Records relating to writing and academic work

Title: Records relating to writing and academic work
Dates of Material:
3.62 m of textual records
115 photographs
26 drawings
8 audio cassettes
4 audio reels
4 compact discs
2 video cassettes
Scope and content

Series includes correspondence, notes and photographs relating to various writings; (revised) drafts and typescripts of these publications (in English and French and under various titles); incoming and outgoing correspondence with other scholars re: semiotics, publishing, teaching and Victoria University departmental matters; articles, professional files including research notes and sound recordings of a Foucault seminar at Victoria University, and an original graphite drawing of Michel Foucault by Juno Youn; and papers (including drafts), research material, notes, programmes and related records from various Canadian and international seminars, congresses, colloquia, workshops and conferences.

Series also contains records related to the International Semiotics Institute of which Paul Bouissac was Chair.  The ISI was initiated by the Toronto Semiotic Circle and is based in Helsinki, Finland. The institute was created in order to promote international teaching of semiotics and to facilitate the mobility of students in the field.

Related groups of records

See Series 3 for further correspondence.

Access restrictions

Access to letters of reference in the file marked RR is restricted until 2032. Authorization to access restricted material to be obtained from the Chief Librarian.

Language of material

Some material is in French.

Box 1
11 Les très riches heures: holograph; “Nono”
12 [Les très riches heures]: holograph; ts., annotated; ts., cc., annotated; Packing envelope states: “TRH” [Très riches heures].
13 Holographs; tss., annotated; tss., cc., annotated; photocopies, annotated; related clippings; Packing envelope states: “TRH” [Très Riches Heures].
14 Le voyage a Tangier: photocopy, annotated; [publisher?]: 1 letter out; photocopy. Contains list of errata.1969
15 Notes: holographs; tss., annotated; ts., cc.; related clipping; Packing envelope states: “Les Demoiselles. Notes incorporated into revision.”
16 Audio cassettes (8): “Foucault seminar.”

[Recording of Foucault delivering a seminar as part of International Summer Institute for Semiotic and Structural Studies (ISISSS) in 1982 at Victoria University in the UofT)].

17 Audio reels (4) and discs (4): “Foucault seminar.”

Discs are reproductions of 8 audio cassettes.

Box 2
21 "Pour une sémiotique de cirque."1969
22 "Towards a semiotics of circus./Pour une sémiotique du cirque."1969

Handwritten manuscript for article.

23 Articles: "Espace performatif et espace médiatisé." ; "Persiflage de l’institution amoureuse."; "From Information to Meaning."1981- [1989]

Handwritten draft and typescript.

24 Article: Limerick : Bibeau[198?]

Handwritten draft and typescript.

25"Deixis vs Modelling in the Phylogeny of Artistic Behaviour."1992

Handwritten drafts and typescripts. Also contains a photocopy of the published article.

Includes 5 photographs : 2 colour slides ; 3 colour negatives

26Correspondence, etc. Re: Deixis Symposium1989-1992

Includes brochures, list of participants, schedule.

27-8'Le cirque est mon royaume.'[1962?]

Handwritten drafts and typescripts

29"Le cirque est mon royaume: Firmin Bouglione"1961


210"Le cirque est mon royaume: Firmin Bouglione", correspondence1967-1974
Box 3
31 Records relating to Cirque et Culture; Circus Performance as 'Texts'[197-]

Handwritten drafts and typescripts.

32 "Jugglers and Magicians: Semiotics of Circus Performance."[197-]

Handwritten drafts

33 “Meaning of circus performance”; circus performance in text[197-]

Handwritten drafts and annotated typescripts.

34 Materials re circus performance, Circus and Culture[197-]

Handwritten notes, drafts and annotated typescripts.

35 Circus and culture[197-]

Handwritten drafts and annotated typescripts. Material is in English, French and Dutch.

36 "Myths versus Rites: A study of “wild” animal displays in circus and zoos; circus and culture."[197-]

Handwritten drafts and annotated typescripts.

37 Original graphite drawing of Michel Foucault by Juno Youn for the 1994 Foucault conference.1994
Box 4
41 Notes de recherche sur l’utilisation du modèle syntaxique[198?]
42 “Introduction” re: systems de description, de transcription....[198?]
43 Notes de recherche...système de mesure...gestuelles[198?]
44 “Introduction” and notes and conclusion re: trois dialogues de l’exercise de jauter, et rolliger en Fair....[198?]
45 “Problèmes methodologiques de la description et de la transcription de compartments Acrobatiques"[198?]

Handwritten and typed drafts and notes.

46 Notes and drafts re: Analyse semiologique et analyse littéraire1969 - [197-]

Handwritten and typed

47 Notes and chapter corrections[197?]
48 Notes and drafts re: Clown Performances as Meta-Semiotic Texts; and La grammaire semiotiques du clown[1972]
49 Drafts and notes re: Mytho-choreographic themes in Indian circus performances[198?]
410 Dance and Religion in Indian Circus Spectacles[199?]
411 Some remarks on Iconic Signs [notes, drafts]1981
412 “Discussant” remarks regarding M. Mathiot’s “Towards a meaning-based theory of face to face interaction”1981
413 “Praxis and Semiosis: The Fabrication of History” “Remembrance of Things Past: A Semiotic Rapsody”1990

Handwritten notes and typescript.

Box 5
51 “Tradition, Speculation and Cognition: A Prospective Investigation of Semiotic Terminology”1982-1986

Notes and annotated typescripts

52 Biological Empiricism....1982

Handwritten notes

53 Figurative vs 'objective’ semiotics[1983]

Handwritten and typed drafts

54 Art or script? A testable semiotic hypothesis[199-]

Annotated typescript and handwritten notes

55"L'institution de la sémiotique: stratégies et tactiques"[1990]

Manuscript and typescript  

56"Interspecific Communication: An Evolutionary Perspective"1991

Annotated typescripts, handwritten notes and correspondence with German publisher.  

57"Recording Traditional Performances: The Challenge of Verbal Copy"1997

Annotated typescript.   

58Satiric verses [198?]

Typed and handwritten  

59"Strip tease de Madame Bovary" 1971-1972

Manuscript, note books, typescript. notes  

510"Strip tease de Madam Bovary"[197-]

Photocopy of typescript.   

Box 6
61 Requests to publish P. Bouissac articles1969-1971
62 Les Demoiselles[ca. 1970]

Annotated typescript. Pages 1-3 are missing.

63 Striptease de Madam Bovary[197?]

Photocopy of typescript

64 Striptease de Madam Bovary: notes, drafts, typescript[ca. 1971]
65 Thomas A. Sebeok correspondence1974-1988
66 Semiotics and the Gala Hypothesis[1990?]
67 From calculus to language: The case of circus equine displays1991

Handwritten notes

68 Extradisciplinarity1991-1992

Notes and correspondence

69 Interview with P. Bouissac re Striptease de Madam Bovary and other topics (French)2005

1 videocassette : VHS

Box 7
718 Photonegatives, slides, photographs, and printed material relating to Circus and Culture [before 1976]

Includes: 5 b&w photographs, eight (8) 35 mm b&w slides, eight (8) 35 mm col. slides, five (5) 16.5 cm x 11.5 cm negatives, four (4) 7.5 cm x 6 cm negatives, one (1) 20 cm x 25 cm negative, and three (3) 15 cm x 11.5 cm negatives. 

719 Photographs relating to Circus and Culture [before 1976]

Includes: 31 b&w photographs 

720 Photograph of Paul Bouissac[1957 or 1958]

Two (2) b&w photographs of Bouissac, one is of Bouissac and a giraffe and the other is a close-up of the former. 

Box 9
91 A.J. Greimas1964-1970
92 Various (includes Leon Levi-Strauss, Northrop Frye, A.J. Greimas, Roman Jakobson 1968-1982
93 Various 1966-1984
Box 10
104 R. Toole Stott1968-1971
105 G. Bucher1969-1970
106 Georges Henri Rivière obituary1985
Box 1
1 /OS1 “Rue de Carmes”1972

Typescript story by David Gilmour, given to Paul Bouissac, March 1972; includes postcard.

Originally housed in black duo-tang.

1 /OS3 17 drawings[between 1960 and 1980]

Includes 1 col. photograph.

1 /OS2 8 drawings
Box 1
12 “La semiologie du cirque”, Departement de Linguistique, Université de Genève, Switzerland1973
13 “Structures poetiques vs. structures narratives”, École Pratique des Hautes Études, Vlème section, A.J. Greimas’ seminar, ParisJanuary, 1974
14 “La discursivité non linquistique”, Colloquium on Discourse Analysis, University of TorontoNovember, 1974
17 “Les modalitiés dans le discours visuel”, École des hautes études en sciences socials, Vlème section, A.J. Greimas’ seminar, ParisFebruary, 1978
111 “Resultats théoriques et terminologiques de l’analyse du spectacle,” Colloque sur la terminologie semiotique et son développement théorique, Academie des Sciences de Hongrie, BudapestJune–July, 1979
11 List of the files numbered below compiled by Bouissac—contains information re the conferences, workshops, seminars and colloquia/ background re the papers he delivered
15 “Surrealism and Semiotics”, First Annual Conference of the Semiotic Society of America, Georgia Institute of Technology, AtlantaSeptmeber, 1974
16 “Why circus horses have feathers: The truth of natural objects”, International Workshop on the Cognitive Viewpoint, Ghent University, BelgiumMarch, 1977
18 “Syntaxe et semantique du chaos: une entrée clownesque de Charlie Cairoli,” Conference on ‘Forme e Pratiche della Festa,” Montecatini Terme, ItalyOctober, 1978
19 “Syntax and Semantics of chaos; A clown act by Charlie Cairoli”, Seminar in Semiotics, University of Western Ontario, Department of AnthropologyMarch, 1979
110 “Circus dogs in the semiotic square”, Seminar in Semiotics, University of Western Ontario, Department of FrenchMarch, 1979
112 “Semiotics and aesthetics”, Second Congress,” Second Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies, ViennaJuly, 1979
113–14“The surrealist image”, Second Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies, ViennaJuly, 1979
115 “The semiotic account of sign processes in nature and culture”, International Workshop on the Systematics, History and Terminology of Semiotics, BerlinSeptmeber, 1979
116 “The concept of semiotic operations”, Fourth Annual Meeting of the Semiotic Society of America, Bloomington, IndianaOctober, 1979
117 “Le jeu avec le feu”, Conference on Il Linguaggio del Gioco, Montecatini, Terme, ItalyOctober, 1979
118 “The concept of distance in surrealist poetry and poetics”, Space, sign, subject in literature, The Arts and the Social Science, University of California at DavisMarch, 1980
119 “Behaviour in context: In what sense is a circus animal performing?” The ‘Clever Hans’ phenomenon, Conference of the New York Academy of Sciences, New YorkMay, 1980
120 “La semiotique du cirque: Signes, systems, representations”, Centro Internazionale di Semiotica e linguistic, Advanced Seminar, University of Urbino, ItalyJuly, 1981
121 “Figurative vs. objective semiotics,” Annual meeting of the Semiotic Society of America, Vanderbilt University, NashvilleOctober, 1981
Box 2
21 “Praxis vs. Semiosis: The fabrication of history,” Annual meeting of the German Semiotic Association, Hamburg, GermanyOctober, 1981
22 “Meaningful gestures: The brain connection,” Annual meeting of the German Semiotic Association, Hamburg, GermanyOctober, 1981
23 “Visages et voix masques des clowns”, International Colloquium Nel Senso Della Maschera, Montecatini Terme, ItalyOctober, 1981
24 “The Semiotics of play and performance: Ethnological perspectives”, New York University, Department of Performance StudiesDecember, 1981
25 “Tradition, speculation and cognition: A perspective investigation of semiotic terminology”, International Seminar: In Search of terminology, Central Insitute of Indian Languages, Mysore, IndiaJanuary, 1981
26 “The profanation of the sacred in circus clown performances”, International Symposium on Theater and Ritual, Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, New York, New York August–September, 1982
27 “Biological empiricism: The neurophysical pardadigm”, Session on Paradigms of Empirical Semiotics, Seventh Annual Meeting of the Semiotic Society of America, Buffalo, New YorkOctober, 1982
28 “Literature and interpretation”, Commentary on papers presented at a session of the fortieth Annual Meeting of the American Society for Aesthetics, Banff, AlbertaOctober, 1982
29 “Celebration du corps de gloire: Le Funambule de Jean Genet”, Sixth Columbia University Colloquium on poetics: La Poetique du corps, New YorkNovember, 1982
Box 3
31“The hidden face of metaphors”, Workshop on metaphor, University of Toronto, Scarborough CollegeMarch, 1983
32“Le double dans les spectacles de cirque”, Scene, sign, spectacle: An International Symposium on the Theory and Practise of performance, University of Western Ontario, LondonApril, 1983
33“Anthropology of the circus: A Semiotic approach”, Seminar taught at the Fourth International Summer Institute for the Semiotic and Structural Studies, Indiana University, BloomingtonMay, 1983
34“What is a bad performance?” The Concept of Performance, an International Colloquium, Indiana University, BloomingtonJune, 1983
35 “The semiotics of performance: Terminological and methodological issues”, Seminar taught at the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Semiotics and International Scholarship: An International Language of Theory, Estoril, PortugalSeptember, 1983
36 “The predictive power of semiotic theories”, Annual Meeting of the Semiotic Society of America, Snowbird, UtahOctober, 1983
37 “From information to meaning”, Symposium on Communication in the Post-industrial Era, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New YorkApril, 1984
38 “The cost of signs”, Annual Meeting of the Semiotic Society of America, Bloomington, IndianaOctober, 1984
39 “Circus animals as actors: A Semiotic viewpoint”, British Theatre institute, London, EnglandOctober, 1984
310 “The epistemological status of semiotics: Perspective for the future”, Wayne State University, English Department lectures on textual politics, DetroitApril, 1985
311 “Mytho-Choreographic themes in Indian circus performances”, Colloquium on Dance of India: Culture, philosophy, and performance, University of TorontoApril, 1985
312 “The straight, the tight, and the loose: The game of the rules in modern clown performances,” Colloquium on the Science of Buffoonery: Theory and History of the Commedia dell’Arte, TorontoNovember, 1985
313 “The anatomy of signs: The contribution of Neuroethology to the understanding of iconicity”, Issues in Iconicity: An Interdisciplinary Conference, University of British Columbia, Vancouver February–March, 1986
314 “The limits of comedy: How far can a circus clown go?”, Annual Meeting of the Association for the Anthropological Study of Play, Tempe, ArizonaMarch, 1986
315 “The marketing of performance,” First International Conference on marketing and Semiotics, Northwestern University, Evanston, IllinoisJuly, 1986
316 “The Semiotics of performance”, Seminar taught at the Eighth International Summer Institute for Semiotic and Structural Studies, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois June–July, 1986
317 “The cultural management of natural signs in the performing arts: Examples from the circus”, International Symposium: Die Natur der kultur, Ruhr-Universitat, Bochum, West GermanyOctober, 1986
318 “A Semiotic typology of gags”, Annual Meeting of the Semiotic Society of America, San FranciscoOctober, 1986
319 “Concepts of the sign as qualitative models”, Annual Meeting of the Semiotic Society of America, San FranciscoOctober, 1986
320 “Tradition and modernity in contemporary Indian performances”, Graduate Center for South Asian studies. Monthly Seminar Program, University of TorontoNovember, 1986
Box 4
41 “Une cavalcade de signes: syntaxe et rhétorique de la parade." Conference on Petrarch’s “Triumphs”: Allegory and spectacle, University of TorontoMay, 1987
47 “L’institution de la semiotique: stratégies et tactiques epistemoloques”, Association Canadienne de Semiotique, Congrès des Societés Savantes du Canada, University of Windsor May–June, 1988
411 “Dans quell sens peut-on dire que le cirque est un langage?” Association Canadienne de Semiologie des Societés Savantes du Canada. Université Laval, QuébecJune, 1989
418 “Lecture de l’image érotique: théorie d’une pratique”, Colloquium “Lectures de l’image”. Université de Lausanne, SwitzerlandApril, 1991
42 “Erotic iconicity in poetry Andre Breton and Jean Genet”, International Colloquium on The Semitics of Eroticism, University of Toronto, Victoria CollegeJune, 1987
43 “La semiotique au Canada: un paysage accidente”, Secundo Congresso Internacional Latinoamericano de Semiotica. Universidad Nacionel de Rosario, ArgentinaOctober, 1987
44 “Incidents, accidents, failures: The concept of negative experience in public entertainment”, Second Indo-Canadian Symposium...December, 1987

...on Institution, Communicatoin and Social Interaction: The Legacy of Erving Goffman, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore, India December, 1987

45 “Systematic transformations of the human face: A cross cultural study of clowns’ make-up”, Third European Symposium on Facial Exprression – Measurement and Meaning, Max Planck Institute, Ringberg Castle, Tegernsee, Federal Republic of GermanyMarch, 1988
46 “Le masque du bouffon: sur un texte de Georges Bataille”, Association des Professeurs de Francais des Universites et Colleges Canadiens, Congres des Societes Savantes du Canada, University of WindsorMay, 1988
48 “The staging of risk: Prototypes of survival in circus performances”, Symposium on Culture and Evolution, Villa Vigon Loverno di Menaggio Como, ItalySeptember, 1988
49 “Symbols in politics: The role of the circus in international relations”, Department of Political Science, University of Hawaii, Manoa, HawaiiApril, 1989
410 “Iconicite linguistique et modeles connexionnistes”, Colloque Signification et Perception, 57eme Congres de l’Association Canadienne-Francaise pour l’Avancement des Sciences. Universite du Quebec a montrealMay, 1989
412 “The symbolic appropriation of technological objects by the circus”, Colloquium on “Kultur-Evolution”. Akademie fur Politische Bildung. Tutzing, Federal Republic of GermanySeptember, 1989
413 “Circus animals: Ecological and evolutionary perspectives”, Centre for Research of Human Resources and the Environment. Department of Education and Culture. University of IndonesiaJanuary, 1990
414 “Syntactic iconicity and connexionist models of language and cognition”, Meeting of the Japanese Association for Semiotic Studies, Aoyama Gakuin University, Sogo Kenkyusho {Research Centre} Tokyo, JapanJanuary, 1990
415 “Semiotics in Canada”. Canadian Studies Center, University of GroningenDecember, 1990
416 “Semiotic modeling and normalization of common sense knowledge”. Conference on Expert Systems, Culture and Semiotics. University of Groningen, The NetherlandsDecember, 1990
417 “The Lion’s anger: The performance of emotions in circus dramaturgy”. Annual Meeting of the Association for the Study of Play. Charleston, South CarolinaMarch, 1991
419 “Prehistoric pictographs: The semiotic hypothesis”. Second Congress of the Australian Rock Art Research Association, Cairns, Australia August–September, 1992
Box 5
51 “Why do we need semiotics?” Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts. New Delhi, IndiaSeptember, 1992
52 “New epistemological perspectives for the archeology of writing”. World Archeological Congress III, New Delhi, IndiaDecember, 1994
53 “Future directions in the semiotics of the media: Epidemiological models of semiosis. Implications for a Semiotic theory of the media. An International Conference. University of Kassel, GermanyMarch, 1995
54 “Why do we need semiotics? And “The notion of semiotic literacy”. University of Suzhou, ChinaMay, 1995
55 “Space as memory: Some semiotic implications.” International Conference on “Culture, Signs, Space”. Joint Meeting of the Dutch and German Semiotic Associations, AmsterdamAugust, 1996
56 “Can semiotics progress?” Thomas A. Sebeok Fellowship Lecture. Semiotic Society of America 21st Annual Meeting, Santa Barbara, CaliforniaOctober, 1996
57 “Semiotics for literary scholars and beyond”. Centre for Comparative Literature and Culture, Peking University, Beijing, P.R. ChinaApril, 1997
58 “The Punakawans in the Wayang Orang of central Java”. Faculty of Human Sciences, Anthropological seminar, Keio, University TokyoMay, 1997
59 “Ontologies of signs”. Department of Philosophy, Nihon University, TokyoMay, 1997
510 “Space as memory and emotion”. Interfaculty Seminar, Keio University, TokyoMay, 1997
511 “Semiotics in the Post-academic age”. Keynote address, Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Semiotic Studies, University of TokyoMay, 1997
512 “Archaeology of performance”. University of WaterlooOctober, 1997
513 “Becoming a mask: Facial make-up and the transformation of identities”, Mind, Man and Mask: An International Seminar. Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi, IndiaFebruary, 1998
514 “Memes and Serendipity”, Keio University, TokyoJune, 1998
515 “Cocteau refondateur de mythes”. International Conference on Le siècle Cocteau/Cocteau’s Century. University of TorontoOctober, 1998
516–17“Information, imitation, communication: An evolutionary perspective on the semiotics of gestures”. Conference on Gestures: Meaning and Use; Universidale Fernando Pessoa. Porto, PortugalApril, 2000
518–19“The meaning of hand signs in rock art research”. Third Congress of the Australian Rock Art Research Association. Alice Springs, AustraliaJuly, 2000
Box 6
61–2“Data, dates and narratives: Epistemological issues in the interpretation of prehistoric signs”. Colloquium on Paths to Prehistoric Ideational Culture. Sedish Research Institute in IstanbulDecember, 2000
63 “The sociological and epistemological status of semiotics: An assessment and a program” (Keynote paper). Fifth Congress of the Chinese National Linguistic and Semiotic Association, P.R. ChinaMay, 2002
64 “Bounded semiotics: From utopian to evolutionary models of communication” (Keynote paper). Fifth Workshop on Organizational Semiotics and Seventh International Workshop of the Language-Action Perspective on Communication Modeling. Delft, HollandJune, 2002
65 “Semiotics as enlightenment: East and West – A critical approach”. Semiotics and the Global Meaning of east Asian Cultures. Third Seminar of the East Asian Semiotic Association. Hubei University, Wuhan, P.R. China2002
66 “Forme et sens du pont dans le projet urbain”. International Association for the Semiotics of Space, Lyon, FranceJuly, 2004
67 “Static images as agencies: Performative, algorithmic and normative functions”. Ontogeny and Phylogeny of the Picture Sign. Eighth Congress of the International Association of Semiotic Studies, Lyon2004

France, 2004

68 Papers by various authors/research material/notes
Box 1
Correspondence/subject files
16 RRLetters of recommendation, 1972–19761972-1976
17Mouton D’or Prize, 1985–19881985-1988
18Sebeok, Thomas A., 1987–19891987-1989
Box 1
11Copy edited manuscript of "Circus and Culture" (published 1976)
12Drafts, manuscripts, notes, and research material on various subjects, including circuses and semiotics 1976-1988
Box 1
11"Les Demoiselles" (published 1970) 1970-1975
12"Semiotics by any other names" - Ms. of unpublished paper 1989
Notes/Drafts Of Literary Writings (includes research material)
14"Introduction to Semiotics" n.d.
15"L'opéra des yeux/Anthropologie du cirque" (Introduction) 1978
17Semiotique litteraire n.d.
19Television and evolution 2000
Notes/Drafts Of Addresses For Conferences
110Levi - Strauss 1969
111 Conference in Buffalo 1971
112"State of the Art" Conference in Bloomington 1984
113Conferences in India/Japan 1997
114"Inferring Gestures From Artefacts" paper given at Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists 2005
Box 1
15"Theory and psychology" correspondence and other material 1997
11Various notes, manuscripts, research material and other records n.d., 1965
12Various notes and research material/pages from calendar n.d., 1988-1995
13Bloomington course notes [ca. 1984]
14"Knowledge and cognition" notes n.d.
Box 1
Notes/drafts/manuscripts of literary writings/addresses (includes research/publicity material, correspondence)
11Japan lectures announcement (in Japanese) n.d.
12"Pragmatics of Poetry: Poems as Transactions" n.d., 1976
13Article for periodical "Human Nature" 1978
14Semioticsn.d., 1982
15"Interspecific Communication" 1989
16Address for Jakarta conference 1989
17Iconicity feedback 1989, 1990
18Syntactic iconicity 1990
19Sytactic iconicity 1991, 1992
Box 1
Notes/drafts/manuscripts of literary writings/addresses (includes research/publicity material, correspondence)


12General problems of semioticsn.d.




14Paper by P.B. given at Conference at Urbino, Italy1969


15"The staging of risk: prototypes of survival in circus performances"n.d., 1988


16Jakarta lectures1992


17Jakarta lectures1995


18Malang addresses1995


19Semiotics of advertising1995


Box 2


25Symposium on Syntactic Iconicity, Zagreb, Yugoslavia1987-1989


Box 1
Correspondence/subject files
12Correspondence regarding Encyclopedia of Semiotics1989-2000

Includes correspondence with Garland Publishing and with various contributors to the encyclopedia project.   Also includes lists of contributors and submissions.

13Correspondence regarding articles, reviews, conferences, etc. 1974-2013

Correspondence is mainly with academics.

14Correspondence regarding the Digital Semiotics Encyclopedia and the Open Semiotics Resource Centre2001-2004


17Correspondence re: publications on gestures1973


110Correspondence regarding "Circus Time: A Semiotic Trip."1980


111Peter Stockinger [correspondence]1988-1989

Correspondence is in French and is in regards to collaboration and to a creation of a diploma program/centre for research in 'ingéniere multilingue.'

112Andrea Semprini / Sellerio [correspondence]1982-1990


113Correspondence EOS [Encyclopedia of Semiotics] Authors G-K1994-1998


114Correspondence EOS [Encyclopedia of Semiotics] Authors L-P1996-1998


115Correspondence with OUP [Oxford University Press]1997-1998

Correspondence is related to the Encyclopedia of Semiotics.   

Notes/drafts/manuscripts of literary writings/addresses (includes research/publicity material, correspondence)
11Notes toward manuscripts on circus.1958-1973

Handwritten notes. Folder says from the 1960s but records indicate late 1950s until 1970s.  

15"Circus and Culture" - University Press of America1984-1985

Includes correspondence with the publisher University Press of America (UPA).  

16"Circus and Culture" - Feedback1977

Includes correspondence and copies of reviews.  

18Abstract for paper, "The meaning of nonsense: clowns and limericks." 1975

Includes correspondence to Mr. Adam Harvath at the University of South Florida.  Original file folder contained title "Mirth and Myth."  

19"Semiologie du cirque"1977-1978

Includes rough handwritten notes in French for "L'Anthropologie du Cirque" ; a typescript with handwritten notes of a working paper : "Circus and Cognition: The Times Tools of Time" ; and other rough handwritten notes in French for an unknown paper.  

116Clown project - IGNCA Delhi [Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts}1992-1993

 Includes abstracts and project descriptions, correspondence, rough notes, etc.  

118"Cognitive and Epistemological Paradoxes of Humour - Unthinking Laughter" 1992

Rough notes, typed draft, correspondence regarding a paper on laughter.   

Records from Conferences and Lectures (includes notes, addresses)
117Tartu 2007 [conference]2007

Includes notes, 2 copies of address "Semiotics as the Science of Memory" by Paul Bouissac, University of Toronto, Victoria College.    

119Lecture series, "Body Motion Analysis" by Paul Bouissac1970

Includes schedule of lectures and an article about event.   See file 3-1 for related material.

120N.Y.U Mini Course "Semiotics of the Performing Arts"[199?]

Includes schedule, notes, correspondence.   

121Urbino 19781978

At the Centro Internazionale di Semiotica e di Linguistica - Urbino.  "Stages de Sémiotique, Paul Bouissac 'La Semiotique de spectacle de cirque.'" Includes correspondence, abstract of paper.

Box 2
Correspondence/subject files
214Phillipe Dubois1977-1980

Includes correspondence with Phillipe Dubois and copies of articles written by him.    

Notes/drafts/manuscripts of literary writings/addresses (includes research/publicity material, correspondence)
211Rough notes, correspondence and memorabilia 1962-1970

A variety of subject are included; "Le Cirque est mon Royaume" , royalties, grants, conferences, etc. Some of the material is in French.   

212Notes and correspondence regarding "To Catch a 'Kine'" and "The Language of Gestures."1973

 These were lectures presented by Paul Bouissac at the Body Motion Analysis lecture series.  

215Sally Banes Interview 1980.1980

Includes a copy of the article written by Sally Banes "Reading the Circus. And you thought it was just for fun..." The Voice, May 26, 1980.   Also includes a note from Sally Banes and a biography of Paul Bouissac.

216Projet sur le sémiotique littéraire, Toronto 19781978

Handwritten notes.  In French.   

217[Various notes and reprint of John McClelland "Three Prolegomena to a Semiotics of Rhetorical Arrangement"] 1994

Article is dedicated to Paul Bouissac.  The original file folder is labelled but writing is illegible.  There are also notes all over that folder and it has been retained.    

218"Mesure des Gestes" Feedback1972-1973

Includes correspondence.   

219[Research notes and bibliographies]1973-1978

One bibliography is titled "Bouissac Gift List"

220[Paul] Ekman [research notes] 1973

 Also includes newsletters "Signs for our Times" from the Linguistics Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C.  

Records from Conferences and Lectures (includes notes, addresses)
213Rio 19861986

Includes letters, addresses of contacts made, and a publication "Escola Nacional de Circo"  

International Semiotic Institute (ISI)
21Proposal for an International Semiotic Institute 1987


22ISI Database1987-1990

Records include database entries, structure, and information.  

23[ISI Correspondence]1988-1991

Correspondence relates to meetings of ISI, the Indo-Canadian database project, UNESCO participation and SSHRC grant  

24International Semiotic Institute Steering Committee / Advisory Committee minutes1987-1989


25Report, "Project of application for a grant from UNESCO Programme of Participation in the Activities of Member States."[1988]


26Document, "Reflections on ISI."[1988?]-[1991?]


27Correspondence with Eero Tarasti [President of ISI]1987-1990


28ISI 1987 Meetings1987

 See also file 2-4.  Includes correspondence, minutes and reports.  

29Correspondence with H. Broms [Director of ISI Database]1989


210ISI - Part 1 Database1990

Bound volume. Also includes several loose letters re database.   

Box 3
Correspondence/subject files
32[Correspondence regarding Semiotica and other topics]1973-1992


33Correspondence with Marc Angenot1982


35Constitution of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities1987

Includes an attached note from Viviane F. Launay, Executive Director.  

37[Papers by others with notes][197?]-2004

Typescripts with handwritten notes/suggestions.  Papers are by Hargeet Singh Gill, Charles Lock and Robert K. Logan

Notes/drafts/manuscripts of literary writings/addresses (includes research/publicity material, correspondence)
36Paper, "The Representation of Commonsense Knowledge:Semiotic Modelling and Artificial Intelligence (Working paper)" by Paul Bouissac1982

Typescript with handwritten notes.   

Records from Conferences and Lectures (includes notes, addresses)
31Lecture III SUNY1975

Includes notes, correspondence, photocopied pages from an article by Paul Ekman,etc. File has same schedule as File 1-9 - Lecture Series on Body Motion Analysis. 

34Lecture on Description - Iconicity and language [notes][197?]

Handwritten notes.  

38Conference, "The Multimodality of Human Communications."2001-2002

Includes correspondence, SSHRC funding records, conference programme, and a printed copy of all of the papers presented.  Conference held at Victoria College May 3-5, 2002.

39[Handouts from lectures, workshops]1991-2004


310VHS tape, "Kass VI - Symposium NoC - Sherkman (Discussion), Ikegami, Bouissac" 9.10.861986


Box 1
118"L'anthropologie du cirque: Introduction"[197-]

Typed draft.

119"Descriptions des petits états réflexifs"[196-?]

Typed essay. See 2017.11 Box 3 File 13 for the published work Les Cahiers du Chemin in which this work appeared.

120"L'espace du cirque: interfaces, texture, structure"[n.d.]

Handwritten with typed abstract.

121"L'espace / La place du cirque"[n.d.]

Typed essay.

122"Espace performatif et espace médiatisé"[198-]

Final typed draft.

123"Pour une sémiotique des espaces nomades en milieu urbain: le cirque dans la cité"[before 2000]


124"The Semiotic Approach to Performing Arts"[199-]


125"Spacing, displacing, replacing: the emergence of the circus in modern urban space"[n.d.]

Handwritten draft with typed abstract and notes.

126"A World Survey of Clowning in Ritual, Circus and Theatre"[n.d.]

Project description with correspondence.





129[Various poems][1967?]



Script for a play written by Paul Bouissac.

131"Illi - Olli, U. Bottcher"1984

Handwritten field notes of Circus Knie performers. 

132"George Carl"1983

Handwritten field notes about George Carl, a performer with Circus Knie of Switzerland. Also includes 33 photographs primarily of George Carl and other performers, and a program of the Circus Knie. Material is in French and German.

133"Theatre Zingaro"1985

Notes for a book.

Box 2
21"Karl Lorenz"[n.d.]

Notes about Karl Lorenz, Austrian zoologist and ethologist, some of which were used in Paul Bouissac's courses. Includes a photograph of Lorenz.

22[Drafts of literary writings][n.d.]


23"Notes anciennes: Cirque"[n.d.]

Handwritten notes and drafts related to the topic of the circus.

24"Notes années 60 – 63"[1960-1963?]

Various handwritten notes, quotations and drafts and excerpts of publications used as inspiration for writings and lectures regarding semiotics and circuses.

25"Miscelania 1973-74"1973-1974

Handwritten notes and drafts.


Handwritten notes and drafts.


Handwritten notes and drafts. Includes a notebook titled "Le journal de demoiselle" which contains notes and ideas for Les Demoiselles.

28[Various research notes][n.d.]


Box 3

Notes and sketches for plays, books, poems and other ideas.

32Octobre 1956 - Juillet 1957 [notebook]1956-1957
33Juillet 1957 [notebook]1957


34Maroc, 16 aout - 9 septembre 1957 [notebook]1957

Contains loose material of notes and scribblings.   

35Paris été 1966 [notebook]1966


36Notebooks A and B1984-1985

Fieldwork notes from research of an Indian Circus. Dec 1984 to Jan 1985.

37"Semiotics for Literary Scholars and Beyond" 1997

Material from a seminar in Beijing.

38"Semiotics and the Study of Literature"1999

Material from a lecture given at Lingnan College in Hong Kong.

39[Japanese lectures and talks]1989-1998

Programs, announcements and itinerary schedules for lectures and talks in Japan.

310"Semiotics and the Science of Memory"1999

Material from the Scientific Conference at the Technical University Dresden. Includes a copy of Paul Bouissac's paper, handwritten note cards and ephemera.

311[Conference ephemera]2002-2003, [n.d.]

Programs and announcements for conferences on language and semiotics.

312Narrative analysis week program1971


313Les Cahiers du Chemin1968

A compilation of essays by various authors. Contains Paul Bouissac's "Description des petits états réflexifs”, his first published essay in creative writing.

Box 1
11"Le cirque en France de la Belle Époque à la fin de la deuxième Guerre mondiale"1976


12Preparatory notes for the book "La Mesure des Gestes"1973


13"Circus, Semiotics of"[n.d.]


14Burg Wartenstein Symposium #76, "Cultural Frames and Reflections: Ritual, Drama and Spectacle"1977

Includes a discussion paper, a letter to participants and a final guest list.

15Jakarta congress paper1990

Includes a paper given at the International Philosophy congress in Jakarta, Indonesia, as well as a draft copy, notes and articles. 

16Jakarta, Indonesia seminal information1990

Includes postcards and photographs of Paul Bouissac in Jakarta.

17Mysore/Dasara, Bangalore/Hyderabad1990-1992

Notes, itineraries, correspondence and brochures.


Correspondence regarding a visit to Kerala during Bouissac's trip to India.


Articles from a workshop and a letter.


Correspondence and notes regarding a trip to Pune, India.

111Delhi '931993

A paper and correspondence during a visit to Delhi.


Correspondence, drafts and articles related to the Panel on Limericks held in Philadelphia.

113Kassel '951995

Material from the "Semiotics of the Media: State of the Art, Projects, and Perspectives" Conference at the University of Kassel, Germany.

114Zoo vs. Circus[n.d.]

Research material including news clippings, notes, articles and images.

115Scapino Ballet of Rotterdam2015

Notes, drafts and correspondence related to the Scapino Ballet of Rotterdam.

116"Hidden Architectures"[n.d.]

Proposed project with John Leyerle, Dean of the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies.

117Edition of M. and J. Vesque Complete Works[n.d.]

Research description.

118Lecture outline, Jawaharlal Nehru University1992


119"Répertoire de publications" (PUB)1991


Box 2
21Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts schedule of programmes1992


22Canadian Institute of Advanced Research Semiotic Symposium agenda1985


23International Association for Semiotics of Performing Arts Report of the General Assembly1981


24Faculty of Arts and Science Annual Activity Reports1990-1993


25Victoria College Council Report of the Striking Committee1993


26Senate Committee Membership list1994-1995


27Course descriptions and syllabi[n.d.]

Descriptions of courses taught by Paul Bouissac.

28St. Michael's College newsletters1981


29Memorandum to the Department of French1990


210International Communicology Institute certificate2005


211The Toronto Semiotic Circle Bulletin1994


212Body Motion Analysis lecture series program[n.d.]


213Lecture and seminar ephemera1973, 1980, 1993-1994


214Notes and research material


215The Drama Review, Vol. 31, No. 11987

Given to Bouissac by Joan Erdman.

216"Un Modèle descriptive pour l’étude de la littérature", offprint1983


Box 3
31"Space in Language: The concept of distance in surrealist poetics and poetry"ca. 1980


32Tradition, Speculation and Cognition"ca. 1986

One edited draft and one published version as it appeared in Semiotics and International Scholarship (1986). Some parts of this article were first presented at the colloquium "In Search of Terminology" in Mysore, India. See accession 2008.10, Box 2 File 5.

33"The Surrealist Image", HamiltonJanuary 31, 1989

Notes and copy of paper.

34"Circus/Staging of Risk"[198-]



Edited draft.



37"Lecture de l'image érotique", Lausanne1990-1991

Correspondence, drafts and notes for a paper/talk given at the Université de Lausanne.

38"Lecture de l'image érotique", Lausanne1991-1992

Correspondence and drafts for a paper/talk given at the Université de Lausanne.

39"The Circus as a Topos for European Literature and Art"1992

Submission to the ICLA Tokyo Proceedings, 1991.

310"The Whole and its Parts", Symposium, Bochum1986-1987

Correspondence, notes, draft of a talk and programs for the symposium "The Whole and its Parts" in Bochum, Germany.

311Lecture, Hong Kong, Lingnan College1998-1999

Correspondence, notes and drafts for a lecture series given at Lingnan College in Hong Kong in April 1999.

312Ivanov colloquium notes1991


313St. John's lecture1991


314Material for Deacon's Review[199-]


315"Introduction: The circus - a semiotic spectroscopy"1991


316"Ernst Cassirer"ca. 1996

Article by Mihai Nadin for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac.

317"Computer"ca. 1996

Article by Mihai Nadin for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac.

318"Interface"ca. 1996

Article by Mihai Nadin for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac.

319"Isotopy"ca. 1996

Article by Goran Sonesson for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac.

320"Karcevsky, Serge"ca. 1996

Article by Peter Grzybek for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac.


Article by Peter Groves for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac. Includes correspondence.

322"Linguistic Relativism"ca. 1996

Article by Paul J. Thibault for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac.

323"Moscow-Tartu School"1996

Article by Peter Grzybek for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac.

324"Opposition"ca. 1996

Article by Goran Sonesson for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics.


Article by John Deely for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac. Includes a letter from Deely and a reproduction of an etching of Poinsot (ca. 1643).

326"Postage Stamps"1996

Article by David Scott for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac. Includes correspondence.

327"Pragmatics"ca. 1996

Article by Roland Posner for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac.


Article by Pierre Maranda for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac. Includes correspondence.

Box 4
41"Roman Jakobson"1996

Article by Peter Grzybek for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac. Includes correspondence.

42"Russian Formalism"ca. 1996

Article by Peter Grzybek for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac.


Article by Pierre Maranda for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac.

44"Signification"ca. 1996

Article by Paul J. Thibault for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac.

45"Speech Act Theory"1996

Article by Alec McHoul for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac. Includes a letter from McHoul.

46"Stereotype"ca. 1996

Article by Robert Hodge for inclusion in Encyclopedia of Semiotics, with edits by Bouissac.

47"Linguistic model fallacy"[199-?]

Article by Goran Sonesson, possibly for the Encyclopedia of Semiotics.

48Time (timelines)[n.d.]

Various handwritten notes.

49Notes and research materialca. 1986

Drafts of essays and poems, notes and course descriptions.

410Notes and research material[n.d.]


411Don Handelman, offprints1992

Offprints containing articles by Handelman inscribed to Bouissac, and letters from Handelman. Includes a card from "Sanjay".

412Jerzy Pelc, offprints2001

Offprints containing articles written by Jerzy Pelc, mailed to Bouissac.

Box 1
11"Saussure's Legacy in Semiotics"2003

Final draft version.

12"Iconicity or Iconization? Probing the Dynamic Interface between Language and Perception"2003

Two draft essays, includes one from March 2003 and the first version that was published in a paper.

13"Volumes sonores et volumes gestuels dans un numéro d'acrobatie pour une expression mathématique des gestes"[n.d.]

Essay on the study of gestures.

14“The Surrealist Image: The concept of distance in the poetics of surrealism"[n.d.]

Updated essay from older version, "Space in Language: The concept of distance in surrealist poetics and poetry". See accession 2018.16, Box 3 File 1 for the earlier essay.

15“On Jugglers and Magicians: Some Aspects of the Semantics of Circus Performance”[197-]


16“Why circus horses have feathers: the ‘truth’ of natural objects position paper” [197-?]

Essay annotated by a professor, "Arthur", in the Scarborough College Division of Humanities. Includes a note.

17Gestes: Notes1967-1970

Handwritten notes.

18Greimas seminaire 691969

Handwritten notes.

19Circus Notes 19851985

Includes 19 black and white photographs of the Tangier Troupe and film negatives.

110"Sens de la main"[n.d.]

Notes on semiotics of the hand.  

111"Strip-tease de Madame Bovary" with critical remarks by Monique Leir[n.d.]

Drafts of letters from Bouissac's books.

112The Meaning of the Circus - Chapter 9ca. 2018

Draft chapter with edits from Bouissac's newest book, The Meaning of the Circus. Includes correspondence.

113The Meaning of the Circus - Epilogueca. 2018

Draft chapter with edits and notes from Bouissac's newest book, The Meaning of the Circus.

114R.L. Birdwhistellca. 1973

Notes and a draft essay on Ray Birdwhistell included in La mesure des gestes.

115Le Programme de Cirque[n.d.]

Handwritten notes on circus programs.

116Notes anciennes: Clowns[n.d.]

Handwritten notes and clippings on the topic of clowns.

117Les mots dans la cuisine[n.d.]

Handwritten notes.

118Iconisation des objets naturels[n.d.]

Handwritten notes.

119Notes de recherche sur l'expression mathématique des gestes [n.d.]

Typed notes.


Handwritten notes.

121First draft of an unpublished play1956-1957


122Notes and research material[n.d.]


Box 2
21Research notes[n.d.]


22Gypsy Bouglione[n.d.]

Handwritten notes for a series of exercises.

23Project proposals1977

Project summaries and descriptions.

24Masato Ishida's comments on "Negation"2003


25SSHRC research proposal2003

Edwina Taborsky's research project on collaborative knowledge processing in modern society. Bouissac signed as co-applicant.

26"Meaning in Music"1982

Article by R. Austerlitz.

27"Il Linguaggio del Gioco"1979

Article by Christian Jacob.

28“A Coté du langage”1978

Article by F. Bresson.

29Kenneth Laine Ketner offprints

Offprints of Kenneth Laine Ketner's articles. Includes “Peirce’s Ethics of Terminology” (Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, 1981), “Peirce as an Interesting Failure?”, and “The Semiotic of Charles Sanders Peirce and the First Dictionary of Semiotics” (Semiotica, 1975).

210Offprints[1949, 1971-1978]


- Orrin E. Klapp’s article, “The Fool as a Social Type” published in The American Journal of Sociology, (1949);

- Dan Ben Amos’s article, “Toward a Definition of Folklore in Context”, published in the Journal of American Folklore, inscribed to Bouissac, (1971);

- Mihai Pop's article, “The ‘Colinda’ with the Lion” by Mihai Pop, published in Revue Roumaine de Linguistique, (1975);

- Pierre Mandala’s article, “Dialogue des yeux: Sémiographie du cillement”, (1985);

- Mihai Pop's article, “Le texte folklorique et son statut contextuel”

211"It's No Joke", transcript1977

Transcript of a 50-minute television programme on BBC-2 based on the 1976 International Conference on Humour and Laughter.

212Association Internationale de Semiotique constitution[n.d.]


213The Australian Symposium, A Selected Bibliography of Writings on Social Semiotic Theory and Practiceca. 1987


214Bibliothèque Nationale communique1979

Communication piece for a Serge Diaghilev/Ballets russes exhibition.

215Bulletin de Psychologie de l’Université de Paris[n.d.]


216Delft 20022002

The Fifth Workshop on Organizational Semiotics program, held in Delft. Also includes some notes.

217Conference material1989-2009

Contains programs, agendas and material from colloquiums and conferences on semiotics attended by Bouissac.

218Conference programs


Box 1
11Field notes1983

Field notebook containing notes related to circus performances. Written in French.

12Gérard Edon[n.d.]

Notes on trapeze artist Gérard Edon, including an instructional document on the logistics of trapeze performance.

13"Ethnosemiotics of Performance in Popular Culture"[n.d.]

Handwritten notes and typed essays.

14"La vie sexuelle des animaux de cirque"1962

Draft essay and articles compiled for an article.

15Limericksca. 1977

Notes and articles.

16"Poème des marches de Décembre"ca. 1967

Poems and essays.


A series of handwritten notebooks on various topics. Titles include:

  • "Montagne"
  • "Bodogune[?]"
  • "Nicomide[?]"
  • "Le romantisme allemande"
18III International Conference on South Asian Languages and Linguistics - Presidential Remarks1982

Includes annotated notes.

19[Notes, drafts and essays][1955-1956?]

Handwritten notes and drafts predominantly in French, some in English. Includes Bouissac's graded school compositions.


Miscellaneous research notes.