Graphic material

Title: Graphic material
Dates of Material:
[ca. 1964]–1988
174 photographs: b&w
51 photographs: col.
4 photographs: col. slides
13 posters
16 framed cartoons
Scope and content

Series consists of a variety of photographs, both prints and negatives, political cartoons and portraits of various political associates collected by, or presented to, Senator Davey.

Source of supplied title

Title based on contents of the series


The series also contains 5 framed documents. It is stored in 8 boxes

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Box 115
1151 Passports
1152–24Miscellaneous prints and negatives
Box 116
1161 To Keith Davey, with warm regards, Mike Pearson
1162 Colour contact shots, Keith Davey (2 sheets mounted)
1163 “From the Fire Fighter to the Rain-Makers”, Bob Andras, colour portrait
1164 With all good wishes, George Diefenbaker
1165 To Senator Keith Dave, Blue Jays Nirvana!, R.J. Hnatyshen
1166 Jim Coutts. Try promising cheap gas
1167 The Davey report, Time Canada
1168 Face it like a man O’Hagan
1169 Audy Thompson, portrait
11610 To Keith Davey, my political mentor for 20 years....
11611 William F. Buckley, jr. with Keith Davey
11612 Pauline MacGibbon
11613 Philip G. Givens Sept. 1964
11614 Unidentified woman at restaurant table
Box 117
1171 “Hold Everything, Fellows—I’m your new quarterback”
1172 “Fumble”September 25, 1969
1173 “Elementary, My Dear Lamport”
1174 “And a thank note from Mayor Dennison...”
1175 “You guys better tell them delegates to keep it down out there...” (2 copies)
1176 Canada, Coach
1177 The Rough Justice Riders
Box 118
1181 “...are you sure this is how Lester Pearson won his Nobel Peace Prize...?”1983
1182 Senator Davey—Press
1183 Senator Keith Davey Made Canadian Football CommissionerJune 24, 1966
1184 We can’t afford to have him spear too often....”
1185 “Jobs before deflation...”
1186 Left, Left! A Gauche!
1187 “The Galloping Gourmet”January 30, 1970
1188 Good books are like food for the mind
Box 119
1191 The Hit ManFebruary 12, 1981
1192 “Just hail a boat, Senator, and take me home1969

Box 120
Political portraits
1201 Trudeau
1202 Don Jamieson
1203 Paul Martin
Box 121
Framed documents
1211 6 & 5 working together
1212 “Tory convention is for the birds: Davey”, letter to the editorApril, 1983
1213 Mike Pearson portrait in centre panel of Canadian flag
1214 “Dove”, limited edition woodcut by Rosenhouse
1215 “The credit belongs to the man who is [hopefully] actually in the arena,..., framed quotation by John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Box 122
Oversize posters
1221 The Pearson years, newspaper accounts on the death of Mike Pearson
1222 Thanks for the memory
1223 You can’t sell squat without a strategy
1224 Major Social Event Keith Davey is turning 60!!! (2 copies)
1225 ‘Faster, Mr. Davey...Steep Incline Ahead

1226 Trudeau [Liberal Party election poster of Trudeau portrait]
1227 “It makes sense for B.C. to vote Liberal” election advertisement
1228 “With regard to the critical problem of Energy....” election advertisement, [notations by Davey]
1229 For Dorothy for Christmas (3 copies)1980
12210 “To the greatest ....thank you Dennis"Campaign 1980
12211 “Country morning” 37/200, by James Bessey
12212 Election campaign leaflet proofs