Title: Correspondence
Dates of Material:
84 cm of textual records
4 photographs : col.
2 photographs : b&w
Scope and content

Series consists predominantly of incoming correspondence on a range of academic and professional matters, including career opportunities, book reviewing, teaching, publishing, Semiotics, and conferences. Correspondents include scholars from Japan, India and China. Also includes some personal subjects, including travel and social activities; and family correspondence, including letters from his mother.

Language of material

Some correspondence is in French; some is in Spanish

Access restrictions

No restrictions


Correspondence received after 2011 was added to this series by Archivist.  Prior, correspondence was part of other 2 series.

Related groups of records

   See also Series 1, Series 2 for further correspondence.

Box 1
Correspondence/subject files
Box 2
Box 1
117Various (A-K) 1964-1971
118Various (includes Claude Levi-Strauss, Stephen Riggins;list of correspondents enclosed) 1972-1978, 1999-2007
120From mother 1971-1981
121Levi-Strauss, Claude 1985, 1988
122Sempini, Andrea 1991-2005
123Shanker, Stuart 2006
124Sonesson, Goran 1999-2002
125Sunado, Kim 1999
126Thibault, Paul 2004-2007
127Tong, Q.S. 1999
128Xie, Chaoqun 2005
Box 1
16Various correspondents C -T 1987-2012
17Caizergues, Pierre 2000-2007
18Canestrini, Duccio 1984-1997
19Carmeli, Yoram 1999-2005
110Fukao, Junichi 2006
111Jorna, Rene 1998-2002
112Kelnar, Ashok 1999-2000
113Kendon, Adam 2005-2006
114Various correspondents L - Z 1966-1982
115Lehman, Rolf 1985
116Levi-Strauss, Claude 1987
117MacArthur Foundation 1981-1982
118Mahatma Gandhi University 1994-2000
119Nakazawa, Shin-ichi 1977-1979
120Wilken, Rowan 2000
121Williams, George 2000-2001
Box 1
110Escudero, Lucrecia 1986-1988
111Greimas, A.J. 1984
112Thom, Rene 1984
Box 1


112Chinese scholars1997-2002


113Encyclopedia of Semiotics and Cultural Studies1994-1997


Box 2


22Indian scholars1997-1998


23Japanese scholars1989-1998


Box 1
11[Correspondence re: Digital Semiotics Encyclopedia]2002

Some notes included.

12[Correspondence re: Encyclopedia of Semiotics]1992-2000


13[Correspondence re: Swedish Research Institute Colloquium]2000


14[Correspondence re: Third East Asian Semiotic Seminar]2002


15Daylight, Russel2015


16Descendre, Annie[195-?]

A friend of Paul Bouissac's from the Bouglione Circus.

17Finkelstein, Robert2007-2008


18Guillard, Renaud1963


19Iwanami Shoten, Publishers1997


110Kasamatsu, Koichi2000-2006




112Matsuura, Hisaki1997


113Merrilees, Brian2001


114Nöth, Winifred2007


115Victoria College2013


116Yelle, Robert2015


117[Various correspondence]1984-2014


Box 2
217American Folklore Society1976


218Buhr, Robert D.1974


219Circus and Culture - Indiana U. Press1973-1976


220Kato, Masako2014


221Landsberg, Marge E.1990-1993


222Miyasaka, Keizo2004-2005


223Nakazawa, Shinichi1997-2000


224Oxford University Press1998


225Pachet, Pierre2000


226Posner, Roland1991-1992




228Sandison Fenner, Mildred1976


229Swaskey, Robert1993-1995


230Tang Huisheng1992-1996


231Various correspondence1966-1967


232Various correspondence1974-1977


233Various correspondence1980-1986


234Various correspondence1990-1996


235Various correspondence2000-2006


236Various correspondence, undated


Box 4
413Daddesio, Thomas1988

Letter to Daddesio regarding a contribution to his book.

414Merits, Helga1996


415Perron, Paul1996

Letter from Paul Perron of the University of Toronto Department of French regarding the Paris School.

416Pinxten, Rik1988

Letter from Bouissac to Rik Pinxten, Editor-in-Chief of Cultural Dynamics in Belgium. Includes some notes and copies of articles written by Pinxten.

Box 2
219Ballantine, Bill1973

Correspondence with Bill Ballantine, Dean of Ringling Bros. Clown College.

220Castor, Toly1969-1972

Correspondence with Toly Castor, a member of a family of acrobats known as Les Castors who performed in France. Also includes a draft of an essay.

221Cuisenier, Jean1968-1972

Correspondence with Jean Cuisenier, Chief Curator of the Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires, and other curators at the museum, where Bouissac carried out research.

222Keyser, Marya1972


223Seipel, Rudolph1969

Letter from Rudolph Seipel, a visiting graduate student from Germany who temporarily taught in the German Department at Victoria College around 1964-1966. Also includes his translation of the German article "Motographie".

224Visuvalingam, Sunthar1984-1985

Correspondence to, from and about Dr. Sunthar Visuvalingam.

Box 3
31Correspondence with universities1964-1968

Correspondence with faculty and staff at Victoria College, the University of Toronto, Trent University and École de L'Alliance Francaise regarding teaching appointments and promotions. Also includes some correspondence related to the Debord Circus.

32Correspondence re: IASS proposals, Dresden1997



Includes some notes and ephemera.

34Various correspondence1973-1976

Includes 4 colour photographs of a circus ring performance in Monaco.

35Various correspondence[1985, 1989]


36Various correspondence1992-1999


37Various correspondence2000-2018


38Various correspondence, undated


Box 1
113Ashley, Wayne[1984, 1986]


114Ballantine, Bill[1974 and 1977]

Letters from Bill Ballantine, Dean of Ringling Bros. Clown College.

115Barkow, J.H.1994

Letter from J.H. Barkow, professor at Dalhousie University.

116Bongard, Al1962-1963

Letters from Al Bongard, a Swiss biologist.

117Cools, Francis1971-1972


118de Villers, Jean-Pierre1981

Letter from Jean-Pierre de Villers, professor at the University of Windsor in Ontario. Includes a circus periodical.

119Les Geraldos[1968-1973, 2011]

Letters from Rene and Madeleine Geraldo, husband and wife trapeze artists. Includes printed material about the Geraldos and circus performance in general, as well as two black and white photographs of the Geraldos.



121Kato, Masako2000


122Lalay, M.[n.d.]


123Little, Kenneth1981

Letter from Kenneth Little, a PhD student at the University of Virginia. Includes Little's essays submitted to Bouissac for feedback.


Letters from Bouissac's mother.

125Mangalat, Mahesh[1985 and 1990]

Letters from Mahesh Mangalat, lecturer in the Department of Modern Indian Languages at Aligarh University.

126Payyanad, Raghavan1984

Letters from Raghavan Payyanad, a professor in the Department of Malayalam at Government Brennen College.



128Visuvalingam, Elizabeth-Chalier1985

Essays sent to Bouissac with notes from Elizabeth-Chalier Visuvalingam of Banaras Hindu University. Also includes an essay and note from Sunthar Visuvalingam.

129Correspondence re: animal training research project1971

Letters from Thomas A. Sebeok of the Research Center for the Language Sciences. Includes a letter to Sebeok from John B. Cornell of the National Science Foundation discussing Bouissac's project proposal.

130Correspondence re: Journal of Evolutionary Semiotics submission2007


131[Cards to Bouissac]1964-1984

Cards and notes from friends and colleagues.