Academic and Professional Records

Title: Academic and Professional Records
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Series consists of records related to the educational career of A.J.Bell, including essays written in high school as well as records from his undergraduate studies at Victoria College, graduate studies at the University of Breslau and post-graduate work at the University of Leipzig (he had been given a year leave from his position of Professor of Classics at the University of Toronto to pursue post graduate studies in philology at universities in Germany).   Includes a copy of his thesis, correspondence, diplomas and degrees, certificates, etc.

Series also records related to his academic career as a professor and author of articles and books. Includes lecture notes, manuscripts, offprints of articles as well as correspondence related to the publication of The Latin Dual and Poetic Diction: Studies in Numbers and Figures by A.J.Bell by Oxford University Press and Victoria University.



Box 1
Literary manuscripts
118Tros Tyriusque Again:[189?]

ts., annotated, signed


119 The Greek Aorist[189?]


120-21The Origin of Gender1898


122 The Origin of Gender: offprint of Transactions of the Canadian Institute, Vol. VI (1898–99), from an address given February 12, 1898; a. 14 p. 1898

Fragile. Researchers should refer to photocopy (provided).

123 The constructions with refert and interest: offprint of Proceedings of the Canadian Institute, [1897?], from an address given February 28, 1897; b. 3 p.1897
124 The Greek Aorist[189?]

offprint; b. 8 p.  Unknown publication.

125 The Science of Meanings: reprinted from The School Review, vol. 9, no. 6 (June 1901); b. 9 p. 1901

Two copies.

126 Virgil and the Drama: reprinted from The School Review, vol. 13, no. 6 (June 1905); b. 17 p. 1905

Two copies.

Professional material
116Letter of Appointment as Professor of Comparative Philology, University of Toronto1907
Professional material -- Lecture notes
117Notes, Philological: n.d.; [by A.J. Bell?]n.d.

Handwritten notes - Matthew 8 28, Mark 5 2, Luke 8 57, possibly for a lecture.

Educational records -- University of Breslau
113 Thesis, De Locativi in Prisca Latinitate Vi et Usu: University of Breslau, 1889; a. Three copies, all of them inscribed (to: L.E. Horning; A.F. Langford; Nathaniel Burwash).1889

One copy bound.

114Universitat Breslau 1889

Correspondence in German regarding fee payments 

Educational records -- University of Toronto
112University College lecture admission cards 1874, 1875


Educational records -- University of Leipzig
115aLetter of introduction, For delivery to the Rector of the University of Leipzig.d.; Includes related letter written by N. Burwash, President of Victoria College[1907]
115bUniversitat Leipzig transcript, diploma1906, 1907
115cKollegien-Buch - Universitat Leipzig [book list for philosophy students]1907


115dArticle, Cicero im Wandel Der Jahrhunderte, by Th. Zielinski1908

Offprint ; German.  Condition is very fragile.  

Box 5
Literary manuscripts
510"The Latin Dual and Poetic Diction: Studies in Numbers and Figures" by A.J. Bell 1921-1936

Publication arranged by Victoria College. Includes correspondence and invoices between between College officials and Oxford University Press. Also includes notes made by A.E. Lang, Victoria College Library.

Professional material -- Lecture notes
52-3, 5-9Lecture notes - Grammar [Latin or Greek][190?]

Written in pencil.  

54Lecture notes - Latin Prose[190?]


5 1Lecture notes, On grammar, including Latin and Greek grammar[190?]

Bound notebook with no cover.  Paper is very fragile.

Box 6
Educational records -- University of Breslau
6 /OS2-3Doctor of Philosophy degree, University of Breslau [Wroclaw]1889

Original with seal, 4 copies.

6 /OS4Diplomas for philosophy courses1876
Educational records -- University of Toronto
6 /OS1Bachelor of Arts degree, University of Toronto1878


Educational records -- University of Leipzig
6 /OS5University of Leipzig Diploma1907