-2010


312University of Alberta1981-1988

Also includes teaching contracts.

313Laurentian University1983, 1985

Contains two letters.  

314Arlie Hochschild1988, 1990

Contains two letters.

315Paul Edsonn.d.

Contains one letter. No date.

316University of Toronto1971-1980

Contains administrative letters regarding PhD enrollment and graduation.

317David Higgs1974-1975

David Higgs, Department of History at the University of Toronto.

318Metta Spencer1972-2019, predominant 1972-1979

Metta Spencer, Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto.

319Memorial University Appointment1985-2019


320Memorial University - Friends2000-2020


321Judith Adler1989, 2004, 2005, 2019

Contains four letters.

322Roberta Buchanan2013, 2019, 2020

Contains three letters.

Roberta Buchanan, English Department at Memorial University.

323Volker Meja1989-2020

Volker Meja, Department of Sociology at Memorial University

324Susan Ottenheimer2013, 2020

Contains two letters.

Susan Ottenheimer, Department of Sociology at Memorial University

Box 4
41Junior Year Abroad1966-1978

Contains mostly letters, but some ephemera and postcards are also included.

The year of the trip was 1966-1967, University of Munich with Wayne State University.


43Draft of First Letter1953

Draft of letter written to Reba Chandler.